Apply Now Before The Best Ever Bonus Goes Away And Approvals Become Harder! Readers Have Earned $6,570, Don’t Miss Out!

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Update: 9/22/23: This offer is now available again, if you want the best ever odds of getting an Ink Cash and Ink Unlimited card approval with the highest ever signup bonus you will want to apply right now!

I wrote this post about 30 awesome ways to redeem this offer, you can get up to $6,570, 12 flights to Israel, or 73 flights in the US after getting an Ink Cash and Ink Unlimited card for you and a spouse.

I have 13 Ink Credit Cards between me and my wife, you can apply for both cards for you and your spouse at the same time. Chase is making it incredibly easy to get approvals right now, more on that below.

We will continue to break down more benefits and uses for these cards, but if you wait any longer you will miss out on earning the best no annual fee card offer ever!

Quick Recap: The Ink Cash and Ink Unlimited credit cards currently have their best ever signup offers that are ending very soon. You do not need a registered business to get these cards. All you need to do during the application process is select “Sole Proprietorship” and for the business name use your own name! More information on these offers are in the post below or the FAQ post here.

Checkout our credit card Q&A on Instagram here!

Originally posted 12/13/22.

Chase currently has unprecedented limited time signup bonuses for their no annual fee Ink Cash and Ink Unlimited credit cards. You will want to apply now to take advantage of this offer and high approval odds! 

Historically, Ink cards have been among the more difficult cards to get approval for based on credit history, score, income, and other factors, but many readers are reporting incredible approval rates the past few month. I was able to get 9 Chase Business cards to add to my current 31 active cards between my wife and me.

Several readers report that they and their spouse have both been approved for each of those cards. In some cases, that was despite opening the same Ink cards earlier this year, and the bonuses for the new Ink cards are already posting. As long as you’re approved, you will get the signup bonus for any Chase Ultimate Rewards card.

Both cards are offering a 90,000 point signup bonus after $6,000 spending in 3 months. If you and a spouse each open 2 cards and meet the minimum spending requirement, you’ll have between 390,000-438,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points depending on the categories you spend on. If you redeem those points for cash that’s $3,900-$4,380, but if you redeem them for Pay Yourself Back categories, Travel, or mileage transfers at an average of 1.5 cents each, that’s $5,850-$6,570 back. Improve your redemption value to 2 cents each and that’s $7,800-$8,760 back!

You can meet the spend thresholds by paying your taxes or tax estimates, buying gift cards while earning 5 points per dollar from office supply stores or websites, paying utility bills, paying tuition, donating to charity, and much more.

This bonus is the highest ever for these cards, that coupled with the current ease of approval makes this the absolute best time ever to apply for these cards!

If you are looking for the best Chase credit card for everyday spending, get the Ink Unlimited Card which earns 1.5 Ultimate Reward points per dollar spend.

If you want to maximize points earnings by earning 5 Ultimate Reward points per dollar spent on up to $25K annually at office supply stores (including gift cards to other stores) and wireless/telecom/cable then get the Ink Cash Card.

Note on how to apply for a Chase Business card:

These are business cards, but you may already have a business that needs a card to keep track of expenses. For example if your name is Joe Smith and you sell items online, or if you have any other side business and want a credit card to better keep track of business expenditures you can open a business credit card for “Joe Smith” as the business. You don’t need to file any messy government paperwork to be allowed to do that. Just be sure to select “Sole Proprietorship” as the business type and just use your social security number in the Tax Identification Number field.

If you have business paperwork you can apply under your business name. Otherwise, it’s critical to just write your own name as the business name if you are just applying for your own small business as a Sole Proprietorship that doesn’t have any business paperwork. You can then send in bills in your own name for verification.

If you’re like me and you run more than one business, you can signup for multiple of the same card for each business to manage each businesses expenses separately.

Multiple readers have earned 280,000 points and $1,000 cash after getting approval for the Ink Cash, Ink Unlimited, Ink Preferred, and Ink Premier cards, and even more if you include a spouse! 

Generally speaking, multiple applications made on the same calendar date only have 1 credit pull.

Ink cards include:

  • Ink Cash: Limited time offer: 90,000 points for spending $6,000 in 3 months (marketed as $900 cash back, but will actually award points). Earn up to 5 points per dollar. No annual fee. Read more here.
  • Ink Unlimited: Limited time offer: 90,000 points for spending $6,000 in 3 months (marketed as $900 cash back, but will actually award points). Earn 1.5 points per dollar. No annual fee. Read more here.
  • Ink Preferred: 100,000 points for spending $15,000 in 3 months. Earn up to 5 points per dollar. $95 annual fee. Read more here.
  • Ink Premier: Intro bonus: $1,000 cash back for spending $10,000 in 3 months. Earn up to 2.5% cash back. $195 annual fee. Read more here.

Have you signed up for these cards yet? How did your application process go?

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yosef h

Hi Dan, What is your top recommendation for a simple cash back card. Thank You


Do you have to run a business to get this card? Can it be for personal use?


Odds of approval if opened card within 24 months? have one at 20 months, any harm in applying?


Ink cash was a breeze. But $6000 in 3 months may be a challenge.


Staples for Visa and Mastercard $200 GC’s when they don’t charge the fees. Generally at least once a quarter (I think). Otherwise, prepay a big chunk of your phone/internet bill, utility bill, taxes, etc.


And then how do you get that cash back into your account to pay off the balance? Getting all 4 requires $37k of spending. I don’t know about you folks but I can’t have that money stuck in GC’s…


You should only apply for enough spend that you can afford to pay off within the 3 months. AE’s advice is what most of us do, lock it up in gift cards, or prepay months worth of bills. I’m sure there are ways to get money out, but usually not 37K worth.


I believe the cards have 0% APR for 12 months so you could spread the spend over the year if you use the spend all at once (double check this info)


Been also approved for one of these cards plus a month later both southwest business cards instantly. Was at 5/24 but I don’t think chase counted my Helzberg one which is a “charge” card and only used in store. Also newer businesses low revenue so was kind of surprised for instant approvals on southwest but technically according to rules the one for each family is only applicable on personal cards.


Anyone have success cashing Gift Cards for money orders recently?


Can you apply for both the cards at the same time and get approved for them ?


Can you apply for two of the same card (ex cash)for two different Sole Proprietorship to get two of the same card ?


Spouse can get approved for same ink card on same business name?


Does chase pull a hard inquiry for buisness card applications




Approved! thanks!

Just wondering

Does anyone know of any gas stations or grocery stores in the Baltimore area which allow money orders to be bought with visa gift cards? Even for a fee?


I’d like to know this too. Or Silver Spring…


I have good personal credit, however, is applying under a new LLC less than 1 years old and after recently closing a business card under a different LLC a risky move and would I have less of a chance for approval?


