Possible 100K Platinum Card Signup Bonus?

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Update, 01/08 at 11:25am: DEAD!


Disclaimer: I was told about this a little while ago but had to promise not to be the one to make it public. I am posting it now as it has already been posted today on multiple other deal forums as well as on DDFI’m all ears for anyone else that wants to tell me anything else in confidence 😉

Step 1: To check if you can get the 100K offer click here.

Step 2: Click on “Offers Matched for You” at the top of the left sidebar.

Step 3: Enter your personal info. You don’t need to enter your social.

Step 4: See if you have a 100K American Express Platinum card offer waiting for you!

Be sure to take screenshots of the offer details.
“Bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product within the last 12 months or any Consumer ZYNC®, Green or Gold Card account within the last 90 days”

More info:
-There are other great offers on this page as well but beware that you may not be able to get the bonus on both the consumer Gold card and the consumer Platinum card based on reports and the above terms.
-A $450 annual fee applies and is not waived for the first year.
-You need to spend $3,000 in 3 months to get the bonus.
-Try browsing incognito if you don’t see this (or any other credit card) offer and come back here to start the steps again. In IE and Firefox access this mode by holding down Ctrl, Shift, and P buttons on your keyboard. In Chrome you can access this mode by holding down Ctrl, Shift, and N.
Read this DDF thread for the $200 airline fee credit refund and how to get a $400 refund in your first year. Login to DDF to view the Wiki summary.
-You also get a $100 global entry expedited customs (5 year membership) refund, platinum card airline club access (American, Delta, and USAirways) for you and your entire family, priority pass worldwide lounge membership, and more.
-Being matched with a card is not a guarantee of approval.

You can also submit applications for different American Express cards in separate browsers with the same single credit pull including great cards like the Starwood Preferred Guest® Consumer Credit Card from American Express or the Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express OPEN.
The Starwood cards have no fee the first year and have free authorized user cards that you can use on Small Business Saturday to make $25 on each one. Plus you can downgrade the card to a free card after the year.

HT: magnus, via DDF

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josh w

Any way to get annual fee waived?

mimi k.

Got 2 And counting!


I just applied for a platinum card…will AMEX match this?


@dan I canceled my platinum card before the summer (approx. 4 months ago).
I checked and I see the offer for 100K platinum card. Can I do it? Or will they not give them to me?
It says Terms and Restrictions Apply…


Sweet! I’m eligible… though I just got Amex Hilton and Chase Ink Bold so I need to meet that spending first. I WISH I could find VR or MVD near Monsey!



I got this offer in the mail 3 different times over the last 6 months and every time I put in the offer # it said that it is not valid. I called up and they said there is nothing they can do about it. Also, on this offer, each additional card was $300


is this card worth it for me to pay $450 just for the points and then cancel the card?


What if I recently got rejected for a targeted 100g amex plat app for “already having received the 100g offer”? Do you think its a waste of time even if this link says I’m in the clear?


Forget it, I got my answer:
† Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product within the last 12 months or any other Consumer ZYNC®, Green or Gold Card or Platinum Card® account within the last 90 days.


Can I get the consumer gold card again if I had it and cancelled it 10 months ago? I got the bonus over a year ago if that makes a differenc.


If I already applied for the Platinum card is it possible to get matched to this offer?


Got it. Can you use the $200 airline credit to buy plane tickets?


How much is 100K points worth anyways ?


im doing application now, is 450 fee due right away, or first year its waived? if not, any way to waive it the first year?


it says this message that:
“Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product within the last 12 months or any Consumer ZYNC®, Green or Gold Card account within the last 90 days”
i have a premier rewards gold do you think i wouldn’t the bonus?


Dan when I click on your link I just get credit card spam.


there is no need to enter your SS# in the creditcards.com website to get the link.

s dee

If u cancel within the first 2 months you can get back your 450.00
U gotta spend the $3k & move your points & then cancel


hi dan do u think its a reliably site it ask for ssn but u don’t have to enter it + the email from amex for completing application says offer not available


What are these points good for if I am not a planning any vacations? Can I sell them? If yes whats the going rate? Is it worth it if I have to pay the 450 dollar fee?



Does anyone know if I just signed up for the Amex Delta Gold if I can still get the bonus?


They matched me with the Platinum Amex but when i actually put in all the info and applied i was not approved… Interesting..


after having the platinum can i downgrade to the blue card?

