Sapphire Preferred World Mastercard, The Card To Have When Abroad.

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Sapphire Preferred World Mastercard

-The link above for the World Mastercard version with a 40K Ultimate Rewards points signup bonus for spending $3,000 and the annual fee waived for the first year will stop working tomorrow morning, 05/02. Of course the Sapphire card gives a 7% annual points dividend, so the signup bonus will actually be 42,800 points.

-Unlike the Visa version, this card covers car rental insurance worldwide, including Israel as well as other commonly excluded countries such as Australia, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, and New Zealand.  (Note that some World Mastercards do not have coverage in Israel, such as the Continental/United World Mastercard).  If you rent in Israel without a World Mastercard you will be forced to buy CDW coverage with a deductible.  As the car agencies there often manage to find $250 scratches all the time, even though you bought their CDV you still will have to pay the $250 due to the deductible.  However with a World Mastercard that does cover Israel you do not need to buy CDW and there will not be any deductible!

-There are no foreign exchange fees, so you’ll get the best possible rates when used overseas.

-You will receive 2 points per dollar for car rentals worldwide, plus the 7% points dividend, giving you 2.14 points per dollar spent on all travel and dining categories. Points can be transferred to partners like United, Hyatt, Korean, BA, Southwest, and more and they can be transferred into anyone’s account.

-When you have the Sapphire Preferred (or Ink Bold) card along with Chase Freedom and a Chase checking account you can truly maximize your spending and rewards.
You can put all spending on dining and travel that is $10 or more and all overseas spending on the Sapphire Preferred and then put all other spending on Freedom where you earn 10 points for every transaction and and 10% bonus points for every dollar spent and 5 points per dollar in rotating categories. Then instead of cashing Freedom points out at a penny per point you can transfer Freedom Ultimate Rewards points to Sapphire Preferred Ultimate Rewards points to transfer them into much more valuable airline or hotel points.

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Would this cover Primary CDW in South Africa as I didn’t see it clearly in the Terms and Conditions of the card?


1. Who covers the CDW in Israel, Chase or MC?
2. Also, IME if you decline CDW in Israel they force you to purchase LI, which is more expensive by itself.


Can I get reconsideration to push this through on top of my active visa version? Last time I called they wouldn’t even allow me to have an active non preffered together with the preffered version. They made me close out the non preffered to get the preferred.(even after explaining that the non preffered was a MasterCard and the benefits of having each one etc……still nothing doing). I’m just wondering is there any point in trying to get this one if I’m not willing to cancel my current visa?


hey dan i have a question… u r always analyzing out CC to maximize points etc.. i never saw you mention that capital one currently has a SPARK BUSINESS CC which NEVER has a annual fee.. no foreign transaction fees and earns 2% CASH not points but CASH back.. wouldn’t that be the best CC to use for EVERYTHING?? please tell me if i am misunderstanding something
thanx a ton


Also is that a direct link to automatically give u a MasterCard or do u have to call them to get it switched?


If I have an ink bold, my husband has a Freedom and checking account will this work? Meaning can he transfer the points to my UR account?


Besides this card, which other MasterCard’s have CDW coverage for Israel.
Also can u please list all credit cards that are have primary coverage in the US as opposed to secondary.


Will chase give me this card if I just received the visa version?


can i get it with the bonus if i already have the visa version?


1) Please explain the 7% bit
2) Does the multiple browser shtick still work with Chase?
3) Transfer rate to United or say AA 1:1
4) I looked at your list of cards and the rewards are not as hot as they used to be. Is this card worth the headache?

BTW. You certainly do rock!


i have this card and also have it changed to a WMC on dans advice and its amazing!!! thanks dan! the real q is is it worth it to shut it down and sign up for the united one that was just posted ($350 yr) sounds so much more enticing with the free extra baggage and lounges and CDW


Thanks for posting this.

Is there any advantage to having the Visa version instead?


Can I get the 40k bonus if I just got 4 the visa?


The link will stop working? or the world master version will be discontinued and wont be able to convert the visa to the world master?


Does that mean there will be no more saphire WMC?


I’ve got the sapphire preferred visa as part of my trifecta 🙂
How do I change it to MC? Do I call up and ask to be switched because some placed only take MC?


Does the visa SP have CDW coverage in the US?


Can I apply for this card and for the the United Club card on 2 browsers at the same time, and only get just 1 hit from the credit agency?


It should cover CDW worldwide, call MasterRental to confirm though.


