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I’ve already done several successful 3BMs and 4BMs with all of the major banks this year and I went for a few Chase business cards before they released some better offers yesterday.

I even got approved for an Ink Plus and Ink Cash card on the same call to Reconsideration by proactively offering to shift over part of the credit line from another card and now I have all 4 Ink cards.
That bumped me up to 8 active Chase consumer cards and 5 active Chase business cards that I am the primary cardholder on. Can anyone here top that?

Anyway I wrote a secure message on to please match my Plus card so that I only need to spend $5,000 instead of $10,000 and first I got back a message asking for an invitation code. I wrote back that this is a public offer and that I would like a supervisor to respond to the secure message and they had no problem offering me the 50,000 points even if I only spend $5,000. So if you applied within the last few months for the Ink Bold or Plus card go ahead and get matched if you want a $5K hurdle instead of a $10K hurdle.  And don’t be afraid to ask for a supervisor to respond to the message if needed.

Same goes if you applied for a Southwest card in the past 3 months and didn’t get 50,000 points.

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The rule of using a biz. card not a consumer personal card does that include the sapphire that has a bending credit line? I currently have on that card a 12k credit limit and I am holding at 18K what does that show up as on my credit score?

Also just did 2BM on amex for platinum 100K w/ invite code and gold 75K spent the money got the gold 75K but still nothing w/ the platinum its been about a week since the 10K limit has hit and been posted any suggestions? I had a platinum personal about 10 months ago but they sent the offer any way so I tried my luck any sugg. of what to do?


I’ll try secured message b/c over the phone they turned me down flat.


For a purchase of $1000 @ CVS which card do I use? Sapphire, Ink Bold, or Freedom?


@dan. I got an email from Amex asking for the social security numbers if my additional card holders. Should I just ignore the email? Can I just cancel te cards after next sat night


got the freedom two wks ago and applied for the ink bold an d got rejected yesterday,how long do I have to wait to apply for the ink cards?


Did they tell you to wait 3 months to get the 50k points after $5k spent or you got it right away?


I also sent a SM to chase and got the following response: Unfortunately, we are unable to honor your request for
50,000 points on $5,000.00 spend, as the offer was for a
limited duration and is no longer solicited.

Should I respond with another SM or try my luck at customer service rep roulette over the phone?


-That is not good for your score.
-Wait and see.

Freedom if you have exclusives on it.
Or any card you are trying to meet a threshold for.

You can ignore it if you want.

Call Recon to get that app approved ASAP!

2.5 months.

Same thing happened to me, just read the post…

many months

Thank you for your inquiry regarding your Chase Ink Bold
credit card.

We have reviewed the application you submitted in
Month/Year Variable and have confirmed that you will
receive 25,000 points after you have spent $10,000 within
the first 93 days the account is open.

If you are unable to exceed the $10,000 spending threshold
within 93 days of the account open date but you have spent
at least $5,000, please contact us after 02/06/2013, at
which time we would be happy to add the 25,000 points.

If you have any questions, please call us at the number on
the back of your card. We?re here to assist you anytime.

Thank you for being our customer. We appreciate your

Thank you,

Kiranjeet Ratti


@many got the same message


Dan, I received a new spg consumer card( I have another one for 5 years) and a first time spg business card with the 30,000 point special eventhough I spent over $5000.. I spoke with a supervisor, after bring denied the spg consumer points. He stated that I am not entitled to any sign up bonus because I already have a spg card. he offered to give me 15,000 points because he felt”sorry” that I misunderstood the offer. I’m not happy st not receiving the maximum points. What can I do?


I applied for a bus gold amex and bus spg (2BM) . Amex denied the SPG bus because of DUPLICATE APPLICATION–does that make sense, what did I do wrong?


I called a second time after being declined the first time and they matched it right away no problems, so I’m now at 50,000 for $5k.
Thanks again Dan


Isn’t the best approach to use $1 get 25,000 and then asked to be matched, that way we for sure get 25k and then only need $5000 to get the second 25k


@Hey: you are looking for trouble with Amex if you do that, they,ll probably close all your accounts. Adding additional users without SSN that probably do not exist and then immediately closing !!! Be careful


@Helene: you are lucky to receive 15000 points, you were not eligible for any bonus .


I was turned down for amex gold buisness on an llc and then got it upon further manual review.I want to now go for a 3bm with 2 buisness cards on my ss#(starwoods and delta)and one personal(starwoods).Please advise.
Also i want to go for chase buisness on my ss# and personal.Should I wait on amex or does it not make a difference?


how can i get amex to raise spending limit on buisness card?


Regarding the Ink Cash, are those points transferable if one has an ink bold/sapphire or do you only get cash back?


Dan, for ink plus or ink bold, $50000 for office supply is for calendar year or membership year?


4BM with Chase worked?