Results On My Applications For Sapphire Preferred And Freedom Flex Cards; Roundup Of My 15 Active Chase Cards

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For a limited time only, Chase has an unprecedented signup bonus offer of 80,000 points for Sapphire Preferred. You can read more about the offer here.

They also just launched an intro offer on the Freedom Flex Mastercardwith a 20K signup bonus, plus up to 60K points on grocery spending, for another potential 80K points. You can read more about the offer here.

I opened a Sapphire Reserve card back when it launched in August 2016 with an intro 100K bonus. I was also able to get the JPMorgan Reserve card in March 2017 with a 100K bonus thanks to a childhood friend who worked at JPMorgan, so I downgraded the Sapphire Reserve to a Freedom card.

I checked the old statements of that downgraded Freedom card online and saw that I earned the 100K bonus on 9/19/16, so I was now eligible for another Sapphire card bonus as it has been 48 months since I earned that bonus.

And as long as I was applying, I figured I’d add on the Freedom Flex as an application in another browser at the same time, so that there would be just one credit pull for both applications.

Both applications came back as pending.

You can call Chase to get a pending application reconsidered, but I decided to wait it out and see what would happen.

Several days later, I got a call from Chase asking about my card applications. Specifically, why was I applying for the 2 new cards, given my 13 existing Chase cards.

I explained that I was intrigued by the value of the new Flex card and its new bonus categories, as well as having a Mastercard and that I decided to add a Sapphire card back to my portfolio based on the strong card offer.

I expected the agent to ask me to close 2 existing cards to get approved, but she only asked if I would be willing to shift the credit lines over from another card. The Freedom card needed a $500 line to open and the Sapphire card needed a $5,000 line to open.

I said sure, directed which lines to move over, and was approved for both cards on the spot.

I guess I should have tried for 3 cards 😀

My current Chase card lineup is:

  • Chase Freedom: 3 (Annual fee: $0, each card offers $1,500 in quarterly 5x bonus spending)
  • Chase Freedom Flex: 1 (Annual fee: $0)
  • Chase Freedom Unlimited: 1 (Annual fee: $0)
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred: 1 (Annual fee: $95)
  • JPMorgan Reserve: 1 (Annual fee: $90 after $300 travel and $60 Doordash statement credits, more than offset via bonus points, Priority Pass, Global Entry, Roadside Assistance, primary CDW, travel protections, Dashpass membership, and increased points value)
  • JPMorgan Ritz-Carlton: 1 (Annual fee: $150 after $300 airline statement credits, more than offset via 50K anniversary night)
  • Chase United Lifetime Club: 1 (Annual fee: $100)
  • Chase Hyatt: 1 (Annual fee: $95, more than offset via 15K anniversary night)
  • Chase Ink Cash: 5 (Annual fee: $0, each card offers $25K in annual 5x bonus spending)

What’s your Chase card lineup?

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What tool (if any) do you use to keep track of all cards and when to pay them etc.? I have a few cards and am thinking of adding a couple but am afraid of “losing control” and messing up my great credit score.

Dan\'s the Man

use paper statements and just pay using your checking account bill pay the day the statement comes (you can schedule it to be paid closer to the due date using bill pay).


The Mint app is the most brilliant budget/tracking out there. It’s changed my life and the life of everyone I’ve recommended it to who has actually signed up. Takes a few minutes to set up, but it’s 100% worth it. (All my bills are on autopay, but it’s great to know my 30 day “bills to pay” amount)


I would say to auto pay the minimum amount and then set all your cards to the same due date (or even 2 dates per month, half half) to go online and pay the rest

Kevin C.

Dan: If I downgrade my reserve to try again for the bonus, am I correct that I risk being rejected and then not having a reserve in my arsenal for optimal points redemptions at 1.5?

Oscar B

I know you have shared with us charts in the past but I’m intrigued to learn from you, what card you use for the different purchasing categories.

El Capitan

Is there any practical difference between the freedom visa and flex mastercard? I get that the visa is no longer being offered but weren’t the same benefits given to the visa now that it’s being phased out?


Just got approved for the Sapphire preferred today after applying via your link.
Also have a United Explorer.
What is the United Lifetime club card?


How is the JPMorgan Reserve different from the Sapphire Reserve?


Very hard to believe that you were under 3/24!


if i had to bet, he isnt, but his “childhood friend” worked it out for him


I think you only have to be 4/24 if making a double bowser application?


I’m just surprised you’re not over 5/24


hi dan
thanks. they denied me for the united explorer saying that my account was not open for more then a year is there something i can do about it?


So you have statements going back years?? With the amount of credit cards you have, you should be set on toilet paper thru the next 4 pandemics.

Mo K

How do you only have a $350 annual fee on the JP morgan reserve?


PC to original Chase freedom still available?


Any DPs re opening the sapphire as a first chase credit card?
Also opening 2 cards at once when having no prior chase cards

Mo K

Sorry .. I had meant $450 … It didn’t go up to $550 like the Sapphire reserve?
Do you have a link for it?
Does you a review of the benefits and perks of that card?


you are not 5/24 ? there have been many good card bonuses over past two years


Surprised you don’t have the business ink that offers warranty on cellphones

Mo K

Unless you have advertising/shipping expenses … Then it pays for itself very quickly.