In Israel they do require liability insurance (for damage to someone else) regardless of CDW. However for CDW (damage to your own car) you are much better off with a card that provides coverage.

I have both the Preferred Mastercard and Visa. You will have to make a compelling argument to have both though.

Note that even if you have a Visa you can apply for this Mastercard, have them close out your Visa to approve the Mastercard, and you will get the 40,000+ signup bonus again!

Terrible card with no aspirational value at all as points are worth just a penny and never more.

Also Capital One costs you 3 credit hits as opposed to just 1 from every other bank.

More importantly, when I redeem miles I do it for expensive last minute tickets of business or first class international flights.

For a last-minute ticket from Cleveland to NYC it would cost $1,300. With a Capital One card that would mean I would need to blow 130,000 points for that flight. With this card I can transfer instantly to BA and fly that ticket for just 9,000 points.

If I want to fly Business Class to Asia that is a $6,000 ticket. With a Capital One card that would cost 600,000 points. With this card, 120,000 points to United.

If I want to fly First Class to Asia that is a $20,000 ticket. With a Capital One card that’s 2,000,000 points, with this card 140,000 points to United.

Want to fly around-the-world stopping in cities accrooss the globe in business class? That would cost over 5,000,000 Capital One points, but just 260,000 points to United.

Real miles are worth a whole lot more than points, plus thre are tons of cards that earn more than 1 miles per point, like the one in this post!

It’s a direct link to a Mastercard app!

That’ll work!

Citibank’s World Mastercards should have cover in Israel, but always call MasterRental before a trip to confirm.

I don’t know of any cards besides United that give primary CDW in the USA.

If you can convince them that you need a MC and a Visa.

You sure can! Even if you have to close the Visa to get this approved you should get the bonus.

1. Every February you get a 7% point dividend based on all points earned in the previous year.

2. Yes.

3. United, BA, Korean, Southwest, and Hyatt are all 1:1.

4. Plenty of hot cards exist. The United Explorer can be matched to 55K+$50. Southwest can be matched to 50K. Hyatt card is great. Etc.
And 42,800+ is nothing to sneeze at, more than enough to land you in Hawaii for free!

Never shut down a card, apply for new cards and then negotiate to move part of the credit line or close a card in order to get a new one approved.

Only for stores that just take Visa.

I was able to.

I’ve been informed that my Mastercard link will stop working, I don’t know exactly what that means for people wanting to convert in the future.

You can do that or you can apply for a MC and they can close the Visa, approve the MC and you can get the bonus again!

Yes, worldwide includes the US.



You deffinetly can! I have done if many times. You can do it online in under 1 min.


I understand that I would have CDW coverage with the SP mastercard. I was wondering if I would hae CDW coverage in the US with the visa SP (I have the visa SP and I am not visiting Israel anytime soon but I am going to be renting a car in the US soon). At this time I cant switch from a visa to an MC (I am about to take out a mortgage and dont want to mess with my credit score)


Yes, they both do.


@dan was does it take to get approved? and what other perks does this card have when ir=t comes to hotel and car upgrades? thnx in advance


Can you apply for this if you have the Sapphire Visa? Also, where does it say it’s a MC on the application?


It takes applying (and maybe calling Recon) to get approved 🙂

Yes. Then you will have to either convince Recon to give you a MC on top of the Visa or have them close the Visa in favor of the MC and you’ll have a card for Israel and more bonus points.

The MC is embedded into the link, the Sapphire card never shows which one you’re applying for. You’ll just have to trust me with this link.


@dan can I use the jetblue promotion and pat the rest with sapphire points ?


Payng with Sapphire points only gets you 1.25 cents per point, if you are looking to redeem at that rate I’d be happy to take them off your hands 😀

New DD'er


Apply to click submit on the application. Just clarifying, as I already have the Sapphire Preferred Visa: I am assuming I will get denied and I will have to call recon. If they make me close my Visa, wont my credit score go down? I thought you were the proponent of downgrading cards or shifting credit lines. Is shifting credit lines the same as closing the card? #confused.


New DD'er

Also, should I call up immediately to push the card through or wait till the denial letter comes? Just applied.


@New DD’er:
Your score goes down when your credit lines go down (which hurts your utilization percentage), not when you close cards.
Closed cards still stay on your report and count for average age for at least 10 more years.

