Chase Now Offering Fee-Free Gift Cards With Free Shipping For A Limited Time

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Update #3, 09/22: DEAD!

Update #2, 09/21: Just a reminder that these are slated to be discontinued tonight.  As of now it’s still working normally…

Update, 09/07: According to my most recent Chase statement, Chase will stop selling gift cards effective 09/22:




Originally posted on 04/18:

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Chase is currently offering gift cards with no initial fees and no shipping fees.

As always it is free to signup for an American Express Bluebird card and there is no credit pull to receive it.

-You can order up to $2,600 of fee-free gift cards per Chase card per 30 day period.
-Every additional user on Chase business cards (Like Chase Ink Plus) may order their own set of $2,600 in fee-free gift cards once per 30 day period. Additional users on personal cards do not get their own limit.
-You can purchase these with any Chase credit cards.
-These post as a purchase on your Chase credit card statement and will earn miles.
-You can order up to 5 gift cards in one order.
-Cards come in denominations of $25 to $500.
-Chase gift cards are not valid for purchase (though they will work) in: AR, CT, HI, ME, NH, NJ, RI, VT.
-When you activate the card you will be given a pin number by the automated activation line.
-You will be asked for a social security number to make the purchase but there will not be a credit pull.

You can load Chase gift cards onto your Bluebird card at Walmart for free via the WalMart ATM machine, via any cashier, or via the customer service counter.
Alternatively you can also use them at Walmart to pay off any credit bill for $1 fee or to buy a money order for 70 cents. You can pay bills or buy money orders with up to 4 gift cards at a time though the maximum money order is $1,000.


-Chase cards with a $500 spend threshold include: Freedom Visa.

-Chase cards with a $1,000 spend threshold include: United Explorer, British Airways, Marriott, and Hyatt.

-Chase cards with a $2,000 spend threshold include: Southwest.

-Chase cards with a $3,000 spend threshold include: Sapphire Preferred and Ink Cash.

-Chase cards with a $5,000 spend threshold include: Ink Plus and Ink Bold.

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Terms and Conditions state can’t withdraw cash from ATM, I wonder if it would work or not


If you have no minimum spend to meet, is it worthwhile to do this just to earn miles?


Recommended to meet spend on amex?


does anyone know if you can still send a secure message to get matched to 55,000 miles plus $50 cashback on the united card?


Do I need to go into Walmart to cash in the gift card or can I do it online


Can you please tell me the limits for the BB loads at Walmart, what are the limits
1) Per transaction
2) Daily
3) Monthly
Is there a maximum account balance for BB? daily weekly monthly? is the balance trash-hold based on balance or is it max balance per month



This seems like a great alternative to those who do not have access to VRs.

1. Any reason why these gift cards wouldn’t be compatible with Amazon payments?

2. Is there a limit to how many gift cards you can purchase?


If only they had a Walmart in brookyn


Can these be used as debit to get cash back?



Can only use a visa or MC at checkout.


They will not ship the Gift Cards to the following states:



Any idea why they require a SS # and birthday at checkout? How trustworthy is this site, as you have to leave Chase’s website for some reason to make the purchase?


what if i dont have a walmart near me? any other options?


If I don’t live near walmart will this work?


Why do they ask for the purchasers social????


Sure, it’s just not as lucrative that way.

They don’t take AMEX.

You can.


-3 cards per transaction for BB loads.
-$1,000 funding per day per Bluebird card (They don’t check who’s card it is and you can also fund your BB at the Walmart MoneyCenter ATM so if you have multiple cards in your family you can do a lot more)
-$5,000 per month per Bluebird card.
There’s no limit on funds in BB.

What would be the point of cashing these out with Amazon Payments?
You can just do that directly from your credit card!


Probably a federal regulation like the MVD card.
Considering that Chase is backing the program I wouldn’t worry about it. There is no credit check being done it’s to avoid criminal money launderers.


Will the Chase gift card purchase earn reward points or miles on Chase credit cards? Please confirm. Thanks.


@A S:
Yes as it posts as a purchase not a cash advance.


Can i do it online (from IL)?
Also can AP cash em out too?
Is there a way to load it online?


I’m confused with Dan’s response to hippieyid. Anyone care to elaborate please? Why not use AP instead of going to a walmart…


Can these be loaded onto Bluebird account online like Vanilla reload (not clear if this was already answered by Dave’s question–)


Why would buy a gift card to cash out via Amazon Payments when you can just send money from your credit card via Amazon Payments?

Either way you get $1,000 of free spending per month, why would you jump through the extra hoop of buying a gift card to use with Amazon?

The beauty of this is that you can do this spending route in addition to Amazon Payments from your credit card.




Can you please explain your last two statements
” -$5,000 per month per Bluebird card.
There’s no limit on funds in BB.”
how is there no limit on founds if there the prior statement is correct



will chase give problems (like they do with AP) if I meet a chase card spending limit with this?


I picked up my bluebird yesterday from Walmart (I did not know that I can get it free on there website) and it says that to reload it cost $1 at the store and $2 online how did the user manage to load for free at the store?


@yael simple answer is no


No limit on the total cash balance in BB

Who said Chase gives problems with AP? I’ve never heard of that.

I’ve done several reloads at Walmart with my permanent card that you can get free online.
There are no fees.


Stephen, Is AP a grocery store or something? You wrote, “Why not use AP instead of going to a walmart…”


AP=Amazon Payments


Not that it matters much…but there is a $100,000 limit on total balance, as well as a $100,000 annual limit on adding funds.


Hey Dan, why would you use these gift cards to meet a spending threshold on your ink card when you are better of doing that at staples?


hey dan, you wrote “Once you have a pin for the card you can also use them at Walmart to pay off any credit bill for $1”.

how does one go about doing this (paying off a credit card at walmart), and is there a limit per day you could pay off?

ie: could i theoretically buy 10 $500 cards for $5000 and pay $1 each ($10) to pay off the full $5000 in one shot, as opposed to using BB and only being able to do $1000 per day?



