Is There A New Limit On The Number Of AMEX Cards You Can Have?

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Credit card banks have become much more conservative in their lending practices during the COVID-19 pandemic.

New customers are finding it harder to get approved for credit cards and some existing customers are finding their credit lines cut or cards that they aren’t using closed down.

AMEX on Twitter wrote that they now have a limit of 4 credit cards and 10 charge cards (Green, Gold, or Platinum cards) per customer:

I reached out to the AMEX media team to ask if they can confirm the change and they wrote back that “We made that change because we see very few of our customers actively using four or more cards at the same time.”

If you already have more than that number of cards you can still keep them.

Previously AMEX allowed 5 credit cards, though I’ve never seen them confirm that in writing like they have now. It also wasn’t always enforced, though it was by some agents when applying for card reconsideration.

DDF member Joel2 reports that he was able to get instant approval on a new Hilton card earlier this week, despite already having 4 credit cards and 2 charge cards.

Hopefully that means this is more guidance than a hard and fast rule, but share your experience in the comments!

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I have 5, but 2 are Hilton. I’ve heard Amex usually lets you go more than the limit if at least one is a Hilton. This complicates my future with Amex as I was hoping to keep more of my high end cards but now with the new limit and the SARS-CoV-2 crisis, I should probably scale way back.


DW had has 4 CC, one Hilton, declined for Aspire earlier this week.


i made application for new amex card and closed 1 of my 5 lending cards before and they confirmed me that i will need to close 1 more card for my application to be approved