I would just wait for the denial letter before calling Recon and either explaining why you need a MC or Visa (this can be tricky and took me a couple phone calls) or why you only need a MC (that’s easy!) and want to close and shift the credit line over from Visa to get a new MC approved.


@Dan I’m quite new here, pls explain, how can I get more then 1.25 out of my sapphire points, I goto convert it to miles or what ?


By converting to miles you should be able to do better, if not feel free to email me 🙂


dan whats the difference beween shutting down a card and closing a card (when moving a cl over)


Shutting down a card means losing the credit line and not getting a new card.

Instead you should apply for new cards and get them approved by offering to move over part of the credit line from the old card or move the entire line and close the old card to get a new card approved.

That way you can leverage it for new cards and bonuses and don’t lose your credit line.


So why would anyone apply for the visa over the mastercard? Is there anything that the visa has which the mastercard doesn’t?


Some stores (dollar stores, etc) only take Visa.


I have about 57K Sapphire points. When I called the CSR he said he would close the old Sapphire Visa to let me get the MC but that I would LOSE the points because the account was being closed!

Is there a way around this? Do I need to transfer the points to miles before I get the new card??



Do you have another card (Freedom, Ink, etc) that you can transfer to in meantime?

You can also transfer the points to anyone else or just transfer them into airline miles or hotel points.


I do have a Freedom card, but will I lose the power of them?


so if i were to move the whole credit line from one card eg. sp to freedom in order to get the freedom opened and thereby closing the sp card- will that hurt my score?

sorry hope i was clear


Just transfer all your points to Freedom (this can be done online) and then transfer them bck to the SP Mastercard when you get it.

That won’t hurt your score for at least a decade if at all.


so whenever i want to close a card just open another by trasfering the credit line and then close the card?


quick question dan a little off topic im young and i had a few cc with big balances i paid evrything off basically just wondering how long it would take for my credit score to be normal again? also how long does a cc have to be open for cause always get declined for the above reason and my cc were open for to short of a period thanx


Thanks Dan for all the infos.

I applied a few weeks ago for the Visa, then called them to switch to a MC when I received it. As of now it’s been over a week since I activated the MC, and the Visa still works… They are on the same credit line though (I see both of them online and the expenses appear in both)

Does that mean it will continue to work, or is it the “normal” situation and they will shut it down soon? Just curious…



Can I do the Sapphire Visa and Sapphire MC in the same 3 browser round?


That’s what I do.

Check your FICO score on with a free trial.

How long a card is open for has to do with when you open it. On your credit report it makes no difference to its age if it’s open or closed.

It’s normal. The other account should disappear soon.

I wouldn’t recommend that. No other good cards you want?
United? BA? Southwest? Hyatt?


i have the ink business bold card does that cover the insurance for a rented car in isreal


Only if the rental is for “legitimate business purposes” on the Ink card.


i have a sp visa card and want to apply from ur site for the sp wmc but i just got approved for the hyatt and freedom last week, what should i do?


Recon should be willing to close the Visa and approve the MC if you explain why you want it.


Dan I have the chase B.A. Fromlast time around wana cancel to avoid annual fee any way to transfer credit line to this 1 ?assuming its automatically approved? Thanx!


I just got Saphire Prefered Visa, approved by phone after canceling United card (moved over availability).
My 1st statement has not closed yet. not sure if i will have 5k swiped.
If i apply today I will probably get declined. will i still get the 50k points and then another 40k points if I shlep till the next month after I get the 50k then call up to move to MC?


so i should go ahead and apply for the wmc even though its a bunch of apps in a few weeks?


I have a SP WMC and I applied for the the Visa before they lowered it to 40K bonus, and I got the letter saying they can’t approve me since I already have a SP. I tried calling the credit analyst dept. and they told me I can’t have 2 even if one’s a MC and one’s a VS. I tried HUCA 3 times, but all the same answer! they said there’s no way for them to push it through! Should I bother calling again? What would you do?


Thanks for your PRICELESS 🙂 advice.

So lemme get this straight. Even if I just recently got a Sapphire VISA and Im maxed out on my allowance for Chase cards, I can still apply and get a Mastercard by switching from my VISA AND still get the bonus??

If I transfer my sapphire VISA points to another card, say Freedom, while I apply for the Mastercard, won’t I lose the bonus power of the Sapphire? i.e. the 20% extra purchasing power on United? Thanks


Apply for 2 cards and even if one is auto-approved you will almost surely need to call Recon for the 2nd.