Corky Putt Putt

Thanks Dan!


When you go to the link they give the app,I action says it on the side


instantly approved for the platinum! Tnx Dan!


Can I apply for both AX Gold and Plat same day using 2 browsers trick?


thanks tons dan, just got approved.


Anyone else getting an error page when transferring to AMEX?


@diana yep that’s the whole point


YMMV, some people have had success, some have been rejected of late for Gold+Plat.


worked for me ! you rock Dan !!


Is it safe to give my social security number to this website??


Help! Justgot the 50k . Can i be matched? Is there an offer code?


This has been going around for quite a while, but now that it has been made public its guaranteed to die!


it says if u have the gold u cant get it, what if i make a new account number, will i then be able to get the 100k?


YA get lost, greddy, thanks so much dan


account number i mean a dif login



If I were to do a balance transfer from another credit card for $3,000 would that make me meet the spending threshold for this offer?

Big boy

Hey Dan,
Just recently got the platinum MB card can i still get this offer P.S. I only got 705.00 in staples gift cards and 80,000 ink points do you consider that a competition?


is it pretty much guaranteed that i will get approved if i have an offer forth e 100k through this website?


Guaranteed to be approved? Definitely not.


no answer on mine?


I got both Plat and PRG cards using TBM


they said they will get back to me within 14 days


First time applicant. Looking to sign up, meet spend threshold, net Membership Reward sign up points and then transfer to BA and then cancel and get some of the annual fee refunded.

My husband already has this card and received a discounted annual fee this year through retentions and it’d make more sense $$$ wise to have him add me as an additional cardmember after I cancel my own card and get a prorated refund.

Anyone try this first hand or foresee any problems with cancelling my card after transferring points out or anything else?


Hi i did a 3 bm in december for a amex gold / SPG and delta was approved for 2 instantly and for spg had to call recon 3 times till i was approved, when i heard about this offer on friday i did a 4bm split on two computers for my wife for the platinum, gold, delta and spg again was aproved for 3 besides spg called recon twice and was aproved,
Interesting to note that i signd up today for the citi credit monitor and i saw 3 pulls from amex in December, Dan does that make sense?
Thanks dan for your help and for my free vacation


Did 2bm for gold and plat. When I check status it says in progress. Bummer…..


I got approved. Now I have three cards:
2 – Ink Bold
3 – Amex Plat

What is the best way for me to split my spending? As of now, most is on SPG, I only use the bold for where I can get the bonus points (bold offers/UR Mall).

Is it better for me to use my SPG more or my Plat?


Just got approved and confirmed that I still can get the bonus even though I just signed up for the amex delta gold!!! I think when it says gold it might mean priemer gold bec the agent said that platinum is one of their most premium products.


Does business gold count?
I just called to cancel my zync card. Do I need to wait 90 days to apply for the card or to get the miles?

So it pays to keep cancelling your cards that you are not using from Amex? As long as there was no annual fee I thought I should keep it open


You do not have to put in your social to see if the offer is available.


@dan: it showed me the offers. does anyone know how long they will be around or how to access them again? i would need to wait till march to get offer again.
also: just signed wife up for plat 2 months ago. think they will match if she is eligible for this offer? or are the days of matching done?


Got approved for plat + prg. Will I still get the bonus points on both?


I am elgible but just cancelled the consumer MB platinum

is this the same “product”? and if yes, can i convert this offer to a business platinum?


Can you combine 2 AMEX rewards accounts?


I only have access to my own computer now and I only have Firefox & Safari. Can I still try to apply for the AMEX PLAT, GOLD & SPG? Also, what can I do with the 100,000 points?


I don’t see the Offers Matched for You” at the top of the left sidebar.


Download Chrome?


I called amex 3 times (thanks dan for huca) amex to match the 100k for a card I made in December but was denied i will try again

mr G

Dan. Thank u. Just applied. It was pending. I called them. And got approved. Now Question. They say tht airline gc aren’t eligible for the $200. Platnium credit. Is it true ? Also I want all to know that for $175. U can get 3 more additional card.
Plz reply.


