Reminder: Earn 3.21 Points Per Dollar With Sapphire Preferred At Restaurants Today


You will earn triple points today with your Chase Sapphire Preferred card on all dining purchases. Normally you earn 2.14 points per dollar on dining, airfare, hotel stays, and car rentals.

Together with the 7% annual dividend that means 3.21 points per dollar. Spend $100 in any restaurant and you’ll get 300 points on your next statement plus 21 additional points as part of your annual dividend.

Dining on the Sapphire Preferred card includes all sit-down restaurants, fast food, coffee shops, catering, bars, lounges, and more.

Don’t want to eat out today? Ask your favorite eatery if they sell gift cards and lock in 3.21 points per dollar by purchasing them today!

Need to pay a caterer? Do it today and pocket the extra miles!

Are you outside of the USA? Not to worry, the Sapphire Preferred card does not charge any foreign transaction fees. (Which also makes it the best card for car rentals in Israel, 2.14 points per dollar, free primary CDW insurance with no deductible, and no foreign use fees).

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Can I get the 3X if I buy gift cards online from the restaurant’s website?




which resturant website sells gift cards?


dan u the man good shabbos


Does Seamless count?


Does Starbucks count as coffee shop? Could just load up my gold card if so…..


So I think I messed up – is there any way to fix this:
I put a $4000 charge to Bagel Shoppe Friday 12/6 on Chase Sapphire for my son’s upcoming upsherin. But since they are not registered as “dining,” it didn’t pick up the 3x points.
I sent a secure message and they called me back. They claim that there is nothing to do since they are not registed as dining, but rather as a “food market.”
I asked to speak with manager. He told me the same thing. I said, “I know it can be done.” He then replied. “You spent $4,000 on lunch?!?” I said, “No, catering.” “Well that’s not included. Only dining. I’m sorry there’s nothing we can do for you.”
What are your thoughts as to what my next move should be?