Ends Today: HOT! Buy A $20 Item With Free Shoprunner Shipping From eBags And Earn 2,000+ Points With Select Chase Cards!

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Update: Today is the final day for this offer.

The 2K points posted onto each of my credit cards without issue:

Originally posted on 12/5:

If you use a Chase Freedom/Freedom Unlimited or a Sapphire/Sapphire Preferred to spend $20+ at eBags.com by 12/31 with Chase Pay Checkout you’ll earn 2,000 bonus points. At checkout, select the Chase Pay option. Click on the links above to view the offer details.

You can view a tutorial on using Chase Pay in this post.


Limit one bonus per card, per merchant. Allow up to 8 weeks for the bonus points to post to your account.

2,000 points are worth $30 at a 1.5 cent point valuation or $36 at a 1.8 cent point valuation.

Receive free 2 day shipping on eligible items and free return shipping with Shoprunner. (Don’t have a Shoprunner account? If you have an AMEX you can signup for free for life or sign up here for a free 1 year membership.)

Not all items are eligible for Shoprunner. You can look at the expected arrival section on a product page to see if it has the Shorunner logo.

You can find sale items that are eligible for Shoprunner here and you can find all items eligible for Shoprunner here.

Below are some sample Shoprunner eligible items. Be sure your order total is at least $20 after tax to earn the 2,000 bonus points:

What will you buy to trigger the 2,000 point bonus?

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How many times can you do this?

Eileen Kerrigan

I got all the way to the checkout section, selected ChasePay and entered my info, but didn’t complete the transaction because I don’t see anyplace where Chase offers the 2,000 points :-/ It’s not on the Chase shopping page, either — just the 10x points offer. Am I missing something?


Per card or person?


I am in the same situation. I have clicked on all the links on the post, a couple of times. But at checkout I see nothing about the points offer. I am using a Chase Freedom Signature. Apparently though I would qualify for “will get you $0.94 in eBags rewards” So I did not to complete the transaction.


will Sapphire reserve get the bonus?


Someone posted on sd that they called and were told that this offer does not include reserve.


you can get 25% off with a student discount


does this work with the business ink card?


Does sapphire reserve qualify?


Will this work with Sapphire Reserve? The info only says “Chase Sapphire” and “Chase Sapphire Preferred”


even if i buy anything for about 25 dollars would it work
please let me know


Pinny, It will work for any item over $20 for the $20 potion of the order only.
The correct way to compose your question is;
“Will it work for anything over $25?”

Derech erets on the other hand will not cost anybody anything.


Limit one bonus per card. Literally per card or one bonus per card per merchant?


Do additional card holders also get the promotion


Actually I can’t seem to make a separate login for an additional card with Chase like you could with Amex so scratch that unless you know otherwise


Rats, I just placed an order with eBags yesterday.

Chana k

Does this stack with their 25% off on-site coupon MERRY?


for sure


Any reason you can’t order gift cards?


I got the bonus by ordering a $20 gift card.


Thank you for letting me know.


When I tap on “Chase PAY” on my phone in checkout, it does nothing. Why?


Getting an error with ChasePay … tried with iOS and PC, also tried 3 different ChasePay logins.

anyone else have this problem?

Levi Lobl

Shoprunner Shipping works only with a limited amount of items!


Dan – I realize that some of us need our hands held but your post literally makes no sense unless your math is off – 20×10 = 200


Getting a javascript error on the checkout page when selecting ChasePay. Anyone else having this problem?


Signed up per Dans advise with amex. Ordered a wallet with chase pay Sapphire reserved. Hopefully should work with that cards as well. Dan did mention it will be 8 weeks before points kick in. BTW dan how you you find out about this deal. Is it on the Chase website somewhere?


Argh, I so want the points… But none of this stuff is worth buying for a frugal individual… I have all the stuff I’d ever need from eBags. Anyone see any reselling opportunities?

asaf katz

Dan, where did you find this deal on the chase website what is it link for this offer on the chase website?


Can I still do it today even if the charge will post after 12/31?


Do Chase Pay transactions post instantly?

This part in the T&Cs concerns me: “Purchases posted to your account with a transaction date during the offer period are eligible for this offer. Delays by the merchant, such as shipping, could extend the transaction date beyond the offer period.”


Is it too late to have the charge post in time for the deal?


Dan , wana answer us ?


If it will require further action then I think I’ll pass if it would post automatically I would go for it


I actually tried to , but didn’t find something at $20 only for a bit more , now that reports are confirimg that gift cards work that would be much better


FACEBOOK25 takes of 25%


Does the product need to be shoprunner eligable or will it work even with a product that is not eligable for shoprunner?

David R

First seeing this after midnight EST. What time zone is the deadline based on?