@dan, would be nice to see you answer some more questions, ones that have been asked a few times, like wat if you already have the gold card


Thanks for the idea Dan. You’re really awesome. Unfortunately, I have a 7 year old computer and my OS is too old to be able to download anything else. What can I do with the 100,000 points to make the $495 fee worthwhile? I have read the DDF about the plane ticket purchase with the EC upgrade. But what can I do with the 100,000 points? What are they worth? Thank you for sending me in the right direction! You are THE BEST DAN!!!!


when should I call recon to get approved?


How many seconds or minutes apart, do you need to pull the trigger on the 3 browsers, to count as one pull.


Hi. I am very new to credit card points… I know very little about how all this works so any help would be greatly appreciated. I just got approved for 2 Amex Platinum accounts for my wife and I. Is there any point of keeping this credit card after i get the points and pay the $450 fee? Is it worth $450 per year? I normally use a regular green Amex card for all my purchases. Should I cancel my wifes new account and keep one? Thank you very much.


The Gold Card is 50k Points but no fee for first year and I can cancel after I get the points. Isn’t that a better deal than the 100k for the platinum at a cost for the first year of $450?


If I apply for the platinum 100k and the premier reward gold 50k, is there a concern that I will not receive both bonuses? Is it worth the shot? – only 1 credit pull if I submit both at the same time, right?


According to the terms you may not get both bonuses.
You’d be better off with a Plat and the 2 Starwood cards as you can definitely get all 3 of those bonuses with 1 pull.

Big boy

Hey Dan,
You seemed to have missed my post at 10:17 PM
I would really appreciate it if you can answer my Q.


And approved – thank you, Dan! I was almost ready to apply for the Mercedes-Benz Platinum Amex to get 50k points. I am so excited to get 100,000 points!!


Just applied and got approved. Took a starting and confirming screenshot of the 100K offer just in case.


thank you for this link. now i do see i can link to an application for 100k on platinum. do you think these links would work to apply for anyone else ( another family member) or is there some tracking blocker that would identify which ss this was done for. or ymmv. thanx again


Oy vei Dan, I didnt realize that i cant get the 100 and the 50 i kist applied for both cards how can i make sure to get the 100k and not the 50k? Should i first use my platinum and not use the gold will that help


dan thanks and is it true tht for the plat 200 airline credit is gc not eligible ??????



is the primary purpose of doing the 3bm to avoid multiple hard pulls?? citi told me even if there is simultaneous apps, you will get double aa bonus, but they deff will pull a hard pull for each card


Would Q3/Q4 work for this (PLT+GOLD+SPG+DELTA)?


@ dan how do i do 1 pull?

i just applied for 3 people for the 7amex platinum.. all were approved..

now after the 3 months can i downgrade to SPG card? cause it has a better point value/


@dan there are 2 starwood cards?


do they still offer the $200 travel voucher


Question, i made an aditional on my gold card and i realized that it has a different credit card# not like regular cards that has the same number, I am wondering if when the additional card holder spends is it included in reaching the threshold? Also on the Delta card terms it says that the lounge access is for the primary card holder only, I just baught for my father 7 tickets for him and my siblings to Israel on Delta thanks to Dan, I used my amex gold card but made my father additional on the gold and on the Delta cards, I am not flying with them will he be able to use the benefits of the card? Also Dan you once wrote about a way of getting into the airport past security can you please give me the link to that article. Thank you


Same question as a couple of guys asked but dont see an answer
Anyone know if Mercedes Benz Plat counts as same Product


Got it


@jakeh: Just did all 4 I got instantly approved for all but the spg!!


Try applying for another AMEX while it’s still the same day for the same pull and cancel out your gold app?


You may not get the bonus on Plat+Gold.

One is business.

Little boy

Go find someone else to push around!@Big boy: go find someone else to push around!


@berryl, uve posted a bunch of times already, have u not got it, that dan doesnt answer ppl


It is the same product, so YMMV.

I’ve done 4BMs with AMEX before, just call Recon.


If I just got gold business.. Does that knock me out for the consumer platinum? Or is business and personal not connected as far as 100k promo!?


Please tell me you’re joking 🙄


This is the answer i got from the rep it may still work but this is what he said
you: Hi I see you have a promo for the Platinum card giving 100k points for spending 3k in 3 monhs but it saysWelcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product within the last 12 months does the Mercedes Benz Platinum counts as the same product?