Off topic alert: can u still get matched onthe ba card 4 the extra & 25k & 50k when u spend 10&20k respectively?- thanks


Which part of the exp. date on a gift card should I change for amazon payments? year? month? thanks



Chase specifically says they do not endorse the site’s products… (even though oddly enough the ‘order online’ button appears on Chase’s site). This is the message that appears when clicking the button:

“Chase is not responsible for, and does not provide or endorse, this third-party site’s products, services or other content. Chase’s Privacy Notice and security practices do not apply to the site you’re about to enter, so please review the third party’s privacy and security practices.”


Problems we should all have!

Why is it better at Staples?
Staples gift cards cost money (even though they give 5x for Ink cards). These are free!

Just go to customer service and do a bill pay.

It’s actually even cheaper than that as you should be able to do a $1,500 or possibly a $2,000 bill pay and split the bill pay among 3 or 4 cards.

Dunno, good question.


Like I said, Chase isn’t going to send you off to some scammy place.
They’ve contracted with them for a reason to provide Chase branded gift cards and I’m not worried in the slightest about the privacy aspect.



If not having to meet any current spending threshold, is the United Club card the best card to purchase this with considering that you get 1.5 points per dollar spent which essentially is 2.7% back and is better than Starwood’s ~2.3% back?


Probably though it depends which you need more of.


Is there a difference between buying $500 cards five times in different transactions or doing it all at once?


Walmart in Lakewood Brick and Toms River will not reload bluebird with gift card!!!!!


I don’t see why there would be a difference.

Why not?
Just tell them it’s a debit card with pin.
Or just do it at the MoneyCenter ATM (load Walmart money card) or with any old cashier in line, you don’t need to do it with customer service.


Would i be able to load it online to my bluebird?


@ dan i applied for ink plus tried 4 times and they say have to many opened and closed acc ???how do you do it and they dont tell u that!!??


Can i load these gc to BB online? Or only in Walmart.

Sorry, bit confused.


can i buy these gift cards with a citibank visa card or chase cards only?


It costs money to load online and online loads are limited to just $100/day.

Try to SM them, offer to shift credit line/close another card.

Even if you can do it with Citibank it’s probably not a good idea as Citi is notorious for marking transactions as cash advance.


i am not sure i understand whats going on here. i just got the sapphire preferred and need to spend the 3000. i go to chase online and purchase random gift cards which i can then turn into regular “money” on this bluebird thing and pay the credit card bill like that ?! sound s awesome need a little more help though, please advise


Only “catch” is you have to go to Walmart.


are VR and AP safe for a citicard?


I haven’t heard of issues with those.


super cool , can i buy money orders with these gift card s ? or is that the same move-only after you bluebirded up?


You can.
Or you can just pay off credit card bills directly at Walmart for $1 without going through Bluebird.


Dan, I have been reading a lot of the forums and articles that you posted on miles and how to reach spending threshold. One thing i don’t understand is if I have 50,000 southwest miles, 50,000 avios, 50,000 from chase ink bold. How do i use these to plan a trip? Is there a way to transfer them into one account? If yes, which is the best for flying to Israel?


super cool you really hooked it up 🙂 i’m going to go do this right now. is it one of these no store just chase gift cards?



“what if i dont have a walmart near me? any other options?”

Move out of North Korea? Where else could you live more than 15 minutes from a Walmart? 😉


Cant purchase if you are from New Jersey and cant ship yo Jersey


is it bad to spend the $1000 on 2 chase cards in the first month of having them?
also, would being denied credit increase with boFa hurt my credit? (i tried doing a recon but it didnt go thru because they have this whole complication if you are under 21)

elki hass

I have a Chase Sapphire and Amex Starwood coming up for renewal Should I try to negotiate the 95 dollar fee or just pay up and keep the cards?


just ordered them thank s dan!


Thanks Dan!
I just bought 5*$500
Do you think i can do it again for the $5,000 spend threshold (Ink)?


How does one pay a mortgage with a gift card or BB card?


any one have luck at the walmart in Valley Stream, NY?
also could you cash it out at the bank?


please post step by step how to go through this, it sounds great.
my question is: can i get this card and then transfer the funds online to my blue bird account for free?


Hi Dan.
any limits on buying or cashing this cards?
can i buy 10 card ($500 each) total of $5000 and pay my cc bill?


r u suggesting I meet my 3k sapphire spending requirement totally using this trick? plus my 1k united card?
this won’t cause them to close down my accounts like with mint spending?


There seems to be a $2500 limit on these cards (5x$500). The question is how long do you need to wait to order again?


Can you only buy with a chase card?


It will only work for Chase card. Not so clear on the post…


if the gift cards can’t be shipped to NJ can you order them with a credit card that has a NJ billing address and ship them elsewhere (like to my mother)?


Is there a limit on buying money orders in walmart? Does it have to be by cusomer service? Is there a limit on ordering these gift cards? Why are thay not shiping to new jersey and is there a work around that?


This is a lot easier then VR where you need to chase which CVS has them in stock!
I met all the spending requirements on my current cards.
is there a link on the forums to what my next round of applications could be- its 91 days. I want to apply on one day for all banks (I’ve had almost all already)


whats the eitza for guys whose card are registered in new jersey?


My wife never had a credit card. And just got declined for the barclay’s card because she has no previous credit. How can shebuild up her credit?


Try again with a different credit card. It won’t meet the spending requirements on card A, but it’s free points.


Just bought 1500$ worth! Dan you rock!

And for those with any questions or issues, just read archived blog posts. All your questions will be answered.


Send them a check via bb


Is it worth to take a risk and do a 3bm on business and order gift cards to bring to walmart?
Will this free shipping gift card and no charge on the blue card last a few days?


Once points are by an airline they generally can’t be transferred.


I don’t think it matters.

Usually it costs a hard pull to get a credit increase.

