Rumor Confirmed: Chase Eliminating Freedom Exclusives Program.

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Post update #4: Just as a reminder, today is the final day to get a Freedom card and qualify for Chase exclusives.  People are still having success confirming their enrollment in the Exclusives program by sending a secure message.

If you are not instantly approved for a Freedom card then you should call reconsideration right after applying at 888-270-2127 to get it approved.

Remember you generally only get 1 credit pull no matter how many different cards you apply for from the same bank on the same day.


Post update #3: It may or may not be too late to join this party.
DDF member chff had success on his brand new Freedom account confirming that existing Freedom cardholders will still be linked for Exclusives within 1-3 months.
Read the comments starting from here along with my suggestions to someone else who had less luck with a secure message and later reports from several commenters who have opened both a Freedom card and a checking account and received positive responses as well.

So for now it seems you can still get in before the door gets shut for good on Sunday.
Post update #2: My own Chase business banker has confirmed to me in writing that the Freedom Exclusives program is indeed ending and is being grandfathered for existing customers.  The last day to have a Freedom card and a Chase checking account is 11/10.  Chase has been very good with grandfathered programs, I still have Ink Bold with Exclusives from last year though that card is permanently discontinued for new customers (though some people have reported success enrolling in that program even after last year’s November deadline).  And people still are earning United elite qualifying miles on the discontinued Continental Presidential Plus card.

If you want to have the best no-annual fee credit card on the market right now then grab the Freedom card and open a checking account with Chase ASAP before the Exclusives program goes away forever.

The original rumor I heard and reported back on 10/22 was that Chase might keep the Exclusives program for Freedom in some form but downgrade it, but at this point that remains unconfirmed.

Freedom with Exclusives makes any purchase under $90 more valuable to be put on Freedom than to be put on a great card like Starwood. Small purchases, like parking meters or a small pump of gas, become downright lucrative with Exclusives. And it makes almost all purchases more valuable on Freedom than they are on Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, except for purchases made abroad and for 2.14 Sapphire point categories when they are not a 5 point category with Freedom.

If you do get a Freedom card and/or a checking account now I would recommend that you send a secure message from to ask about the Exclusives program and if the linkage can be expedited. They’ll respond with details of the program and will say that they can’t expedite it, but you will have in writing that the link will happen within a couple months and you will be grandfathered.

Post update, 10/30: While my previous source for this rumor requested anonymity, DDF user ahecht37 reports that his Chase private banker has informed him that these changes are true and will go into effect for cards opened on or after 11/11. Cards opened before then will be grandfathered.
Again, I have not independently confirmed this rumor nor can I confirm the 11/11 date, but all indications are that this rumor is unfortunately true and will be happening in November.
This was originally posted on 10/22:

-Chase Freedom Mastercard-Earn $100 cash back (in the form of 10,000 Ultimate Rewards points) when you spend $500 in 3 months.
-Chase Freedom Visa-Earn $100 cash back (in the form of 10,000 Ultimate Rewards points) when you spend $500 in 3 months.

The Chase Freedom card with Exclusives is just too darn valuable. I never understood why it’s so much better than the premium Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card card in many aspects (besides for travel/dining purchases, spending in foreign countries, the ability to transfer all Chase points into miles, and that the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card is one sweet looking metal card).

The regular Freedom card is already quite valuable with no annual fee and 1 point per dollar or 5 points for rotating categories.
When you have a checking account your card gets upgraded within a couple months of getting the card to Exclusives (you can also send a secure message to expedite the process) where you also get 10 points every time you use your card and 10% bonus points on all spending.

Those points can be transferred to airlines/hotels if you or your spouse has a Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, Ink Bold, or Ink Plus making them about twice as valuable as cash back.  Having one of those premium cards along with Freedom and checking is what I coined the “Chase Trifecta.”

In other words if you pay a 5 cent library fine with the card you get back 11 miles which are worth 4 times the fine you just paid!
Or if you pay 25 cents for parking at a muni-meter your parking is significantly discounted due to the 10 points you get every time you swipe your card.

I received a tip from a source that I believe to be reliable that sometime in November the program will be grandfathered for existing customers and downgraded for new customers.

Last November Chase eliminated the Ink Bold Exclusives program completely. It used to offer 1.2-1.675 miles per dollar on all purchases.
I posted back then from a contact of mine that the program was ending and that people that applied before the deadline would be grandfathered and that’s exactly what happened. People that got the card by the deadline in November are still grandfathered into that program but you can’t get that card anymore.

The rumor that I’m hearing is that Chase will be eliminating the 10 points per transaction bonus. Additionally they will no longer give the 10% Exclusives bonus monthly, instead it will just post in February for the previous year, similar to how the 7% Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card bonus works.