Stephen: Yes, that is correct. That would count as a Platinum Charge card, and would therefore not be eligible. Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product within the last 12 months or any Consumer ZYNC®, Green or Gold Card account within the last 90 days.


I would appreciate an answer from anyone,
To late Dan i cant cancel anymore, any other advice


I just got a offer in mail for the Discover it card is it worth to apply? I is it a decent card? Compared to the chase freedom?




with amex you can apply for plat consumer spg consumer and spg business 3bms and it only 1 hard pull? i thought u ant mix consumer with business?


With AMEX you can mix consumer and business for 1 pull.
I did a 4BM (2 consumer+2 platinum) with just 1 pull.


nice! i have the spg consumer card already i want to get the plat which other 3 cards do u recommend i get ?


Little confused based on what I’m seeing in the thread and on the offer page. Does Amex actually not give you the 100K bonus if you have had a GC in the last 90 days?


Yes, there have been DDF reports of denials based on these terms.


Im in for 1 Plat


You can get different AMEX cards (though perhaps not Gold/Green, etc) with the same pull.


What does YMMV mean?


You’re probably on the mobil site.


@Dan:Got approved for gold+plat and received conformation emails!


That doesn’t mean you will get the bonuses, YMMV.

Your mileage may vary.


I just read the posts after I got approved at like 10 30 can I still apply for other cards with just one pull its 1220 now


is there a way to know if i got the offer or have to wait till after spend 3k?


I don’t know what time zone the pulls will register as, but if you try then let us know next time you check your report 🙂

You would have to spend the money and wait.
I don’t recommend calling at any time unless you like red flags.


Want to apply but please tell me…is it worth applying for the Platinum for $450 a year or just go for the gold at no fee first yr ad then $175?????


@dan, is there any amex card with a $0 annual fee and a good signup bonus?


I asked earlier how close apart does a 3bm need to be? A matter of seconds, minutes, hours? Does anyone know?


Should iI Google it


Plat is the better deal.

Just find one with a waived fee like Starwood. Then use cards on small business saturday to make a profit on it. You can downgrade it to a free card after a year.

Ideally, seconds.
However anytime on the same day will be one pull.


@Dan: thanks dan i’ll call tomorrow. This deal rocks…praying that i’ll get both the platinum and gold bonuses


Hi dan I have new way of spending


Applied for someone 100K platinum +SPG+SPG BZ,

AMEX app status only shows the two SPG apps, any reason to be concerned? is the 100k site legit?

Big boy

Hey Dan,
I decided to sign me and my wife up,we both got instant approvals and they said that we get 100k even though we both have the MB card
Thanks Dan your the man yet again.


@dan: ??


Great combo, no conflicts of points posting that way.
Hopefully the plat app will show up for you soon.

@Big boy:
Officially you will not get the bonus if you have an MB card and others have posted in the past that they were denied.
But you won’t know until you spend and either way it’s YMMV as always.


So if I currently have a ZYNC account I can’t get in on this?


Officially, no.
But YMMV. I simply can’t tell you either way.


How good a chance do you think Dan? At this point I would only do the PRG to be on the safe side.


does business platinum count?


So if I currently have a consumer SPG, I can apply for another one and get the bonus?
Do I leave the SPG number field blank?


Is there any bonus points for inviting someone on this offer ?


That’s how it worked for me on both SPG cards even with the new terms.


just did a Plat and Gold for 7 different people. some i did delts and/ SPG too. got instant approval for all except one spg that is pending……Thank You Dan.


can i do the vanilla to blue bird with this card


Is the platinum with 450 fee a better deal then the chase sapphire preferred with fee waived first year ?


Will it affect my credit to cancel the amex platinum after I use the points – since it’s a charge card and not a regular credit limit? What are the options of downgrading to a no annual fee card?

Also, I am under the impression that the $450 annual fee is prorated, meaning that if I cancel after 2 months after I already depleted my points, I will only need to pay 1/6 of the fee – is that correct?

Thanks for all of your help and info!!


If I just closed my platinum can I reapply in 90 days?


is the delta a good offer?


ty goo knight


@dan does having a gold card for almost a year restrict you from this offer or is it restricted only if u apply’d in the past 90 days that u cant get it?


@Dan: Just applied for the Plat, SPG Cons + Biz, and Delta Gold.
Thanks Dan.


