Save $3 Off $25 At Shell With American Express And Foursquare!


Update: Although the Foursquare app says that you can unlock this special with every checkin, it appears that the credit can only be earned once per card. Please post a comment if you can confirm either way.

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Sync your American Express card with Foursquare and then download Foursquare to your smartphone.

Then search for Shell and checkin to unlock and load a $3 statement credit on a $25 purchase to your registered card.

That’s like getting 12% off your gas purchases!

Plus this is even sweeter on American Express cards that give extra bonuses for spending on gas like the consumer Premier Rewards Gold, Costco American Express, Blue Cash/Blue Cash Preferred, and the business Simply Cash card.

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thanks, that is very sweet. With gas the way it is now a fill up costs over 50 so thats 6 buxx back on every fill up.

Can I check in multiple times in advance so that I dont have to remember to check in in between fill ups?


If you fill up with 50 you only get 3 back… Its not 25 dollar increments


I buy Shell giftcards a lot at my local albertsons, and the great thing about it is when you use a Shell giftcard at the pump it gives you an automatic 5 cent discount. SO if you went to Shell, went inside and bought a Shell giftcard for $25, not only would you save $3, but you’d also save 5 cents per gallon. Buy 4 separate $25 gift cards = 100 – $12 -5 cents every gallon, your looking at probably a $15 savings on your gas for the month. And if you used your Amex PRG you’d also snag 200 points. Not to shabby.


Alternatively, save $1 by not going to Shell!

From looking at todays prices in Lakewood,
Shell: $3.69
Sunoco: $3.55

Go to Shell get 7 gallons for $25.83 – $3=$22.83
go to Sunoco get 7 gallons for $24.85

The point is, that although this deal still saves you money, it only saves you $2, not $3.


how come you get 200 Points on PRG for spending 25? or are you saying you get 200 points for the 100 spent?


by me shell is also at least 10 cents more per gallon than the cheapest place. But still with the extra 5 cents per gallon plus the 3% (blue cash preferred) at gas stations it comes out pretty sweet. Plus the extra 3 per 25.


Nice tip. Will have to try it out.

He’s saying on the $100 of spending.


is that even if you fill up $25 2 times in a row?


Are you sure the $3 off works for GC’s?


I dont see why it shouldnt. Its spent at the shell store. Someone should try it and report back.


The terms state that there is a limit of one credit per account, so it’s only going to give you $3 back one time.


Hmm…so what does it mean that “you’ll unlock this special every time you checkin”


@Dan: Yeah, I saw that too. I think Amex has some contradictory language there. My guess is the one credit per promo applies as that is what they had on previous Foursquare offers.


@Dan – Is there anyway to locate all amex deals on foursquare in one place like we can see all the twitter deals in one place? Thanks


@Dan #12
I that that’s standard foursquare talk for specials requiring checkin


@thingywingy It shouldn’t make a difference what you are purchasing at the Shell station. Gas, Gas card, groceries, beer. It’s still a Shell coded purchase. But I will try and report back.


Its one statement credit per account….. It’s a mistake


Can one access Foursquare and sign up for this if they don’t have a smart phone?


In addition to the Foursquare credit, Shell partners with supermarkets in many areas (Stop & Shop in MA) whereby you get 10 cents off per gallon (limit 35 gallons per fill up) for every $100 spent at the store. They also include a lot of bonus deals each week to earn additional credit. The credits are good for a rolling 30 day period and can be added up… so right now I have 40 cents off/gallon if I filled up today. Once you fill up, the amt. you used is zeroed out… so, typically you let it accumulate… and then use the credit for a full tank (sometimes I fill up my wife’s car too if I have a big discount (like when I got up to $1.10 off a gallon)… to do this both cars need to be at the pump at the same time… fill one and then continue pumping the other car.


@D you can probably access it on your desktop at


Tried buying a Shell gift card at the station for the credit, worked perfect!