Again, this is all just a rumor I am passing along to you.  I am not passing this along as a confirmed fact, but better to be informed than be surprised, no?

If you don’t yet have Freedom with Exclusives you better hurry up if you don’t want to miss the greatest no fee credit card that’s ever existed!  If you have a Freedom card but don’t yet have a Chase checking account you should signup for one soon if you want to be grandfathered!  There are coupons you can buy on eBay to get up to $200 cash for opening a Chase checking account.

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do you get all those extra points on all your Chase cards just by having one checking account?




Just in time. Got my chase freedom and called chase to link my checking account to it and now within 1-3 billing cycles I should be getting my 10 bonus points per transaction. Including previous transactions


Thanks for the heads up. I just got my freedom card in the mail today. I also opened a chase checking account to maximize the trifecta, is there anyway to keep the account free of any charges without getting paid with direct deposit? You previously suggested a Paypal transfer to mimic a direct deposit, would that work?


Thankfully, I have been earning Chase Exclusives Bonuses for nearly a year now – and let me tell all you fence sitters, it has made my Chase Freedom card the most lucrative points earner.


If I get a Freedom card now, will it also still be grandfathered in or will they still be able to downgrade me? (I have a checking account)


1)what is better to open the visa or mastercard?
2)if i open a student account with chase could it be linked to the card or only reg acc. ?


When do you think the grandfather cutoff will be, from time of application of card or at the time of account linking(which is a couple of months later?)


by the end of the day which card is better sapphire or freedom?


Could someone please explain what it means to be “grandfathered”? Does that mean that you get to keep the original benefits even if they are no longer offered to new applicants?

BTW,Dan, you need to note that the 10,000 points for $500 spend is only when you open a new card.


This is bad news, your rumors tend to hold up…


Is it possible to open a chase checking account if we do not have a chase bank in the area?


How do I link my Chase Freedom to my checking account? And Exclusives?


I have a checking account. If I open the freedom before the end of the month will I be grandfathered in?


Also are they going to change the quarterly bonus? My hubby has the freedom already so the exclusives I can get using an AU so I would only get the cards at this time to get the bonus double


The combination of the 2 is great.


Try opening one on

Send them a secure message from your account.

Hopefully, but there’s no way to know for sure as this isn’t even confirmed as of yet.

Quarterly 5% will stay. And having a 2nd card to bump it up from $1,500 to $3,000 per quarter is great.


Huh? This has nothing at all to do with Sapphire.
This is being grandfathered for Freedom+Checking.


oh i thought it affects the trifecta


how do i find these $200 bonus offers on ebay?


I sent them a msg last wk and was told that Exclusives are automatic and you don’t need register or enroll.


I have Saphire Preferred under my name. Is it better to apply for Freedom under my name or my husbands?


Click on the link in the post.

You can ask if they can expedite it.
You can also ask for them to post the points that you would have received had they been able to link it on the spot.

No difference but if you both get it you’ll get 5% for $3,000 instead of $1,500 per quarter.


For chase freedom to use 200 coupon it must be a regular account. You can call after 2 months and asked to be switched to a college student account.


I sent an SM to Chase to expedite, and they told me it would happen automatically in 1-3 billing cycles. I sent another SM if they could nonetheless expedite, and they responded, “NO”.


Don’t buy the coupon on Ebay. I have two, one for 200 and one for 350. Just email me and I’ll send you the code. I would post here but don’t have them on me


Has anyone figured out a way to get around Chase not letting you open an account online because your zip code doesn’t qualify?


Dan — I got a Chase United Explorer card in August, but just last week finished an app-o-rama that netted me six new cards. I don’t have a Freedom card yet (was going to be on my next app-o-rama in January), but because I have a Chase checking account, want to lock down this Freedom offer in case it goes away. Do you know if I can downgrade my United card to Freedom without Chase taking my United sign-up bonus away? Thanks!


I don’t think you can change United to Freedom.


Bummer — thanks for the info!


Does anyone have 200 bonus offer code they aren’t using. Thanks


In October 2011 I opened the Ink Bold and Sapphire preferred visa and am now getting the annual fees. Do you think I should apply again before I cancel as I need one of them at least for the Freedom card with Exclusives.


Apply for the Sapphire MC and Ink Plus and have them close the old to approve the new.


Re your comment about paying a 5 cent library fine. The library won’t accept a credit card for less than $1.
But it’s great for the munimeter. You can also go to the post office and buy one or two stamps and pay with you Freedom card.
And often when I fill up gas with my AMEX, I’ll also buy $1 worth of gas on the Freedom card.


Your library may not accept it, but mine accepts it online for fines of any size.
It’s worth keeping all your books a day late 😀


I just hope the grandfathered in part is right – I’d be losing out on 2 – 3000 points per month.