Applied for the Unlimited for my Wife and Myself, Approved.

Thank you, Dan


With chase lowering pay yourself back to 1.25% this is not such a great deal.


dan any more dp’s on 5/24?


Still learning how to keep this game rolling after a few years + of signups, etc. I think this question may help others too — If we already have these 2 cards and Biz Preferred (from your past posts), and the United Biz. And, on the personal side now have the freedom/freedom unlimited/Hyatt/quest/slate/united and saph preferred and Amex pers plat… Which card should we cancel or downgrade to reapply for these or another? Don’t quite yet understand the timing to make sure to allow on things before downgrade or cancel to get into next one, still learning here.

Also don’t want to flag a problem that doesn’t exist by applying for a second card of the same type on the business side, but tempted to try (sole prep on the original ones, would be same again). Thanks in advance and hope this scenario helps others w/multi cards for some time too! Happy Chanukah.


Just applied, I’m guessing I was not approved. Since I did not get an approval right away.. I do have a few of chase cards, but for a few years. Any advice how to get the to approve. Thanks


It doesn’t mean you are not approved. I was approved after a couple of days.


We have received your request for a Chase credit card. We’ll let you know our decision by U.S. mail. This could take up to 30 days.

Thanks for choosing Chase.

What are my chances?


Any idea why I got the message “Unfortunately, we couldn’t approve your application”
anything I can change or fix?


How easy is it to merge points from different accounts? for example if i get both cards and i have the chase sapphire preferred can i merge all the points into the sapphire account?


Ink can be approved after 5/24 already approved. Chase has also recently changed their algorithms, one of them for approval for the chase ink card. This, along with higher bonus signup, is part of a bold initiative by a Marc Badrichani of Chase, to drive up new card approvals in the last quarter of 2022

Bracha klien

is there foreign transaction fee?


If you have a sapphire reserve, points transferred to that and spent on travel end up earning 3 cents per dollar.


i just checked my app and says i need to spend 15k


Can you have two Ink Biz Unlimited? I got one 11/2018. I did get approval for the Ink Biz Cash last month. Was thinking about getting the Unlimited as well but I wasn’t sure if I could carry two at one time. Or would I need to downgrade to get it again? Thank you!


If u don’t have a business how do U sign up ?


can I use $6000 to pay myself with PayPal (ill send it to my chase account)




what will happen?


Hi Dan. If I have a legal business. Can my wife sign up under that ein number or sole proprietorship with her own name ?


so do these cards pass 5/24 or not?


Because there is 0% APR now on the card if do 6K spending within 90 days but dont pay it up until 8 months in full will we still get the signup bonus? If yes when does that happen when paid up or when spending is done on card? Thanks

Michelle Weiner

When is it beneficial to use the chase sapphire or reserve over this for spending?


approved thank you

Deal Guy

For business income, what’s the minimum you have to earn, to be approved for the card?


When I click on the ink unlimited link it now says $900 cash back after you reach $6,000 in 3 months is the 90,000 point bonus no longer available or is it that the 90,000 can be converted to $900 cash back?


i only see an option of getting $900 cash bonus, how can i get it in points?


I just applied for the ink unlimited and got instantly approved should I apply for the ink cash right now aswell


Do you know when this offer will expire? Thanks.

Mia Flyer

i currently have the old chase ink business card which gives me back 5x up to 50k for office supplies and communications (yields 250k a year per card ) which is great , is there any cards like that still available ? i would go for a 3rd card


Surprised got approved instantly!
Already got the first bold card a couple weeks ago, over 5/24, already have a bold, and just got several other cards/ opened checking accounts in last week. They are really interested in approving people right now.


Approved for both, I’m over 5/24, used the same business name, actually just got the IHG business (already met the spending – work conference at an IHG hotel!), only 1 credit pull as I did them both within 1 minute (using incognito for the 2nd screen), didn’t log in to chase account to apply.


Any minimum Credit Score needed? My score at chase is 685.

new york

Is it a problem if the $6,000 spending in 3 months is more personal spending and not 100% business use charges?


If I got a bonus on an Ink Cash card last year, can I get the bonus if I apply for the ink unliminted now?


Isn’t business accounts officially exempt from this rule?
Why temporary?


Is it only limited to CIC/CIU to bypass 5/24? How about other cobrand biz like Hyatt and SW?


Can it work with Israel bank account ?


dan I to have many of your past suggested cards for all my Llc’c are you saying its better to get another cash card on the same business as apose to another unlimited?


Just applied for both the Ink Cash and Ink Unlimited. Both applications said Status is In Review. Does this usually mean they are denied? Thank you and. Freilechen Chanukah!

new york

$6,000 spending is from day was approved or when card arrived?


Over 5/24 and applied for Ink Unlimited just now as a Sole Proprietor, however, didn’t get automatic approval with the 7-10 days message.

Already have Ink Cash – wonder if I should call recon and try to get it approved?


Hi I just got declined; I guess because of the 5/24 rule

dan fan

Applied for CIC and CIP in the beginning of the month using 2BM and got approved for both with high credit lines. Is it unlikely to also get approved now for CIU?


5/24 waived- Are they also approving people who received bonus within 24 Months?


I’m relatively new to this. Can someone please explain the benefits and process of buying visa cards for money orders? I am trying to figure out how to spend enough to justify applying for either or both of these Ink cards. Right now, we are trying to complete $4000 by the middle of March on a Venture card that we really needed. I think we will have met that amount by the end of January, and I would apply for the Ink card(s) then, but I’m afraid the 90,000 points deal will end too soon to wait. I don’t know how to spend another $6000 dollars by the end of March if I apply now. From reading the comments, I think the key is this money order thing, but I’m not great with figuring out money, and need some help and explanation, please.


I am over 5/24 and I got an offer pop up last night last night that i am approved for the sapphire preferred and I got it!


Thanks for all your help and wisdom. Have you any idea when this offer is ending?


Just got approved at 6/24!


Approved at 6/24


Hi Dan
I just applied and I got rejected do to the 5/24 rule


How many chase cards can you apply for in a certain time frame without getting denied or risking shut down?


I just applied for the Ink Premier and was rejected. I called the reconsideration line and was told the reason for the rejection is too many new cards in the past 24 months. I am currently at 7 under 5/24. Hate that I now have a hard pull. Wish Chase had a pop-up warning like AmEx.


I applied for the chase business ink and united business 1 after another got approved for both on the spot and only 1 credit pull!


Applied for both the Ink Business Unlimited and Ink Business Cash (separate browsers). Already have the Ink Business Preferred. For each new application, the response was: “We’ll let you know our decision in writing as soon as we can, and if you’re approved, you’ll receive your card in 7 to 10 business days.” I’m at 6/24.

how can i get this overturned

Thanks for your request. Unfortunately, we couldn’t approve your application.


