This Week Only: Increased Signup Bounses On Chase Ink Cards!

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Update: The increased bonus offer is now dead, though these cards remain excellent thanks to their bonus categories and still generous signup bonus.
Originally posted on 06/16:

Chase Ink Bold Charge Card
Chase Ink Plus Credit Card
Chase Ink Cash Credit Card

The Chase Ink business cards are some of the best credit cards out there.

This week only (through 06/22) you can earn additional bonus points for signing up for them.

Several forum members that got an Ink card in the past months are already reporting that they have been matched to the new offers by sending a secure message or calling the number on the back of their cards.

Here is a chart with the differences between these cards.

 Ink BoldInk PlusInk Cash
Signup Bonus50,00050,00020,000
Spend Threshold$5,000 in 3 months.$5,000 in 3 months.$3,000 in 3 months.
Type of cardCharge Card: Must be paid off in full every month.Credit Card: Can be paid back over time. Credit Card: Can be paid back over time.
Annual FeeNone for the first year, then $95None for the first year, then $95None
Points transfer into miles?YesYesNo, but they can be transferred if you or your spouse also has a Ink Bold, Ink Plus, or Sapphire Preferred
Annual limit for 5 point per dollar categories$50,000 of spending.$50,000 of spending.$25,000 of spending.
Double point categoriesGas and HotelsGas and HotelsGas and Dining
Foreign Transaction Fee0%0%3%
APR for purchases and balance transfer.N/A15.24%0% intro APR for 12 months then 13.24%

The really great thing about business cards from banks like American Express and Chase is that they don’t report your spending on your personal credit report.

On personal cards if you spend money on your card your credit score will be hurt even if you pay your bill on time.  A whopping 30% of your credit score is based on credit utilization. You can pay off your card before your statement is generated to avoid that, but that takes a lot of effort and laying out money well before you have to.  Additionally it’s good to have the statement close with a few dollars to show the card is active and being paid every month.

On a business card it’s just not reported, so you can wait until the money is due and even max out your line without it having a negative effect on your score.  Plus if you close a business card it won’t ever have an effect on your score.

On a card like Ink Cash with 0% APR for purchases and balance transfers for 6 months you can owe money without having any negative effect on your credit score.

Benefits on all Ink cards:

All Ink cards give 2 free lounge visits per user, even on free additional user cards. Here is a link to find valid lounges worldwide.

All of the Ink cards offer 5 points per dollar on internet/cable service and telecom purchases, so that’s a nice rebate when you purchase a new cell phone and off your cable bill.

They also earn 5 points per dollar at office supply stores. There are hundreds of gift cards sold by office supply stores.

-Upgrading at your local carrier’s store to an iPhone or Galaxy S4? 5 points per dollar.
-Buying gift cards for gas? 5 points per dollar plus you’ll pay the lower cash rates at the pump.
-Buying gift cards for Amazon, Gap, Groupon, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Marshalls, Nordstrom, Southwest Airlines, TJMaxx, etc? 5 points per dollar.

Plus you can buy $200 Visa gift cards that earn 1,000 points and can be uploaded to Bluebird or used for cash back, bill pay, money orders, etc. Or you can use them for everyday spending thereby getting 6-7% back on everything you buy anywhere via the Visa gift cards.

You can also buy Chase gift cards for free with free shipping.

Point Currency:

Chase Ultimate Rewards offer instant and fee-free transfers to top-notch mileage and points programs at a 1:1 ratio.

Transfer partners include:
United (Star Alliance) is one of the best mileage currencies around. They never charge fuel surcharges, they allow free date changes, they have very flexible routing rules, they allow one-way awards for half the mileage, they have a short-haul awards for 20,000 miles, they allow for a stopover and an open-jaw so that you can really maximize a single award ticket into several free trips if you play your hand well, they have an around-the-world award to visit tons of cities on one award ticket, and they have dozens of partners to fly on, most of which can be booked on their website.
British Airways (OneWorld) is awesome for short-haul awards. Just 9,000 miles for a round-trip zone 1 or 15,000 miles for zone 2 short-haul award.  The zone 3 award for 25,000 miles round-trip can also be a bargain, for example for flights between the west coast and any of the Hawaiian islands or between Boston and Ireland with no fuel surcharges.  Flights to Israel on Air Berlin are 60,000 miles with no fuel surcharges. They allow one-way awards for half the mileage. There are no close-in or expedite fees.  You can cancel an award for as little as $2.50. Infants are only charged 10% of the miles on international trips instead of 10% of the full fare like US carriers charge. Plus they don’t collect fuel surcharges on AA within the western hemisphere, on Qantas within Australia, on Air Berlin, Aer Lingus, Alaska, or LAN and you can transfer points to Iberia to limit fuel surcharges there as well.
Korean (Skyteam) offers unbeatable first class availability (A380 First Class Trip Report here) and they also have true bargains on partner travel, just 30,000 miles to fly round-trip on Hawaiian or Alaska to Hawaii in coach or 60,000 miles in first.  And it’s just 20,000 miles to fly to Alaska in coach or 40,000 miles in first. You can even get a free stopover on the way to or in Alaska!
Southwest offers a value of about 1.95 cents per point towards award travel. Plus if you prefer points can be transferred to Airtran for flat-rate awards like business class upgrades or free tickets at a flat rate instead of a rate that corresponds to the ticket price.
Virgin Atlantic has some niche uses like a one-way ticket from the US to London for 13,000 miles+$98 in fees with their current award sale. The return trip from London direct to the US will encounter those rip-off UK APD fees, so better off returning from elsewhere in Europe to avoid those if possible. A one-way London to Paris ticket is just 4,500 Avios+$22 in fees.
Hyatt is one of my favorite hotel award program. You can stay in fantastic world-class hotels that normally cost $1,000 per night or $2,000 per night in a suite for a maximum of 22,000 points in a regular room or 33,000 points in a suite. Award nights start at just 5,000 points. Plus you can funnel points through Hyatt to Southwest to qualify for a free Southwest Companion Pass.
-You can also transfer points to Marriott, Ritz Carlton, Priority Club, and Amtrak.