Everyone needs to be aware of what the real offer is here. You get 5pts per $1 spent on rotating categories whether you have checking or not. The 10pt deal with checking IS NOT 10pts per $1 spent but 10 additional points per transaction. Therefore if you spend $100 you get 110 pts not 1000. Yes, you can play the ‘spend $1 at a time’ but it wont take long to realize its a real hassle for limited game and Chase will catch on, eventually.


For those of us that can not open a checking account online because our zip code does not qualify — then we need to physically enter a Chase personal bank and set up an account. I will be in a different city and state next month that has a Chase Bank and will set up an account there. I called that branch today and they said that
would be alright.


hi dan, isnt it better when the freedom card does it annually since then you can trasfer your sappire points to freedom and get 10% bonous instaed of 7%?


Hi Dan, I’ve been waiting for a better sign up bonus ($200 or 300 instead of the current $100) for Chase Freedom. Do you think it’s worthy waiting considering the rumor or should I apply now? Thanks


Thanks for this info! My husband has a Freedom and we use the trifecta liberally for small purchases and the rotating categories. I was already planning on turning my old Slate card into a Freedom since we can easily max out 1 Freedom. I already have 5 Chase cards and have had the Slate since 1992 so did not want to cancel it. Just called yesterday when I read your post – and since the Slate was a Mastercard I now have a Freedom Visa and Mastercard. Yeah! Hopefully this one will be grandfathered in too.


I used my $200 offer, but if anyone wants a $125 one, let me know – I posted it on the forum under Deals.


Earlier you told me to apply again for the sapphire mc and ink plus. Two questions:
1)can I do a 3 or 4 BM and if yes what other ones should I get. I have the explorer and hyatt already.
2) If they ask why I want the same ones again what do I say.
Thanks, as always, for your help.


Any idea if the freedom card has to be opened before then or it needs to be enrolled in the program before then? I have a freedom card but have been repeatedly told I’ll automatically be enrolled in 1-3 months in the program, and this cannot be expedited.


Dan, I was told the same thing by my Chase banker.


Just used your links for 2 chase freedom cards, plus a few others. Thanks for the heads up!


I have a Freedom card which I use. My husband had one but never used it. A cfew days ago he canceled it and now tried your link to apply for a new Freedom card so he can get the bonus.
we get the message that this offer is no longer available.
Please advise!



Try using another browser or browsing incognito.


Thanks, it did work in another browser. Why does this happen?


How can I check if I am currently in “Exclusives”? Will it say it anywhere in my account or bill?


DAN, i currently have sapphire preffered visa only with chase. if i do 3BM which 3 cards do you suggest at this time to get the maximum signup bonus points?


If you are getting 10%+10 points listed on your bill every month then you’re in.
If not send them a secure message.

Depends on your needs, but Sapphire Mastercard, Freedom, and Hyatt are all great choices.


How about chase united card for 30k bonus points, do they still give 20k additional and $25 statement credit if you send a secure message?


I haven’t seen any recent reports on matching to that.


Dan, I signed up last week using a $200 coupon online, then went to a local branch to add the exclusives. They are now telling me that I only get the money if I setup a direct deposit into the checking account. Is that true? They only said I needed minimum of $1500 in checking njot to get a monthly fee. Thanks.


What does the coupon say?



My husband and I both have a Chase Sapphire and my husband has a Chase Freedom. We do not have a Chase checking account. I am not sure how to link the two and also if it is worthwhile to get a checking? Will that increase the number of points we get each month? Thanks so much for this fantastic site!


@dave: you only get 7% on points on what is earned from the saphire card itself, not from all points that you get from other cards and then add them to saphire account.


Hi Dan-

After speaking with Chase to open a checking account, they told me that I could not open one because there are no local Chase Bank branches where I live (MD). Any ideas of how to open one? Can I use someone else’s address?



I don’t have either of these Chase products, but I want to get them. If I apply for the Freedom card today & open the checking account online this week. Will I be Grandfathered in? 11/11 is only like 12 days away. I don’t know if I’ll receive the cards in the mail by then to activate them. So all I do is get those 2 things, or do I need to call to enroll in the exclusives program?

What should I do? or did I miss the boat?


@DannyF The only way is to walk into a bank. I was doing a MR to Milwaukee and there was one close to the airport. Walked in and set up an account in about 10 mins. Now I just have to make sure my exclusives is added.


This was the only reason I opened a Chase checkings account… For all you Active Military and Veterans, listen up: Open a checkings account as military and it will be fee free for the life of the account. Then tie it to your freedom, and you will essentially have a free booster to your Freedom. I pay no fees for the checkings, I only have the minimum opening balance in there and I get the 10/10 bonus. BOOM


It says I have to make a direct deposit. But I emailed my banker at the local branch today and he said he would see what he can do.