Do I understand correctly that I can avoid the $450 fee by cancelling before the 3rd month starts? (do the points even post/transfer before 2 months close?)

Also, pardon my ignorance, I’m trying to understand why I can’t use the same browser to apply for all cards simultaneously, do the cookies prevent them processing the same time?


Do NOT ask amex
1) If a 2/3bm will only be 1 pull
2) if you will get the points if you just cancelled the amex 2 months ago
3)If this is a legit offer

Asking thm anything about these type of things just alerts them to the stuff going and kills it very quickly.

NEVER EVER call and ask about a shtick/glitch/promo/price mistake/excellent sale/trick/system error/calculator malfunction/etc.

Use common sense!!!!


I just did a 3BM – Plat+PRG+SPG and got approved for all three! Thanks Dan!


Does business platinum count??


consumer: Hello amex, I am exploiting a loophole to take advantage of your company. Are you ok with that?

Amex: Of course. We are here for you to make money. Do it as many times as you like.



Only getting errors now, is it dead?


Nope, not dead. Just changed browsers, and got approved. Thanks Dan. An article, or a link to an article, about taking full advantage of airline credit and other ways to make back the fee would be appreciated!


Only getting offers from capital one???


got declined 🙁 have 4 cards, kinda a beginner, got the freedom a month ago, was i too early to apply for a platinum?


Just got approved for Plat. (have had a gold delta biz amex about a decade, will probably cancel and refund the fee)

question. I haven’t used MR’s before, does one have to somehow sign up for an MR account to make sure to get them credited, or is an MR account co-created?


I got a Platinum card in Sept 2011 and cancelled it Sept 2012.Is Amex’s policy begin from 12 months since I orginially got the card or 12 months since I cancelled the card? Just want to see if I can apply becuase the offer was visible when I input my information.


Worked for me.
Thx Dan


it says this message that:
“Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product within the last 12 months or any Consumer ZYNC®, Green or Gold Card account within the last 90 days”
i have a premier rewards gold do you think i wouldn’t the bonus?

where can i see this terems ?

is a business plt count the same product so i can do personal and biz for 200k ?


People keep mentioning “exploiting loopholes”. What exactly is being exploited here, seems to be a legit deal. Or am I missing something?


On Sunday two days ago, I applied and was instantly approved for the Starwood business card. If I apply for the consumer Gold card now, will that be a separate credit pull?


@baruch: not dead.got approved just now for three people.. i found that safari and firefox were both saying that amex site was down but chrome brought the app right up.. i even spoke with amex on the phone and they confirned deal is alive and kicking



the rep brought it up to me,
she didnt say 3bm, just when i asked if i can apply for business and personal visa and master(witch both offer 50k) on same day she said yes, and even mentioned you may bypass the system and get both sign up promoions, when i asked if apply all on same day (not 3bm) she said there is no way around that. any app that goes through gets a hard pull. therefore im asking how does 3bm overide that??? i can understand if u get apprvd right away,but once u have to call recon, wouldnt that separate them?? and im asking regarding the points as well?


sry left out a few words
when i asked if i apply for all on the same day, will it jus take one hard pull? she answered there is no…..


does three bm make a reason not to get approved is it better to do 2 bm also with plat and gold is there any chance I won’t get any or forsure one and worth the try

Leah C

I was approved for the 100,000 points, i do have a zync and premeir reward gold card too, but they were open over 12 months ago, should i have a problem getting the points since the cards were open over 12 months ago??

Was not working in firefox

You may have trouble in Firefox. Try another browser.


I got the card, Thanks Dan

Can the $200 airline credit still be used for gift cards?

new to this

what is so good about the card?
is it worth the $450 fee


just got approved for mr 25k offer a month ago, will amex match me to this 50k offer?

personal question - pls help

I need to take out considerable student loans in 6 months, would I be risking loan approval if I open several CC’s now? thanks for the help


When I put in the Verification Code it doesn’t go through


can someone post the link for the SPG card. It didnt show up in my cardmatch. Thanks!!!


There is no cardmatch offer for SPG.
The best available link is in the post above.



Is this site safe? Should I be nervous I put my ss# in before I read that it’s not needed. This question has not been answered but asked many times. Please answer


@Leah C:

You might since they are still open.


I believe the offers have expired. Please let me know if there is a way to still access them. I was on the amex site filling in my information for the gold card; however, when I tried to submit it, the site wasn’t functioning – and now it is gone.


thank you Dan!
By the way, what does YMMV stand for?