The beauty of miles over points or cash-back:
The great thing about being able to transfer points into airlines or hotels are the incredible values you can attain.
-A first class ticket to Hawaii can cost $4,000 but you can use 60,000 miles for that same ticket, a value of 6.7 cents per mile. If you were using Capital One points you would need 400,000 points per ticket.
-A last minute ticket or a ticket where you don’t stay for 3 nights from New York to Cleveland costs $1,200 in coach but just 9,000 miles. That’s a value of 13.3 cents per mile. If you were using Capital One points you would need 120,000 points per ticket.
-A first class ticket to Asia can cost $20,000 but you can use 135,000 miles for that same ticket, a value of 14.8 cents per mile. If you were using Capital One points you would need 2,000,000 points per ticket.
-A night at a Park Hyatt in Paris, Sydney, or the Maldives can run $1,100 with tax but you can use 22,000 points for that room, a value of 5 cents per point. If you were using Capital One points you would need 110,000 points per night.
And that’s all besides for the fact that getting a Capital One card costs a minimum of 3 credit pulls whereas you can get 3 or 4 Chase or American Express cards with just 1 credit pull.

I value Ultimate Rewards points at a minimum of 1.9 cents per dollar, so 5 points per dollar purchases mean a 9.5% rebate. 2 point per dollar purchases would mean a 3.8% rebate.

Yes, the Ink cards are business cards. But you may be already running a business that qualifies for a business cardand there are several huge advantages that business cards have over consumer cards as you can read here.

For example if your name is Joe Smith and you sell items on Ebay or on Amazon, or if you have any other side business/hobby and want a credit card to better keep track of business expenditures you can just open a business credit card for “Joe Smith Sole Proprietorship” as the business name. You don’t need to file any messy government paperwork to be allowed to do that.
Just be sure to select “Sole Proprietorship” as the business type and just use your social security number in the Tax Identification Number field as well as in the social security number field.

If you do run more than one business you can get the same card for each business.

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I got Ink card about a month ago @50k bonus. I SM them this morning to match 60K deal and was matched and given 10K points right away. I did spend my $5,000 already but 50K miles did not post yet since statement did not close yet. Way to go Chase!!!


oh gosh! Just got the ink plus card 2 weeks ago! What are my options in how to get this bonus?


I also got matched this morning from 50K to 60K on both the Ink Bold and Ink Plus I got in a 2BM last month!


I just got the Ink Bold last week! Any way to get it matched to 60k? SM? (I haven’t even received the card yet)


I already have the ink bold and first free year is almost up. What is best way to get this signup bonus and not pay annual fees? Just apply for ink plus and when I get approved just cancel ink bold?


I applied for 2 Inks last week, if and when I get approved will they automatically give me these bonus rates or do I have to SM chase to get it matched?


Dan, Cani I sign up for an ink bold card and then transfer my british airways points to the ink bold card?


Possible to get both cards at once using a 2bm?




Ink points transfer to Ink, not vice versa.

I have gotten one for business spending and 1 for my business HSA account for health spending on a dedicated card.


Thanks Dan. Any other great or limited time offers you’d recommend in a quick AOR? Was planning my next one for the fall but figured I should jump on these 2 60k offers now. Already have prg, spg, bgr, freedom…


I’d like to also apply for Chase Sapphire Preferred. Would this be considered a single pull? Or are business cards and personal cards always two hard pulls? Thanks!

Israel Trip

I have been working on a family trip to Israel using Amex MR points. Is there any way to combine these Chase points with the MR points(for example, on British Airways)?


Thanks Dan. Will sm them. I got my card March 7th. Hope they give it to me.


How do I get the the invitation code for the lounges in have 2 ink cards


now we know chase closes credit cards, blacklists you for abnormal perk abuse spend and for having many card accounts to many of us and these reports are everywhere . One blogger was brave enough to share his side of the story. Chase suddenly closed three of his credit cards, when asked why, they told him that he has too many open credit cards and we see risk..


United? Sapphire Preferred?

It’s YMMV.
Some people get one like that while others have gotten 2.

@Israel Trip:

You’re probably a drop too late. I think they’ll match for 93 days.

Call Chase.

I have 14 active Chase cards and plenty of guys have a ton of cards and never had problems.