Here is my situation. I have a chase checking account and a chase freedom account. Just heard about the exclusives program and send a message to Chase and should be enrolled in a few days, so no prob there.

The thing is the Freedom card I have has $3k locked @ 3.5% on a balance transfer offer a while ago, which I am in no hurry to pay down and any new spend will be charged 19%.

My question is if I get another Freedom card, after 11/11 will the points charged on my new card still register on my account with the grandfathered checking/freedom combo or will it be only on the new card account at the lowered rate?

Baseless speculation appreciated, thanks.



I am currently looking for a business card. Do you reccomend the Chase Sapphire or Chase INK (Or something else?)?


@TravelGuide37: if I understand correctly, you shouldn’t need a new account. all payments should go FIRST to cover HIGHEST APR (new purchases) before the Lower APR (old) balance


@NJMACMAN: it’s easy to make a direct deposit yourself. how? just do a ACH transfer from your checking account with another bank! that worked for most people; i got a coupon that didn’t require DD, so even though i did an ACH to fund the account, i wouldn’t know if that qualifies or not, but the word on the street is that it totally does and folks got their bonuses. good luck!


@Chuckles: You mean to transfer money into the Chase checking account from say BOFA or Wells fargo one time?


@NJMACMAN: yes, that is correct. give it a try & let us know. there’s nothing risked. 🙂




just got approved for the freedom using the above link,Did I make it in on time or do I have to activate the card first?




It never said anything about the 10 points.
That happens after you get the card.
For now the program is still alive.


Does anyone have any coupons for opening new Chase checking account?


Just went to a different city & state yesterday and opened 2 checking accounts for my wife and myself. I used 2 $200 coupons from eBay (without direct deposit) which I paid a total of $30. So, a net profit of $370 for opening 2 checking accounts. Not bad.
The Chase banker that helped us set up the checking accounts was great. I asked him about the 10 on 10 Exclusives and he said he did hear that it was changing soon but did not know any specifics. I also asked him about the Ink Plus card changing the minimum spend and he said he did think that it was changing but he did not know any specifics on that topic either. I guess we will wait and see what happens by November 13th.


I just applied for the freedom card tonight and got approved- I already have a checking account. Am I to late?


You should be good.
It does take a couple months for the accounts to link but as soon as the car shows up on you should ask for the Exclusives link to be expedited.

They’ll say they can’t expedite it, but then you will have in writing that it will happen within a couple months and you will be grandfathered.


I need to start from scratch. I can open a Chase checking account today and submit an application for a Freedom card now. The credit card wouldn’t get approved until several days from now. The Chase exclusives wouldn’t kick in for another three months. How are you so sure that they would “grandfather” me in to a program that is already dead by the time I qualify for it.


If you don’t get instant approval you can call reconsideration tomorrow to push through or negotiate closing other cards or shifting credit lines to get approved on the spot.

A checking account can be opened online on the spot.

When you get in writing (within 4 hours of sending a secure message) that your account will be linked for Exclusives you can use that as proof to be grandfathered if it doesn’t happen automatically.


I wonder if its really that important if my significant other has a Freedom Card with exclusives on it already. Mine would really only be useful for the 5% bonus category spending which is capped at $1500 per quarter anyway.


$1,500 per quarter earns over 30K points in a year with 10/10 Exclusives on purchases you probably max out anyway.

I.E. When there’s a gas or grocery category I’ll max out our 2 cards in gift cards for the year. For airlines I’ll buy airline gift cards for the year, etc.


My new Freedom card arrived today. After activating the card I sent a Secure Message to Chase asking the card be linked to my existing Chase checking account. The reply was very disappointing…

“Thank you for contacting Chase.

I regret that, the Chase Exclusive rewards program has now been discontinued, hence we are unable to link your credit card and checking account.”

Is there anything I can do at this point?


Wow, that’s terrible news!

I would write back, ask for a supervisor to respond to the message, and tell them your banker said it can be linked until 11/10.

Keep us posted please…


so much for that idea


Send them a secure message before applying for the Freedom card and ask if you open a Freedom card if you will be able to have it linked for Exclusives.
When you have things in writing Chase and AMEX are both very good about honoring it.


Thanks for the idea. I’ve sent Chase another message. Waiting for the reply from Chase.


“Post update #2: My own Chase business banker has confirmed to me in writing that the Freedom Exclusives program is indeed ending and is being grandfathered for existing customers.”

How long will existing customers be grandfathered? In other words, how long will existing customers still participate in Exclusive Program?


In the past Chase has not ended grandfathered programs.


Thank you so much for your fast response! Do you mind if you tell me what programs that Chase still grandfather?


