Upcoming Dates For Major Negative And Positive Changes On Chase Cards

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Chase Freedom, Freedom Unlimited, Sapphire, Sapphire Preferred, Sapphire Reserve, JPMorgan Reserve, Ink Plus, Ink Bold, Ink Cash, Ink Classic, Ink Preferred negative change:

Sapphire Reserve, JPMorgan Reserve negative changes:

  • Effective 8/26, purchases that are automatically refunded with the $300 annual travel credit will no longer earn 3 points per dollar.
    • That’s a loss of 900 points per year if you maximize the $300 in travel spending.
  • Effective 8/26, there will be a limit of 2 free guests in addition to the cardholder at Priority Pass lounges. Additional guests will cost $27 each, compared to unlimited free guests through 8/25. Additional cardholders on these cards cost $75 each and starting on 8/26 they will also be limited to be able to bring 2 of their own additional guests for free.
    • This comes on the heels of this WSJ article about lounge over-crowding, which this may or may not help with. Bad for large families, but you can use Priority Pass cards from other cards to allow more members in the lounge.

Chase United Explorer negative changes:

  • Effective 6/1, you will no longer get 10K bonus miles for spending $25K in a calendar year. However as a one-time courtesy you will get 4K bonus miles if you spend $10K by 5/31 and you will get 10K bonus miles if you spend $25K by 5/31.
  • Effective 6/1, price protection, which offers refunds when the price of an item you buy drops by up to $500, will be eliminated.
  • Effective 6/1, return protection, which offers the ability to return items up to $500 when a store won’t take it back, will be eliminated.
  • Effective 6/1, trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance will be decreased from $10,000 to $1,500.

Chase United Explorer positive changes:

  • Effective 6/1, you will get 2 miles per dollar on dining and hotels.
  • Effective 6/1, you will get a 25% rebate on food, beverages, and WiFi on United flights.
  • Effective 6/1, you can get a $100 statement credit to pay for Global Entry/TSA Pre-Check every 4 years.


  • Other Chase cards are likely to lose price protection as well, though dates have not yet been announced.
  • The Chase United Explorer changes do not apply for the Chase United Club card.
  • The JPMorgan Ritz-Carlton card continues to offer unlimited free guests in Priority Pass lounges, though that may change as well in the near future.

2018 is shaping up to be a year of credit card cuts between these changes, the launch of cards without any signup bonuses, and the upcoming massive SPG AMEX devaluation.

But on the plus side, as long as this rumor doesn’t come to fruition, I’m OK with changes like these.

Will these changes affect whether you will keep these cards around?

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Link to app JPMorgan Reserve?

Told Earny so...

When I was first pitched Earny (as a potential angel investor), I told them they (and Paribus) would cause the removal of price protection. They didn’t believe me. It was so obvious. This was a little used benefit (which is why the banks offered it) until it was automated.


I’m ok with price protection it is just a extra work for me to find a deal.


“Will these changes affect whether you will keep these cards around?”

———- Yes, for the most part, but not entirely.


I didn’t see any positive, did i miss something?


Do children under a certain age still count as part of the 2 guests?


Many of the Priority Kong’s offerings are subpar as it is (excepting some of the international lounges – and even they leave much to be desired).
The overcrowding is real.. and makes perfect sense now to limit this.


I’ve never taken advantage of price protection. @Dan can you give us an actual example of where you’ve used it? Or something obvious I should have used it for?


Cell phones would be such items that are discounted soon after being introduced to the market. I could have asked for a refund, but I forgot. I will try to get price protection when I buy my laptop and TV.


You can buy electronics days before let’s say Memorial Day and if you’re lucky, what you bought goes down in price and you can claim price protection

Dan\'s the Man

If I just recently paid the annual fee for the reserve can I file a dispute with the CFPB since they reduced the number of family members that I can bring to the lounge?


how come Mileage Plus Explorer Card doesnt come up on all your comparisons of credit cards and even on the link to card ratings with Dans Deal?
How would it compare with the other cards listed in this post and to the reserve card…?



What are ways to maximaze on the united benefits and are they even worth it? or the cons of the card out weigh the pro’s? Thank you!


I learned the hard way that the free check baggage is only free if you booked the ticket with the United card.


So which cards will remain good for price protection?
Now that citi is cutting the benefit allowance as well…


Since the earny app has been around I have raked in close to $200 in Amazon purchases alone. I will absolutely miss this benefit.

David braun

You wont even get 1 point for the 300 credit?


IMO it’s so irrelevant to the consumer, how much is 900 UR annually, let alone 300?


can you post the wsj article text? maybe print to image and then post? article is not accessible without subscription


If you have an iphone, search in the news app


The trip protection part on the ua explorer is what I don’t understand, this basically removes every incentive to buy United tickets on this card


What is your assumption on bringing in more than 2 guest desperately, Let’s say traveling with multiple people and after the first two had their time needed in the lounge already, to bring in additional 2? Very common situation especially when they offer showers and it’s a long stopover

quick question

can i get price protection on the chase ink? from a purchase made 8 months ago? thanks


Nope only 90 days I think.


The limit of 2 guest is per entry? Per year? Can i enter with 2, exit and reenter with another 2? Can i leave the lounge while the guests stay? TY


Hi Dan, I downgraded my Sapphire Reserve about 4 month ago to a freedom unlimited. Can i now apply again for the Sapphire Reserve? I want my priority pass back!


Hi Dan,

Do you think AMEX will follow suit and cut benefits on their charge or popular credit cards? Are there rumors that they will?

David Gold

is Earny a trusted app to give access to my Gmail And Amazon account ? if chase is closing the benefit i think we should all take advantage till they anyway do


Hi Dan! I recently got approved for two Chase Southwest cards for two separate businesses. For one I have received the sign up bonus, for the second i got a card in the mail saying I am not eligible as I got the bonus already. Any ideas?


wish I hadn’t just now for the first time heard of Earny!! its great! why have you never mentioned it before?? any other awesome apps to know about?

Ben P

Dan – is there any number or customer service manner we could reach out to regarding these changes. They charge $450 a year and are changing the terms midway through!

I only really care about the priority pass change – maybe we can convince them to go the Citi Prestige route and make it immediate family only?


I think its unfair to blame apps that automate price protection claims because 1) chase’s price protection conditions never state you cant use an app, if they simply did then maybe this could have been avoided 2) in the past I think you had to call them to start a claim, but I think a year or 2 ago they let you start claims on a website, which makes it easy for apps. I also think its unfair chase is making these changes halfway through the calendar year. They should make the changes take effect Jan. 1st. Personally I am filing more price protection claims with chase now that I know it’s going away.


Hmmmmm. That bites on lounge access. When you leave and.come back in can you bring different people in theory?