Sure Chase does close down guys for major abuse like transferring UR points to other UR accounts besides your spouse or abusing cards like the 5% AARP card but if you look on the DDF thread the vast majority of guys have never had a problem. There’s a poll there-feel free to check it out.


I already have the ink bold and annual fee is coming up. What is best way to get this signup bonus and not pay annual fee? Just apply for ink plus and when I get approved just cancel ink bold?



I currently do not have a single Chase card (Business or personal) and now would be a good time for a 2-3 BM. Which would you recommend for best 2/best 3? Thanks!


i just got this month a bold card how do i ask them for the additional 10k points? what phone number do i have to call>?


Dan, I think its disingenuous to promote this card for its two airport lounge visits without letting people know which lounges they actually are. I got this card for two reasons the lounge visits was one of them. I was quite displeased to find out that the lounges are not very good.

Love the site and the service you provide. No question about it.


I currently have an Ink Bold. If I cancel today will I be able to sign up with a 3BM tomorrow and get the bonus points?


@ Dan, I know many haven’t had any problems with chase but there are many reports of chase closing cards for perk abuse, having too many accounts and etc. It is written everywhere on many blog sites. What you might believe this time is Darius got 3 of his chase cards closed, not by himself but at chase’s choosing. One asked why, their response is you have too many open card accounts.
They don’t like desperators seeking new credit and they see it as a risk.



Secure message them with the link to the 60k offer. Usually no need to call in these situations


@tebow are you lazy or just absolutely nuts?


just made a 1 minute call and they are giving me 10k points for BOTH of my ink cards


@huh please explain.


DAN: I applied as bzns n chase said denied ONLY because bzns is too new. (Spoke to a few reps e/i said same) I told them 2-3 yrs. Should i wait n apply again n say how old is bzns? DAN. IF U CAN PLZ ANSWER I WOULD REALLLLY APPRECIATE IT AS I WANT SOME CHASE BZNS TY! (Btw, credit is perfect)


@Dan: “like transferring UR points to other UR accounts besides your spouse ”

Is there any way around this? How are there so many advertisements of people buying UR points? What if i don’t need that many points for travel, What can be done to somehow cash out the points?



dan there is a sale today and tomoorow in crocs 2 for $40

code take 2
also can use code juneship also


This will be my first business card application w/ Chase. I currently have the Amex Business Gold (approved last month). I will be using my social security as a sole proprietor. Which of the two would be easier to get approved for: Ink Bold or Ink Plus? I cannot meet the spending on both, so I need to choose one. I currently have four Chase personal cards (BA, Freedom, PC, and Hyatt). Thanks for your input!


dude carl if been on this site for more then a month then u know spending or hiiting threshold is datrn easy go to cvs or office depot and get 5000 worth of debit cards or vanilla cards then go to u bank get the cash then pay the bill is it that har d if u getting 50000 bonus points dont be lazy in cc either u in or out there is no middle


dan where does barkly chek u score from


will a biz 3bm of bold, plus, united work?
how do I explain the sudden need for 3 biz cards when ive never had any with chase before?


Lol, guy from chase wanted to know why so many people are calling from Lakewood, NJ!


Dan if i all ready have the ink bold can i apply for another one on the same business name and my social ? i dont have on my wifes name so i can open on the same business name but with he social


tolch and if have been on this site for 2 WEEKS u would also know the answer to that


The Ink 60K offers are great.
I got matched on United to 55K+$50, there’s Sapphire 40K, British Airways 50K, etc.
Links can be found here:

The number on the back of the card would be a good place to start.
Or SM.

I gave a link to lounge club, what exactly am I hiding?? Are people unable to search the directory?

For your help there is now a direct link where you can search for yourself, there are hundreds of lounges worldwide where it works from Tel Aviv to Honolulu and JFK to Venice.

I don’t see how that is a shabby.

As I said, it’s quite rare and opening several cards at once is clearly not the only trigger.
If it was the trigger than there would be thousands of such reports blanketing the internet! Fact is it’s quite rare and it’s likely to be a combination of several triggers that we not ever full know.


Some people have luck applying for a brand new business or even a business they will be opening and others do not.
It’s YMMV but having personal cards and offering to shift over credit can definitely help.

It’s far safer to transfer points directly to someone else’s mileage account then to someone else’s UR account.

You can also request gift cards or cash back but you’ll always do best using points for travel and transferring them to miles.

Chase allows you to buy $2,500 of free Chase Visa gift cards on a card. With a free AU that’s $5K.


I have gotten Ink Bold, Ink Plus, and United all in one shot.

I’m not following what you’re asking.


What is the best way to reach chase regarding matching the offer from 50000k to 60000k I sent a SM 5 hours ago still no response. I called CS, the rep said she will open a case for each card and it will take 9 business days for the points to be credited. Other people mentioned they got the points credited immediately. Thanks in advance!

Chaim mayer

Does anyone know the minimum credit score you need to get this? Is high. 600’s enough?

dovid k

i currently have the ink bold and ink plus but used up my 2 free lounge visits on both, if i downgrade it to a ink cash will that entitle me to 2 free lounge visits on that card again. thank you


I again tried the two browser method. One card was approved and one was denied. I plan to call the reconsideration line but what are the main reasons they would deny? Any major “key words” I should say to ensure the second card is approved?



