Save Money With American Express And Twitter!

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Update 5: Unless you’re already registered for it, the $10 off $10 Best Buy offer is now closed.

Update 4: I bought a $10 gift card online at (click on gifts>gift cards>$10) with free shipping after tweeting #AmexBestBuy10 and within a few minutes got email confirmation that I would get a $10 statement credit!  Gotta love all this free stuff!

Update 3: #AmexSeamless10 is now dead if you haven’t registered for it yet, but #AmexSeamless5 will still get you $5 off $25 at

Update 2: Another new one, Tweet #AmexTix50, get back $50 on $100+ purchases at w/synced Amex Card! (QtyLtd, Exp 3/31).

Update: Here’s a great new offer! Tweet #AmexBestBuy10, get $10 back on next $10+ Best Buy in-store or online purchase w/synced Amex Card! (QtyLtd, Exp 3/31).

Originally posted on 03/06:

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Sync your American Express card with your twitter account and get bonus savings!  Remember to make a note of which card you link as you won’t be able to tell in the future which card is linked. You can only link one card per twitter account.

Just tweet the hashtags below and within a minute you will got confirmation (by clicking on @connect) that you have successfully enrolled in the promotion. A link to promo terms will be included in the confirmation tweet. Once enrolled you have until the expiration date to complete the spending. QtyLtd refers to the number of confirmation available, once you receive a confirmation tweet you don’t have to worry about that.

Current promotions (valid once per card):
-Tweet #AmexZappos, get $10 back on next $75+ purchase w/synced Amex Card! (QtyLtd, Exp 4/30)
-Tweet #Amex1800flowers, get $10 back on next $50+ online purchase w/synced Amex Card! (Exp 4/30)
-Tweet #AmexHM, get $10 back on next $50+ purchase in US H&M stores w/synced Amex Card! (Exp 4/30)
-Tweet #AmexGulfOil, get $5 back on next $25+ Gulf Store purchase w/synced Amex Card! (QtyLtd, Exp 4/30)
-Tweet #AmexC21stores, get $10 back on next $50+ Centery 21 online purchase w/synced Amex Card! (Exp 4/30)
-Tweet #AmexWholefoods get $20 credit w/single purchase in Whole Foods stores of $75+ on synced AmexCard (Exp 4/30)
-Tweet #AmexDell, get $100 back on next $599+ online purchase w/synced Amex Card! (QtyLtd, Exp 4/30)
-Tweet #AmexSeamless10, get $10 back on next $25+ online purchase w/synced Amex Card! (QtyLtd, Exp 3/20)
-Tweet #AmexVirginAmer for 10% back on main cabin tickets w/synced Amex Card! (QtyLtd, Exp 3/31)
-Tweet #AmexFedEx and get $5 back on next $20+ in Fedex store purchases w/ synced Amex Card! (QtyLtd, Exp 5/31)
-Tweet #AmexBestBuy, get $10 back w/single Best Buy purchase of $100+ w/synced Amex Card! (QtyLtd, Exp 4/30)
-Tweet #AmexSportsAuth, get $15 back on next $75+ in Sport Authority store purchase w/synced Amex Card! (QtyLtd, Exp 4/30)

Don’t have a twitter account? It just takes a minute to open one up and then you’ll be able to get a tweet when a deal is posted on this site by following @dansdeals! You can can even choose to get a text message (and choose which hours of the night not to bother you) whenever is updated!

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Darn! I just bought the dell for $720, the deal you posted a few days ago. I just tweeted for the amex deal, and I hope it will still apply! Do you know if it will? Should I try to cancel order, and order over? And btw, you should edit that post, it would bring the price down to $600 which is def a steal of a deal!!! Thanks dan, you da man!!


if i dont get a confirmation does that mean it didnt work?


“Remember to make a note of which card you link as you won’t be able to tell in the future which card is linked.”

amex sent me an email saying which card i linked


How doe you verify once you tweet the deal?


“(by clicking on @connect) “


Hi, I have an amex prepaid card (I just got it from the $25 deal) . Is that good enough in order to take advantage of the above promotions, or do I need an actual cc?


do this thing works if you have an Air france amex gold
thanks for reply


is this per AU like small biz saturday or just the main cardholder?


$10 BB GC anyone?


It clearly states in the T&C that a prepaid Amex card is NOT eligible


10$ bb gc works?


works on Market pllace itwems?


for gulf is it eligible for gas or only store purchases?


