Turn A Denial Into An Approval, Don’t Give Up On Your Credit Card Application!

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When you apply for a card you may be told that you need to wait for a decision. At that point you can wait and see if you’ll be approved or you can call the bank for reconsideration. Typically I’ll wait and see and then call if I’m rejected, but sometimes I’ll call right away.

If the bank offers a checking account, like Bank of America and Chase, it can help if you have a checking account with that bank in good standing.

If a rejection is due to Chase’s 5/24 rule, you can make sure that the agent doesn’t count authorized user cards and store cards that their system might count, but a manager can exclude in order to grant a card approval.

Readers have been reporting success stories of being denied for credit cards but then calling the reconsideration line, explaining to them why the denial should not apply to them and have reasons as to why you need this exact card/s.

Just today, Reader BB reports he was denied for both the Ink Cash and Ink Unlimited best ever 90,000 point signup bonus, he called Chase’s reconsideration line and got both cards approved! So, never give up on your application! And Reader Thankful! had the exact same experience even though he was over Chase’s 5/24 rule and he applied for 3 Ink cards and was approved for Ink CashInk Unlimited, and Ink Preferred cards!

Things you can do include:

  • Offer to shift credit lines around from other cards to get the new application approved.
  • Offer to close an older card you don’t use anymore and move over the credit line to get the new application approved.
  • Explain how you want the benefits the card provides. Items like card earnings,  extended warranty, travel insurance, primary car rental coverage, are all good reasons to want a card, so learn about the unique benefits that each card has to offer besides for a killer signup bonus.
  • The banks are afraid of people just applying for credit to rack up debts that they won’t pay. Your job is to explain why you are NOT one of those people and why you want the card.
  • Explain how you’ve never had a late payment or that you’re a loyal customer for x amount of years.
  • Explain your loyalty to the bank, especially if you have a checking account with the bank.
  • Explain why you or your business need another card, it can even be as simple as separate cards for different spending you need to do for your business or for different clients.
  • Ask to speak to a manager to get an approval on the spot.
  • Be friendly! Ask the person how their day is going and they’ll be more likely to want to help you out. Reconsideration reps have all the power, so it’s up to you to become their friend. A DDF user who homebrews beer found out that the agent also makes his own beer. After talking beer strategies the card application was approved!

Here are reconsideration numbers by bank:

  • Chase Business: 800-453-9719
  • Chase Personal: 888-270-2127
  • American Express: 866-314-0237 
  • Capital One: 800-625-7866
  • Citi: 800-695-5171
  • U. S. Bank 800-947-1444
  • Wells Fargo 800-967-9521

Post your success stories below!

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There used be a fliow chart and an 800 number that you could call – with various responses i.e. ” we will let you know in next 14 days…” and usually indicated approval or denial does anyone have the flowchart or phone # for the automated syatem?


How can my kid every get a first credit card? he was denied even in the bank that he has accounts with due to not enough credit. is there a foolproof first time credit card?


Try discover it card


bless you! success!


Got my chase united card approved after it was rejected for 5/24 rule having me as authorized users on my spouse’s credit cards.
Thanks Dan and everyone involved!


Capital one has NO reconsideration dept !!
Learned the hard way. They will just put the application in the system again with no human power approving a denial


I just had this with chase business ink.
Got denial immediately, called the reconsideration line, took 30 minutes and a few transfers, but I got it!


Credit line transfers, or transfers to a different agent?


Could this also help if the reason for denial is a lower credit score?


Applied couple months ago for 2 Ink Unlimited (both as same Business/SP)and both were pending and for one the reason was because it was a duplicate application but after calling recon number they were able to approve it and then yesterday applied for 2 Business Ink Cash one is pending (once again both as same Business/SP) and one is pending and one is denied for it being a duplicate and they said per policy only one of each card can be approved per business, is this true?
(Already tried HUCA and speaking with a supervisor)

Do I need to reapply as a “Different business” to be approved and if so I am assuming applying the today will be another hard pull?


I had a similar experience. I applied for the Ink Cash and Ink Unlimited at the same time. I forgot to unfreeze my credit first so they both got held up immediately. I unfroze my credit and called Chase the next day. They ran my credit and immediately denied me. They said there were 3 reasons they couldn’t approve me: too many cards opened in the last 2 years, not enough business credit with them, and no business checking/savings accounts. (I have a consumer Freedom Unlimited and a personal checking/savings account with them.) The agent transferred me to the ‘acquisition’ team. They basically said the same thing…denied for those 3 reasons.

At that point, I figured it was a lost cause so I hung up.

But I got to thinking that for the open cards, on at least one or two of them I’m just an AU.

So I called the reconsideration line directly.

I was lucky to get a friendly agent. I tried being as friendly as I could and joked around with her to build a bit of a rapport. It worked! She even found an old Chase card I had forgotten about that ended up being charged off by Chase back in 2011 (I fell on some hard financial times back then but have since rebounded and have an excellent credit score and income now). After asking me a few other questions and putting me on hold a few times, she approved the card.

She said she couldn’t review my second application on this same call, but recommended I call back as my chances looked good to get the second card approved (in her opinion).

When I called back, the agent I talked to wasn’t as friendly. She re-verified much of the same info the first agent did then told me they’d be reviewing the reconciliation and that I should call back within 48 hours to find out the status.

That same evening I got emails saying both cards where approved!

It pays to be persistent and to be nice to people!


Good to hear, I just want to confirm that I can apply for 2 (and get approved) of the same exact card at the same time, is this possible?

Anyone know the truth of the matter?


Trying to apply-completed form 4x; site too busy now, “try again later.” Is EIN=SS?


Apparently I didn’t have to try again; it went through even though I got an error message! I was immediately approved!


I personally got approved for Ink & Flex after calling & explaining that I’m not over 5/24 because of authorized user & got approved. A friend of mine who doesn’t have any
Chase account got approved for Ink & Cash after calling in


Every card i apply for i get “under review” always call up right away have had much success, also a lot of time speaking to agents.

Herman the German

Call recon, they told me I was 8/24….verified that 4 of them were only authorized users, got it down to 4/24…. Offered to move credit from other chase biz card, got approved 9K credit. Easy does it….slow and steady…..yasher koach to Dan and all his helpers foe everything all the time


Wow! Thanks for writing this article. Got denied for CIU for: 7/24; “business structure”; and “insufficient business relationship” with Chase. Opened a checking account with them yesterday, called for reconsideration today and APPROVED! Amazing.


My wife got denied, and a letter in the mail that she had to give proof of legal name or address for business. I called the number on the letter and they said I need to go to a county clerk to get proof of that… I’m looking for advice on how to deal with this


First you need to understand that your living in denial…


I applied for both cards and both came back “Under review”. I called the phone number and they said since its under review I would have to wait 7-10 days…I guess I will wait it out..Question…right after I applied I got two emails from experian about credit file has been updated…Business cards dnt affect personal credit score, it just lists the cards on the account? thank you..shabbat shalom


Anyone have success with Citi? I have everything and anything but can’t get a Citi card for some reason


I tried calling reconsideration a month after a denial and they said they cannot review after 30 days. I had to apply again (got approved).

Steven Weiss

Thank you Dandsdeals for the tips on how to get an approval. I was denied yesterday and called the reconsideration department this morning and got approved.