Dan, can u elaborate a bit more or point me to a link where u write about buying 2,500 – 5,000 on chase visa cards? Thanks, would i be able to cash them out at a bank or on ap?


Patience is a virtue.

@Chaim mayer:
I don’t think there is a hard score. If you are denied you can call Recon and see what can be done.

@dovid k:
You can add AUs to your current card.





Call Recon if I’m told that further review is needed or wait and see (2BM, Bold & Plus)?


@Dan: i am asking that i ahve a ink bold on my business name and my social, i want to open another ink bold on the same business name nut with my wifes social as she does not have 1 using her social.can i have 2 of the same cards on the same business name but with a diff social ??


Either way, no biggie.

As long as she is an eligible “officer” in the business then that is 100% fine.

dovid k

im asking without adding au’s will that work i dont want to add a au with the same name as the primary and i want more visits under my name


@Dan: even if i have already that same card on my business ?



Thanks for the link for debit cards. The thing is i have no walmart near me so bluebird is not an option, would i be able to take out money from a chase atm? Also i see the maximum is $500, not $2,500, am i missing something. Thanks.


@dovid k:


$500 per gift card and you can order 5 of those in an order.
There are other stores besides Walmart that give cash back and money orders.



What I meant to ask was – would further review with Chase normally mean denial or it can go either way/YMMV?




how do you get the invitation code for the free longe pass???


if i use my name as a Sole Proprietorship how long should i say my business is open for? if i have a lot of credit from chase personal cards can i get by saying the business is a month old or just starting out now?


if i have gotten other cards from chase (united and sapphire) last month, can i apply for the ink cards this month or will it hurt my score significantly?


I have an ink bold since january, on may 9 I applied for the ink plus and got declined because I have to much credit with them, so I offered them to transfer the credit line from my ink bold or any other card that I have and they said nothing doing because I have to much credit. They said the only way to get opproved is if I give up $20k credit! I did HUCA tons of times and they all tell me the same thing. They have the answer in the computor. They even tell me that ”I see someone spoke to you on may 20 and told you this already”. Is the business department more tough? Any suggestions? Is it to late now cuz it’s over a month causing another hard pull? Thanks Dan ur da best!


@Dan, Is the lounge visit transferable? can someone go in with my card?

is it a calendar year or since opened the account?

set up card, but no chance to use it anytime soon.


Quick question.. if i use GC or AP to meet a spending threshold do i need to wait till the bill comes or can i put that $1000 or whatever and pay the bill before it even comes. or will this not give me the signup miles??


Dan, question on these UR points. Once you have them are they in a “UR” account (like SPG) and stay there even if you cancel your card(s) after the free year? Or do you lose them? Then can you get the cards again for another free year? Thanks for all you do.

love this blog

no UR is like MR. CC points


@Dan: can i make 3 bbm on business cards with 1 credit pull ?


are these cards “one bonus offer per lifetime”?


I sent a sm to match offer and the response i got was my account is under review regarding the bonus points, is this normal?



same – any one know?


@dan should i be concerned this can trigger f/r? can i lose my points if dont pass review?


Call Chase.

It won’t.

You can only Recon for 30 days. After that you need a new app.

Lounge card is in your name.

You can pay the bill early without issue.

You or your spouse needs an active UR card (Freedom/Ink/Sapphire, etc).
The Ink Plus can be downgraded to Ink cash though which is free.


Yes, have some patience. Or call if you so desire.

Chase doesnt have an F/R review process and the vast majority of people never had problems as long as they don’t transfer UR points directly into a non-spouse’s UR account.


can chase card be CA?


@dan u said u got bold, plus and united in a biz 3bm, what do I tell them as to why I need bold and plus?


If my wife doesn’t have any CC’s except those which she’s an AU on mine, and has no business, does she have any chance of being approved for these cards?

And if she gets denied, am I able to call the recon line for her, or does it have to be her that does it?


when we sell UR points to a broker, don’t we transfer them directly to a non spouse UR account or its done differently?

Chulent Fresser

@rivka: good question


Same question as Rivka.


No way of knowing if she’ll get accepted or not but u should call recon if she gets denied. Have her call and give them permission for them to spk to u. I just did it for my wife no problem


Applied for Bold and Classic (sorry Dan) on 3/3/13. Wasn’t approved until a few weeks later after reconsideration. I called Chase yesterday and got approved for the better signup bonuses for both cards on the spot.

So far I’ve done well with extra signup bonuses.

Freedom app on 11/11 for 30,000 UR points
Sapphire Preferred app on 4/12 for 50,000 UR points
SPG business and consumer on 9/12 for 30,000 starpoints each
Ink Bold on 3/13 for 60,000 UR points
Ink Classic on 3/13 for 25,000 UR points
BRG on 5/13 for 75,000 MR points


I have a Chase Business Ink Exclusive already (closed just now). Will my mileage vary?


Dan – In regards to the Chase credit cards, is it better for my credit to leave a balance and pay or to pay as I’m being charges, thus, having a 0 balance when the monthly statement is due?


