Please Stop Emailing Me About The Bluebird Non-Event…

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I have no idea why but I’ve gotten dozens of emails from frantic people about how Bluebird is lowering the limit on funding from a checking account from $10,000 to $2,000 per month.

Several people have also started threads on the non-event on DDF as well that have been merged into the giant Bluebird thread (which incidentally has a great Wiki)

Everyone should please take a deep breath 😀

I can only assume that these people think something else is going on, as who exactly is funding their Bluebird accounts from their checking account?

Vanilla Reload and funding from debit/gift cards at Walmart cashiers and ATMs remain unchanged at $1,000 per calendar day and $5,000 per calendar month per Bluebird account.

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What would direct depot from AP be counted as? And does it count towards the 5k limit from VR?


Dan, can you please send me a penny


Not that I care about these changes (I sometimes send to BB some money that I have lying around in Paypal, but only a few bucks every now and then), but they have taught me to not buy VRs in advance! I usually buy them whenever I see them at CVS, and normally have a few around the house waiting for the coming month (I currently have 9 at home that I will use in June), but if they change things effective immediately, there might come a day that I will have a few thousands bucks in VRs lying around that I cannot use in BB anymore!


No idea.
Do you not have a real bank account for AP to deposit funds into?

True that.


@Joey: Seems like they are talking about pulling $ from an external account in to bluebird not pushing $ from the external account in to bb. So direct deposit should still be ok over 2k.


Sorry about the new thread.


Lol, no worries.
I think everyone just jumped when they got the email expecting the worst!

Tec analyzer.

Another reson to drop BB and start using Google Wallet.


Thanks for the post it clarified the change – I thought bluebird was flagging my account for security out something…


@Dan: looks like spam filters missed a spam…@K:


Dan penny for your thoughts?


@tec analyzer
is that as/more convenient than bb wen it comes to buying gc’s/vr’s from an office supply store and depositing in bb…considering the 5x points with ink cards and almost certain eventuality that Google will start charging just like venmo or lower limit like amazon?

PAL fan

Dan your 100% rite BUT please don’t be like this people that you start to cluder the normal site………. Thanks!


@Dan: True but for those who don’t want to have to much money going thru their bank account(for whatever purpous) are able to send google wallet directly to their bluebird.

Son of Man

this is what they sent:

Dear Son of Man,

We are writing to inform you that we are making a change to your Bluebird Account for added security.

The Bluebird Member Agreement has been modified to reflect an update to the amount of funds that can be added to your Bluebird Account from a linked checking or savings account. Effective immediately, the limit for this type of transaction has been reduced from $10,000.00 to $2,000.00 total per month.


Dan, what’s the difference between Amazon payments, Google wallet, & paypal? Why would you choose one over the other?


i also got that email at first i was a bit afraid and then thanks to this post it coed me down

the problem started though that i bought 2000 in chase prepaid and just went 2 wall mart and they wouldn’t let me loud it on to my blue bird. help!!