CreditCards.com is crawling right now…that site must be getting hammered…


looks like the deal is gone 🙁


Dan, you are awesome.

I was reading the grand mehalech and I may be missing something, but it says to purchase a NON-refundable Delta ticket. Then after you upgrade to call and cancel the ticket and ask for a refund. Will they refund a non-refundable ticket?



Within 24 hours.





It means Your Miles May Vary, someone asked it in a comment before and Dan answered in comment #107.


Hey Dan,

Thanks for the quick response. Just out of curiosity, why would they refund a non-refundable ticket? Is this a benefit of the Amex Platinum card?


is there like an offer code that you can call AMEX and mention it? because it seems to be dead online through “creditcards.com”


i printed out the offer of the platinum & gold and when i went back it didn’t work i asome it went dead in between do u think i can do any thing with the offer since i printed it out?


Do you have info on creditcard.com/cardmatch. Is this something that can be checked regularly for deals?


All tickets are refundable for 24 hours.


I think it was just a fluke.


Y when I put in my Verification Code it doesn’t go through and they asking it me again and again


Is there a chance that if I got approved for the 100k, that after I spend 3k in 3 mounts that I will not get the 100k for some reason? BTW I got approved already…Thanks Dan


Should I be nervous if I gave my SSN to creditcard.com/cardmatch?


Dan, I had the offer but when i clicked on it, it mentioned:
“This offer is no longer available, but you can
choose from one of our top offers below.”
Is there a way around this so i can still get this offer maybe by calling or something else?


Crazy nobody knows. This question should actually be answered by Dan being that he posted the link. (With much appreciation) however was it safe to give my social? I can’t find anything about the website


People …this is why you must sign up for Dan’s twitter alerts …also do not hesitate when Dan posts a deal , you gotta move on it ASAP !


I took my chances Ity showed me as eligible for platinum – I have platinum business – do you think I will ultimately get the points – or when it says product within the last 12 months it means any platinum either business or personal?

Also if I now have both a personal & business platinum – do I get the $200 credit for each & can I enroll each in a different airline?

Your help is greatly appreciated.


I think you’ll be OK.
You will get $200 for each and can enroll anywhere.

Tim T

Anyone know how long it takes to get back to pre hard-pull credit score ?


If I had the platinum last year and cancel it end January 2012 can I get the 100k bonus??


do you think AMEX can say after the spend – oh mistaken link only the regular 25k promotion applies – I mean they pulled it already so obviously it was not meant to get so widespread even though it was targeted?


also after the points post hopefully – should I downgrade (not close so as not to lose the points) to green $95 fee or Blue no fee – do I lose anything in terms of points value by havein MR points with blue insteaqd of green?

Also will my business MR points combine with this in to one account or now I will have a business MR account & a personal MR REWARDS ACCOUNT?

Thanks again for your help.


Dan, I saw this question asked before but did not see an answer. Is there any reason why you would need to do a 4BM with 4 different browser windows? Or is 4 incognito windows in 1 browser good enough. The reason I ask is because I tried doing a 4BM a few hours ago (with IE, Chrome, FF, and Safari) but the Safari application keeps on failing with the message “Currently our systems are not responding.” I’m curious if I can run the app again in one of the other browsers (preferably IE or Chrome since others have also had problems with Safari and FF) and not get hit with another hard pull even though its the same browser. Also If I applied a few hours ago would 4BM still work without another hard pull as long as its still the same day? Thanks!


assuming it does combine in to one account – can I even cancel the personal platinum a few months down the line & not lose the MR points since it will active with the business account?


chaval had just singed up two weeks ago for MB plat and gold.

i was matched for plat 100k and gold 50k today, wile thinking if should I go for it or not it went deed,

i have a screen shot, should I SM them.


dan y are you not answering is it a problem to put the ss pls answer tnx


@ch: I also mistakenly put in my ss number. Does anyone know if this is a reputable company and if I should be concerned that I disclosed my number? Thanks in advance.


dan. can u pls answer this one question that its been asked over and over. if i got business gold + platinum personal. will i get both signup bonuses. i took the time to read all the posts and didnt see an answer. i am not shooting at u a question that its in the post (i know u dont like the lazy ppl who make u repeat whats written in the post). ty


@Tim T:
A couple months.