If you hurry up and spend the $3K (not $5K) then that might work.
You have 30 days to call Recon after getting a denial letter, so about 40 days from when you apply.

YMMV, no guarantees in life!

So have them switch it and approve the new one.

You’ll get that “bonus power” back as soon as you transfer the points back to the new Sapphire Preferred, though if your goal is just 1.25 cents per point you can get that in cash by selling them.


Thanks for the great news $3k. I spent that already.
So I will apply again. Thanks again for all your great POINTSSSSS (Free trip to Israel, hotels on week end and all the rest – credit to DAN )



I got the Continental Mastercard recently. Would I be able to call them up asking for this saphire card by shutting down the continental card, getting the bonus and not getting a credit pull. Or, do i first have to get turned down after another hard pull…


BTW I follow your blog on Google Readers RSS Feed, why doesn’t your Forum have any RSS Feed?


dan, ive got a few q’s if yo dont mind

1)how often can you close a card and then reopen it to get the sign up bonus
2) if i close a card and then reopen it, wont they ask y i just closed it and now wana reopen it
3)how can i transfer points into airline miles or other points if i dont have an account with that airline.(ex, i have sapphire points, and wana transfer them to united miles but dont have a united card)
4)how often can you or should you apply for a card
5) i think you should make a class on the whole credit card miles thing, seriously!

thanks for you time


is the hyaat card good for anything besides getting the 2 free nights after $1 spent



You need to apply first.

Beyond my pay grade 😉

1. There is no time limit.
2. People change their mind.
3. Open a united account.
4. This isn’t a recipe, it’s all trial and error.
5. Not a bad idea.

You get Platinum status (free internet/upgrades, etc) as long as you have the card and you get a free night every year.


I have a wells fargo student card, and it covers the rental car completely, w/o any deductable


If one is renting in australia, I have confirmed with Chase that the Sapphire Preferred Visa and the Hyatt Visa both cover rental collision.
possibly others.


Is this mastercard better than a regular master, eg Citi platinum card? If I rent a car in Israel using a Citi Platinum Mastercard, will I still be able to get out of the deductible? Tx.


Most cards charge a 3% forex fee when abroad. This will not and it will give 2.14 points per dollar.


dan, i read the previous posts and still have 1 question…If i am a current Visa Sapphire Preffered member and want to call up and switch to the MC version, will there be a credit pull even though i am just transfering a line of credit? or will there be no affect to my credit report at all? very impotant (pending mortgage app)


@steve: No credit pull to switch from Visa to MC.


Is there any truth to the the story that I heard that if you overpay your credit cards so that is shows that they owe u money, it helps your credit score?

Pyrate Baruch

I recently received a Freedom Card with the 35k bonus points. The initially denied me but gave me the card after calling the reconsideration department. This was about one month ago. I would like to apply for the Sapphire Mastercard and for the United Card. How long would you suggest that I wait before applying for another Chase card?


Different Joe

I recently applied for multiple Chase cards-4 in total (w/in last 2 months. Using the multiple browser trick i only got hit for two hard pulls from chase. Both were from Experian. On Experian I have like 10 hard pulls in the last 2 years while the other credit agencies have much fewer, eg 3 and 4. In contemplation of applying for a 5th Chase card in so close to my other Chase approvals, is it advisable to place a security freeze on my experian acct so Chase won’t see all the pulls even though they should know it from last pull? NJ resident. What are, if any, ramifications of placing such a freeze? Thanks for your help.

BE ALERT for those traveling to isreal

Chase sapphire master stopped covering isreal a year ago. Both u can still use citi master world they still cover


Hi Dan
I’m going to Israel next week. I got the visa preferred what I understand the best card for car rentel in Israel is the new master card from sapphire, so what do u recommend me to do should I apply now for new one, or switch it over to a master, also if I switch do I get the points again for opening a masterr card thanks for u help


Hey Dan first what do you reccomend for new to the credit deal im 19 with an capital one journeys and an pnc secured with credit of about 600 combined where do I start i go apply to cards and get rejected for to many inquiries how long should i wait for my next app and to what cad


dan do i still get my %7 bonus points in febuary if i transfer my visa into a mastercard,also i just got my visa 2 months ago is it worth a try for the mastercard ?


Nope, in fact overpaying on an AMEX is a dangerous thing to do.
However paying your bill multiple times per month does help your score.

@Pyrate Baruch:
If you don’t try you won’t know. There is no official time.