@elki hass:
You can negotiate (Starwood is $65 btw)
You can also downgrade the Sapphire to Freedom and get the annual fee back and apply again for a Sapphire.

Send them a check.

Chase didnt shut down for the mint. Heck I did $$$$$$ worth of mint with them.


Did you try shipping to NY?
If that doesn’t work change your billing address to NY and then ship there.


It should.
Good luck!


where in brooklyn can you get money orders with a gc?
has anyone tried going to a bank and doing a cash advance on the gc?

i’m in brooklyn and i’m totally lost what i can do with such a gift card

snoop dog

Can anyone think of an idea aside for AP than i can do to meet 10k in spending from Israel ?

Much thanks


How can I meet the minimum spend on my citi AA amex card?
Also, can I reload BB with this chase GC’s (1k a day) with temp card or I have to wait for permanent card to arrive in the mail?


is there any limit on the amount that i could buy?
i need to spend 5k.


you can just buy money order at post office or at your store with credit card, tell them the other store didn’t charge you fees. I have been buying money orders at post offices and stores with CC without any fee. NO RISK OF GETTING SHUT DOWN BY CHASE OR AMEX for abuse. the post office said NO, i told him the other post office said, yes than he accepted it.

same goes to the store currency exchange, just tell them the store 2 blocks down there accept credit card


i purchased multiple MY VANILLA PERSONAL RELOADABLE PREPAID CARD and had 6 of them active @ the same time and had success making a $500 cash advance @chase tho when i wanted 2 activate another card it didn’t allow me 2 so i canceled 2day 3 empty cards . just nerves about my credit being that they have my s.s. & when i checked my account b 4 closing i sew there was -$1.95 4 the cash advance i wonder if when i close it leaving that there dose it effect my credit?


The $95 annual fee for the Sapphire card can be waived the 2nd year?


(Eh- you mean like what we’re all doing over here?)


I believe you’re incorrect.

The post office and walmart are hard coded to not accept cc.

And btw, someone must’ve walked in to howell walmart and asked the cashier if they can by money order with a gift card >:(

Now they ask if its a debit card or gift card, and they don’t let gift cards.

Guys, use your brains.



Would a Citibank credit card ie (Citi AA card) used to purchase the Chase gift card post as a cash advance?



Do you think I have time to apply for the sapphire and get the card before this runs out?


@chaim: Just did it a week or two ago


Hey Dan how would I use my visa gift cards for Amazon payments? they ask for cardholders name and address what do I submit?


i just got of the phone with chase customer service, you can buy 10 gift cards a day for 500.00 each, you can redeem it for CASH at the branch if you have an account with chase, seems the best deal ever to get cash advance (+ you get points) hope this one lasts for a long time.


just got this in sm from chase

To address your inquiry, the Chase Gift Cards are pre-paid
cards that can be used for signature based purchases
anywhere Visa debit card accepted. You would not be able
to withdrawal cash with a Chase teller or at an ATM. All
balance inquiries or service issues handled by calling
1-866-466-0079 (24 hours a day, 365 days a year) or by
visiting We hope that the
information we provided is useful in resolving the issue
you are having. We are looking forward to hearing from you
for any concern you may have in the future.


Could these Chase gift cards be purchased with a Visa Gift Card?


went on to to purchase gift card(s), to purchase online chase sends to another site, and does not endorse it! whats ur say on this @dan? is it safe? they ask u for ur social…..



Using different credit cards, I bought $7000 (or 14 $500) of cards in one day last week.


Can visa gift cards be used to purchase the Chase Gift Cards? I have some $500 cards I would like to cash out.


Dan, What are all my options for 3BM for Chase Business Cards? Is it only the Ink Bold and Ink Plus cards? I currently only have amex cards for my business


Anyone know credit cards that don’t make you be 18 or up? I wanna do all these mileage points scams, but I can’t open any credit cards.


1)Try using them at Walmart to add to your BB.
3)you local grocery.


@Danny: scams!? why are you calling it scams! i guess because your not old enough


Can anyone confirm that they got cash from a chase branch from a chase gift card they bought?


I bought chase gift cards about 5 days ago & it still shows pending when i look on my credit card account, not posted, I hope they wont give me a hassle when i go to collect my bonus sighn up points


@danny i know this hurts, but “when u get older u’l understand”

shmata head

Morenu Dan
can I go to chase bank and pay off my chase credit card bill directly with these cards


does anyone know if i can buy my vannilla debit cards in staples or office depot?
also can i purchase vanniladebit cards in lowes?
what if i buy staples gift cards in lowes can i use them to buy my vannila debit card in staples?



Just ordered 3bm Chase business cards from your site. Lets hope it all goes through. Where can i read up on info to help if only 1 or 2 of the 3 Business cards go through? I did the Ink, Plus, United. Your Welcome.


I by mistake bought one vanilla prepaid visa…anyone know how to transfer it to bluebird? it is not allowing me to do it and when I called vanilla they said impossible…


sam and jon:
read the link at the start of this post ‘Another Flavor Of Vanilla: My Vanilla Debit Card’


Any confirmation to cash our on Chase GC? I want to order a bunch today but also want to make sure we can cash out and there is no need to go to WMT and add to BB.

Appreciate the help!


@realistic: Called customer service at Bluebird said gift cards not an option to load Blebird please comment


Are you near a walmart? If so, try it yourself.
1)add a pin to your GC
2)go to a walmart cashier. Bring your BB card and your gift cards totaling up to $1000.
3) tell her you want to load the debit cards onto your BB. she’ll tell you when to swipe which.
4) throw out the GCs that are now empty.
5) Use the money on BB to pay bill you can’t otherwise pay with cc.

I realize the problem with your question to BB. You asked about using a gift card . By adding a pin to a GC, you are making it into a debit card. Call again and ask about using a debit card to load a BB.


