Limited Time Offer: Get Up To 100K British Airways Avios, Good For More Than 22 Free Flights!


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For a limited time the BA card is offering 50K Avios for spending $2,000 in 3 months, an additional 25K Avios for spending another $8K in 12 months, and an additional 25K Avios for spending another $10K in 12 months.

That’s a total of 75K Avios for speding $10K in 12 months or 100K Avios for spending $20K in 12 months. 100K Avios is enough for more than 22 free short-haul flights such as NYC-Toronto, more than 13 flights from NYC-Miami, 10 flights from NYC-Cancun, 8 flights from Los Angeles-Hawaii, Los Angeles-JFK, or Boston-Ireland, 4 flights from NYC-Buenos Aires, or 2 flights from Sydney to JFK, all without fuel surcharges.

You’ll also earn 3 Avios per dollar on BA flights or 1 per dollar elsewhere, so after $10K in spend you’d have at least 85,000 Avios or after $20K in spend you’d have at least 120,000 Avios, enough for more than 26 short-haul flights.

You can also earn a free companion award ticket every year that you spend $30K though it’s only valid for travel on BA or Open Skies.  The companion travels in the same class of service, so if you redeem Avios for a first class ticket, your companion flies in first as well for zero Avios, but taxes and fuel surcharges will be owed.

There are no foreign transaction fees.

There’s a $95 annual fee, but that pales in comparison to the value of these miles. Even if you value a last-minute short-haul flight at just $100, that’s over $2,200 in free flights and the potential for far more than that.

You can still load $5,000 of gift cards per month to cards like REDcard, Bluebird, and Serve. Grocery stores, drug stores, and gas stations are good places to purchase gift cards. Typically a $500 gift card costs about $4.95, so $20K in gift cards would cost you $198 in fees. But you would have 120,000 Avios after spending $20K like that! Once in your REDcard, Bluebird, or Serve account you can pay off the credit card bills.

Or just use the card for everyday purchases over the 12 months and supplement if needed with gift cards to get to $20K.

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-Want to learn more about the BA Avios program? Read this article for everything you NEED to know about the BA program and how to best search for BA award availability with tips and tricks! If you have a question about Avios it’s probably already been answered there!
-Click to view Direct Avios Flights From Montreal, Toronto, Denver, Detroit, Pittsburgh, S. Francisco, And 6 Ohio Airports
-Click to view 94 Direct Avios Flights From Baltimore/Washington DC
-Click to view 29 Direct Avios Flights From Boston
-Click to view 126 Direct Avios Flights From Chicago
-Click to view 196 Direct Avios Flights From Dallas
-Click to view 12 Direct Avios Flights From Johannesburg
-Click to view 77 Direct Avios Flights From Los Angeles
-Click to view 120 Direct Avios Flights From Miami
-Click to view 102 Direct Avios Flights From NYC
-Click to view 123 Direct Avios Flights From Philadelphia

-BA Avios are awesome.  They effectively fill the gap that is left by the major programs like American AAdvantage and United MileagePlus.  The major programs provide a fantastic value for long-haul flights, especially for one-way flights, last-minute flights, stopover flights, or flights in business or first class.  But most programs are not great for short flights.

In 2011 BA launched the Avios program and for the past 4 years it has continued to provide an incredible value for short-haul flights.  I’ve booked dozens of short-haul tickets using Avios for travel on American.  A Cleveland-NYC ticket can cost $1,200 round-trip if you don’t stay for at least 3 days or if you book last-minute.  But BA allows me to use just 9,000 Avios for that same flight, a whopping value of over 13 cents per mile.  I can hop over to Chicago or NYC on a whim without any kind of mileage regret like I used to have in the pre-Avios days.
-100,000 Avios has gotten me flights that would have otherwise cost over $13,000. Or those same exact flights would run some 280K American miles not even accounting for the $75 close-in fees and $150 cancellation fees that American would charge with their own miles compared to $0 close-in and $5.60 cancellation fees when booking an American flight with Avios!

And how many other programs can say that they offer a flight to the Caribbean in coach for just 4,500 miles or in first class with 3 free checked bags for 9,000 miles?  A flight from the west coast to Hawaii on American or Alaska is just 12.5K Avios each way.