No. That’s why I said to take a screenshot.

You can downgrade.
You can combine points.

The point of the 2/3/4bm is to get multiple approvals with one pull.
But any apps made on that calendar day will not register as a hard pull.

They’re legit, stop worrying.

See comment 188.



So just to be clear… you do NOT need 4 different browsers for a 4BM? One browser with 4 different applications on the same calendar day is just as good? Is that correct?


Thanks Dan!

I applied for the platinum, delta, and spg consumer using 3BM. I got approved for platinum and delta, and got a message to call them about the spg. When I called i was told the application was on hold because they wanted to verify it wasn’t a duplicate and now tha I called it will be processed.

Do you think this would result in a second hard pull?
If yes should I cancel my application?


Yes, but you may need to use incognito if you don’t see the right offer.

I had that happen to me and got the SPG card approve 5 days later and did not have another pull.


so I f I combine I could even cancel the personal card & keep the Business open & I would not lose the points


dan. i thought that my queston has a slight differrent twist to it but i get your answer anyways. ty (i did read that comment)



Dan I don’t get an answer


Thanks, Dan. Also, if I open a chase cc and an Amex cc on the same day, is that 1 pull or 2. ?



Different banks is always 2 pulls.


Hi Dan;
Thanks for all your help. I just can’t get how is it worth the $450. I got this card 2 years ago ago and then i just canceled. How do i make it worth to keep it open.


@dan is the offer still available for the platinum 100k?

Leah C

Dan can you answer this for me please:
I was approved for the platinum card with 100,000 bonus points, it states: “Bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product within the last 12 months or any Consumer ZYNC®, Green or Gold Card account within the last 90 days”. I currently have a zync and premeir reward gold card too, but they were open over 12 months ago, should i have a problem getting the points since the cards were open over 12 months ago??


nah, this is definitely dead, next time!


deal is dead


Is the deal dead


Would just like to give a big public thank you to all those murderers that murdered this deal. 🙁

Igor Ivanovich

It is dead. For any questions about the annual fee, $200 airline incidental fee credit or anything else, check out the Dans Deals Forums, click on the link above or here http://www.dansdeals.com/forums
Be well!


Also how many points per dollar


Thank you Dan for posting I got the plat and my wife the gold (I as au.. Hope that won’t affect points). Again thanx for posting even though your “group” of elites might be upset, but I don’t understand y anyone would try to hide it from the klall especially after they have it themself! Now please people stop ranting at Dan and just work on ur own middos! Use Dan as an example!


@Leah C: i have the same situation. i called and the rep told me the following lomdus and noted it on my account” as long as you didn’t get a BONUS from your zinc card in last 90 days its ok. ” rep checked with the compliance dept.


dan- does the fact that rep notated my account help? do they stand by their reps’ promises?


Dan, i have the plat card and the gold that i opened a few months ago with your links:) but they won’t give me the bonus points even after writting to corp.office. do you think it’s worth a shot to write to their headquaters or it will only put me on their “black list”?


They prorate your $450 so you can spend the required spending amount and you can travel and make use of $200 travel expenses that are gratis and then crack the card. They prorate it as $30 per month. Been there done that


Thank You dan i got approved for the lat offer 100k
im not planning to keep this card since it has the 450 fee
What do you suggest where should i transfer the points to get get the most value out of it
Thanks Again Your The best!!!!!!


Additional comment – you will get the 100,000 or 50,000 award points if you do the spending in time.


@robert: i want to call but people here are posting not to call them, because i don’t want to raise any red flags


dan- is annie correct? they will only charge u $30 per month?

sammy n

if on creditcards.com they put the deal in for me for the 100k amex platnium could i still apply and get the points?


On which forum of DDF was this 100x AMEX Platinum offer discussed also, what other deal forums had it?


Hi just curios if I got denied from the platnium card is there any way for them to re consider it . Any good ideas or anyone with experiance with this?



If you manage to get the $200 twice then it’s worth it. And use the $100 credit for global entry. And use all the Amex offers that come throughout the year. Plus the 100,000 points and more and that’s why it’s worth it.


dan, does amex match offers?

as in, if i recently got the AMEX business gold rewards card for which i have to spend $5000 in 3 months, can i call them up and tell them that i saw a better offer on the personal card and have them match it?


dan do you think this wil go back on?