@Different Joe:
You can freeze 2 of your reports and ask Chase to pull from the 3rd report. People have done this successfully.

@BE ALERT for those traveling to isreal:
Absolutely not true, don’t beleive what Chase reps tell you as Chase does not provide the coverage.
You need to call MasterRental and they will give you a letter stating that they do cover the Sapphire World Mastercard in Israel.

Either way will work, if you apply for a new card you can get the signup bonus again, though you should cal Recon asap as you are tight on time.

Try Target or Gap for a store card to help build it up and then try for a card like Starwood, Freedom, Sapphire PReferred after a few months of using the store card lightly and paying off on time.



wanted to know my dad travels at least once a week with my uncle to chicago from ny on american airlines i wanted to know what cc is good for them to help them with luggage, lines, and upgrades, they have amex platinum now any sugg, thanks.

Pyrate Baruch

Thanks Dan – just applied through your link – lets hope I can convince Chase need the Mastercard. :O)

You’re my idol!


Thanks dan, just applied and got approved, gonna love this when i’m in israel next month.

Will the rental company in IS ask me for a letter about the coverage?


Switch to United and get the Club card 😀

They generally do not for Mastercard Worlds, but it’s still not a bad thing to have.


Hi u wrote to manny that’s it’s a dangerous thing to overpay to Amex may I ask why?



yeh i’m wondering that as well, i have a negative balance of $150 with them due to a merchant credit how bad is that


A merchant credit is fine, but prepayments can cause a financial review.


Took your advice and applied for the SP card. Not sure if I ended up putting through the application from your link. I was instantly approved as my mortgage is thru Chase. However it did not say if it was MC or Visa. When I called Customer service their bright advice was to wait until it comes in and if a Visa, wait 2 months and convert to a MC. Any suggestion? Also, I want to close down my AA citi MC. My rewards are in miles. Can I transfer line of credit to the new MC to keep my credit score good or is it too late? A little confused on that issue especially if 2 different banks.


Hey Dan! I’m a 19 year old guy learning in Israel, love to get your updates! I see all these CC posts and I was wondering when it is worth it to start signing up for these “big boy” cards. I have had a CC open under my name for a few years to build my score, but I wouldn’t be able to foot a $3000 bill to get the 40k bonus (or bonuses on other cards for that matter) what would you suggest?


@bochur, you can send someone $1000 a month with amazon payments.. 3 months=$3000


If you used my link you’ll get a MC, otherwise probably a Visa.

Bingo, free and easy!


Only for businesses.
Friend to friend payments are free, but are limited to $1,000/month.


I called Chase and they said it was a MC. Thank you for the info and link. It really was a big help for us as that foreign transaction fee was getting to be an issue.
As to the second part of my question, see above, is there any special way I should close out the AAadvantage Citi MC to not have it affect our credit scoring?


You can downgrade it to a free card.
You won’t get benefit from the free bags and other new benefits it offers by keeping it open though?


i called chase and mc about the sapphire mc world card and they both told me that they do not cover car rental insurance in israel?! they then told me that none of the chase cards cover the insurance in israel.


The link is still working


Dan, important question.

I need to fly to South Africa. Ticket costs $1015. Its 80k United points plus about $150 in taxes. I have AMEX and Sapphire points. Is it better to sell my points and buy the ticket regular, or use points? I need to book soon 🙁



@Alex: Clarification. Its either $1015 or 80k etc…


Again, Chase does not provide the CDW insurance on the Sapphire Preferred World Mastercard. Their reps will know nothing about it.
You need to call MasterRental as they are providing the insurance.

Save your points to fly in business or first class or for when you need to book expensive last minute tickets.


Can I transfer my American Express premier Gold points to the Am Ex Starwood card?


@Dan: Thanks. But Im not planning on flying first class and I have lots of points for other last minute flights. Still the same answer?


Chase Sapphire Preferred makes a better VISA or MC? Except for Israeli car rental, what other differences are there? I’m considering switching from my Sapphire Visa to the MC, just want to make sure its a worthwhile move.


There are no other differences.
Apply for the MC, have them close your Visa to approve it, and you’ll get the signup bonus again!


thanks dan! what will happen to my sapphire points (55,000) if i switch over to MC?


just for the record link still working


If you close the card with the points there you will lose them . However you can transfer them to a freedom, ink bold, or other sapphire account. You can also sell them for about 1.6 cents a point!


I recently applied for the Chase SAPPHIRE WMC and like many others was told that I need to close the Visa etc…….