I had applied for the card right around the time of promotion it had said spend 7500$ and get 60k points but on the phone they told me they’d honor the other promo. Today I reached out after spending 7338$ and they told they’ll only honor the 90k points after hitting the initial amount of spending, (7500)…. Not a big deal only 163 to go bit found it a little strange….


Just got approved for both, over 5/24, thanks Dan, does the waiver apply to other cards as well?


Can I open several of the same business cards as a “Sole Proprietor”?


Immediately called recon after “app pending” notice and was transferred to an official recon specialist and she said there was nothing she could do after reviewing my credit report and seeing 6 new accounts in the last 24 months. Denied. So either others are just getting lucky or I just missed the window and they’ve already reverted back to enforcing their official 5/24 rule.


Another DP. Just processed 2 apps. 30 day message for me for both . Applied both ink cash and ink unlimited. Gonna let it ride out. Probably denials. We’ll see. Thanks guys.


I’m 6/24 btw

Deal Guy

Do either of these cards give 1.5 for travel, so that I can combine with my 1.25 sapphire preferred points?


I was approved for both after doing some credit shuffling. What I didn’t realize is that I already had the cash card. I asked the reconsideration rep if I’m eligible for the bonus and she said yes, but not so sure that’s true. The new card is on my EIN and real business name while the old has my personal name as my business name.


Nope, at 9/24, in review and denied


Chase kicked me out almost 10 years ago closed our bank account and credit cards.
they didn’t give me a reason but said its permanent – would you recommend trying again?


Any downsides in getting card for both of my businesses and personallly for me and my wife?
6 cards each 12 total

Eitan G

I received an “in review” status for both the Ink Cash and the Ink Unlimited. I called recon and they said they are experiencing high volumed of applications and I just need to wait for an update via email and regular mail…..


I think a lot of those approved today are either misinformed on what 5/24 means or just got really lucky and slipped through the cracks. Tons on DOC are being denied due to 5/24 rule. 5/24 is if you have > 4 PERSONAL accounts in the last 24 months one will be denied. Not inquiries or business accounts that don’t report to person credit. With that said I was 6/24, very high FICO scores and 5 chase personal cards and denied to 5/24 rule after recon call. Apply with caution and if you don’t mind on getting likely a HP to your Experian report. Was worth the risk to see if true, but indeed it wasn’t. 5/24 is certainly in effect.

Q\'s rule

I spoke to a Chase supervisor who told me 5/24 is not a rule that can’t be bypassed but rather a guide line that can be passed if like elon musk applies for a card we will approve him even at 5/24 (this is the reps example not mine!!)


Cards are approved but haven’t see any message about to spend 6000$ to receive 90K bonus points.
How would I get confirmation on current promotion.


Have people been getting approved for 2 cards with both being for a sole proprietorship..?


If I currently have a 6 year old ink card are there any benefits to closing this down before applying for 1 or 2 inks now …? Or will it not affect my approval chances in any way ?


I have tried for this card the past couple months and keep getting denied. My wife as well. I have received business cards in the past and have a decent banking and personal card relationship with Chase. The last letter mentioned too many cards open in the past two years, business structure, and lack of business banking history with Chase.


I opened up all 4 ink cards (Business Premier, Business Preferred, Business Cash and Business Unlimited) within the past 50 days and got approved for all 4.

I did all the spending already.

Think I should try to apply for another 2 of these cards? Or shouldn’t push my luck…


I think I input the wrong SS by accident…what should I do?

Thank you!


@Dan: Received message as for Ink cash “We’ll let you know our decision in writing as soon as we can, and if you’re approved. You’ll receive your card in 7 to 10 business days”. Do you recommend applying for Ink unlimited?


Approved for all 4 Ink cards! Insanity!


Which 4? All in one day?


Wow lots of spending to do!


Can one get in trouble for applying for one of these cards even without a business? I got the freedom a few months ago and want to get the cash now, but I’m worried it will look suspicious if I don’t have much spending on either account. Any risk getting the 2nd card, Dan? Thanks!


Meant I gor the business unlimited. Does anyone know?


First Unlimited was approved, second one (different EIN) waiting for approval.


Is Recon more easygoing now too??

Got rejected, letter states

We based our decision on the following reason(s)

Delinquency or other derogatory relationship with our bank
Credit card balances are high compared to the age of the accounts
Insufficient business deposit relationship with us

I (and my wife, respectively) have several personal cards with Chase, 10+ years banking relationship. Chase Proprietary Score shows as 847 (Experian Fico 8 is 749. I wonder if it’s because I shut a biz checking account a few months ago. This application was for a new biz though (I don’t have a biz checking acct for it yet)


Over 5/24 and instant denial for both ink cash and unlimited…


Thanks so much, I was definitely over 5/24.
Just got approved for TWO Chase cards! Thanks again! This is huge for me!


How do I combine ultimate reward points with my spouse? His credit card doesn’t show up when I try to combine them online? Do I call?


Yes call


Got approved for both way past 5/24 more like 7/8 in 24 months.


I have an ink business card just don’t know what type. Opened it a long time ago. Any risk that I don’t get the bonus? Would open a new ink cash and unlimited. Thanks!


Denied, 6/24. Last Chase approval was 50 days ago for another business card.

Z o

5/24 Most definitely not suspended. Applied for CIC at 12/24 and told no because of too many recent cards


If Citi denies your app. Because of too many recent cards does that mean they have a 5/24 rule? Point is every bank will deny cc applications if they feel you opened too many cards recently.. Clearly the 5/24 rule is not in effect – I would doubt they have the rule only for some people. .


Rejected. My husband is a sole proprietor.

Received a letter stating denial based on the following:
1. too many active cards and/or too much available credit.
2. A new chase business card recently opened.

Anything we can do at this point?


Which one of these cards are good for europe / israel car rentals ?


4/24 approved for ciu
Just got a amec bp last week


is there anyway to get the free cards to not have foreign transaction fees? Or to lower the bonus for the $95 card to spend 6k in 3 months?


Anyone get approved at 7/24 – I have seen many at 6/24 but nothing specifically higher. thanks!


got approved for 2 cards 3K limit on each.. any problem with maxing out on credit limit on business cards? I also tried applying for the citi premier card right after (30 minutes later) and got denied since they said that I applied for another credit card the same day- checked my Experian and it showed one credit pull from chase for the 2 business cards.. how much longer can I wait to apply for the citi again? THANKS!


I read the fine print on the application and it mentions multiple times that THIS IS A BUSINESS Card and that you MAY NOT use it for PERSONAL expenditures or use the points for PERSONAL needs. — Do they really care about this? Why do they say this?