Dan my card did not arrive yet it is showing up in my Chase account online and im going to open a chase checcking tommorrow any advice how to proceed in getting it right in the nick of time? Thank you so much


Could you give me a list of ways to spend the $5000 on my AMEX card in less than a month.


if i signed up a week ago and still didnt receive the card yet is there anything i can do to get the card to come faster?
or to be make sure im enroled in exclusives without receiving the card yet? and do i have to activate the card before the 10th to be enroled or just having it is enough?


Ink Bold Exclusives and Presidential Plus for example.

Maybe open a checking account online now and SM them once it’s opened?
Good luck!

Please search and post on the forums.

Is it showing up on your account yet?


Thank you so much!




if i open now online i wont be able to say banker said will be linked, can i open it online even with this coupon with direct checking?


Are you approved yet?
Did you call Recon?

You can enter a coupon code online to open a checking account.


i dont know i didnt call recon yet


No idea what you’re waiting for, you’re running against the clock here…


Is it better to open the checking acct online with a “credit / debit” card or external account?
I do have the freedom card and my current checking account is linked to the account.


whats ymmv


YMMV stands for Your Mileage May Vary. What it means is everyone has different results with just about everything. nothing is guaranteed and everyone is just working off a pool of experience


Dan applied this is message i got: If you submitted your application after 8:00 PM local time or on any non-business day, your new account will usually be opened the next business day. However, it may take up to approximately five business days for us to receive your funds after you submit the application. You should be able to see your new account online once we receive the funds to deposit into your new account. Should i still send SM tonight?


Debit might be the best way to go.

Can’t hurt.

An Infrequent Flyer

I applied for the Freedom card at 4pm yesterday, the 7th and called up an hour later to move some money around to get it approved. It showed up in my online account later that night.

Today I walked into a branch to open a checking account with a $125 promo coupon. I made sure the banker knew I wanted to be enrolled on the Exclusives program. An hour or sent I Secure Message to confirm and later received this response:

Dear Infrequent Flyer,

Thank you for taking time to email us today.

I would like to inform that, existing Chase Freedom
Customers* with an open Chase checking account (Consumer
or Business) will be automatically upgraded to the Chase
Freedom Exclusives 10&10 products within approximately 1-3
statement cycles.

If you have any further questions, please reply using the
Secure Message Center.

Thank you,

Customer Service Specialist

I assume this means I’m good to go and that there is still time for others to get both accounts established by 11/10.


shoould i tell em i would like to be enrolled in the Chase Exclusives Program or just that they should link the checking account with the Freedom card? thanks again


@dan a minute to late… I did it already with the TD Checking account that I had linked for the Freedom payments.
The checking account is showing up when I log into with my freedom card.
Should I send an SM now asking about the exclusives?


No worries and definitely SM now and post the results!


Thx will do!

FYI I found a coupon for $200 bonus it came up as “used” so I switched around the last few numbers and it went through!


I received this after sending an SM. I applied and was approved yesterday:

Dear ***********,

I am writing in response to your inquiry regarding

I would like to inform that your account is enrolled in
the exclusive rewards program. With Freedom Exclusives,
you earn:
– 1 point per $1 on all purchases
– 2 points per $1 on travel purchases booked through
Ultimate Rewards Travel Booking Tool
– 10 points per $1 on purchases made at the Ultimate
Rewards Mall

Plus you’ll receive these bonuses on all spending:
– 10% extra points on every dollar spent
– 10 bonus points on every purchase
– 5% Quarterly Spending Categories on up to $1500 spent in
categories (Quarterly Activation Required)

I’ve included a monthly earning rewards example to help
illustrate how Chase Freedom Exclusives works. The bonus
consists of 1 point for every $10 in qualifying purchases
and 10 points for every purchase. For example, if you made
a $200 purchase, you would earn a total of:
+ 200 points (1 points for every $1)
+ 20 points (1 bonus point for every $10)
+ 10 points (10 points for the purchase)
= A total of 230 points for one $200 purchase

There are no point caps in any of the spending categories
except the 5% Quarterly Spending Category, and your points
do not expire.

You can redeem rewards for gift cards, travel, merchandise
and cash by visiting or by calling
the number on the back of your card.

Rewards will not be earned on interest charges, balance
transfers, cash advances, cash-like transactions such as;
purchasing travelers checks, foreign currency, money
orders, wire transfers or similar cash-like transactions;
purchasing lottery tickets, casino gaming chips, race
track wagers or similar betting transactions; and making a
payment using a third party service.

If you have any further questions, please reply using the
Secure Message Center.


will i be instantly approved if i open a bank account online using a coupon or do i need to go in to get it done right away? p.s. just got instantly approved for a freedom mastercard! need to get this all done today.


RE posts 84, 88
I received a reply, but not a definitive answer, from Credit Card Support shortly after midnight.