I tried using a non Chase credit card and it didnt work. You must use a chase credit card to make the purchase


I don’t understand the gift card method. Could you please explain it in some detail. Do I go to Staples (or Best Buy) & buy (for example) $2,500- worth of Chase gift cards with my Ink Card, add a pin number to the gift cards then go to Walmart & load it onto a Bluebird account. After that is done, can i get cash from the Walmart cashier, or can I rather go to any Chase branch & pay off a credit card with the Chase gift cards? In addition, what makes a Staples gift card a Chase card. Sorry for the seeming ignorance, but I don’t understand the methodology. Thank you in advance for whomsoever’s explanation.


I called to add a pin but they said they couldn’t, any help?


@Agrange: never mind, the last menu option 5 I think, said how to change pin.


Dan, I tried loading my bluebird card online using these Chase Visa Prepaid cards and it won’t allow me. Can you or anybody else confirm for sure that if I go to Walmart I will actually be able to load my bluebird card with these debit/gift cards?



@Remloo79: Did it yesterday and today. You need a pin for each.



Did this yesterday as well and it worked exactly as I expected. These were my steps:
1. Called the number on the card to activate it. Once activated the automated machine will AUTOMATICALLY assign a PIN to the card. Write this PIN down.
2. With my BlueBird cards and debit cards in hand, I went to a walmart cashier and said I wanted to add my debit cards to my BlueBird account.
3. I first swiped my BB card and then let her know that I wanted to add my $500 balance from the debit card.
4. I swiped my debit card, entered my PIN and confirmed to the swiping machine that the $500 should be added.

Simple as that!


went to stapels today and got 3 of the 200$ cards with my ink cc, set their pins then went to walmart and the cashier would not take them for loading my BB, how do I go about loading my BB at walmart moneycenter atm? and are there any other ideas how to cash them out? tx


Can anyone confirm getting points/miles for this purchase?


Can I load my BB card with chase GC online if i dont mind paying the $2 fee for each?



I just tried it with Visa Gift card as well that I bought online, not working


It’s easier if you open a Amazon payments acct. You add the gift card to your Amazon regular acct and go to Amzn payments and send the $ from that acct to an email address,. The verify a checking acct with Amazon pymts and sent the $ from the email acct to your checking acct. After you get squared away, it’s pretty easy, but only 1k per month. I have access to VR and Walmart so I go there 1x per week after loading the VReloads to my Vanilla debit card and transfer the limit of 1k to BB and a 1k MO to deposit in my checking acct/@Mendel:


How about Amex gift cards? I got an email for no fee. Can those be caged out same way?


y did u stop at 2500? y not do 20k its free points


Last time you posted it- I purchased gift card for my wife and myself under the same chase sapphire card. Would it create a red flag if I did the same thing again?

chana k

1. Buying gc’s with ink at office supply stores bive you 5x the points. so that’s the best gift cards to buy.
3. chase is selling visa gc’s with no fee on line if using a chase card. They work.
2. BB: on line you can only add $100/ day for the $2 fee. not worth it.
3. at walmart a visa or Mastercard debit card (gc with pin qualifies) can be loaded onto your bb up to $1000/ day.
4. money on BB can be: spent as a debit card or sent on line as a check to pay your bills (send it to pay what can’t be paid on cc);[ order checks until 5/21 free and send them out yourself – preauthorize ]


hey are there any gift cards i can buy that i can cash out through a atm machine ? or through amazon payments


do they allow to load BB with GC at the LW Walmart?


these cards can i load onto my checking account?? or it muzt be BlueBird??


for us Brooklynites, can we cash these in at a Chase bank with a chase checking account?


@abe: @rochel: can’t load these to checking account


They wont let me ship to NJ.
If I’m using my cc and my address is NJ and I buy $500 worth for each card they say I need to ship to the purchaser.
How do I get around this?


Change your billing address to NY temporarily and ship it to someone there?


@yossi: @Avi:

can anyone explain?


BB has a new rule that you cannot upload GC’s online. If you do ehy will give you a warning and require documents. Walmart is still ok.


Hi Dan
I applied last week for the 2 ink and 1 united at once my credit is over 750 I only got approved for 1 ink since “my business” is only 1 year old… I called and was trying to move credit from another account but the answer was I called again and the rep said ” u Spock b4 with a rep and said ud like to take advantage of the points…I said no way! And btw there is any points involved??? Lol I asked to speak to a superviser who told me there is no problem with me its just that they can’t get me approved for another card cause wtv u get with the ink plus u also get with the bald and the bonus is too high that I should b able to get it twice I said that I understand but would still like to get the united cause i fly alot for buisness and need the ability to get on a fly at last minute and free bag and etc
What do I do now??


whoops I meant Yossi:

i just got of the phone with chase customer service, you can buy 10 gift cards a day for 500.00 each, you can redeem it for CASH at the branch if you have an account with chase, seems the best deal ever to get cash advance (+ you get points) hope this one lasts for a long time.

have you tried this?


Send an SM?
Dozens of success stories…just takes persistence.


What should I say in the sm?
And do I sand it from my chase online?


How can I spend $5000 on American express???


@Dan, I just left a Walmart location in Long Island. I purchased a BB card.
I bought a $20 test Visa Prepaid Debit card at Staples yesterday with my Ink card.
The Walmart cashier was able to load it onto my new bb card. All worked well.

Thing is they don’t have a Walmart ATM at the LI location but told me I can load my BB at any cashier.

Question, since Staples biggest card denomination is $200, I was wondering what is the max number of $200 cards I would be able to load my BB card with at a Walmart cashier?


If I did 5k in gift cards with my chase card last. Month when you posted it ( between. My wife and myself)- would it look to much if I did the same thing?


“April 18th, 2013 at 2:08 pm
“what if i dont have a walmart near me? any other options?”
Move out of North Korea? Where else could you live more than 15 minutes from a Walmart? ”

Where’s the closest Walmart to Brooklyn 11213?
Or to midtown manhattan?