Question. I don’t have a hobby nor a business. Can I get one to use for when I give charity with a credit card? And, if yes, once approved, and I meet the 6k with non charity expenses?


i applied a week ago for ink cash. Got instant denial. Called up they said I am over 5/24.
Called reconsideration today and got approved! Thanks Dan


Got approved for one and the other got this message – “Too many requests for credit or opened accounts with us” even though I applied at the same exact time from two different browsers. Any idea why?


I think I made a mistake- for some reason, your link to the Business Cash was not working on my browser, even when disabling ad blocker.
So I applied thru my chase account and was approved but did NOT get the introductory purchase APR of 0% for 12 months. If I SM chase, is there any they can give me the 0% APR promo?


Applied yesterday, got a “we received your request” email. Got a phone call today from chase asking to verify the info on the application. 2 hours later, I got an approval email.

I am over 5/24.

Thank You Dan and the forum.


can you be more specific x/24 for a data point?

Big Joe

Got approved for Unlimited, then tried Cash but was not approved. Got an email, it said ” We have received your request for a Chase credit card. We’ll let you know our decision by U.S. mail. This could take up to 30 days.” Is this one probably a refusal.


no way to tell for sure…


I think 7/24


tempting since I’m the same…hmmm


Can someone help. I applied for my wife Chase Ini Preferred. Am I spazzed or what? I thought the offer was spend $6000 get up to $1800 worth of points, but now can’t find the offer, even though im pretty sure I saw it here on dansdeals.

Anyone? Did I spend $6000 for no reason?



Do you have separate Chase logins for your ink business cards? Just trying to figure out how to keep track of multiple cards.

Bill from Maine

Instant denial for the NAF Ink Cash. Too many cards. No soup for me.


Hi Dan,
What minimum credit score do you recommend having to apply for the ink cash/unlimited cards?
And how long will the 90k bonuses last?


I applied for both cash and unlimited but I forgot that I had a credit freeze. Message said I should unfreeze and then call them, but if I call, will they let me get both, or will they reject me out of hand?


Any ideas for this problem? Should unfreeze and then call Recon? Should I start new app even though they said not to? Should I wait for this app to expire (how long?) and then reapply?


Dan, I closed a sapphire preferred card and allegedly didn’t transfer the UR points to my freedom card prior to closing. I noticed a few months later that my freedom points were less than they should’ve been. I called CS and they claimed that after 30 days the points are forfeited and you can’t reclaim.
Any ideas on how to recoup those points?


I purchased multiple GC from Staples when there was the $6.95 off since I wasn’t sure if I would be able to reach the 6k.
Now that I see that I can, would staples take a return on gift cards?


Applied for Ink and Unlimited simultaneously in 2 diff browsers, got approved for ink and denied for unlimited.

Thanks Dan


What do i put in for the EIN number?


If applied last month and got declined for be 5/24 can I reapply for same card now?


does 3bm still work?


I’ve been approved for 2 ink cash and 2 ink unlimited under my name

Dans the Man!

Wife and I each approved for ink cash & business unlimited!
Thanks Dan the Man!
now how to spend $24,000 in 3 months…..


I have an Ink Cash that’s about a year old and an Ink preferred that’s 6 weeks old. Do you think I have lower odds of getting approved for the ink unlimited based on having a brand new Ink card already?


My experience – I applied for Ink and Unlimited yesterday (12/27) and was set as pending. Received a notice today that both were declined for the following reason – Too many requests for credit or opened accounts with us. – which is mighty strange as I haven’t applied for a Chase card since Oct 2017 when I opened a CSR. I had a business Ink card in 2017-18 as well but that’s been closed for years. (My credit is 800+)

Any thoughts? Comments?


CC companies often don’t give the real reason, but maybe they just need to confirm address or something so yes, call


I applied for all 4 Inks and got approved. 2 of them about month and a half ago and another 2 a few days ago.
Does it hurt to apply now for another 2?


Do we have to apply by the 29th or be approved by the 29th to be eligible for the bonus? I just got an email that they need more info and that it would take 24 hours for them to receive what i send and to review.


I applied for the Southwest business card and they are asking for all sorts of documents. I dont have a business – what do you recommend?
Here’s what we need to continue reviewing your application

Please upload clear, easy-to-read copies of documents for the following:

Proof of physical address for each beneficial owner
Proof of legal name and physical address for business
Proof of physical address for authorizing officer
Proof of federal tax id for business


i got approved like 3 weeks ago for both no annual fee cards do you think could apply again and get approved???


Dan , I saw your post that any hobby or tutoring (like I do can count) as I was filling the application I saw it says that you are agreeing to use the card for only business expenses which in that case I’d never reach the 6k spend limit. Is this something they are actually makpid on or just a technicality that they put in?


Thanks Dan
Got both!


Thank you!
I apply for the Cash card yesterday, got an email that in review and wait a decision by U.S. mail. This could take up to 30 days..
Today they called me, and ask the verify my business address (I have a real business),
and they approve me Bh right away.

Ste en

i got approved like 3 weeks ago for both no annual fee cards do you think could apply again and get approved???


Is it true that if you were a approved for a ink within 30 days they won’t approve for another?

Big Fan

Is this dead?


When does the 3 month spend window start? Meaning at activation or from a certain time after sign up? Is there any 6 month spending cards available?


Hi @Dan was BH approved for both instantly, Thanks!
A little different topic question, which points is more valuable, any of the Ink’s, or Sapphire preferred (personal)? & as well I’m planning to downgrade my Sapphire soon would it be a difference in value on the points so I should use them before downgrading it, or it wouldn’t impact the points earned as a sapphire? Thanks so much!


I was approved for the Ink Cash card a few weeks ago and have done a good job of capitalizing it by getting lots of gift cards from Staples. I should be near the spend threshold by next week. I got approved last night for the Ink Unlimited card, so I hope to get on that soon.

However, during the sign up process of the Ink Cash, it made me create a new sign on username and password. I’m trying to figure out how to link the accounts, but the ‘manage linked accounts’ section isn’t showing up. When I google the link and click on it, it tells me ‘this part of the website isn’t working right now’.

I also don’t see another way of adding another account in the Ultimate Rewards section of their website. It’s only showing up what’s actually linked to each account (personal and business separately). Any ideas on how to go about moving the points from my business account to my personal account, which is where I have my Sapphire Reserve?
Thank you!


call them they had helped me in the past with both of those problems


Do we have to do multiple browser and apply at the same time if applying for more than one at once for same user?


Any information / experience if you need a high credit score to get approved now for this? Is it worth trying w/ a lower score, or the pull would hurt your score even more?


Just got my second ink cash under my name!