I have not had success with Amex matching offers. They say only the promotion that was offered when you applied will hold. — unless there are some tricks you can pull, they probably will not match.


Thanks Dan ur the man!
I was approved last night!
I just didn’t take scree shots
U think I’ll have a problem getting the 100k bonus ?


Dan, I did a 4BM this morning for the Platinum, Delta, SPG Consumer, and SPG Business. For the Platinum and Delta I got approved instantly. For the 2 SPG cards I had to call in. I just got off the phone with AMEX and they told me that this is a safety feature for the consumer since too many credit inquiries in one day is not a good thing. (I obviously didnt mention about what I know about the 4BM method and only one inquiry if its the same day). In any case, he told me that those 2 applications are now in a buffer system and nothing can be done to them for another 5 days. He also told me that I will get 2 additional credit inquiries at that time. I mentioned to him that I personally know people who got approved for 4 applications in the same day instantly and he conceded that he has seen that himself as well, but that the system for some reason (which he does not know) chose not to approve me for those 2. Any ideas on what I should do? It sounds like I will get at least 1 other inquiry for those 2 applications in 5 days so should I cancel them? Please advise. Thanks!


i missed this deal. is it worth it to wait to see if 100000 comes up again. or should i go with the 25,000 that amex is offering now? does it matter that i have a gold card with amex?


@Leah C: if your cards are still open then amex is saying they wont give you the points.. they had to have ben closed 12 months ago or longer..

leah C

@hill: i actually just received my card today and he said i would be eligible for the bonus points, and noted it in my account. i also got his name and his extension number, and he said if i don’t see the points there 8 weeks after i spend the money i can call him. im just hoping the points will be there.

Thanks Dan

Got in on the deal and just received my card.


Thanx Dan I got approved for the 100k. I love your site.


do you know if the $450 fee which will be assessed at the end of the first cycle can count towards the $3,000 mimimum for getting the points?


forget – I might just get that credited back & then it will be a mess.

cleared $3,000 by paying taxes.

Lets see if I get the points…….


@ih: you can pay your taxes by credit card??


can you explain how 3bm workes in one day is it because the cc company only makes one pull or the credit report only updates at end of the day and if they see one bank they post it as one pull thanks


dan i started the application on the night of the glitch and didnt finish just used the option ‘save and apply later’ and they send me a email with the link and when i click on the link now it asks me for my zip code i used but it tells me its incorrect. is it worth trying to call them…?


Dan the DDF on this topic has way too many posts to find how to get $400 airline credit in the first year. Can you please post a direct link to that post?

Thanks for all!!


They are consolidated into one pull.

The post has a wiki on page 1. Login to DDF to see it.


I took screenshots but did not fill out the application anything to do about that or is it too late?


Fees don’t count for the spending threshold


I have the same question as ‘yyk’ I applied for the platinum + spg consumer + spg business, got approved on the platinum, but I needed to call them about the 2 spg cards, 1 I got approved right when I called, the other 1 went into the buffer system & I need to wait 5 days they should process it, the rep told me that they will only make a pull when they start processing it, so that means I will get another pull, should I cancel this application ?
Btw the platinum on which I got approved doesn’t show up in the system, & when I enter the reference number which I received in email, it says that its not a good reference number… Should I be worried about it ? Is there a # to call to found out ?
Please answer


I got approved but I forgot to take screenshots. Can anyone send me a copy of theirs? jakkofalltradez@aol.com


Hi dan I applied 4 weeks ago for a platinum and got aprooved I got 25k points can I call them now and match it for the 100k ?


Hi does amez have like chase a number to call for a Reconsideration if I will not get aprooved ?


Got a card for me & my wife , 200,000 points ! Thanks Dan !


@Dan and others: Did everyone who got this bonus not have a Gold consumer card? I am not getting the bonus now, because I did not close by Gold card 90 days before.



applied got the runaround…….asked me for tax returns etc…..finaly got approved…….spent 3k on thursday feb. 14th just checked my account today on the 17th and the 100k points are already showing as pending! awesome! thanks for not keeping your word (for just a few minutes….lol)


Applied for this and the 50k gold on the same day. I have received both bonuses


Has anyone had any luck convincing them to give the 100k for the platinum if they had a Gold card open?