So l’eis attoh, for those for whom WM is not practical, VR is the way to go? (BB, MVD). Pity about the 3.95 fee per card …


Buy Vanilla Reloads, Debit cards, or gift cards.
Or Amazon Payments.

True, you can load BB with any cashier.

You can load up to $1,000 onto your Bluebird card per day, so 5 of the $200 Visas per day.

Of course if you have more BB cards you can load 5 onto each one.

Or you can cash them out with a money order or bill pay.

$3.95 fee is a pittance for $500 in spending. You don’t need to go to WM at all, you just do it online.


hey Dan
Im trying to understand this whole CC, BB etc thing. Is there actually something wrong with buying gift cards with a credit card to hit a spending threshhold (or even not to hit a threshhold)? is it officially against the terms? why does everyone keep saying there going to close this down?
if there is something against gift cards in the terms, do vanilla cards count?


“You don’t need to go to WM at all, you just do it online”
You can load the chase GCs to BB online?


@Dan: How risky would a monthly $1,000 worth of Visa cards purchased at Staples with my business Ink card be? Would Chase cancel my card?

I do use my Ink card for other monthly purchases as well.


“$3.95 fee is a pittance for $500 in spending”
No min spend req’s at the moment so it’s just for points. 3.95 for 560 (on freedom with exclusives) is a good price but with a limit of two VRs per trip to CVS its questionable wether it’s worth the tircha.


Follow the quote, he was talking about Vanilla Reloads.

Not even remotely risky.

So signup for more cards 😀



can you answer my question please


I’ve been thinking about doing a Barclays 3/4 BM. Don’t have any cards with them yet. Issue is my total CL is more than reported income and CL with chase is close to the reported income. Concerned about A/A so hesitant to open more cards.


I tried redeeming for cash and they wouldnt let me do it, even though i have a chase checking account
anyone who has done it..can you confirm how?


Dan thanks for all the bluebird info. Seems like the best way here is the gift card buys at CVS or the like for $4.95 (chase cards seem free which is best!) and then the Bluebird reload at Walmart. Bluebird also allows money transfer back to my personal bank account for free. Haven’t seen you write about that.


can i buy it with starwood cc?
which points should i use if i want to fly from ANTWERP to NY?


Anyone knows if i can buy the Chase Gift Cards with a Citi AA Advantage Card and a Us Bank Has Advantage Card or its going to post as Cash Advance? Or to purchase these cards u can only with Chase??


Dan can you please answer my question #159 Thanks.

Big Jim

This is a little off the subject, but do you know of a current high miles offer from Chase on the United Mileage Plus business Visa (or MC)? I saw a reference to a 50k offer, but couldn’t track it down. Thanks.


Hi long do do i have to wait after cancelling united and sapphire preffered cards to churn them.also can i still get the united 55k offer?

Jack box

Hi Dan your the man! Question: if my wife signs up and gets approved for a chase sapphire card can our points be combined together?


@Jack box:

Yes, you can send Chase points to anyone for free, instantly


These are perfect for buying gas with because ‘debit cards’ get the cash price

Jack box

Do u think I should sign my wife up for a chase freedom if its her first cc. (And she is linked to my chase checking acc)?

David R

Dan wrote, “Alternatively once you have a pin for the card you can also use them at Walmart to pay off any credit bill for $1 or buy a money order for 70 cents (and you can split the money order or bill pay among 4 gift cards at a time) without going through Bluebird.”

My experience at two different Walmart stores was that I can’t just pay “any” credit bill. They have to find it in their list. When I set up a payee using my own online banking, I sometimes have to try different spellings of he payee’s name or to enter just the first few characters to see what matches appear, until I find a match that I am confident is the right payee. The Walmart employees I encountered made very little effort to find my credit card bills in the list. They did not find Chase at all. They found Citibank, but only for their AmEx card. Fortunately, I have one, so I was able to sent my payment there. I used four $500 Chase gift cards with the PIN numbers to pay for it.


Question: I have purchased 7,500 worth of Chase Gift Cards
now the question is if i purchase again today will chase close my account or black list me ?? or there is nothing to worry and i can purchase how much i want??


@Dan: what will be the best way in NYC?


Everyone keeps talking about paying off the credit card with bill pay. Is there a maila to that over paying them off directly with the bluebird account? Or is that not possible?


After buying $2,500 worth last week it is saying that I reached the maximum allowed for this time period.

Anyone was able to buy more than 2.5k on one card?


Could someone maybe publish directions on how to do this in flow chart form for us visual learners??

i.e.: if your goal is to earn 5X points, start here –>___

or, if your goal is to hit a spending limit on X card, start here–>___

and if you do it this way, you get 5X points from X and 5X points from Y, etc…


For people in the states that they don’t mail too they allow you to mail $100 gift cards to the recipient so you can purchase it with your card and send to a different state
You will just need to order a lot of $100 gift cards!


Just tried to cash in my cards at a Chase branch, into my Chase account, and got shot down. They will NOT allow this.


@Shmaya, I believe you can only order $2500 per card in a 30 day period.

David R

@Al: Where did you see that limit?


Does AP charge a fee to send money via credit card? If not, then why would anyone use Google Wallet? Thanks.


I called and if you try to order more, it will not allow you.


Do these cards work for ca?


Just to point out you can either have a serve account or bluebrid. if you want BB you have to close your serve account.


@David R: @Shmaya:

Hi All,

Found a way to get around the $2,500 monthly limit for Chase gift cards. If you have a business card (ie Chase Ink), you can request additional cards for additional employees. These cards will each have a unique credit card number. The $2,500 monthly limit for Chase Gift Cards is specific to the credit card number entered. Enjoy.


thanks, good find Makdim


To my understanding the fastest way to get 5K spent on chase ink plus is to get 2 cards at sign up and buy 2.5K on each chase Gift Card. activate the cards and get pic for each.
go to walmart and pay 5K in one shot via bill pay to Chase for 1$.
Blue bird would be free only if you live close to walmart or you have to go there 5times and the time and gas is not worth 1$.