I have an INK Bold for close to a year. About a month ago I got the INK and made my %5000 threshold, received the points.
Yesterday I sent a SM and was rejected:

In reviewing the open date on the account, I regret to
advise that the account is not qualified to participate in
the new enrollment promotion and therefore we are unable
to honor your request

I guess next is the phone….

In the past I have never had troubled being matched for the updated promotions


hi. den I have 2 chase cards I want to ask for a credit increase for both if I do it the same day will it b 1 pull on the credit pull .


Got Ink Plus 6 weeks ago, was approved for 60,000 match this morning.


I’ve had the Ink bold for 3 months. Can I apply for both the Ink Plus and Ink Cash (will the charge card vs. credit card excuse work for both?)


Looking more closely I think I messed up, instead of asking for INK which I received in the last month or so I asked for the INK Bold which has been at least six months, close to a year. So I requested now for the INK.
Does it make sense to ask for the INK Bold which has been more than six months since I received it? Has anyone (tried and) had luck with a card that’s been opened this long?


Dan how can I check online for pending chase credit card applications?

also we were denied the mileage explorer business card because we opened up 2 other chase business cards(ink and bold) in the past 12 months. We tried HUCA twice and offered to shift credit lines no luck??any suggestions?


Dan,can i apply for two cards at once with only one credit pull and is it worth it?


Just HUCA’d and the rep said they are flooded with apps because of the 60K bonus and have TEMPORARILY suspended the review. Once I get the letter, if it’s declined he said I should def call back and they can do a more detailed personal review and possibly approve it.


@Davidd: HUCA HUCA HUCA but I was approved for only one a few months ago and 8 HUCA’s had no luck:-\


How can i contact Ink bold business to send them a secure message?


Thanks Dan! I applied last week for Ink Bold Business with the 50K offer and just had them match to the 60K.


Is there an offer code to get the extra points that I should mention on the SM or just say the “new offer”?


Is the ink bold points same as ultimate rewards? and can it be transferd in sephire?


@Reuvenhunt: Why r u sorry 4 applying?


@FB: Yes and they are the same. If you link your personal accounts to your business one you can transfer them between@easy: no offer code


I just clicked on the link for Chase Ink Cash Credit Card & there is no bonus, it just says earn $250 back…???


If I had a plan in place to wait 90 days between apps, do you recommend sticking to that plan and letting this deal go by, or ‘throw caution to the wind’, try for the 60k now, and hope for the best when my self imposed 90 day ‘application black out period’ is over? In short, do you force yourself to wait a certain amount of time between apps? thanks!


Is sm a text if not how do I send SM


See the differences between the 2 in the chart.

Also I have gotten one for business spending and 1 for my business HSA account for health spending on a dedicated card.

She can give permission for you to speak to Recon.

It’s safer to transfer points directly to someone’s mileage account.


For business cards it makes no difference.
For consumer cards pay early but leave over a few dollars.

Why not use the pull to apply for a new card and shift credit lines around as needed.


You can get both, but you’ll probably need to talk to Recon.

Won’t work for a card older than 93 days.

You can’t check Chase online.
HUCA or SM some more?

Of course, I always do!

Say the current public offer.

It’s $250 that comes in the form of 25,000 UR points.

90 days is a good guideline, but there’s no reason not to use the hurry-up offense when there’s a limited time offer like this.

Messed up

Dan please help. I am a huge fan of your blog and follow very closely.I applied with the 2BM for the ink plus and the ink bold. There was something wrong with my Internet so the bold went through no problem, but the ink plus took a long time, so when I called the reconsideration department they said the bold was pending and the ink was declined because I applied for a card to recently (the bold) so i asked them to review it, and we had a whole convo but them I screwed up. When they asked me where I mostly sell from I said I started by selling mostly to family and friends and then by word of mouth it spread so fast, so I mostly sell out of my home but I’m branching out onto the Internet. He said that its not a legit business because mostly it’s from a home and to friends and family. Anything u suggest? Thanks so much!


@noturbizniss does it have to be on the same name as the personal accounts? also what is better the bold or the plus?

David H

Got a targeted offer for platinum AMEX card w/100,000 points for 450/ this worth it…or should i walk away from this offer.



It seems like there’s a 50/50 chance that there will be more than one pull if I do a 3BM with the IB/IP/ and SP (consumer). Would it be better to just go all Biz with IB/IP/United Explorer getting only one pull and then doing a SP/Freedom/? down the line (3 months or so)? Or, do you think it’s worth the “risk” and just go for IB/IP/SP?

Only Chase card I have currently is Hyatt.

dovid k

does the ink cash also give lounge access


applied and approved after 1 phone call 3 for 3
-ink bold
-ink plus
-ua biz



Tips for what to say to get the approved for 3?


IF recon asks me why I need ink bold and ink plus at the same time, what do I tell them?


if I applied today and both applications are pending, how long do I wait to call recon or do so right away?


I have a sapphire can reply for a other 1 ?


@Messed up: HUCA


My application is pending, and called in. They said that have received so many applications that they are not doing recons over the phone. Will have to wait up to 30 days to hear back.



I just secured messaged Chase, and they matched the offer and instantly added 10,000 points into my account. Thanks!




david can u pls fwd me the message that u sent to chase? i also wanna send it


@Shayt: Hang Up Call Again


I opened a ink card jus over 6 months ago and sent sm to be matched for additional 10k.