Anyone find any good $10.01 purchase on Also can you purchase a $10 gift card fr best buy?


Gift cards work


where do u click on connect? don’t see it


anyone know if market place items work?


can I buy an iTunes card with the best buy promotion


Is Gulf any Gulf gas station?


how do i get the $10 Gift card???????


“by clicking on @connect”

What does this mean? Where is this “@connect” that I am supposed to click?




#AmexSeamless10 is dead. You can get $5 back now with #AmexSeamless5


Congratulations! By using your synced American Express® Card ending in *****, you
saved $10.00 on your purchase of $10.00 at Best Buy. Expect a statement credit in 3-5 days


Gave some Charity, Got some gift cards!


If i did not get an email after i donated should i be worried?


Thanks! Got it,, Seems like Bestbuy is Dead! 🙁


best buy DEAD


Does this work for


BestBuy Amex just maxed out….:(


Bestbuy Amex – just got it @ 615pm PST
BUT now the terms of contract says
Receive a $10 statement credit when you spend $100


so I’m an idiot and misread the amexbestbuy vs amexbestbuy10
sorry bout that


so do you need to spend $100 for bestbuy credit – i just bought the $10 gift card…


How do I know if the best buy 10 dollar offer is dead ?


I Tweeted the $10 Best Buy deal, for the $10 gift card four hours ago. I did not gave the time to go forth and purchase the card. My Twitter account reflects the offer in my Tweets. What do u think ? Thx


As long as it’s in your @connect you’re good, go for it.


Will The ticketmaster promo work for a gift card?


best buy is dead
sorry, max # of Cardmembers have enrolled in #AmexBestBuy10 offer. Visit for more offers


@yosef: Just check your pending charges in your AMEX account to see if they charged your card. It worked for me.


Thanks Dan, I got the $10 best buy card for $10…. Yippee !


As you said I got the card because I had tweeted the offer hours earlier…. Closed now, as u said


will this work on an Authorised User’s card?

smart brit

just synced my accounts and tweeted the best buy and was approved and austin was denied


I just tweeted a whole bunch of the Amex promos, yet nothing shows up in my @connects. Really want the Ticketmaster $50 off $100.


Also, if I just buy a $100 ticketmaster gift card, will that work?


Well, it does work on gift cards, which is awesome. Does anyone know if I can register Citibank Amex cards, or just regular issued Amex cards?


Hey Dan, just got the ticketmaster promotion,Thanks! Two questions, when do i have to purchase the tickets by and can i buy a GC?


I tweeted the Best Buy code yesterday and pressed connect and just bought the $10 gift card but I did not get any email from amex about the credit. Am I missing something?


Works with gift card.

Here is the confirmation email from amex,

Dear: xxxxxxxx

Congratulations! By using your synced American Express® Card ending in xxxxx, you
saved $50.00 on your purchase of $102.50 at Ticketmaster. Expect a statement credit in 3-5 days.

There is a $2.50 charge for any transaction from ticketmaster.

If you want to but 2 tickets and get the promo for both and sit together the only way is with 2 gift cards……


I tried using the Amex promo and when I tried to register my card it says it was only applicable to US issued cards and not mine which is UK. What makes Amex think that I would not want a deal in the US where I spend a lot of time and money!


Mo, after you purchased the gift cards, how do u manage to get seats tiger for 2 ? Call ticket master ?


saved $50.00 on your purchase of $102.50 at Ticketmaster. Expect a statement credit in 3-5 days. PS, u need to wait for gift card to be sent to you.



when buying 2 tickets use both gift cards to pay for the one transaction


does this american express deal work for AU’s?

Beth O'Donnell


I used my Citi Amex and it worked fine at whole foods yesterday.

Beth O'Donnell

Dan, If I tweeted the best buy $10.00 promotion yesterday and received the confirmation back that I was good but have not purchased the gift card yet am I ok?


Tried the dell one and I got a message that the max # of card members have already enrolled. Does that mean this is dead??


Thanks Mo !


@Beth O’Donnell:

Should work ! I purchased the card after four hours (yesterday) of tweeting the offer, and got it the email acknowledgment . Good luck.


does the ticketmaster one work on livenation as well or only on ticketmaster?


i just bought $100 ticketmaster GC and i got confirmation from Amex right away. Also Ticketmaster had a # you call to GreatFun which supposedly gave me an additional $15 rebate with no purchase but we’ll see if it comes