Can someone confirm if this plan would work and the whole 5K could be paid in one billpay for 1$?


Thanks dan!! Doing that lets say for about 2k dollars per month, may this trigger a A/A?


Anyone know if you can load these gift cards into bluebird at a Walmart in NJ? In other words, is the exclusion for NJ just for purchasing or does it apply to cashing out to bb through Walmarts in NJ too? Thanks!

Joe s

To sign up for a Bluebird account is it better to get a temporary card at Walmart or to just do it online? Any difference?


What has changed since this was first posted?


You write you can get $2600 in GC but did you mean $2500 since only 5 cards and $500 is highest denomination?

chana k

@Dovid: I click ‘pay bills’ in my BB account to pay my bills. Any bills that don’t take cc’s, including my cc bills themselves.

@Farj:If your bill is too large, Walmart may have trouble doing the bill pay. Mine didn’t go through on a $2300 bill.

@ihow: You probably should do some additional spending also.

@Jmail: The exclusion is just for purchasing. You CAN load it onto BB at a NJ Walmart.

@Joe s: If you buy the temporary card at Walmart, you can load $500 onto it with a cc to get you started.


Chase only.


You can load gift cards to BB in NJ.

@Joe s:
You need the permanent card anyway which you get by signing up online for free.
Why would you pay for the starter kit in WalMart?

Nothing, I’ve clarified the limits and that AUs on business cards get their own limits.

You can make as many orders as you want to get up to $2,600 max per 30 days.



Yes you can load them in NJ.


Is this new? Cuz previously when I ordered 5 $500 GC’s it says I’ve reached my limit?


You can order a $100 GC in another order right after ordering 5 of the $500 GCs.


Why is Jersey excluded?


Because NJ has onerous gift card laws would be my guess.


Dan, I have ink cash- am I getting 5 points when I buy these gift cards? if not, what is my benefit?


Dan is there a lucky number when it comes to buying GC from chase and not getting flagged? Is it possible to get flagged for buying to many GC, can i get something similar to a AMEX FR?


Tried shipping them to Chicago but because my billing address is a NJ one they declined bc the addresses dont match up.

Any way to get around it without changing my Billing Address?

I read all the posts but didnt get a clear answer whether I can go to a Chase bank and buy this in person?

David R

@YT: Regarding your last question, it says right on their home page: “We apologize that we are temporarily unable to offer Chase Gift Cards through the branch. Due to the inconvenience, our standard shipping fee of $4.95 for online gift card orders is temporarily waived.”

David R

@YT: Perhaps @tlnl’s comment #173 would work?

@Joe s: @Dan: “You need the permanent card anyway which you get by signing up online for free.
Why would you pay for the starter kit in WalMart?”
I bypassed getting a starter kit for that reason, but if chana k is correct that you could buy the starter kit with a credit card, the cash back / points / miles you would earn for the $505 purchase with any decent card would more than cover the $5 fee (plus help towards any spending requirement).


q about MVD: now in order to activate they ask for SS#.
better tracking of how many cards you buy?
how do you close a card so can buy more?
can close on automated system?

nj resedent

I went to a walmart in nj and they told me at the customer service desk that it is all over… that they got in trouble for taking visa gift cards and the only way put $ on bb is with cash! Is this true or do I play huca with a rep at a another register? Or other walmart?


what does it mean not valid for purchase in NJ? cannot be shipped to nj address? can’t purchase in NJ???


So does anyone know where else you can buy a money order with gift card besides walmart?


just wondering now that 10 and 10 is gone from chase does the $91 rule still apply between spg and freedom thanx

aa gold

dan if you more then 1 card per person can you order more then 2500 or is it per ss


Thanks Dan!


@David R- thanks so much I missed that post! I’ll try it out now!


Why do they ask for a SS# to buy a gift card?


Thanks Dan! However, this doesn’t help me, since I live in NJ. But the other post does!


Does anyone know if I purchase these gift cards with a Barclays Card if it would show up as a purchase or Cash Advance?


purchased 5X$500=$2500 total GC in one purchase received the following email:
note that your card is not a credit card, and it cannot be used at
an ATM.

Can i still upload to BB at an ATM at WalMart? says cannot be used at an ATM

is it still consider a purchase being that it says this is not a credit card


1 point per dollar.
Or help meeting a spend threshold.

I haven’t heard of problems.

No, you would have to change your billing address.

@David R:
Or use your credit card to get free miles with this deal instead of spending $5.
(Anyway VRs are $3.95 per $500)

This post isn’t about MVD. Try the forums.

@nj resedent:
Try the ATM. Or a regular cashier.
The Chase cards only say debit on it anyway when you leave the sticker on.

Can’t be shipped to NJ or ordered by someone with an NJ billing address.

Most stores sell MOs.


@aa gold:
It’s per card.

To prevent money laundering.

Chase only as the post says.

Both of those questions are addresses with the proper answers in the post.

People here seem to overthink what I write.

dont get it

if i purchase the gift card, will i receive miles ? I live in nj so were can i purchase it ? will it build up my credit ? whats really the advantage of these cards?or its just like having a debit card ?


Can you transfer these to BB at a Walmart in Canada?


@Dan: Dan anyway arund the NJ exclusion if the card you want to use has a NJ billing address


Can I cash them out by a chase cashier?


Dan: i read all the comments. there are a few questions asked over and over and i dont see a real answer. pls:
1. walmartS next to lakewood are saying that they received orders from headquarters not to take gift cards (they recognize them by now). there is no eitsa of ‘old lady in cashier’ as when u load in cashier they tell you to go to costumer service.
2. the money center does work, but 90% of times they r out of order.
3. i tried many times 4 swipes to buy money orders in WM and doesnt go. seems 3 swipes per $ order is max. tx


Dan, or anybody else: I know this is the wrong thread, but I looked around and could not find the proper thread. With that in mind, can you still covert the Amex gold to an Amex platinum for +25,000 Amex Rewards (followed by dropping to Amex green)?