-Cardholders get 10% off paid BA tickets with promo code: CARDOFFERU

-Avoiding fuel surcharges:
-There are no fuel surcharges for flights on Aer Lingus. A flight from Boston to Dublin or Shannon is just 12.5K in coach or 25K in business. From there you can fly elsewhere within Europe without paying fuel surcharges. Plus you can fly to Boston from cities like Buffalo, NYC, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, or Washington DC for just 4.5K Avios. Aer Lingus flights can only be booked over the phone.
-Air Berlin flights still have no fuel surcharges systemwide and remain the cheapest way to get to Israel. They have flights to Israel from Berlin, Dusseldorf, or Munich for 10K Avios. Flights to several US cities cost just 20K Avios.
-There are no fuel surcharges for flights on Alaska. These flights can only be booked over the phone.
-There are no fuel surcharges for flights on LAN. Some of their flights can only be booked over the phone.
-There are no fuel surcharges for flights on Niki. They fly from Israel to Vienna for 10K Avios.
-There are no fuel surcharges for flights on TAM. Some of their flights can only be booked over the phone.
-There are no fuel surcharges for flights on American within the Western Hemisphere
-There are also no fuel surcharges for flying on Qantas from Australia to anywhere in the world or within Australia.
-There are no fuel surcharges for JAL flights within Japan.
-Fuel surcharges on award-winning carrier Cathay Pacific are relatively low and you don’t even need to fly all the way to Hong Kong (though you should-great city with awesome kosher food, airport lounges with kosher food, and a business or first class flight you’ll never forget!) to get a taste of their awesome service, seat, pajamas, and amenities. They fly a daily 777 nonstop between JFK and Vancouver which I reviewed in this trip report.
-You can significantly cut the fuel surcharges when flying on Iberia by transferring your BA Avios into Iberia Avios
-British Airways 5th Freedom Flights (flights that don’t depart from or arrive to the UK) have significantly lower fees. For example even though Singapore-Sydney is a longer flight than NYC-London the fees in first class on Singapore-Sydney are less than half of those from NYC-London.
-As long as you have earned a single Avios within the past 12 months then fuel surcharges for intra-Europe flights will be very low. You can transfer points from AMEX, Chase, or Starwood to activate that benefit.

Advantages of BA Avios over most traditional mileage programs:

-There are no expedite or close-in fees for last minute award ticket bookings with BA Avios.

-You can book one-way tickets for half of the miles of a round-trip!

-You can cancel tickets and redeposit miles for the lessor of $55 or the taxes you paid.  That means you pay just $5.60 for cancel a one-way domestic itinerary (and that’s part of the reason why I always book domestic flights as one-ways).

-British Airways only charges 10% extra miles for a lap child flying internationally, even when traveling on AA. AA and other domestic carriers charge a whopping 10% of the full fare, which can add up to be a small fortune.  When flying domestic you should just add the infant at the airport for free.

-It’s easy to top-off your BA Avios account thanks to their partnerships with Starwood, Membership Rewards, and Ultimate Rewards.

-With short-haul flights starting at just 4,500 Avios you can get a lot of free travel from your Avios.

Award bands include:
Band 1: Flights that are 1-650 miles cost 4,500 Avios.
Sample routes: LGA-Boston, LGA-Cleveland, LGA-Detroit, LGA-Montreal, LGA-Pittsburgh, LGA-Toronto, Miami-Cancun, Miami-Key West, Miami-Nassau, London-Paris, Melbourne-Sydney, Los Angeles-Las Vegas
Band 2: Flights that are 651-1,151 miles cost 7,500 Avios.
Sample routes: JFK-Bermuda, Los Angeles-Cabo San Lucas, LGA-Chicago, LGA-Miami, LGA-West Palm Beach, Chicago-West Palm Beach, Philadelphia-Miami.
Band 3: Flights that are 1,151-2,000 miles cost 10,000 Avios.
Sample routes: JFK-S. Maarten, JFK-Cancun, JFK-S. Juan, Los Angeles-Chicago, Los Angeles-Columbus, Cleveland-Phoenix, Berlin-Tel Aviv, Vienna-Tel Aviv, Hong Kong-Singapore
Band 4: Flights that are 2,001-3,000 miles cost 12,500 Avios.
Sample routes: Boston-Dublin, JFK-Los Angeles, JFK-Vancouver, Los Angeles-Maui, JFK-Costa Rica, Pittsburgh-Los Angeles
Band 5: Flights that are 3,001-4,000 miles cost 20,000 Avios.
Sample routes: NYC-London, NYC-Berlin, Chicago-Dublin, Dallas-Maui
Band 6: Flights that are 4,001-5,500 miles cost 25,000 Avios.
Sample routes: NYC-Buenos Aires, NYC-Rio de Janeiro, London-Johannesburg
Band 7: Flights that are 5,501-6,500 miles cost 30,000 Avios.
Sample route: NYC-Amman
Band 8: Flights that are 6,501-7,000 miles cost 35,000 Avios.
Sample route: S. Francisco-Hong Kong, JFK-Hong Kong
Band 9: Flights that are 7,001 miles or more cost 50,000 Avios.
Sample route: Los Angeles-Sydney, JFK-Sydney

You can learn everything you need to know about the British Airways program in this post.