I received this message in response:
“With the continual changes and promotional offers for many credit card products we at Chase will always consider
allowing the newest promotion to be applied to any
qualified accounts that were opened within the previous 90
days of the offer.
In reviewing the open date on the account, I regret to
advise that the account is not qualified to participate in
the new enrollment promotion.”
Is there anything else to try?


did 3bm for wife. all three said that they need to be considered. called recon and the lady asked a million questions and did not seem to trust us at all and she only approved one card with credit line movement from another chase card. can i call for recon for the other two now? if I give different answers to certain questions, will that raise a red flag? Also, she said the other two were declined because of multiple applications – will that affect my wifes credit?


i have my ink bold for 5 and a half months now is there any chance they will match the current offer and give me 10000 more points if i sm them?


hi Dan,

few questions:i currently have a ink plus mc & united explorer buisness visa
1-u think i can get thru 3bm ink bold ,ink plus visa& united buisness mc?
2-with chase does 3/4bm work with buisness&personal
3-do they mainly check credit pulls in last calendar yr(i know it shows 2 yrs)
4-whats max i should spend on 20k personal card w/o hurting credit? thanks so much


( Thank you for contacting Chase about receiving the bonus points on your Chase Ink account.I am pleased to inform you that we will honor your requestto add the additional 10,000 bonus points. In order for usto do so, we request you to send us a reply once your account has met the spend threshold of $5,000.00 and we will be happy to add the bonus points on your account. Further, let me inform you that your current offer rewardsyou with 50,000 bonus reward points after spending $5,000.00 in the first three months (103 days from the account open date) on your account. The original bonus rewards will reflect on the account within one to two billing statement once the offer criteria?s is fulfilled. )

Nice! 🙂

Thanks D-Money

Joe s

Dan, These ink cards look great esp. w/the bonus points. could really use the united miles. but my credit report has a few questionable items from 2 1/2 years ago (hard times) & i am only in bzns (ins. sales) for 5-6 months. Does it pay for me to apply or should I not bother? I have 2 chase slate cards & have never missed a payment. Also, is there a site where I can learn all of the abbreviations? Whats an SM? Whats a 2BM, 3BM? Sorry for being so ignorant.


i did a 3bm to apply for ink bold/ink plus/sapphire consumer. on sapphire got immediate approval. ink’s said pending. called biz recon, rep said chase has (new) policy that u can only get 2signup bonuses within 60 days, so if i want a chance at getting both ink’s approved, i wud need to cancel my sapphire card. is that true? does that mean no more 3bm/15bm’s with chase? please advise… p.s. i hope for both our sakes rep is wrong cuz i used ur links for all 3 cards 😉


Dan which ine is better?


Hi Dan, I just closed on my mortgage so my credit is really shot these days. i want to get in on these as Ben Ploni Sole Propiertship. since I use my SSN for that, will this effect the business card application.

Also, once I am doing this, I want to do a 3BM, which 3 cards should I do?

Thank you.


@joe:you probably won’t get approved,SM:secure message . When you have a account online with chase you can secure message them without having to fill out all the details . Much faster and much faster response. 2BM-3BM (opening multiple browsers-internet explorer,firefox, google, at the same time)

@Ben: learn how to spell proprietorship first. You won’t impress them if can’t spell the name of your own business

i have a lot of cards

i was declined because they told me since 2012 i was approved for 15 cards, do you have any recommendations.


What’s the difference between the Bold and Plus besides paying over time and no advances? The yearly charge and everything else is the same. What am I missing. Why is one better than another?

Joe s

@Kevin: Kevin, Thanks for the info. Now can you please explain what’s the point of opening multi-browsers?

Joe s

What’s the advantage to SM besides being faster? Often, I feel like I have a better chance of success talking to someone. SM is so impersonal.


who was the guy with a suit at the NILES walmart today?

Joe s

K. Found the blog with the 2bm, 3bm explanation. All I can say is, Kol Hakavod Dan! How’d you figure that one out? I haven’t tried it yet, thinking, if I’m likely to get rejected why do it even if it’s it just one pull? I wonder if they would convert one of my Slate cards to Ink?


Can I Re-load a VR? at Office Max?

Andy F.

Hi Dan, just wondering can I move credit limit from a biz card to a personal card? and.. how? Thanks!

And I heard Chase place a cap on credit limit one could get, is the cap total of all personal & biz cards, or calculated separated for personal cards and biz card?


never had business card. want to get chase ink. is there anything i need to know or should i just get someone to do it for me.

is there a length of time business has to be around? business is new so does that mean i wont get it cuz dont make a lot yet.

would appreciate answer so i can get bonus

sammy n

hi Dan, i signed up for the ink bold and i called reconsideration right away and was told my answer will come in the mail, so called again a few min later and he said the same so i asked if he can make the decision now and he said no! now what do i do?


hi dan can I open one card for me and one for my wife for the same buss.and what should I write on app. One owner and ?


I opened an Ink Bold card a month ago. Do you think I will get approved for the Ink Plus and SP. I have good credit rating


I just got a IB, haven’t spent anything yet, should I SM now for the extra 10k? or wait til i spend?