Hi Dan, any word on when the 90K offer expires?
Thank you


Help- I just applied and accidently wrote that I have very high monthly expenses (more than my income). Dan- do you think I should call to and have them change it, or should I wait to see if I get accepted?


In the past with another bank I have had success changing that with reconsideration but I don’t have experience with chase

double l

Hi Dan! Have 4 chase cards opened 2022. 1 CSP and 3 biz (2 Inks) cards. Any risk of shutdown/review if I apply for 3rd Ink 31 days after most recent?


I applied just now, and received a message that my application is in review… I will receive their decision in writing, and if approved I will receive a card in 5 to 10 business days.
I then went to look something up in my email (less than 1 minute later), and I already had an email from Chase that my card was approved!!!
Thanks, Dan!


Hi Dan what is advantage of business card over just ink cash or unlimited cards ?


I’m 5/24 and got we need to review your application with no timeframe on it. Should I call?


I’m 5/24 and got email to send email for more info does this mean I’m approved?


Thanks Dan
Now if I apply for another today will it be on the same credit check? I applied last night


Any data points on this working for those who were shut down by chase?

A ab

Hi Dan
Interesting thing I thought you’d like knowing. My Chase CR Pay Yourself Eligibility changed this morning to grocery purchases and only 25% extra point value vs 50% extra points value they had till now on dining and AirBnB.
Thanks for all..


approved. thx dan


Will Chase do a CLI and a new card with 1 credit pull if I do both at the same time?


Turned down. Too many credit cards opened in the last two years associated with you
Business structure
Insufficient business deposit relationship with us


I applied trough the link here. Got approved instantly without having any business or even hobby. Just wanna know if i need to spend the 6000 on the primary, or u could Davide it between all added cards?


Why only 3 days left?


good credit but 9/24 – got approved after calling recon. only got 5k line so didnt bother applying for another.


My second card got approved for a higher credit line !


What was the recon conversation like? And what was the original denial reason – too many recently opened lines of credit?


Dan, I see you wrote that some readers are getting 280k points and 1,000 how do I get that. I was approved earlier today


Anyone have good ideas how to spend the money in just 3 months? Would love to get the card but not worth applying if won’t do the spending (which I have no way of doing)


Maybe include in the post how we can spend 50k in 3 months? The gift cards @officemax/staples ain’t cutting it…


If I apply as sole proprietorship, do I even have a chance with $0 revenue?

Or is my general income my “revenue”?


They called me to make sure that it was me that applied (it wasn’t, my husband, applied for me, but I figured it out immediately what she was taking about, since I saw Dan’s recent posts.) As soon as I confirmed that it’s me, they told me that I was approved.


if my application is pending they will let me know in up to 2 weeks i think it means I’m approved, can i do another application for the other ink card?


Instant disapproval for Ink Cash despite a real business and robust income. Have an Ink Unlimited and several personal cards with high limits for years, pristine credit. I can try calling to shift credit limits, but either way, clearly not as easy as this post makes it seem. I suspect there’s a high degree of selection bias in the reports of successes vs. failures

Aaron Heideman

How do I apply for all 4 inks at the same time to ensure it’s one credit pull?


Applied for Ink it’s in review, can I also apply now same day for a personal card and it will be one credit pull?

Aaron Heideman

Dan, if you don’t mind, please confirm I have this all correct (for me and the rest of the readers):
If my spouse and I both apply for both no-fee cards, and both reach the minimum $6K spend on each card, then we will be granted 360,000 bonus points.
Now assume I earn a AVERAGE of 2.5 points per dollar on my $24,000 spent, that would be 60,000 points.
That would be 420,000 points.
If I transfer those to my reserve, they’ll be worth 1.5X more, totaling 630,000 points.
And if I apply for all 4 cards (2 each) on the same day, it’ll only be one credit pull.
Is all the correct; and can you please answer the following:
Where can I transfer my 420,000 points to earn 2X points (as opposed to 1.5), like you mentioned in the post? I have the Amex business platinum if that has anything to do with it.
Please confirm the first half here, and answer the last question here.
Thank you so very much for helping klal Yisrael as much as you do.

Go Red Sox!!!

Hey Dan. A few questions…
I currently have 2 personal chase cards freedom something and a BA visa.
In my account, I see “You’re already pre approved” for Slate edge, Saffire preferred, reserve and the united explorer cared with first year fee waived.
Will signing up for the personal cards also do a one hit if I do all on same day?
Should I do business and personal on same day- would that also be one hit if I go the sole prop method?

How about if I have an existing business “with paperwork” as you put it, could I sign up on that name and also on my name?

Thank you in advance.


i applied for ink cash, was told 7-10 days, called right away and i was rejected only due to 5/24


I was approved for the ink cash card a few weeks ago. Now I want the other ink card. Will chase do another hard pull?


yes.. for sure


How bad will that affect me.

How many hard pulls should one do a year?


Dan, I was told that one of the business cards has great earning capabilites but that those points are non combinable with points earned from other cards. Is that accurate? If so, which card?


@Dan, how in the world do you meet the minimum spend on 7+ credit cards? I’d be super interested in a post to see how your doing these exactly


I’m 5/24 and just got approved for both Cash and Preferred with a new business EIN (opened 3 months ago). I didn’t do simultaneous browsers – after approval for Cash, I decided to go for Unlimited, 5-10 mins later.

I already have a sole proprietor Preferred and Unlimited, and personal Sapphire Preferred and Amazon. Possibly relevant DP: minutes before applying, I called Chase to halve my existing credit line for my (sole proprietor) Cash and Unlimited cards. Because…

A year ago, I was rejected for Unlimited (as a sole proprietor). Recon put me through a lengthy (almost an hour) interview, and ultimately decided to approve me on the condition of not extending me any additional business credit, so they split my Preferred credit line, extending half of it to the new Unlimited. Hence, my decision tonight to halve my 2 biz card credit limits before applying for new ones.

I’ve now gotta spend $12k, and then take quite a few biz/1st class flights next year (which I’ll book with sales I find here – thanks, Dan!)


just got approved for both but only a 3000 credit line on each, can i transfer my personal chase cards credit line to these cards?


no.. business CL & personal CL are different.. no crossing.

On Social Security and Proud of it!

Someone, please, what is basic difference between Ink Cash and Ink Unlimited?

I am a day to day minimal user and travel is not on the horizon. I’ll meet by threshold with my tax payment. I buy a lot of groceries, eat out occasionally, and buy a lot of crap on Amazon for the 8 (beautiful) grandchildren. I pay (several) shul dues and prefer charitable donations for those in need of food.

Which card is for me?


Batting .500.
I was approved. Wife was not (5/24). Spoke with recon supervisor


Applied last night, and was told that I will get decision in mail within 2 weeks, I called the reconsideration line, but they just told me the same. anything to do?