“You can load Chase gift cards onto your Bluebird card at Walmart for free via the WalMart ATM machine”

Is there also a limit on how many Chase GC’s you can use daily? and there is also a $ limit?

Is there any practical way to have 2 bluebird accounts?


there appear to be bluebird atm machines in KMART–can the gc’s be used there?


@dont get it:
Gotta read the post man.

No idea.



If your WM ATM doesn’t work file a complaint with WM corporate.


No but you’re limited to $1,000 of BB funding per day though that resets at 12:59am EDT.

No idea. Post if you try.


Dan, I have not jumped on board with the BB, but need to meet my spend requirements on two $3k spend (Citi Visa) in the next couple of months. My priority at the moment is to attain the generous sign up bonuses. Should (can) I purchase these Chase gift card for that spend req ?


As the post says, no.
But there are plenty of GCs you can buy in stores and load to Bluebird.


@ Dan K. Thanks Dan.


do not wish to sign up for forums at this point. can you please be so kind to respond about SS required to sign up for MVD?

Any way to avoid?

How do I cancel a card so can get more?



@Dan I have Serve right now and need to spend a lot on my new Chase Ink card. What’s the best way to do this?

1) Getting these gift cards
2) Finding and loading MoneyPak cards onto my Serve account
3) Cancelling Serve, getting BB, and finding Vanilla Reload cards (no longer available at OfficeDepot for 5x rewards)

Thanks Dan for all your great help!


Dan, want to say THANK YOU. I not only love the tip on Chase gift cards, but the purchase limits you posted on the various Chase cards is super-helpful. Shows how knowledgeable and thoughtful you are.

I am now more than half-way on a few cards thanks to you.


@Dan signed up online for the BB. Next ? Be gentle ……. 😉


@Dan: Amazing – that took no more than 2 minutes from clicking your link to getting approved. Shkoiach!


Why was @Danr told that these can’t be used towards meeting the threshold? Where does it say that? In the OP it specifically says it will earn you miles.

Also if you have 4 cards of 500 each will it only cost you $1 to pay off the bill in Walmart or $4 ($1 for each card?)



I went online to the Chase page a few minutes ago, and started to walk through the process of purchasing $500 (max per card), and I saw the purchase option of a Visa or MC credit card…… I would think it is ok, but DanDeals suggested otherwise. He def knows something I do not know, or maybe he misunderstood my question..


Cancel Serve and get BB.

As the post says (that apparently nobody wants to actually read) these can only be purchased with Chase credit cards.


Just loaded another $2K today to Bluebird.
Took less than 2 minutes with a regular cashier for the 4 cards, definitely faster than the ATM.

And she couldn’t possibly have been any nicer about it!


Dan, Will Chase be OK with suddenly buying $2,600/30 days on all of my Chase cards and all of my wife’s Chase cards (total 10 cards)? We won’t go over the credit limits and we will pay our bills promptly. Will this create red flags? Will this risk acct shutdown?


can i go into a chase branch and pay up my card with these chase gift cards?


@Non-Sequiter: do you know if that upgrade takes a hard pull?



didn’t you say $1k/day limit? unless you had 2 bluebirds?


YMMV. Not gonna make promises here but I haven’t heard of any issues to date.


It does not.

I did.
The benefits of being married 😉


@sam: Thanks for bringing this up, and thanks Dan for answering 🙂
I’ll add that I’ve only had the gold card for a month or so and just (today) got the 75k points for hitting the threshhold — didn’t mean a thing, I still got instantly approved (though, obviously ymmv). (What does the first “m” in ymmv stand for?)


How come people don’t simply load Vanilla reloads onto their Blubird accounts over the phone? I do it all the time, I don’t understand the need to go into Wal-Mart. Where am I going wrong?


Hi dan
I’m new to this bluebird thing can you please provide me a link where I can sign up for bluebird and how much does it cost or is it free?
Thank you



This post has nothing to do with Vanilla Reloads.

Read the post.


@My bad I didnt notice he had a Citi visa.


walmart in nj not allowing bluebird loads from gift cards any more.


You mean Lakewood 😛

Venture out a bit or use the ATM.


For all those saying they haven’t had luck with BB reloads in (South) NJ, I think it all depends on where you go.

I’ve has no problems reloading my Visa GCs onto BB in Freehold and Old Bridge — even though neither have the Money Center Express


In terms of these no-free Chase GCs, presuming I can ship them out of NJ, if my billing address is in NJ am I just out of luck for this deal? Or is there another way?


@Harris: maybe not we just called chase the other day and they agreed to change our billing address since we are vacationing in California!! and then change it back to NJ when we return so for all those temporarily in NY or any other state that permits online purchases you might be in luck

Dan this might be a breakthrough for NJ residents

David R

@Anonymous: No need to call or to try to justify the change. You can change your address on the web site.


Spent at staples 35 in fees for gift cards for every day spending. fee;ing so stupid


actually, also in the one in neptune and there is no atm there. the customer service ppl gave me a very hard time and they said it was a corporate decision. i’m still going to try $200 at a time at the register to c if it works.


Hi Dan, how can I order more than one card each time? I did not see the option ordering multiple cards. Thanks


on chase ccs-
how do i combine my chase business and personal online accounts. Will reward points be able to be combined?



Yes. Just give them a call to link the cards. Then when you enter “Ultimate Rewards” it will prompt you to choose business or personal or move miles from one to the other.



Before checking out, there’s a button you can click to “Continue Shopping.” Click it and order up to five cards at $500 each.


how about the walmart in monsey? any problems there?



at walmart – will they let you load both of your bluebirds at the same time (or in two transactions – but at one register)? or does your wife need to come to do #2? Or do you just have to get in line at another register?




@SeanQ: After you pick one instead of hitting check out button, hit continue shopping button.


Can someone please clarify if you can cash these out using amazon payments?