Dan why are you ignoring the questions regarding how you passed 5/24 maybe we could use some advice? many of us are not eligible due to 5/24.


why do you need the united club card i thought you had once bought lifetime united club membership?


whats better to have Freedom Unlimited or Freedom Flex?


I tried applying and they declined me because I have too much available credit. I don’t have any chase cards, only secondary. They’re all from other cards. Any advice on how to get approved?


does the 5 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar on Lyft spending through 3/31/22 for new Flex apply only for new applicants or for visa freedom conversions too? thanks,


What do you gain by doing the applications at the same time on different browsers? Wouldn’t just applying the same day suffice?


How do you find old statements from closed cards? I can’t find a way to see it on chase


I called and said the last time I got bonus points was August 2016. I downgraded my preffered card a long time ago and should be eligible. But I still currently have a reserve card. She claims I am still eligible but I think she is wrong. Can I just downgrade the CSR for the time being then upgrade when I get my 80k points. I need to maximize all the UR points at the 1.5.


Unrelated question:
If I upgrade my CSP to a CSR, would I be charged the AF right away or when my CSP’s year is up?


Curious to see the full Dan CC lineup including Amex & Citi… personal & Business.


You can have more then 1 Freedom card?


What income do i need to be approved for the chase preferred unlimited? fico score is about 730


Why not caution your readers that they may be subject to the 5/24 rule?


How can I get the J.P. Morgan Reserve card?


Debating if to apply for CSR or CSP (My wife have CSP). Since at the moment I have no plans of travel would you recommend opening CSR and later on upgrading to CSP or to open the CSP from the start.

Dani Klein

Dan, I’m curious to hear more about your INK cards, and how come you have 5 INK cash and none of the other 2?


Can you tell us which 5 Chase Ink cash cards and which 3 Chase freedom cards?

M k

Hi Dan, Where can I find more info on applying for 2 (chase) cards at once, and will it work if I’m 4/24? thanks


I have not applied in ages for cards. Ill probably pick up another Chase business card. I set all cards to autopay and some I pay before cycle ends. I can understand Chase willing to give you the cards by moving lines around especially right now.


Whoa Dan, you don’t own a Saphire Reserve!?


I have a CSR and a freedom I would love to get the preferred with 80,000 can I Downgrade my reserve to a freedom even though I have one so that I can get the preferred?
I anyways we would rather have the preferred in the reserve right now


Hey Dan, I know this is probably a stupid question, but I’m fairly new to credit cards-. How do you have more than one of the same cards? Thanks!


Thanks for sharing. How you end up with 5 ink cash. Did you get bonus on all 5 cards?


Why keep the preferred and get 3 on dining and pay 95 a year rather than having the freedom unlimited for free and get 5 back on dining?




Upgraded to reserve june 1 and was told fee will be 450. Fee posted yesterday for 550. Chase said the notes from june 8 say i was notified i may not get the 100 credit. They said theyll listen to the phone call And get Back to me in 3-5 days.

Eitan Nirenberg

Do I have to downgrade my Reserve to apply for the Preferred and earn the 80K welcome bonus? Assuming 4 years have passed since I earned the CSR welcome bonus.


Dan, I have a Ink Cash and an Ink Preferred. I don’t get enough value out of the Ink Preferred so was going to cancel, but called and they offered a conversion to Ink Unlimited and a refund of the $95 fee I just got billed. What would you do? convert to the Unlimited, convert to another Cash, or cancel?


Does one need a chase bank account to get the JPMorgan reserve?


How do you have 5 ink cash?

Guy in BO

Do chase business cards and personal cards applied for on the same day count as one pull?


Do you typically earn the signup bonus on the date the statement is closed ?

I see it on my statement but without a a date just the month.

Do I need to dig online for an exact date ?


So does applying 2 cards at the same time via different browsers result only in 1 hard pull? I was always under the impression it would be 2 different hard pulls.


Can I apply to for 3 different chase cards at once and get one hard pull? I currently have the Freedom Unlimited and was told I’m preapproved for the Sapphire Preferred. What do you recommend I do if I’d like to apply for the CSP, the Freedom Flex and another chase card at the same time? (Newbie here)


Hi Dan can you get the freedom flex bonus if you have gotten the “old” freedom card within the past 24 months?


Hi dan thanks for your help if I have a sapphire with a lot of points should I transfer the points to my wife card before I downgrade or downgrade with the points to a freedom and then transfer back the points to the new sapphire also if I transfer to my wife can I transfer back


Hi dan thanks for your time and help I currently have a sapphire with a lot of points should I transfer to my wife card before I downgrade or downgrade to a freedom with the points and then transfer back to the new card if I transfer to my wife can I transfer back to myself

Chaim F

Something strange happened:
I tried to apply for Sapphire Preferred + Freedom Flex combo.

Sapphire preferred approved instantly, Freedom Flex needs review.

Please advise.