2 weeks is generally an approval…
7-10 business days is almost always a denial


It’s one thing to figure out how to spend $24,000 over 3 months. It’s quite another to figure out how to pay $24,000 of bills after 3 months.


@dan Just applied for another card says verifying for 30 min what should I do


I applied for a second ink card ant the page is saying “verifying information” for a half hylr allready. What does that usually mean?


You applied for 5 Chase business cards on the same day???


Approved under one business for Ink Unlimited about a month ago. At that time, applied for another business and was rejected. Today, applied for the first business for Ink Cash and was approved, second business for Ink Unlimited reapplied and now under review. Applied for second business for Ink Cash was not approved.


Over 5/24. Applied for Ink Cash and Ink Unlimited. Declined for both.


Im in 5/24 and got declined. Any use in calling?


3/24… I do consulting/have a sole proprietorship. Applied without signing in to existing account for Cash and got instant approval. 5-10min later applied for Unlimited but was signed into personal account oops, instant denial. Should I call recon? Or try to apply once more today without being signed in?


Can I apply for an Ink Unlimited and later change it to an Ink Cash?

(For reaching the $6,000 spend in 3 months, the Ink Unlimited is more valuable for me, since I’d be getting 9000 rather than 6000 points – the spend would be mostly if not entirely in non-bonus categories. But after that I’d rather have an Ink Cash for the bonus categories, since I already have a Freedom Unlimited. So I’d like to start off with an Ink Unlimited, and then change it to an Ink Cash once I’ve spent $6,000.)


My wife and I both applied for one of each and got rejected for all 4 of them instantly. Both under 5/24 although I did just open 2 other card in the last 30 days. Not sure if that’s causing the rejection. I’m going to try calling reconsideration but they’re closed now for New Years. They might be closed Monday as well so we’ll have to see.


Got approved for both after calling for reconsideration. Thanks Dan

Yaakov Ganz

Good evening.
Is the Ink card only for [small] business owners?

Dans Fan

My lender is checking my credit using a soft pull in the next few days. Since they are only doing a soft pull, will they see this hard pull on the credit report or not? Thanks


Can you sign up for multiple sole proprietorships with the same name for the same card?


For pending applications which got a denial will the ease of approval still work by calling recon after 12/31 since they are closed probably until Tuesday


Gv Dan. Thanks a lot for all of the deals you always post.
I by mistake applied for a chase card that does have an annual fee. Is there a way to ask them to change the card that I was approved for?


Has Chase been aggressive with financial reviews and will applying and being approved for these cards trigger one?


Me and wife got pending on all 3. Should I wait or call them now


@dan I see on the application that chase may send you 1099-misc form, if you receive a sign up bonus is this new?


Hi Dan,
If I wasn’t approved 3 weeks ago for a chase card because of too many hard inquiries and new cards in the past 3 months, should I try now?
Is there better chances of getting approved ?


I applied for Ink Cash only 40 days ago, now applied for Ink Business Unlimited tonight and got approval right away, Thanks Dan


Said perek shira?


@Dan Sorry if this was asked, do you recommend we call recon if the application is pending or should we just wait and hope for the best? Thanks


I got denied on 11/28 and tried again now and was instantly approved b”h
Thank you Dan, I wouldn’t have tried again if I wouldn’t see your post.


Applied, status is pending with decision in 2 weeks. Now realised my experian file was locked. But it’s pending, not declined. Recon is closed for holidays. Is it wise to apply for a different ink, now with an unlocked credit file?


Got now a decision pending…


Does it matter if you end up using the card for personal expenses (groceries) even if it’s a business card?


Applied for the ink unlimited and got approved instantly bh
Thanks Dan.


Being able to apply for the same exact card that you already had this year is always with the ink or only going on right now till January 1?


applied on friday and got denied. called recon and it is now under review. anything to do before 12 am?


I applied for me and for my wife (as Sole Proprietorship), same info, just the names are different.
She got approved right away (Thanks!), mein are still under review.
How long will this usually take to review?


I applied just now and it said the offer isn’t available and then said it received my application and the information wa submitted. What is that meant to mean-Has anyone else received this message? Should I reapply?


thanks Dan I got approved before shaboss, my wife applied now (under a different business )and got denied. any suggestion?


1:30 est. the 90000 point deal is still active. No idea about the approval rate


Approved for Ink Premier !

Thanks Dan


Applied for 6 across 2 players. All 6 went pending.


Ink unlimited and Ink cash both were pending for 12 hours and got approved BH.


Just applied for ink cash and ink unlimited approved Jan 1 2023


In order to get the bonus on the same card that I already got the bonus on, does the credit card need to have been closed prior to signing up for the same card again?


Applied 12/31 evening and received “we need to check more details”. Didn’t even get a confirmation email or anything.


Did anyone who got these cards try to pay their taxes with this? I tried and was told that the card type is not accepted? anyone else have this issue?

Gavriel Sasun

Hi @Dan, First Thanks so much for all that so helpful Info! BH I was approved for both at the same time! & My wife’s application is still pending, I hope for the best. You’re writing: “If you redeem those points for cash that’s $3,900-$4,380,” Does Chase have such an option to redeem it for cash? Or you mean selling them etc.?
& also what do you mean with: “Improve your redemption value to 2 cents each and that’s $7,800-$8,760 back!” What’s that? How do i do that? Thanks so much again!


Wife was approved for both today after calling rec. (was declined originally for too many cards opened)


DP: Just applied at 7/24 got denied within a few hours, tried calling today and notified that ejection was strictly due to the amount of credit cards I got in the last two years. Recon also mentioned the 5/24 rule.


Got pending called recon got accepted immediately


Had a somewhat nervous call with Chase where they noted 4 recent applications and had questions about my business (which is a *very* small scale ebay business). They refused me for the card (premier) because my business wasn’t big enough. That was the card I cared the least about, but perhaps pushed things too much.


Received detail as below can anyone suggest how to proceed further

Please upload clear, easy-to-read copies of documents for the following:
Proof of legal name and physical address for business
Proof of physical address for authorizing officer


I got a call from Chase requesting more info about my buissness before I can be approved for the cards.

a b

Applied and got approved 01/05/2023

did I go too FAR?

Got an Ink Cash and unlimited.
Activated the unlimited no problem; now the cash I tried, they asked me a ton of verification questions and say its on hold and I will receive a call back in 24-48 hours…
Aside from not stating the obvious, that I signed up to receive the bonus; any advise on my approach with them?


I just noticed Premier – didn’t realize there was a 4th one in the mix. Instead I applied for a 2nd Ink Cash recently. When did Premier come out? Going to read your review. Other than sign up bonus being $100 more, looks like it’s good for bigger purchases, so no sweat. I had to call reconsideration line on 2nd cash one, so don’t think I should push it too soon, but maybe later this year.

