United Visa Signature: Get 30,000 Miles For Signing Up, $50 Cash Back, And First Year Free!


Continental: Take Advantage While You Can…
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-Limited Time Offer:
-Get 25,000 miles for signing up and making your first purchase.
-Earn 5,000 additional miles when you add an authorized user. You can do this when you apply for the card, giving you 30,000 miles!
-Receive a $50 statement cashback credit after your first purchase
-No Annual Fee for the First Year, a $60 value.
-Earn 1 mile per $1 spent on all purchases you make with your card with no limit to the miles you may earn
-Receive a one-way upgrade certificate and a $25 travel certificate after your first purchase

United allows you to redeem for one-way award tickets at half the rate of round-trip awards, so a one-way domestic ticket is 12,500 miles and a one-way ticket to Israel would be 37,500 miles. United also doesn’t charge award expedite/close-in fees!

Sometime this year you will be able to transfer your United miles to Continental and Continental miles to United. The program will them be merged and all miles will be combined into the new program.
All elite miles earned on United and Continental this year will be combined as well at the end of the year. Lifetime flown miles will also be combined!

AMEX Membership Rewards points will no longer transfer to Continental after 09/30/11, so be sure to stock up on Continental and United miles wherever you can!

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Do you get your first bag free like continental?


@1, no.
@2, sure if you open a new united miles acct.


Can I transfer my amex points to my wife’s continental account?


Yes, you can transfer AMEX points to anyone’s account and they transfer instantly. That’s the beauty of them!


cani transfer these united miles to air canada?


Only AMEX points or Starwood points can be transferred into miles. You can’t transfer from an airline to an airline at any worthwhile rate.

However United can book you a ticket on Air Canada as they are both in the Star Alliance. In fact Air Canada has very good availability from Toronto to Tel Aviv and is always a good option to look into when you want to redeem Continental, United, or USAir miles to Israel.



If you open up a nee United mileage account, can you then merge it with another United mileag account?



Does continental onepass also allow one way award tickets at half the round trip amount of points ?


When does this offer expire?


There’s no right answer to this question.
As they say, YMMV!

As long as the names are the same you can.

Not yet.

It’s a limited time offer. Get it while you can!


Does opening up alot of different credit card accounts to take advantage of mileage offers, affect a persons credit rating in any way?


I open dozens of cards every year and still have an excellent credit score.

Pay off your cards on time and keep your balance very low compared to your credit line and you’ll be just fine. As you get more cards and higher credit lines your score will keep increasing in the long-run.

Remember that spending most of your available credit limit (even just on a single card) even if you pay in full every month can drop your score significantly. Consider paying off your spending multiple times per month if you can’t keep your spending down.


I have the CO OnePass card and will apply for the United card. What will happen to these cards when the merger is complete?


They will likely be converted into a brand new card for the new mileage program.
Nobody knows for sure how it will work yet, but signup now for the bonuses from the 2 airlines while they are still desperate airlines so you can double-up!


# 14
1)its depends a lot on income also
2)isn’t havening a lot of cards open dropping the score even with low balance


Credit score has nothing to do with your income.

I have dozens of cards currently active and a very high credit score, so that can’t be true.


Hello Dan,
Can I get this credit card? I already have the continental credit card. Will I be able to merge these two credit cards together?


Dan if i am looking to sign up for only one credit card(not american express) which card would you recommend if i would be selling the points or miles for cash?


if i acknowledge that i have a chase id will that give away the fact that i already have united credit cards ?

new mileage account?

I have had a united mileage credit card before so I tried to create a new mileage account in order to qualify for the bonus again, as was suggested above. However, the united website recognized (from the name and address?) me as an already existing mileage account member, and did not allow me to create a new mileage account. I would like to be able to get this bonus again however. Any suggestions?


to be approved for dozens of cards a year have to do a lot with the income and not with the score


If I have one of the older UA cards (before they made them Visa Signature) can I convert it to the new UA Visa Signature with this offer?


Do you know if UAL will be changing their award chart like Delta did. Both CO and Ual are giving away lots of miles lately and I am afraid they will do the same thing Delta did, raising the miles required ridiciously.



Any idea what Credit Bureau this card pulls in NJ? I tried searching creditboards but I cant find it.


Two questions:

1. Any idea if CO/UA will end up with Chase or Citi?
2. Longshot, but any chance Chase will match this to a 50k offer?


Dan, how long is it necessary to wait between Chase credit card applications ?


30 days is the rule of thumb.


is there a phone # I can call to find out the status of my app?


8005377783 if u have a chase card enter # if u dont enter 1 and then 2 then 1


Is The Offer For The 25,000 UA Miles Still Available?


I applied and got a letter that they see i already have one and i should call them because they want to speak with me. Dan, please advice me as to what to say or do.


just got off the phone with them they say they will not let you get 2 of the same cards anymore dan

as long as you have 1 united card you cant get it


Thanks ‘miles’!

Dan, any input?


Please Dan, advice me.


Please Dan, i implore…