Should You Transfer AMEX Points To JetBlue With A 25% Bonus?


Update: This transfer bonus ends tomorrow!

Originally posted on 5/3:

It’s usually not worth transferring AMEX Membership Rewards points to JetBlue points as 250 AMEX points normally convert into 200 JetBlue points.

However until 5/31 there is a 25% bonus, which means that 250 AMEX points will convert into 250 JetBlue points.

Unfortunately AMEX charges a fee to transfer points to US airlines. That adds 60 cents for every 1,000 points transferred with a maximum fee of $99 per transaction.


There are a few factors at play to determine if you should transfer points to JetBlue.

-If you have a Business Platinum Card you can redeem points for at least 2 cents each. However that benefit will be reduced effective June 1st unless you have an Business Platinum card that was opened or upgraded between 10/1/16-5/31/17.

-If you have a JetBlue Plus Card you can get a 10% rebate when redeeming JetBlue points.

-If you don’t have immediate travel plans, is it worth locking points into JetBlue instead of keeping them as more flexible AMEX points that can be transferred to other airlines like Air Canada, BA, Cathay Pacific, Delta, El Al, Flying Blue, Singapore, and more?


Let’s take a look at the value of JetBlue points on several routes.

1. A flight from San Francisco to Las Vegas on 5/16 is $28.20 or 1,100 points+$5.60, a value of 2.05 cents per point. JetBlue Plus Cardholders will effectively pay 990 points, a value of 2.28 cents per point.

2. A flight from LaGuardia to Boston on 5/16 is $48.20 or 2,600 points+$5.60, a value of 1.64 cents per point. JetBlue Plus Cardholders will effectively pay 2,340 points, a value of 1.82 cents per point.

3. A flight from JFK to Chicago on 5/17 is $63.20 or 3,700 points+$5.60, a value of 1.56 cents per point. JetBlue Plus Cardholders will effectively pay 3,330 points, a value of 1.73 cents per point.

4. A flight from JFK to Fort Lauderdale on 5/16 is $68.20 or 4,000 points+$5.60, a value of 1.57 cents per point. JetBlue Plus Cardholders will effectively pay 3,600 points, a value of 1.74 cents per point.

5. A flight from Fort Lauderdale to Havana on 5/14 is $86.10 or 2,500 points+$30.60, a value of 2.22 cents per point. JetBlue Plus Cardholders will effectively pay 2,250 points, a value of 2.47 cents per point.

6. A flight from JFK to Bermuda on 5/23 is $93.10 or 4,900 points+$5.60, a value of 1.79 cents per point. JetBlue Plus Cardholders will effectively pay 4,410 points, a value of 1.98 cents per point.

7. A flight from JFK to Las Vegas on 6/11 is $113.20 or 7,400 points+$5.60, a value of 1.45 cents per point. JetBlue Plus Cardholders will effectively pay 6,660 points, a value of 1.62 cents per point.

8. A flight from JFK to Burbank on 12/3 is $141.20 or 9,500 points+$5.60, a value of 1.43 cents per point. JetBlue Plus Cardholders will effectively pay 8,550 points, a value of 1.59 cents per point.


On average, you should be able to get a value of at least 1.5 cents per JetBlue point or 1.7 cents cents per JetBlue points if you have a JetBlue Plus Card.

For the flight from JFK to FLL above you’ll get a value of 1.57-1.74 cents per JetBlue point, but when transferring from AMEX you’ll also pay $2.40 in AMEX domestic airline transfer fees. To calculate the value per AMEX point you’ll take the cost of the ticket ($68.20), subtract the 9/11 fee ($5.60), subtract the AMEX fee ($2.40), and divide by the points required (4,000 or 3,600). That imputes a value of 1.51 cents per AMEX point or 1.67 cents per point if you have a JetBlue Plus Card.

It’s not a mind-blowing redemption like I’ve received when flying from JFK to Europe in a $10,000 Singapore suite for 57K miles or when booking a last-minute Cleveland-NYC flight for 7.5K points instead of paying $500, but it’s a decent deal for your AMEX points if you don’t have a Business Platinum card.

The deal is definitely sweetened if you have a JetBlue card thanks to the 10% points rebate and the other benefits that the card offers like free checked baggage for up to 4 passengers, a 50% rebate for in-flight purchases, 5,000 points upon every card anniversary, and more.


Will you transfer AMEX points to JetBlue?

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Dan – anything to do with Amex Blue membership rewards points ?


If I transfer like 300-400k would that get mosaic status?


@Bunim1: no, just leave them there. They make your account look pretty.

tony c

will probably transfer 500k, jetblue is easy, and i have the JB mastercard, makes sense. Value is good, convenience is great. #jfkT5

tony c

@Dan, how regularly have we seen these JB bonuses?


Amex Points I dont find much value any longer..Paying $195 annual fee, which really is $95 fee bc I get $100 airline misc. credit.. But even for $95, amex points are basically .01. With this jetblue promo, i think its worth to send all my points to jetblue. I dont see where amex points (gold card) is worth any longer to keep


@DAN “last-minute Cleveland-NYC flight for 7.5K points instead of paying $500” which airline did you transfer the points to do this?


Assuming that we go by the valuation that 1 MR point = 2 cents and 1 JetBlue point = 1.2 cents, what’s the rationale for making a transfer (even with the bonus) given that JetBlue redemptions aren’t based on a fixed award chart?


Actually worked out pretty nicely for me. Decided to fly last minute from Bay Area to Orange County last night and snagged SJC-LGB ticket on JetBlue for 7k MR points, transferred instantly (less than a minute) and $4.20 in AmEx taxes. Beats 7.5k and $80 close in fee on American and 10k on United.


Dan, you said ” free checked baggage for up to 4 passengers, ”
But last night, I just booked a flight for our family of 5, and it’s showing one free bag for each of us.


@Dan: I guess we’ll check our carry-ons? #TakingOneForTheTeam


@dan is it worth transferring 100k amex miles to jet blue? And i don’t have any jet blue acc.or cc! I olny travel to isreal! Basically what’s your suggestions? Tnx!

a good yeshiva bachur

isint jet blue connected with elal and emerits and more? so that means i can use trueblue point to fly partner airlines?


@Dan: @Dan: understand that! With an upgrade to an Amex Platinum, is it possible to bring my blue point with me?


@JB: Even if you close your gold card, you won’t lose your Amex points, they’ll just transfer to another card.


@Bunim1: yes


got a email from jet blue that i can get 1750
points on each order of flowers of 34.99 and up
does it pay to get the offer to get the points?


@JB: get the blue for business plus so u can keep membership points for free