Aliza Goldstein

I accidentally applied for the ink preferred. I got approved but out of the three cards it’s the worst it seems like (you have to spend 15k to get 100k points). I want to apply for the other ones bht what’s the best way to do it? I don’t have enough cash flow to spend 15k and also 6k and another 6k. Should I cancel this preferred card and apply for those? Should I just leave this card and not use it and cancel it before the annual fee? Any tips?
Also anyone know of which forum can explain to me the best way to hit spends- I’m new to this cc game!


If you can spend 15K stick to this card, you can downgrade it after a year, the points are much more valuable if it’s your only chase card with an annual fee, if you can’t spend 15K apply for one of the others, and cancel this card only if you can’t afford even the first year’s annual fee by no means.


Has anyone here done a quad app in one day to get all the inks on 1 hard pull?


2 app 1 day-1 pull both approved after reconsideration


I opened a CI Cash last year (few months ago; missed bonus)…is it better to cancel that before applying for another?


Dan, how often do you close your ink cards and how often do you reopen them? Will you keep these 9 open?


For some reason, I already received the 90,000 points bonus before I spent $6000. (At the time that I noticed the points, I was at $5,400).
Is this normal, or something unusual?


If i just got approved for the ink card do i get the full 90 to spend 6k?

Jack t

If I have a 571 credit score is it worth to try?


Does closing a business line of credit have any affect on your personal credit score?


I opened the card two months ago and my credit score still does not show any pull from them. Does this make sense?


Same here


If my oldest credit card is like 9 months old but I’m an authorized user to Someone do I have a chance in getting approved?


Article specifically states Ink Cash & Ink Unlimited will eliminate 90k SUB. Will the Preferred continue to offer 100k SUB for $15k spend for the time being?


Hi Dan- are you no longer suggesting to open these cards with a “hobby” – if so how would income be reported?

Usher D

Hi Dan,
If my oldest credit card is like 9 months old but I’m an authorized user to Someone do I have a chance in getting approved?

josh friedman

Dan, I got “in review” for the unlimited, and “rejected” for the cash card.

QQ – when putting EIN – do I switch it to SSN and enter my SSN, or do I just put the SSN in for the EIN?


Any reason why I got declined if I have a great credit score?


can I refer myself from a chase business cc with my name on it to open another cc for my llc under my name?

Jamie R

Hey Dan, I’m getting married next month, should I still sign up now for the ink with m
Current name as my biz?

Also can you transfer points from a biz ink unlimited to a personal chase sapphire reserve? If so how?


Yes on both.
You transfer points to reserve in your Ultimate rewards dashboard, under “Combine points”


Just got approved for my second Ink Unlimited Card.


As Sole Pro. Or Reg. Business name?


Hey I got them about 2 months ago any chance of approved again now

Usher D

Anyone got approved with less than 1 year CC with chase?


is there a way to track the spending toward the SUB?


On the app. Rewards homepage.


If I am at 5/24 until can I apply now while the promo is still around and then call recon in a few weeks once after 24 month and they can process the application or does it depend on the application date?

Ann r

Is there an international exchange fee?


i just got the 90,000 sign up bonus on the ink card after spending 6k, is it ok to use it already now towards my statement credit? or should i wait a few months to use it so that it doesnt look fishy that i got the card just for the sign up bonus?


Post changed to ending very soon from end of March. Is it ending earlier?


How soon? Is there an exact date?


Looking to apply for 6 cards, spend on gift cards and convert into cash to pay off the cards. Is this feasible? Recommended?


What date is it ending?


It is ending 3/13 8PM

Satmar Fleish

Still alive. where did you get this info from?


If I apply for both cards Ink Cash and Ink Unlimited credit cards in the same day, will chase pull 1 hard inquiry or two? and do I have a chance to get approve form both?


Instant approval to unlimited with your link, thanks! Go for doubles on the cash?

Dovid G

If Time is running out can i just Paypal someone (pay 3%) to meet the 6000$ threshold


is the 90,000 over? I see it says $750 bonus for spending $6k…


Does it make sense that they won’t approve me for a second card on a second business?


When exactly is the end date?


Got approved for CIC. Tried moving over credit from Premier, they said different type of product and can’t move credit between these two types of cards. Is that correct or just misinformation?


If I apply for a 2nd ink cash and I’m denied immediately, will a hard credit pull be performed?


Is it confirmed that you only get one pull when you open both ink cards in one day?


do we know when this offer is going away?


I have the CIB+ for years. Was approved for the CI Cash in 11/2022 then was approved for the CI Business unlimited in 12/2022. I’m below 5/24. To put the odds in my favor, I messaged Chase and lowered the line of credit of several business cards then applied for a second CI cash and was approved. So lower your available credit on existing cards before applying.


Just got approved for a card for my wife
got two cash ink cards 2 months ago
i just need one more for me and i am set.
when should i apply for another chase ink unlimited?
also what other card can i open while the rule is suspended?


Just got approved for myself also so got all 4 cards using this post
400K points need another 200 K points for a nice long family vacation please advise what else i can open


How about a vault?


My wife and I were both approved for one card at the end of Dec. and declined for the 2nd due to too many requests for new cards.
Would it make sense to reapply now? Anyone else with a similar situation having succeess now?


After being approved, it prompted me to create a username/pw, but I entered the details of a personal account by mistake and then it said I’ll have to restart the application…however, I already got a welcome email. WWYD?


So I got approved for an Ink unlimited instantly. Think I can apply for an Ink Cash right away?


@dan. Can Someone get these cards if they do not own a business. Will they be flagged?


Does 3BM still work for instant approvals. I have not done this for half a dozen years.


@dan If I don’t get instantly approved for one ink would you recommend me applying for 2nd one right away cuz I want one credit pull or i shouldn’t apply for 2nd card before I get approved for 1st one thanks?

Which One

Which one should i apply for, Ink Unlimited or Ink Cash?
What’s the differences


If I’m blacklisted fro chase, can I be approved for this card?

Reb Srul\'s

As far as SSA – SSI, NJ community programs is this considered having a “Business”?


Dan- I have an Ink Business Plus and now got the Ink Business Cash. Is there any reason to keep both?


My wife and I each got an Ink card and have received the bonus points. How can I transfer these points to United? I have a Chase United card too. I dont see the link to “transfer to travel partners”


I got approved for a 3000 line with the Ink Unlimited. Is this typical? Why so low?


Does 2BM still work ?


I have 4 chase personal cards from many years ago 3 freedom and one amazon. Will this affect applying for these? Thanks


If I got a ink cash a few months ago with a sole proprietorship, are chances unlikely to get approved for another one a short while later ?