How do I explain why need 2 biz cards?

Just Me

Hi Dan. As of yesterday, the following is no longer true about United:
‘ …they allow free date changes…’

Any changes to award ticket schedules more than 21 days out now costs $75/person. This came without any advanced notice.


@Dan, I clicked the banner link on the top of the DD page, which application is that for? Just says Chase Ink on the landing page, is it for the Ink PLUS?

i lovechase

This is a follow up email regarding the 60,000 points
bonus offer.

I am pleased to advise that I did add 10,000 points to the
account so that it receives a total of 60,000 points for
an enrollment bonus. You will see this adjustment on the
next statement. This adjustment is available for
redemption now.

If you have any further questions, please reply using the
Secure Message Center.

Thank you,

Saurav Gomes
Customer Service Specialist


Account is owned by Chase Bank USA, N.A. and may be
serviced by its affiliates.

bal habus

Hi Dan thanks for the post!
Q: is there any reason to get the bold apose to the plus, if the plus gives you time to pay off your bill appose to the bold which you must pay the full balance?
thank you.

y o

@sammy n: i had trhe same thing. i called up the chase application status line and after 24 hours after submiting the app. they said im approved. try it for yourself as well the number is 1-800-432-3117 then # 2 1 (ssn)


Dan – the United link is for 30K miles. I know that in the past people have gotten them to match to 55K – is that still something they are doing or has that opportunity passed already?


@ben, I just applied and got them to match it


@dovid k:

No. VRs are one and done.

@sammy n:
What in the world is wrong with waiting?

@Just Me:
Indeed. This post was written up on Sunday as indicted.


Still alive.


I applied for the ink cash, tried calling the recon line and was basically told “high volume, you’ll find out in 7-10 days, can’t push approval over the phone at this time.”

I have a large purchase coming up very soon (<10 days),is it worth calling again?



Just got approved for IB&IP cards. Want to add AUs for more lounge visits. Do they ask for SSNs when adding AUs and can you use your middle name/other names to get additional cards?



They are telling most people to wait. YMMV.

They don’t ask for SSN.


How do you SM Chase? Where do I go to do this?


which is better bold or plus? (besides diff between credit and charge card)


Thank you so much Dan! Have a great Shabbos!


seems like the ink plus is dead after i submit app it says its no longer available


6 of one, half dozen of the other.

You too!

Still alive, just use another browser or browse incognito:

“1. Try using another browser (IE, Firefox, or Chrome) to see the offer.

2. You can try deleting your browser’s cache and cookies to see the offers. To do so just hold down the Ctrl, Shift, and Delete buttons on your keyboard and then delete your cache and cookies.

3. You can also try browsing “incognito” or “in-private” to see the offers. In IE and Firefox you can access this mode by holding down Ctrl, Shift, and P buttons on your keyboard. In Chrome you can access this mode by holding down Ctrl, Shift, and N. Then just return to and click on the card offer you want.”


i did a 3bm to apply for ink bold/ink plus/sapphire consumer. on sapphire got immediate approval. ink’s said pending. called biz recon, rep said chase has (new) policy that u can only get 2signup bonuses within 60 days, so if i want a chance at getting both ink’s approved, i wud need to cancel my sapphire card. is that true? does that mean no more 3bm/15bm’s with chase? please advise…


It’s not true, though some reps won’t want to give you more cards. YMMV.

Joe s

I just applied for Ink Plus and Bold. 2bm if I did it right. filled out both screens and hit submit 1 after the other. I got decision pending on both apps. What do I do now? Call, SM, wait…? Anyway, If I don’t get approved it has been fun finding out about all of this stuff. Dan for President! (or at least Governor of Ohio?)


Applied for and received the sapphire preferred 62 days ago. Will I have trouble getting approved for one of the inks since it is less than 91 days or should I be alright since inks are business cards.?


Other bloggers are saying it’s extended until Monday.


after applying and being told your application is under review, are you calling recon immediately or waiting a few days?


deal extended to Monday


@Joe s:

Call recon #, tell them you applied, that both are pending, and you’d like to answer any Qs they may have.


Got approved on Fri morning for both IB/IP – now when I call the check application status, says both are pending and being reviewed. This a bad sign or system just didn’t update yet?


after applying and being told your application is under review, are you calling recon immediately or waiting a few days?


I recall you mentioning recently its a good idea to get the Lufthansa miles and more. I got it. Now, I forgot why! please remind me. ty!


I was planning on applying tomorrow (bec dan said the deal will be extended) but its looks DEAD 🙁



Worked for me just now using Dan’s link above. If needed, enter Incognito mode.


Any idea if I am able to upgrade from a fee-free Chase personal card to either the free or paid Ink Cards?


i am buying and spending $450000.00 for my business a year on my united club credit card . and i am getting 1.5 miles per dollar !! is this a good credit card for me??

pre 9-11

These lounge passes require a bording pass and they wont let u pass security to enter the lounge.
I recall you mention that the united club card can do this.
I called united lounge who told me this is impossible.
Can u really pass security and enter lounge with united club cards lounge pass w/o bording pass????