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Just applied for this card a month ago… do they match offer ?


thank you 🙂 my first BA card!


Send a secure message when logged into your Chase account and let us know.



Any ideas or predictions on the time limit for this offer?


I only got rid of my ba card three months ago can i sign up for this offer ?


If I applied and got this card a month ago, can I SM chase and get this offer as well applied to my card?


what can an existing cardmember do, if anything?


Do you think it pays to transfer now MR to BA before 10/1 or there might be a better deal some other time?


Does this promotion work for any of their business cards? Thanks!


Dan, does this offer apply to people who have had a BA card in the past and have taken advantage of a similar offer? I have since closed the account so not sure if I can reapply and get this offer.


Already have a card

I already have one of these. Can I get a second and still get the points?

thanks dan

i want to open amex and chase cards what would you recommend first chase or first amex or both on same day (6 bm) or separate (spending is not an issue) thanks in advance


Nope, sorry.

Officially the rule is 24 months after you got the last bonus.
When did you last get the bonus for this card?

Try and let us know.

When did you get the bonus?

There may be a better deal later on, but may as well transfer for your needs over the next 6-9 months now.


@Already have a card:
When did you last get the bonus?

@thanks dan:
First chase.


will this work if i apply for a corporate card?


There is no BA business card.


Can you please explain in short how to spend money on cc buying gift cards and then sell it ?


It’s in the post. You transfer them to REDcard, Bluebird, or Serve and then pay off your credit card bill from there.


Dan, what s the best chase cards to do this with a 3BM?

thanks dan

@Dan: should i do all in a 6 bm on same day


Depends on what you have.

@thanks dan:
You mean a 3BM for Chase and a 3BM for AMEX?


how and where do i buy those gift cards? and i am paying my Credit Card bill with the gift cards?

thanks dan

yes but i heard if you dont do it on the same time then amex would see 3 pulls from chase (since they didnt group it at the end of the day) did you ever hear anything about that thanks again


Dan how much and of which gcs can be loaded to serve per month


You can load visa gift cards to serve? Thought there was an issue w that
Still only $1000 a month
Also when is red card coming to ny?

Moshe Neumann

Is this the highest avios offer ever made?

just thinking

if i book 2 one way tickets do i pay only 5.60 x2


Did you read the post? Click on the links in it?

@thanks dan:
It shouldn’t matter to them.


@Moshe Neumann:
Since they switched to Avios, yes.

@just thinking:


is there a way wave the fee?
also do the point ever expire?


Any chase sapphire or other chase bonuses on the way ?


Call after you get it if you want to try.
They never expire as long as you earn or redeem 1 mile every 36 months.

Not that I know of.


Got it, thanks


Is there a published end date for this offer? How long do they usually stay around for?



I had this card in the past. applied for in summer of 2013 and cancelled. am I eligible?


Can be a week, a month, impossible to say.

Check to see when exactly the bonus posted.


How best to get around checked bags fee on domestic US avios flight?


@Dan: the avios posted on 09/15/13 thanks for responding – so cool that you can so easily see your history


Get an AA credit card.

You should be good to go!


Any idea when this offer will expire?



what is the easiest way to check when your last sign -up bonus for this card posted?


I got the bonus on Oct. 27, 2013, can I apply today?


@Anonymous: go to my executive club – manage my account and go to my statements




I opened this card 6 months ago with the 50k offer, got the points, and closed the card about 2/3 months ago. If I reapply, would the give me the additional bonus offer?


Is the 30k spend for companion ticket on a calendar year basis ?


If I have a Chase Freedom card, but I want to get this card – is it better to call Chase to transfer my credit/card to this and get this, or should I just apply for this and cancel my freedom? Or, should I keep both? any advantage to closing the freedom? FYI – the freedom card has my oldest credit line. thanks!


Just open a new Avios account number at a new address and you’ll be golden.


@Brian: Wont they be able to see by SS number?


The $500 cards are credit cards. Are you sure you can upload it to redcard account?


on the second point: Plus earn an additional 25,000 bonus Avios when you spend $10,000 on purchases for a total of 75,000 bonus Avios.
it is not specifically mentioned if the $10k total should be after 3 months of card opening or within 12 months (only the third point says total of $20K within 12 months). @Dan: you said within 12 months – do you really think or know for sure it is?


That’s not how Chase works.



Keep both, no reason not to.

No, they are not.
And yes, you will.

It does say 12 months and yes, I’m sure.