I read above you may lose the points in your account from the Visa? I have the Visa for over 6 months. Is there any truth in them taking away the points? Also will i receive the new bonus on the WMC?


gold miles

i have the same thing menachem has when i called they told me i cant have both cards i ask for a manager and he told me the same thing that i can close my card and they will give it to me in mc

aa gold miles

thanx dan i got it have both


I applied called recon got it approved but the guy said I wont get the bonus points being that I had the visa sapphire card already. You think Ill still get the points?
Thank you


Hi dan,just wondering whats the best cards to apply for nowadays that will get me most rewards ?i just finished doing the amex platinum+ gold + starwoods, should I go for 3 chase cards? if so which 3 should I apply for ?

Thanks dan ! You rock ! You keep the world going round 🙂


hi dan i have the visa sapphire and i just applyed for the mastercard and got declined so i called up recon depot and they told me that i cant have both cards and he tells me that its possible to have both if i have a good enuf reason….i wanna call back recon depot how can i convince them that i need both cards???



United+Sapphire Preferred+Hyatt?

So have them close the Visa and approve the MC and get the signup bonus again.


I got the capital one spark cashback card it’s the best card ever for someone who doesn’t fly alot and doesn’t want to bother with selling your miles, you get 2% cashback and every purchase which is more than most cards even after selling the miles, I haven’t been able to get for my chase points more than 1.9 and here I get 2% without the hassle of selling them, I was always wondering why Dan doesn’t talk about this card.


Many reasons:

1. Getting a Capital One card costs 3 credit pulls, other cards are just 1 pull.

2. You are failing to account for bonuses on the chase cards.
Freedom with checking gives 1.1x, 5.1x, or even more points per dollar. Multiplied by 1.8 cents and that blows Capital One out of the water.
Same goes for 2.14x with Sapphire, 5x and 2x with Ink, 1.5x with United Club, 3x an 2x with Premier Gold, etc, etc.
And SPG points are easily sold for more than 2 cents each due to the 25% bonus for transferring to miles.

3. Try to fly last minute coach, short-haul coach, or international business or first class with your Capital One card.
Cleveland-NYC same day turn=$1,400, or 140,000 Capital One points. It’s 9,000 with British Airways (via Chase) or 6,000 via AMEX to BA now.
NYC-Europe in business class=$6,000, or 600,000 Capital One points. Or 100,000 United miles via Chase.
NYC-Hong Kong in first class$20,000, or 2 million Capital One points. Or 135,000 AA miles, which is less than 110,000 Starwood.



Dan,I just got Chase Sapphire World Master Card and the benefit brochure says that it covers CDW except that in Israel it is subject to the car rental companies accepting the card and to check with them. Any clue? thanks


Call MasterRental for a letter of coverage in Israel.


What is the MasterRental number?


Thanks for the great info above, I just applied for the card, its bizarre that they don’t mention anywhere if it is MC or Visa. Master Rental couldn’t help without a card # they said. I’ll post once they send it to me.


I received my new Chase Sapphire Preferred World MasterCard and I called MasterRental and they emailed me a letter of coverage in a matter of minutes stating that I am covered during my trip to Israel. Thanks again for this great info.


Date: 07-08-2012 18:33:27
From: Credit Card Support
Subject: Re: Other/Inquiry Not Listed

Dear ***********,

I am writing in response to your inquiry about Master
Rental Insurance Coverage benefit.

I would like to inform you that, your Chase Sapphire
Preferred card does carry the Master Rental Insurance
Coverage benefit.

However, coverage is not available for vehicles rented in
Ireland, Israel, or Jamaica. You may also be unable to
receive benefits in Australia, Italy, and New Zealand.


Chase DOES NOT provide the coverage, they have nothing to do with it so writing to them won’t do you any good.
You need to call MasterRental to receive a letter of coverage.


then i called 800-MCASSIST and they told me i am covered in israel and they can send me the letter of coverage…
thanks for the explanation dan.


Hi Dan,

The link still seems to be active. If I apply through this link, will it work for SP WMC?

I currently have the regular Visa Sapphire (not preferred), is the SP WMC real worth the $95/year fee?


What’s your take on my card lineup:

1) Amex Zync
2) Amex SPG
3) BoA Americard
4) Chase Sapphire Visa

Should I do a 3BM on the Chase United card and the SP WMC? What’s your take on the British Airways 100k signup bonus (50,000 + 25,000 + 25,000)?