Ouch: AMEX Ending Platinum Card Centurion Lounge Guesting In 2023

Centurion Lounge Miami
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Back in the good old days, an AMEX Platinum card granted access for you and your family or 2 guests to American, Continental, Northwest, and USAirways lounges.

One by one, those airlines merged and stopped allowing lounge access for AMEX Platinum cardholders. You can still access Delta lounges, though you can no longer bring in any guests with you. The good news is that additional cardholders do get access to Delta lounges.

Originally, Centurion Lounges were designed for free access only for Centurion cardholders. You know them as those black cards that cost a whopping $5,000 per year with a $10,000 initiation fee.

Once the Platinum card started losing airline lounge partners they opened the Centurion lounge up to Platinum cardholders for free as well. Platinum cardholders used to be able to bring a spouse and kids into a Centurion lounge for free, and then later AMEX changed that to 2 guests.

Unfortunately that still hasn’t solved overcrowding in the lounges, and effective 2/1/23 most Platinum cardholders will no longer be able to bring in any free guests.

Guests, including kids, will cost $50 each. That’s absurd considering that all kids used to be free and it’s a massive devaluation for cardholders traveling with their family.

If you do spend $75,000 on your Platinum account during the prior calendar year you can still bring in free guests. If you spend $75K on your Platinum account in 2023 by March you’ll be able to bring free guests from March 2023 through January 2025.

Alternatively, you can add up to 3 additional cardholders onto an AMEX Consumer Platinum card for $175, or just $58.33 per year per card. Officially authorized users must be 13 years old, though there are workarounds for that.

Additional cardholders can access premium lounges like Delta and Centurion.

What do you think of these changes? Will you appreciate less lounge crowding or will you cancel your Platinum card over these changes?


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Geez, not even just one guest? Pretty chintzy.


Canceled mine last month. So glad I did.




Dan, we don’t cancel. We downgrade to Green, don’t we?


Amex preparing for there new “ultra premium” card…


LOL, Zync 2.0


I personally find lounges highly overrated for the kosher traveler, but it is indeed really absurd to not allow even one guest in.

Amiel Bergman

Personally I use the Delta lounge way more than the Centurion so I’m used to not bringing in guests. Though now that Kennedy has the centurion lounge in Terminal 4, this may be a bummer. (haven’t had the chance to use since flying for business is wayyy down)


I am all for it. Of course free is great but I understand Amex and it is better for the brand.
No one will cancel because this is removed.


What is the workaround adding an auth user under 13?


No need ssn so can make up older birthday 4 the child


Doesn’t the skypass allow you to bring guest?


‘If you spend $75K on your Platinum account in 2023 by March’ what if I can’t spend 75k in just January and February


Ummmm what are the workaround to add kids as AU?… please don’t plea the fifth on that one….


Dont use Ssn so can make up older bday


But online they require SS It used to work without bit not anymore, am I wrong ?


DO use ssn and make up older bday. Not sure how to confirm card without ssn


What I don’t get is why we can’t use amex flight credits for bringing guests into the centurion lounge. I’m sure Amex gets some kind of kickback from the airlines, but surely paying yourself would cost less than partially paying an airline.


We’ve got three, and they are so gone next year.


This makes the decision easy. I’ll be dropping this card. Its amazing to me from a branding perspective this card they’ve built up for years is now going to the dogs. They are really missing the mark here from a high quality travel/luxury card now to a “lifestyle” card – I don’t want any of that.


@Dan, Do Business Platinum and additional cardholders also get lounge access or only Consumer Platinum ? TIA


Been on the fence about whether or not to keep my business plat for a while now. Agree with the person above who said this makes the decision easy. Will likely apply for the gold to get the current bonus, accrue 4x on dining moving forward and keep MR points. At 10 dollars/year for the gold ($250-$240 in Uber/dining credits=$10) this is a no brainier over the 550/year plat. Maybe would then look at adding CSR as my new premium travel card.

Joe B

I do enjoy the Delta lounge at JFK though… Should I just get a Delta CC that gives access?


“ If you do spend $75,000 on your Platinum account during the prior calendar year you can still bring in free guests.”
How many guests would you be able to bring in?


Hmmm… I really enjoy lounge access. It “saved” me possibly $100 the other trip, but I’m paying $550 plus $175 for authorized users every year. We are leisure travelers. It may be time to part ways and just eat in the food court. I suspect it’s quite a challenge for me to break even on the benefits. Business travelers clearly make use of it easily.


Rumor says fee on the consumer card will increase to 695


Cancel since the plat now has little value over the delta reserve