Dan, my old BA Chase card was closed more than two years ago. Does that make me eligible for this offer again? Thanks!




Transaction date of my ba bonus is 20-Sep-13. Posted date is 22-Sep-13. When should I apply for card?


@Mendy: after 9/22


I was told that avios is not the best idea for flights to israel. Is this true? What do u recommend.ty


I just closed my ba card can I open another and get the points

Cle rocks

Dan, where do they sell $500 visa gift cards?


The 25k points for and another 25 k for spending $10 and another $10k is just with this offer, or its on all ba cards?


Would chase allow second card?
New ba number and address


So my wife just got the 50K Avios card that requires $2000 in annual spend. I was going to have her message Chase to convert it to this offer (I think Chase would), but I’m having second thoughts. Her deal was 50K miles with NO annual fee. This offer requires payment of the annual fee. So basically we’re talking about the opportunity to put $8000 in additional spend on the card to earn 33,000 miles (25,000 bonus plus 8,000 in regular mileage earning) PLUS the payment of $95. Without the $95, I think it’s worth the trouble. But WITH the $95, it seems like there are better ways to manufacture miles. Do you disagree?


9/21 should be fine.

Generally true, though Air Berlin would be an exception.

@Cle rocks:
I wrote in the post.

This offer.

Probably not.

May as well ask, they may give it to you without the fee!


Interesting that nobody here has commented yet on the biggest obstacle to getting this card- which is Chase’s new 5 cards in 2 years rule. (In short- it seems that recently Chase isn’t approving you if you opened more than 5 cards TOTAL FROM ANY AND ALL BANKS in the past 2 years.) Now, the jury is still out on if co-branded cards like this Avios one are included in the rule or if it’s just the UR cards. My guess is most people on this site have opened more than 5 cards in the past 2 years.

So- if anyone with more than 5 has been approved for this card- PLEASE LET US KNOW!! It would go a long way to determining if the co-branded cards are included are not. Thanks and good luck everyone!!


I’m generally not a big flyer (although I wish I would get the chance), is this offer worthwhile if I want to redeem the Avios for flights only, or would it be recommended for other redemptions too?


How do I know if my ba account opened about
6 months ago gets 25 when spend new 10?
New 10k spend will cost me $100 or more
Maybe not כדאי?
Lots of work n money

Another q
Where can I buy lower cost marriott gift cards?


Can you buy ba gift cards to meet minimum spend?


can I use this card for isreal?


@Dan sorry but how do you load $5k (Visa?) gift cards to Amex Serve? I upload $1500/month using a credit card, but how do you load $5000 in gift cards? And, once you do, why can’t you just withdraw it in cash? Thanks & gmar khatima tova.


Can I load a Red ‘credit’ card or does it have to be a Red ‘debit’ card?



My last bonus posted on December 20, 2013.

Any advice on how I can apply for this limited time offer? What are the odds that it will be around in December.


After doing some research, it looks like the amount of points have increased a lot since your last updated of how much each “band” costs in points. For example, I looked up PHL to FLL direct and it was 35000 avios round trip on economy instead of the 15000 listed in your Philly-specific chart. Do you know why this might be the case?


It’s not a hard and fast rule and isn’t always applied to co-branded cards.
A Chase banker can also help with a special reconsideration form.

You can use them for cars, hotels, etc as well.
Best value for miles will always be from flights though.

It doesn’t.

Any gift cards will work, why not?


At Walmart, Family Dollar, etc.

Needs to be the AMEX Redcard.

It’s an awesome signup bouns, worth it just for that alone.

See comments made above.

Please read:

You need to book one-way.


I applied and just received a screen that says “Thank you for your submission. We appreciate your interest in a Chase card product. We have received the information you have submitted. You may close your browser session.”

Does this mean I won’t be approved, they have to double check the info or is this standard for this card? Anybody else get instantly approved, or put on hold?


I just got rid of my ba card three months ago …can i sign up and receive this promo?


If have have the card right now and my bonus was last posted over 2 years ago, can I cancel the account today and sign up after I cancel it to receive the bonus?


i was matched from a 9/10 approval through secure message! same message included in the post.


if i have a chase ink card for 4 months, i cant apply now for this chase card ?


I applied yesterday. Is this the same offer that was up then?


@confused: You sure can.


Chase response to request to match:

We confirmed the application you submitted in February
offered 50,000 bonus Avios after you spend $2,000 in the
first 3 months your account is open. We understand that
you have requested the offer that would also include
25,000 Avios after $10,000 and $20,000 in purchases within
the first year.

Since your account has been open for more than three
months, we?re not able to apply this new promotion to your
account. A current promotional offer can only be applied
to an account within a specific period of time following
the account opening.

