[Benefit Ends Today!] Marriott Changing Up The $300 Annual Bonvoy Brilliant AMEX Credit

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Update: The $300 annual Marriott credit will end today.

Marriott eGift cards qualify as Marriott spending.

Note that some readers have received notices that they will receive a statement credit if they don’t use their $300 benefit, though I haven’t received that.

Marriott will be refreshing their card lineup, so you’ll want to hang onto your card for the short term to learn about the changes. You can always downgrade it to the $95/year Bonvoy card and get a pro-rated refund of the annual fee difference.

Originally posted on 6/23:

The AMEX Bonvoy Brilliant consumer card is a decent enough card despite its hefty $450 annual fee.

One of the main benefits is an annual 50K free night certificate, which can now be topped off and used at hotels that cost up to 65K points per night. It’s possible to recoup the entire annual fee just from that certificate at the right hotel, though it has become harder to get that kind of value from Marriott points.

The other main benefit is the $300 annual Marriott credit, which can even be used to purchase Marriott gift cards online.

Unfortunately that benefit will end on 9/21/22.

In its place, you will be able to get a $25 monthly credit at any restaurant, worldwide. You can still effectively get $300 in free annual spend, but this way AMEX gets you to keep your card in your wallet instead of the sock drawer. Plus as the $300 credit has to be earned over 12 months, there is going to be more people that forget to maximize that benefit.

Overall I view this as a negative change, though some people may prefer a restaurant credit to Marriott credit.

My last annual fee was charged on 10/1/21, but I chatted with AMEX and the agent said that my $300 credit renews on 9/11, so I’ll be able to use that credit one more time before my next annual fee. If I keep the card, I’ll also be able to use the $25 monthly restaurant credit starting on 9/22.

My wife’s last annual fee was charged on 9/10/21, but the chat agent said that her $300 credit renews on 8/24, so she’ll be able to use that credit one more time before my next annual fee. If she keeps her card, she’ll also be able to use the $25 monthly restaurant credit starting on 9/22.

You can downgrade this card to the $95/year Marriott Bonvoy consumer card, which earns a 35K annual free night that can be topped up for up to 50K points.

Do you view this as a positive or negative change? Will you keep, downgrade, or cancel your AMEX Brilliant card?

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Smart man

Definitely negative. It’s Amex just continuing with their “coupon book” method.


Neutral change for me. Will keep card for now.


there is no benefit if i have to pay $450 just to get $300 credit. and limited to marriott nonetheless. so in essence i am prepaying for it in the form of an annual fee. the $25 food credit is similar as i already paid for it. the benefits only start becoming effective after i get $450 value so like you mention, if i were to stay at a hotel using the free night certificate that exceeding the AF


If I read this right, if you get this card before 9/21 you will get the $300 Marriott credit AND the $300 restaurant credit, plus the 75,000 point bonus for the $450 fee?

ted onig

Negative. However, I will still keep it to earn platinum by spending 75k Per year, but really sucks a big one


remembering to use the food credit becomes a pain. especially if my Gold Card is the default for all restaurants since it gets 4x points. in 2021 they gave $20 a month towards restaurants as an added bonus and it took a lot of effort to make sure i got it on each card. and it’s not like uber credit which goes directly to uber to use for eats or rides. this will take a lot of effort. might be a pass going forward


I never had an issue using the $300 at Marriott but I don’t mind a restaurant credit instead. However, it would certainly be preferable not to have it broken into $25 monthly credit. A meal for 2 at a good kosher steakhouse can cost upwards of $300 so it would be great if the credit can just cover all of it.


Of course it would be better- that’s why they’re doing it like this 🙂


Getting the $25 credit also means that you must eat at a restaurant every month. That’s ok if that’s what you typically do but otherwise you’re adding an additional restaurant expense every month. So are you really saving money?


Interesting development. My AF posts on 9/7, so I should be able to use a new $300 in late August. I will likely not renew. Please update this post around Labor day with a reminder to use the new $300 before 9/21. Thanks!


My fee was billed 6/1/22, So I can use the $300 credit up until my next renewal?

Last whistle

Is it worth applying now to take advantage of both credits?


Can you still use the $300 credit on Marriott gift cards?

Eric in Memphis

“You can downgrade this card to the $95/year Marriott Bonvoy consumer card, which earns a 35K annual free night that can be topped up for up to 50K points.”
Can you please explain how this works? Thanks!


Side question when does the e gift cards go on sale and dose it still trigger the 300:credit?


50k free night award can still be very valuable. Keep the card at least until next year’s devaluation and then decide.

Elisha Greenwald

FYI – Just read the terms and conditions and realized that if you don’t spend the $300 by september something amex will refund you $300 which is much better


will a charge by uber eats work for this credit?


Dan, will uber eats work for restaurant credit?


Thanks Dan- My annual fee will be charged on on September 28, 2022. I confirmed via chat that the Marriott $300 annual credit will renew on September 05, 2022. So a double-dip is in order or perhaps a downgrade.


what does “changing up” mean?


If you sign up in August, what happens when, in September, the card is revamped a higher annual fee kicks in? Will you have to pay the higher fee right then?

Chad Bdoro

Reloading Starbucks is an easy way to get restaurant credits without carrying the card around.


Would taking a robe or similar from the room count?


Egift won’t code as a gift card purchase?

Y. Silver

Just to Clarify; one can buy an e-gift card online and have it reimbursed with this promotion? I’m trying to figure out how to use this credit within the next week.


My annual fee dropped 9/9, but I haven’t paid it yet. I’d I were to purchase an e-gift card, say today, would it be affected if I decide not to renew by Oct 9? In other words, is a double-dip possible?

Jeff S

Amex didn’t issue me $300 statement credit yet despite purchasing Marriott Gift card 3 days ago

ted onig

Can I start the first $25 Rest Credit tomorrow for September?


Wondering the same

Student 2022

Do they not have to let me know before changing the $300 offer?
If I didnt use it then I lost $300 basically?


My $300 GC purchase still hasn’t posted. Posted to my account on Sept 19th.