Staples Now Sells $300 Visa Gift Cards Online

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$300 Visa Gift Card Linky

There is an $8.95 shipping and processing fee.

Stores like CVS sells $500 gift cards for $504.95, but when you use a Chase Ink Plus or Chase Ink Cash card at office supply stores you’ll earn 5 points per dollar spent.

In this case that’s 1,545 points.

If you bought $1,800 in gift cards for $1,853.70 you’ll earn 9,269 points that are worth $162.21 at a 1.75 cents per point value. After backing out the $53.70 it cost to buy those gift cards you’ll still left with a $108.51 profit, or about triple the rewards you would earn from other cards. It’s an effective rebate of 6.03% everywhere you shop.

Even if you only value the points at 1.6 cents each that would value the 9,269 points at $148.30, leaving a profit of $94.60 or an effective rebate of 5.26% everywhere.

Want to just cash out the gift card instead of using it for everyday purchases?

The cost of manufacturing spend like this is 0.58 cents per point ($8.95 fee/1,545 points).

The pin on the Visa gift card is the last 4 digits of the card number, no need to set anything.
-You can load up to $5,000 per month onto a Target AMEX REDCard for free. You can load up to $1,000 of gift cards per transaction with no limit on the number of gift cards used for a split tender.
-You can load cards to your Bluebird or Serve card at a WalMart ATM machine for no fee.
-You can load Visa cards to your Bluebird or Serve card with a WalMart cashier or customer service for no fee.  Just say you want to use your debit card, no need to mention that it’s a gift card.
-You can buy a money order at stores that accepts debit cards as payment for money orders.
-You can pay your credit card bill at WalMart with BillPay at Customer Service.
-You can gift a gift card as a wedding gift instead of giving a check.
-You can give a gift card to charity.
-You can… ;)

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Does any target still allow Redbird loads with visa gift cards? I have tried many in NY and NJ and none will allow loads with vgc.


Just did it yesterday, but I’m happy not to live in NJ/NY.

I’m sure there are stores and/or cashiers that do in NY/NJ. And I’m just as sure nobody is going to share that info with you in this forum 😉


People have mentioned different places to load in NJ in the forums many times. U just have to follow it not just ask and get answered.


“You can… 😉 “. Where’s the link for that 😊


Who is the issuer? Metabank?


thanks a lot Dan just ordered a few to meet my manufactured spending on a new card couldn’t find large$ amount in store this saves me a lot of time and money on gas just to order on line and still qualify for the rebate


Can I use the visa card to pay for my credit card used to purchase it?


THANKS in advance!


Isn’t the rebate in-store only? And only for $300 MasterCard?


yes tu just realized that but will use them for my everyday purchases to meet my manufactured spending for a new cc


Still not as good as the 200 cards for 5, but better than 200 for 7.


just bought a bunch



Via Bluebird/Serve/REDcard you can.

Which office supply store currently has 200 for 5?


Hi Dan, do you know if Target stores in NYC will allow me to load gift on to my Redcard?


@dannotDAN: You need to try. My nearest Target(1.5 miles from my house) doesn’t allow pre-paid vgc card but another Target( 3 miles away)’s CS told me they are glad to accept Vanilla VGC anytime. I just loade@dannotDAN: d $2500 tonight at target and purchased 3K mo from Walmart next block.


Are people having problems recently loading serve at family dollar? I noticed that Dan didn’t mention it as an option in the post.


Hey Dan,
Is there any issue with going to the bank and having a teller cash out the Visa GCs?


Another option: use them to pay your kids tuiton.


None that I know of. Just saying for people who MS, .6 isn’t great.


@Jonathan: do you give ur ss to buy mo?


is there a foreign transaction fee for using the gift cards in israel or anywhere else?
If so, how can those who live abroad meet spend limits?


@Manny: My local Family Dollar told me they now charge a fee to load to Serve. There are other FDs around but I haven’t tried them yet.


@Anonymous: No one from Walmart ever asked me for SS or DL. They just don’t care. One time I have issue with a pile of VGCs on Kate, the supervisor came by herself and told me to look for her anytime from now on if I ever need to load Serve or purchase MOs.


@nate: not a chance!


In terms of using Bluebird or the Red card to pay off the credit card bill, is it trackable by the credit card company? Has anyone gotten caught doing this? Is it risky? TIA!


I just tried to reload my redcard using master GC from Staples and got error message that ‘PIN is invalid’. I changed the default PIN to my personal PIN and it still didn’t work either. Does anyone have any problem to use master GC with Redcard? Does Target still allow us to use GC with PIN?


I thought CVS changed policy not to allow CC’s to purchase gift cards. Has that policy changed?


rose mc req u to set a new pin.. call # on back.. follow prompts and you will have a pin … slight pain .. but works


@shlomo: Yes, I did reset the PIN and retried but it didn’t work. I will try again tomorrow and see if it works.


Where do you get 1.75 or 1.6 for each point ????
if you have a good place please let me know


@Rose: Yes, Target’s terminal still allow Visa/MS GCs. However, the screen does display “No third party GCs are allowed”. One of my local Target’s CS always read this line to me before loading Redbird, however, he never care which cards I used after he finished reading “No third party GCs are allowed” to me……… And another CS at the same Target simply asked me, “Are you using Gift card.” I thought I was got caught and replied “Yes, I am.”. I was thinking of walking away but she replied, “Gift card is ok”…………

I loaded Redbird with VGCs after May 7 or 8 (I cannot remember the exactly day when CC was not allowed anymore), not a single VGC/MSGC got rejected.


@Dan: where do you get even 1.6 per point ?



What do you mean? 1.6 cent per point is too low or too high? In my experience, I recently redeemed 320k miles for one way business class on Asiana from SEA-SFO-ICN-SYD for my family of 4. 5.6 cent per point redemption value. But of course no one will pay $18000 for these tickets if it was cash only… but more realistically, it’s not hard to redeem for 1.6 cent per point if transferred to hyatt or transferred to British airways Avios program and redeem for short haul economy class tickets.


Can i order visa GC through UNITED MPX and get the Airline credut fir AMEX prg and platinum???


I just purchased a vanilla prepaid visa card from CVS with a cc. when i took it to walmart to load it onto my serve card, the machine kept rejecting it on basis of it being a credit card (i did it at customer service, not with the atm). even when i had the option to cancel and choose debit and enter my pin, it still got rejected. any ideas?


i’m reading old posts about the serve card thing and i see you wrote that vanilla cards can usually only load upto 49.99 onto serve at walmart and that metabank visa cards are easy to load to serve with no limit. is that still true?

Sholom Rapoport

Hey Dan, Just came back from walmart where I go often to transfer my visa gift cards to bluebird. when I did it my screen said approved however their machine popped out a receipt that said “debit not approved call authorizer”. I tried it with different cards and the same receipt popped out. I hope this is not the end of transferring visa gift cards. Is there another way to do it?