@pre 9-11:

“(Parenthetically, when trying to get a gate pass to access a club when I’m not flying I sometimes need to tell an agent to look up “gg checkpoint line 53″ which instructs agents to give you a security pass for you and your guests to access post-security United and USAirways clubs even if you aren’t flying.)”

Joe s

@LA2NYC: Thanks I’ll give it a try. is 800-432-3117 the correct # to call?


@DEAD:Dan used a defibrillator and brought you back to life. Use his link and you will get 60000 UR.
@bibi:That question can’t be answered without knowing where you are buying and spending(Office supply stores,gas stations,etc) and where you need reward miles/points.You are going to get an incredible amount of points. Do you necessarily want that all tied in to United?


Can I apply for both Ink Bold and Ink Plus and received 120000 points?




Depends if you want United miles or UR points.



any pointers between diff between the charge card and credit card here?


if says pending when do I call Recon? when get result or now? thanks


just got the same response from chase as chabadrox – only 2 cards within 30 days.


the first rep i spoke to said only 2 signup bonuses within 60 days. the 2nd rep made no mention of any new policy. so hopefully dan is right that there is no such policy and rep’s are just spewing random lines… ymmv really is an axiom.


BTW the invitation code is “chaseink” good luck


@bibi: it really depends on what you plan on doing with them ie using them for flights or selling them, if youd like me to speak out different variations with you email me your contact number @


So i applied couple days ago and pending… do i wait for the answer or call recon?


if i got the ink bold a few months ago can i still be matched for 60k? thanks also are they still matching?


I applied for these on the 16th and have still not gotten a response. I called and they said they need a couple more weeks to review. Is this normal? Any way to check status online and/or expedite?



Hi Dan,

So by now, most of us got the ink bold cards and have to spend this amount this summer.

Can you please post a “SPENDING FOR DUMMIES” article A-Z, how to spend that amount…

Thank you so much.

I’m in NY btw – so we don’t have walmart etc..

Is amazon payments illegal – can i technically sit in prison for it?

Love Chase

if applied during promo, was rejected, and called reconsideration to be approved, does bonus promo work based on application date, or approval date?

FYI, they dont transfer CL from personal to biz cards, and would start with low CL if approve a rejected first.


At this point just wait.

You can try. Where were you for the past 9 days though?

AP is perfectly legal.
If you get AU cards they can also spend $1,000/month on those and they count towards your $5K.

@Love Chase:
Application date.
They do allow that, HUCA.


In NY there is no Walmart?! where in NY are you?
Walmart is all over.

@Love Chase:
Just transferred 6K from personal account to bring to life an ink plus business card. you have to call Chase Business credit verification (reconsideration) 800-453-9719

@Dan: Thank you for this great forum and all your help I started my journey of Fun with credit cards and miles.
Just got my Ink plus card with 60,000 points, and also setup my bluebird account so I have couple of months to learn how to spend on credit card without losing money and a year to play with 60,000 points.
any plans for the next seminar in NY?

Love Chase

another NYer, no walmart in NYC.

Reconsideration said no move of CL between personal and biz, and for now no prob. can sit on low and work on my points……

a small start can become 40,000 BP over 3 months, and thats fine.

If own several chase cards, and do several gift cards on all of them at same time, would that trigger any issue with chase?

does chase have any concern of GC buyers? what $ is reasonable?


Dan, I applied on 22nd. 2BM for Bold & Plus. First timer with Chase or business cards. App Status is pending for review. should I call or wait for few more days? Thanks.


@Genie: I spoke with an account specialist who said they are bombarded with applications this week because of their promotions (and dansdeals) it will take them 2-3 weeks to go through them.
I was told by customer service I was denied so he actually took the time to look into it otherwise he would say just wait. the reason I was denied was because they did not even pull the credit lol.


@Farj: Thank you for responding. I shall wait a couple more days and then call up re-con. Hoping all of us get approved 🙂


sorry, i’m new to this. been following dan’s posts for quite a while, have accumulated 300,000+ points, and am ready to start using them! if i transfer UR points to British Airways, how do I use those points to book an AA flight? just now i opened a BA executive club account so i should be able to transfer the points without a problem. Thanks!


have ink bold applied for plus and cash got approved for cash with high credit limit but got denied for plus called reconsideration and they said they feel i have enough credit out how to i recon with them


ask them to reduce some of the cash credit and add it to ink.


711 is counted like a gas station?


applied on 6/22. App status showed pending so called up recon today. The CSR on phone rejected my application saying that I do not have a long enough credit history. what are my options now? :'(

bal habus

Hi Dan i was denied the CC because my business “was oppened to reason recently”.
Anything i can do about that to be accepted- or once not accepted, i have to try again?


I did the 2BM method and applied for Bold and Plus, but the Rep in Reconsideration I spoke with said they opened 1 business card and only want to give me the 1 card under that 1 business. I told her I was going to make another business, but she didn’t budge. HUCA, I guess?


tried again and success! thanks for the tips on your other threads.


hi Dan thanks for your gr8 stuff!!
applied and got by mail respond that.. NOT APPROVED.
now? recon!
1. as i read it the post; what would be my best few reasons why i would want the chase ink plus card?
2. rather by SM or by phone?
thanks again dan!