“Thank you for your inquiry regarding the upgrade to the
Freedom Exclusives 10&10 rewards program.

I have forwarded your message to the appropriate
department for review by a Supervisor, and you should
receive a response within one business day.”

The wait continues.


is it worth getting the credit card if you are not opening
a checking account?



Are you serious?

When you deliberately screw a public library – and suggest the idea to thousands of people – you ought to consider who is the loser in that transaction.


I opened a checking account online last night with a coupon and it was approved right away.

This is the response I got from Chase:
Dear lfas25,

Thank you for your e-mail.

As you have a Chase Freedom card and an open Chase
checking account, you will be automatically upgraded to
the Chase Freedom Exclusives products within approximately
1-3 statement cycles.

With Freedom Exclusives, you?ll earn 1 point on all
purchases, 2 points on qualifying travel purchases made
through the Ultimate Rewards Travel Booking Tool, and an
extra bonus on all spending that includes 1 point for
every $10 of net purchases and an additional 10 points for
each individual net purchase.

If you have any further questions, please reply using the
Secure Message Center.

Thank you,

Rendell Fernandes
Customer Service Specialist


I just applied for this card and I was told that they will have to consider my application if I’m approved. What happens if they approve me after 11/11/12? Will I still be considered as if I had the card before that day?


where did you find that code for 200 bucks


This is in response to my SM, but I don’t think they helped me much:

Chase Exclusives are benefits and discounts available
exclusively to Chase checking customers. They are
automatically available with any Chase checking account.


I’m confused, if i apply today for a freedom card and i already have a checking account will i still be eligible? does the card have to be approved by tomorrow? or just the fact that the app went through before the deadline? i’m quite sure i wont get instantly approved


Dan got this back: Thank you for contacting Chase about the rewards program on your account.

I would like to inform you that your account will
automatically be upgraded to the Chase Exclusives 10 & 10
Ultimate Rewards Program within 3 billing cycles from the
date your checking account was opened.

If you have any further questions, please reply using the
Secure Message Center.

Thank you,

Is that all needed for now to get in? should i ask them at anytime to speed it up or link account faster or im good?
Thanks again


if i opened the freedom card first and am now going to open a bank account online will i get the message that they’re automatically going to enroll me in exclusive program or do i need to do something? and if yes then what do i need to do? also, how do i link the 2 accounts together (bank account and credit card)? thanks!


Does Chase Exclusives program apply to a Sapphire card, or do I have to apply for the Freedom card as well?


If I opened a chase freedom credit card do I have to call them to ask to be enrolled in the exclusives program or is it connected automatically? Also what are the benefits of also opening a checking account?


not working anymore, just tried, it says this deal is not available anymore


Read my entire post.

Send a secure message to request it.

Only Freedom.

Try another browser or browse incognito/in-private.


If I buy one of the coupons on ebay, do I immediately receive the code to use online or does it take some time to be emailed or mailed to me?


Can I apply today for the freedom and open the checking account after ?


@cc i just signed up for the credit card and then went to to register a log in, after i was done registering, i automatically recieved a coupon code for $200 and then u can use it right away to open a checking aact.( unfortunatly i already purchased one on ebay) good luck


Depends on the seller but many will send right away.

Safest bet is to open online now.

eBay has coupons that don’t require direct deposit.


i just opened the freedem card , i called & they approved me , but i don`t have the c.c. # whats the next step ? do i need the # now 2 link it or not , ?


@dan thanks ur correct I purchased the one without direct deposit


@cc I purchased through eBay and then emailed him asking if he can email me the coupon code and then send me the card so I have it, he did it for me right away


i just opened the freedem called them & they said i`m approved , i don`t have the c.c. # , what can i do now ?


Is there a certain type of checking that it needs to be to be linked to freedom or is it anyone?


i sent a sm to have the 10 and 10 put onto my account (this was on friday, the 9th) and the message i received back didn’t even make sense. they said the program will end on 11/11 so it’s too late. i called up tonight and explained the problem to the rep who had no clue that it was even ending and asked around to all his buddies who didn’t either know it was ending. he said to just wait and see which i wasn’t happy with so asked to speak to a supervisor. she didn’t either have a clue that it was ending tomorrow and told me anyhow, i needed to sign up in the bank for the 10 and 10. i was so excited to get an istant approval for the freedom card and opened a checking account right after-online, with a $200 coupon and now i don’t even know if it will have been worth it! anything else i can still do? thanks!


hi , i just got approved thru calling them , but they didn`t give me the c.c. # , how do i proceed ? tx


Well, I had an interesting experience. Applied on-line last night through Mastercard’s own website (to get the Mastercard version) because no other method was working for me. It went through fine that way but was not instantly approved (already have 3 other Chase cards!). Sent secure message and then called today. No problem – they moved some credit around and approved it “instantly”. The new card also showed up within 15 minutes on my online Chase account with the last 4 numbers showing. But while I had them on the phone I inquired about the “Chase Exclusive” to make sure I made it in because I understood today was the last day. She didn’t know but she immediately conferenced us in with a Customer Care Rep and he said today IS the last day for Chase Exclusives for the Mastercard version but not the Visa version. I find that hard to believe but he said it convincingly. I wouldn’t bank on that but wanted to share my experience. He did say I would qualify (since I’ve had a checking account there for nearly a year). I sent another SM just to confirm he had told me I would qualify!! THANK YOU for the excellent things you do on this site!!!