The reason I want to is because I am trying to reach a spend amount this month…so I do these cards plus credit card on amazon payment this month. Then in future months (after spend reached), I will use amazon payments to unload these as I don’t have bluebird (no walmart nearby).

Thanks so much!


It will work.

Joe s

Just tried using the Chase GC for cash back at heinens. No go. Tried 3 times; $40, $25, $20. 3 x failed. Anyone have any luck elsewhere?


I have tried loading 500 gc’s to my bb cards at wm atm.

Day 1:I added 3 (two 0ne card,then one on another). When i tried to add a fourth, atm locked up. Got error message, had to get emp to unlock, tried again and it failed.

Day 2: Loaded 3 500’s, stopped went for a walk around store, two people used the atm after me, then went back and tried to load one card, atm locked up.

Day:3 Loaded two 500 cards, ok. then used a card that I had spent $50 for gas. Loaded 450, fine. Then tried to load a fourth 500 and it loaded OK! The atm I use seems to have a limit of loading 1500. BTW, I am using four different BB cards. I am not attempting to load more than 1k on any one card.

On next load, I am going to try to load 3 gc’s in the morning and then 3 later in the day. will let you know..


Walmart in our neighborhood (CH) would make the tranfer for me and I couldn’t get the ATM to work, what am I doing wrong?


Sorry, Walmart wouldNT make the transfer, they said they aren’t allowed any longer


Walmart could not fine my card (ink plus) in their system to make a payment, (i tried at 2 different ones), and when i tried to make a money order they said “we cant do it with a gift card”
anyone have any ideas for me?
(besides blubierd)


@moishe walmart bill pay to chase card services
dont say it is gift card tell them it is a debit card and use your pin#

David R

The site is not working for me today. When I try to submit my order, it jumps back to the home page without confirming the order. I tried both Chrome and IE. Is anyone else having trouble?

Terry K

Yes, I am having the same problem – both today and yesterday.


Hi Dan. Was in Walmart in Neptune New Jersey. Customer service said they r not allowed to load debit cards onto bluebird anymore. I then asked to make my case ink bold and plus cards. She tried but the computer could not find my accounts. How can I cash out these 10, $500 each chase gift cards?

aa gold

(Alternatively you can also use them at Walmart to pay off any credit bill for $1 fee or to buy a money order for 70 cents. You can pay bills or buy money orders with up to 4 gift cards at a time though the maximum money order is $1,000.)

i was at a Walmart upstate and they tried making me a money order and it did not work they told me it was on the card side when i called bluebird they said i could not make a money order with the card

what can i do


I tried to load two cards at a WM in the bay area today. The cashier said Bluebird wasn’t allowing loads through debit or gift cards anymore, but she volunteered to try it for me anyway. The first one went through, the second one did not.


I am still using this to load onto my bluebird – either the cashier or the moneycenter machine at Walmart accepts it. I’ll do it each month until the shipping charges are not waived anymore-but for now it’s a no-brainer!


dan-is it suspicious to put my own name as the gift card recipient?


I will make sure to max out on this before then but does it come back again.. I am kinda new to chase gift cards.

what is the best way to cash out on ink plus after these are gone?

reuven hunt

Was that on your credit card statement? I haven’t seen it on any of mine.


can u cash these out on amazon? can u add them to bluebird online or by phone? i live in yerushalayim!


becareful! I wish DAN be truthful sometimes with these risky perk abuses. Chase has already shut down accounts of many for this.


can i withdraw the money from bluebird?


@reuven hunt:
Checking account statement.

You can cash out on Amazon but I’m not sure what the point would be.

There is a dedicated thread on DDF on this. There have been extremely few reports of any shutdowns of late for any reasons despite thousands of people doing this.



Can I deposit the GC’s into a Checking/Saving Chase Account @ a Chase Branch?


Can I get money orders at walmart kiosk? Their regular printer isn’t working


I haven’t seen this in any of my statements. Which statement sent you this note? Perhaps, it’s a CC I don’t have yet.



I believe so.

Was on my checking account.


i mistakenly told the cashier at cvs that i want the visa gift cards that i purchased to b credit credit instead of de bit. is there any way to switch it to debit


Thanks for the reply Dan, do you think that it means they will no longer sell them in the bank? Meaning it will be online forever but they will go back to charge the fee?


Thanks for the info, but will pass … I already met my BB limit of $5000 for September!


Dan, thanks for this amazing sight

do you have a list of gas stations that sell gift cards? can i take advantage of my chase freedom this quarter by buying gift cards in gas stations?


It says this on the walmart website. does this mean that to load gift cards onto the bluebird cost 3 dollars?
“Get more than just ATM withdrawals with your Walmart MoneyCard. Add cash to your Card, check your balance and even purchase money orders and phone cards with fewer lines and less waiting. Find a Walmart MoneyCenter Express machine at the front of participating Walmart stores near Customer Service and Walmart MoneyCenters. Reload fee is $3.”


Anyone got shut for buying gc?


Talk up people


Hey Dan,

Can I order these gift cards with my new Citi AAdvantage card to make the spending requirements, without it being charged as a cash advance?


David R

@Justin: You can only pay for these with a Chase card.


My Bluebird only loaded $1000. I tried $1500 but it didn’t work. I thought the limit was $1500/day; is it only $1000/day loaded via debit?


I did this last week when you posted it, is there a way I can do it again? (I don’t have another chase credit card)



Good lock finding one that works!


Just ordered $2500 worth without getting charged a fee and the transaction went through!


Seems like the link no longer works:( Glad I maxed out all my cards before midnight. The deal was good while it lasted. Thanks for 35,500 UR points!!!


this was a real good one going to miss it


Last night at Walmart I was not able to load these Chase gift cards. Well I was able to load one card but not the others. Anyone else having trouble?


@Fishing4Deals: monsey walmart wont allow more than 1 load per day, wait at 2 checkout lines


@Fishing- same thing happened to me yesterday. Went back today and could not load 2-500’s. Will try diff WM tomorrow.