Just signed up for both the Ink Cash and Ink unlimited for both my wife and I. She got instantly approaved, I got rejected. :/


Quick question. I have an older Chase Ink “Plus” card (prob 10-15 years old). My wife has a Chase Ink “Preferred” card that’s a few years old. We need to keep one in order to transfer points to travel partners, but want to downgrade one since they both have annual fees. Any suggestion which one to downgrade? Thanks in advance!!!


I’d like to apply if possible, so curious if “for business only” condition & ” not within 24 months” condition if there is any way to know if they are makpid….and what are you basing your info on. Thank you so much!


Approved for two inks today even though I’m over 5/24. Crazy what they’re pushing.


What should I put for my “business established date” if I don’t have a business? Would it work with today’s date?


How does 90,000 x4 = 390,000-438,000?


I recall seeing an end date in one of the posts but can’t seem to find it now. Whens the offer slated to end?


I applied yesterday and I’m 99% sure the offer was still 90k, but when I logged in this morning it shows 75k or $750 bonus after spending $6,000


Hi Dan i need your wise help!

I applied yesterday thru your link for unlimited and cash and at same time for 2 united consumer cards all on different browsers,

Got approved for one united consumer card, the rest were declined due to to many requests for credit or opened accounts with us.

Called to reconsider ink cards, explained need to track different businesses expenses,
was told by Recon. agent that system didn’t let him approve. he told me between his words i would definitely approve your applications..

He explained me that the way it works is, They first need to take it out of decline status and have it back open again then they could approve you if they want,

He said in my case system didn’t let him take it out from decline status even after adding notes with my explanation so he got no chance to have it approved.

Any advise??
Thank you!!


Dan, thanks for this great post! I’m 18 and don’t have any CC’s yet. Will they approve me on any of these cards for the first card ever? Or which other card would work for me to get approved and build credit?


I was ready to apply today but the offer on this link says $900 cash not a 90k bonus.
is the offer still going on?


Approved for both inks. I don’t see the cards in my chase profile. Do you need to create a new business profile to access the cards?


Hi dan, is also for US citizens living abroad?

Honest Abe

I went to apply and it’s showing $750 back…for both ink and ink cash…Did they lower it just now?

sarah lagnado

They ask for an EIN, employer id number. How can one give them that if one is applying really for personal card under “business”?


@Dan – do you have a guide of what we can do with UR points? (Finally) Looking to move away from bonvoy cards… travel really only once a year – wondering if I should just get a good cash back card? Your advice is always appreciated


when are the bonus points paid is it when you meet the threshold or when the billing statement closes retro’d back to the date the threshold was met?


Got approved for the Ink Unlimited 3 months ago.
got approved today for the Ink Cash.

Thank you Dan!


What does in-review mean for these cards? I applied for one, instantly got approved. I applied right afterwards for the second and got back that they will review it and let me know.


@dan if you are getting multiple cards for multiple businesses but they all need to be under your name for sole proprietor, how does chase know that it is for a different business, do you put that in the DBA section or something? Or do they just not care and if they don’t approve all you will just explain then?


to clarify I want to know if applying for multiple cards at the same time. How do I apply for 3 cards at the same time under the same SP business name?


dan, can one refer himself to get bonus points?


Also applicable for US citizens living abroad?


As of when has there been approvals despite being 5/24. Was told on Mar 9 reason for decline 5/24. How soon can one apply again?


Got declined for both, called in, 1 card got approved and the other I’ll get an answer in mail.

I went through hell with them, asking me hundreds of questions about my business…


is there a point in HUCA if the reason for decline was over 5/24 (got denied on 3/12)


Personally I would


They approved the cash and still waiting for the unlimited to get approved, what’s a better card? if I get declined for the unlimited should I change from the cash to the unlimited?


Just approved for 2nd ink cash with 4k credit line, for Small consulting as sole proprietorship. This follows Ink Unlimited in 2/23 with 4k Credit line, and 1st Ink Cash in 1/23 with 5k credit line. All with SSN for same Sole Proprietorship with 5k annual revenue. So pretty neat how they approved me for 13k total credit line within 3 months!
Used your link all 3 times. Thanx!!


I can get the bonus for the chase ink cash card even if I currently have another chase ink cash card?

Shana L

Hi- trying to apply for an Ink Card through your link, but it has many more business questions that just solo prop, and SS#. Type of business, NCAIS number, revenue, etc. Please advise!


Thanks Dan I’m 5/24 and was approved for the unlimited


Currently have a maxed out credit line on my only chase business card. Will it effect my odds of being approved?

I know it doesn’t show on report. But will chase look at it internally?


Called yesterday for recon and they told me my application is closed and not eligible for reconsideration is this a thing or she just lazy?


About 2 months ago I opened two ink cards and my wife opened two ink cards, all went smoothly.
I just got approved for an additional ink card, much to my surprise I see that the bonus I will receive once I spend 6k is only 75,000 bonus rewards, anyone have an idea why this happened???


you opened again under same name?




Hi Dan if I got the ink cards vs Solo propiretor last year July, can I try to apply again with the same name? Any chance of being shut down by chase for that? Any chance of getting approved again?


Hi Dan, I have an interesting question, I have applied yesterday for the INK, and was declined because I am 5/24, one of the 5 cards was opened March 2021. My question is, if I call them back April 1 and ask them to reconsider will they still see me as 5/24 ?, Secondly, does the bonus go with application date or approval date?


Should be fine, I think. [Based on info i got previously from chase lending Reps


Not working for me or wife


I got a pending on one card but that’s it


Denied for both
Called in & got approved for both.
Thanx Dan


I tried to apply as sole proprietor. Was declined. Says that they will mail letter in 7-10 days to explain. I have a credit score in high 700’s, I have accounts with significant money in checking and brokerage accounts with them and and a few cards with them including Sapphire, and should have perfect payment history. Have not applied for any cards in quite some time. My listed income is not very high but decent. What can I do?


Call them and explain why you need the card.


Not sure who and at what number to call




Hi dan, Also for US citizens abroad?


If I use ink for a car rental and then use insurance how do I prove that it was business related? Does anyone have experience in this, and been denied?


I applied for a (2nd) Ink Cash in November, Ink unlimited for myself and Cash for DW on 12/31. All 3 got approved after calling recon. What’s the chance of getting approved for another one now? If so, should I try a 3rd Cash for myself or Unlimited for DW?


Update: applied for unlimited for DW and got instant approval!
Is it too risky to apply for a cash too if I got the last one in December?

Moshe S

Hi Dan, I applied for ink business unlimited through someone’s referral and got approved but the sign up offer was saying only $750. The person who sent me the referral had called Chase to see if the deal was still $750 and they said it was and it was just a glitch in the system. Have you heard anything about that?

Moshe S

Mistake, *if the deal was still $900