Already received a response from my SM !!! ……

“I am writing in response to your email in reference to the
Chase Freedom Exclusives 10 & 10 program.

I would like to inform you that Chase Freedom Customers
with effect 11/10/2012, with an open Chase checking
account (Consumer or Business) will be automatically
upgraded to the Chase Freedom Exclusives 10 & 10 products
within approximately 1-3 billing cycles. Additionally,
notification letters, rewards brochures, and Terms &
Conditions will be mailed approximately 3-4 weeks after
the account has been upgraded.

If you have any further questions, please reply using the
Secure Message Center.

Thank you,

Sherri Pereira
Customer Service Specialist



Can someone explain to me why it’s so worth it to have multiple freedom cards? Isn’t one enough?


Just an interesting note, i am a POA on someones account for 3 months now and i have a freedom card for over 2 years and i just got a letter on friday that they linked the acounts and i will be getting all the 10&10 points even dough im only a poa


called recon and they’re closed. now what?


Does the grandfathered go by date of application or date approved?


Dan I just applied online, and after filling in all the info, I got the following

“The information you requested is no longer available. Please visit to view additional offers and apply online. Please note the terms and conditions of these offers may vary.

Note: Telephone and Internet offers may differ.”

Any help, I wanna be ggrandfathered


just got approved for the card and i have a cking acc!!! what do i do now i”m vary confused

Igor Ivanovich

I called the number above for recon, they said I have to call on Tues, after the holiday, 800-278-8830


@dan I got approved on 11/09 and I sent a SM today for the exclusives program and go this reply
Thank you for contacting Chase.

Regrettably, the Chase Freedom Exclusives 10 & 10 rewards
program is no longer available. Therefore, we are unable
to upgrade your new Freedom account ending in 4268 to the
Exclusives program. Instead, you will be receiving a 10%
annual bonus on all new points earned on purchases made
next year. However, to earn the 10% annual bonus you need
to have an active checking account at the end of the next
calendar year.

As per the current Freedom Ultimate Rewards program, the
rewards earning structure is as follows:

Points are earned for every dollar charged to the card.

– 1 point is earned for every $1 spent on purchases.
– 2 points are earned for every $1 spent when you book
airfare and hotel accommodations online through Ultimate
– Additional 4 points for every $1 spent on multiple
categories that rotate each quarter (spending cap of
$1,500 per quarter).
– Additional rewards for purchases made via the Ultimate
Rewards Mall (as per the available promotions).

If you have any further questions, please reply using the
Secure Message Center.

Thank you,

Hemant Shukla
Customer Service Specialist


Is there anything I should write them?


Why did you want until today to ask for them to be linked?
At any rate SM back that you would like a supervisor to answer you back and to link your accounts as you had both a Freedom card and checking account before the program ended on 11/11.


I applied for Chase Freedom yesterday, my application is pending, a chase rep told me there’s no way to check status until Tuesday, however she also said, that all offers are being honored according to application date not on approval date.


@dan. Thanks I emaild back and they said they sent it over to dept that can take care of it and I should get a response within one day



To whom this may concern,
As of now I’m checking at other bank I’m thinking of
changing to chase but I would wane know if by opening a
chase checking and having my freedom if I will be able to
be enrolled in the exclusive rewards program 10/10 .
Thank you veru much for all your special services!!!


Thank you for contacting Chase.

I wish to inform you that you must have an open Chase
Checking Account by the end of the year (December 31st)
only then would your account be reviewed for enhanced

If you have any further questions, please reply using the
Secure Message Center.

Thank you,

Carolann Dcunha
Customer Service Specialist


Account is owned by Chase Bank USA, N.A. and may be
serviced by its affiliates.



RE post 115

This afternoon I received an answer from a Chase Senior Service Specialist. It’s one that I like to hear.

“Let me begin by saying that I sincerely apologize for the misinformation previously provided to you.

Our records show that you do have a open qualified Chase Checking Account and as long as you continue to have a open Chase Checking Account, your account will automatically upgrade to the Chase Freedom Exclusives 10/10 Reward Program in three billing cycles. Please note that we are unable to expedite the upgrade.