If you have any further questions, please reply using the
Secure Message Center.

Thought maybe because its still within the first year… Was worth a shot….


Thanks Dan, I have been waiting for a good deal like this one for a while now, I just signed up and was APPROVED!!!!!!!
Love it Dan
Thank You


I have two ba cards ,which were both opened in the past 3 mnths still have to spend the 2k ,to upgraade to the higher offer is a lot of spending since now I closed all red cards and have now serve ,how can I load on serve card ,and what type of cards ,gift cards can I buy ,I thought they don’t like to sell u the gift debit cards with a cc ….can u give an example of which gift cards to buy and how much can I load on the serve card at once per month !??also I thought all ur post says don’t pay off ur bill with ur serve card and also how can u get a refund of the annual fee which u will have to pay ……thanks dan in advance …..


I applied and was approved right away…Thanks


How difficult is it to actually find tickets on the dates I might want? For example, its hard to find milage tickets on AA from Los Angeles to Hawaii. Will I have the same issue with Avios? Will I have to pay more than 12.5k miles each way to secure one?


@dan thanks so much, I got the card! Any way to get the annual fee waved?


The post says that you can get $500 GC and cash them in with Bluebird and Amex Serve
last I checked I was only able to cash in GC from metabank sold at staples and such.
Vanilla visa and MC $500 GC were not working there
Has something changed ? is there a place you can get $500 metabank GCs ?


I sent a secure message and they told me they would not match. Messed up!


Any help with wording to send in secure message to them?


Dan, as a newbie, which domestic airlines to transfer miles from BA? Thanks


Can I do 2bm with chase ink plus?


Beware that redbird currently has issues with loading gift cards.

Holy land

Is there any could mileage flight to Israel using Avios?


@Holy land:
Try Air Berlin


thank you dan. i messaged them yesterday and got that exact message back. you rock!


i have the ba card,spg card,chase ink,chase united,citi hilton cards.which is the most rewarding to do everyday spending on.i am done my spending torwards the bonuses,so which is best to spend on dan? please advise
your fan


@Luckyluck: according to who? What cities? This post is too random… Need more details. I’ve had zero problems thus far


Did you recently get the card that they are matching it? I received a message stating that since I have the card over 3 months they won’t match it. I also have already met the spending threshold to receive the additional 50k. I wonder if that has anything to do with receiving a rejection message.


Costco kicked you out of their store in Cleveland? you are not allowed to go to Costco!!!!!!!!


When did you last get the bonus?

Did you apply within the past 3 months?

Also not loading regular debit and some stores cant even load cash, hopefully just a glitch.


3 months is the rule.

What in the world are you talking about?


What other cards are good to apply for together with this (3BM) for someone who has no Chase cards? Or is it not advisable to do 3BM for first Chase card?


I applied 3 months and 2 weeks from when I sent the message and they refused to match.


@Dan: I just loaded with gift cards 9 days ago. When did this start happening?


@dan: I applied and was rejected, I think it’s because I’m an additional user on a chase card that has a 3,500$ debt on it, but I have a pretty good credit score, do you think I can just take myself off that card and then do a few HUCA’s or that won’t work?


Which is an equivalent card in Canada for this offer?


If I recently got my 50k and was withen 3 mnths can I still upgrade my offer ,as well as I know by serve u have to pay to load in family dollor as well as to pay for the debit card so that’s a lot of expences just to load , does the red card have a fee to load in target (probably not !?) Also can I load the cards online just like a cc u can !?and what other store in brooklyn can u load ur serve card and if redcard is better to load?? or is it possible to load online serve or redcard?!? Thanks ……..also how can u pay back the card bill without having a bank account opened for the ba card (meaning u don’t have a bank account in ur name can u use someone elses name or can u use someones chck or over the phn as well u don’t have any bank acct link to ur name just a cc opened in ur name !?


Hi Dan, I know this is a classic question but it’s related to this card and I need to know.

I have the BA Chase Visa from two years ago and I called them to apply for this one and they said that I have to cancel my old one to get the new one (they don’t have a downgrade option for this card).

Question: does voluntarily canceling my card affect my credit score negatively?

Thanks much in advance!

Cubs Fan

I have earned an Avios Companion pass and so has my father. Can this pass be used on other One World Alliance partner airlines? Also, BA Avios to Europe or Israel seem to be bad use of miles given they are all through LHR which charges insane taxes and fees. @Dan – would you recommend transfering BA Avios points to Iberia Avios to circumvent the UK airport tax if my primary goal is to use these to get from USA to Israel? Thanks Rebbe!