At this time there has not been any changes made to the Chase Freedom Exclusives 10/10 Reward Program. If there are any changes to this reward program in the future, you will be notified of the changes.”

Many thanks to you, Dan.


any reason to transfer your freedom ur points to spouses sapphire/ink plus versus just doing it from your own freedom to your own ink plus?


I opened a checking account this past weekend and sent them a secure message to see if I could be enrolled even though the deal was “expiring” on the 11th. I received a message back today that anyone who applies for the Freedom and checking account by 11/30 will be eligible for the program within 1-3 billing cycles. There’s still hope!!


I sent a secure message to chase I got this message, so is it nov 11th or nov 30th?

Our records indicate that your Chase checking account was
not opened until after November 11, 2012. Because you did
not have both a Chase checking account and a Chase Freedom
Card with Ultimate Rewards account opened before November
11, 2012, your Chase Freedom Card with Ultimate Rewards
account will not be upgraded to a Chase 10×10 Exclusive
with Ultimate Rewards account. I regret any inconvenience
this may cause you.


I went to chase today and they told me all the freedom card will be switch to the new policy, and no one can get the 10 points each transaction anymore. Only the 10% bonus every year. So there won’t be any grandfather card anymore. Can someone confirm that?


I was approved for Freedom card online on Nov 8th. I ran to Chase in the morning of Nov 9th and opened a checking acct. The rep said she’d try to link the 2 accounts but wasn’t knowledgeable about he 10×10 program. She later called me at home to tell me she would link the accts.
I sent chase an SM just to be safe. They answered:
While we appreciate your interest in the Chase Exclusive
rewards program, I regret to inform you that, the
Exclusive rewards program will be discontinued with
effect from 11/11/2012.
Hence, card members having an open Chase checking account
and a Freedom credit card will not convert to the
Exclusive program, but will remain as a Freedom credit
card account with the current points earning structure.
This message from Chase seems a bit contradictory. On the one hand it says program is discontinued 11/11/12. (This was 11/9 and I already had both accts active)Then it goes on to say if u have a chk acct and freedom card u will not convert…
I wrote back saying the rep said it would be linked. Waiting for a response…


I have a similar situation as Fetch, though my account was opened in October, I noticed no chase Exclusives activity on my first bill, which was completed before November 11th, PM’d Chase today (specifying when I opened my account) and received the same message as Fetch as a reply ( I assume automated). Waiting for a follow up from Chase now…


Got my freedom card nov 7 opened my checking account sat night nov 10.
Sent Chase a SM to expedite it.
This is the reply:
Dear James

I am writing in response to your follow up message
requesting to have the upgrade to the Exclusives program
expedited on your Freedom account.

Please note that as mentioned in the previous response
sent, your Freedom account will take one to three
statement cycles to upgrade to the Exclusives reward
program. As this is an automated process, we will be
unable to expedite it for you. However, please be assured
that as long as you have an open checking account with
Chase, your Freedom credit card account ending in 7695
will upgrade to the Exclusives 10 and 10 Ultimate Rewards
program as your account was opened prior to 11/11/2012.

I apologize for the inconvenience experience due to this.
If you have any further questions, please reply using the
Secure Message Center.


Hey dan I got an offer with a invitation # in the mail to sign up for the freedom and get the 10 & 10 that expires dec. 10 2012 is it something that can be put into effect manually?


I have exclusive program for 2 years. How do I know when will my program be ended ( I meant not be grandfather anymore?)I heard some people said it will be ended in 2013. Anyone confirms?


I sent an SM today asking to be grandfathered, even though my account was opened in December. This is the response I received today (12/27): I am writing in response to your email in reference to the
Chase Freedom Exclusives 10 & 10 program.

I would like to inform you that existing Chase Freedom
Customers with an open Chase checking account (Consumer or
Business) will be automatically upgraded to the Chase
Freedom Exclusives 10 & 10 products within approximately
1-3 billing cycles.


Hey Dan, I have been out of the country and missed out on applying for the Chase Freedom Card and getting a Chase Checking account therefor being unable to enroll in the Chase Exclusives program (10%/10Points). However, now that I am back I was wondering if you know any one who has been able to get enrolled into that program still? Maybe via SM?
I am applying for the Chase Freedom Visa this weekend, and am going to open a Chase Checking account today. Any chance I will be able to still get in on it? Any words of advice on what to say in an SM? Or can someone at the Bank help me enroll?
I also have the option of getting my name added on as a Co-owner of the account of a family member’s long time standing Checking account. I can do that and after applying for the Freedom card see if I can get in? Will those increase my chances since it’s an old account and hence I may be “grandfathered”?
Hope to hear back from you soon! Thanks!