Last Chance: Limited Time Offer: Earn 35,000 Starpoints Signup Bonus On The Starwood Business AMEX!

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Update: DEAD!

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The Starwood Business AMEX is offering 25K points for spending $6K within 3 months and additional 10K points for spending another $4K within 6 months. That means you’ll have at least 45K Starpoints after spending $10K.

This is a limited time offer scheduled to run until the morning of 11/1/17.  It offers 40% more points than the standard offer!

The $95 annual fee is waived for the first year.

The terms state that if you have had the Starwood business card before you will not get the bonus for the business card again.

Spending on the Starwood card:

The Starwood card remains a very good card for general spending.

While there are other cards with better bonus categories, the Starwood card is strong for general spending as Starpoints continue to be the most valuable mileage currency thanks to excellent uses at hotels and the 25% bonus for transfers into dozens of airlines.

There are no foreign transaction fees on the Starwood cards.

Starwood also allows members at the same address to transfer points between their accounts for free. Best of all making a transfer like that extends the life of your points by another 18 months.

There are thousands of uses for Starpoints, some of which have been over 50 cents each for me at hotels, but I aim for a minimum value of about 2.2 cents per point and am happy when I’m able to exceed that level. It’s not hard to reach a value of that level at hotels and you can transfer 20K miles into 25K valuable miles from airlines like Aegean, Alaska, American, and dozens of other programs. If you are able to obtain a value of 1.75 cents from those airlines then that imputes a 2.2 cent value for Starpoints as well. The miles won’t sell on the grey market for that price, but miles are always more valuable when you use them yourself for travel.

The Starwood card earns 2 Starpoints per dollar at Starwood hotels, or a 4.4% rebate at a value of 2.2 cents per Starpoint. It also earns double points on SPG hotel bedding and when you buy Starpoints. It earns 1 Starpoint per dollar everywhere else, or a 2.2% rebate at a value of 2.2 cents per Starpoint.

More valuable than ever thanks to the Marriott merger:

Marriott completed their purchase of Starwood last year and they treated Starwood members better than anyone could have hoped for thanks to a transfer ratio of 1 Starpoint:3 Marriott points.

You can read about some of the incredible redemption options here and here.

American Express benefits and the annual fee:

There’s $95 annual fee is waived for the first year. Aside from the valuable points you’ll earn from signing up and spending you’ll also have access to awesome AMEX benefits:

The card also carries American Express’ awesome top-notch protections that are light-years better than any other banks. Most other banks always look for a way to get out, but that’s not the case with American Express.

-If you need to return an item up to $300 and a store won’t take it back due to a time limited or final sale policy, AMEX will gladly refund you thanks to return protection. The vast majority of the time you’ll even be able to keep the item, but if you do need to send it back the return shipping will be free. That’s a far more generous policy than any other bank offers. This benefit is valid for $1,000 of returns per card per calendar year.
–If a store charged a restocking fee to return an item then AMEX will cover it, up to $300/item, as part of their return protection coverage.
-You get an additional year of warranty coverage and if you have any issue in the extended warranty year they’ll pay to have it fixed or refund your entire purchase price without a hassle. This benefit is far more valuable than warranty benefits offered by other banks.
-If you need to dispute a charge there’s nobody who makes it easier or as pain-free as American Express does. It’s the easiest dispute resolution process in the industry by leaps and bounds and you can do it all online.
-If your item is stolen or broken within 90 days you’ll be covered.

See this post to see just how amazing AMEX benefits can be.

Spend Threshold

You can pay your federal taxes for a 1.87% fee. The Starpoints are worth more than 1.87 cents each, so that’s a no-brainer if you’re trying to meet a spend threshold to earn the signup bonus points.

If you overpay your taxes you can request a refund or apply it to your next year’s taxes.

My local gas company allows me to prepay up to $1,000 on a credit card for a $1.65 flat fee. That’s a great way to earn miles and help meet a spend threshold. My electricity supplier allows me to pay with a credit card for free as long as I am enrolled in autopay. I used to prepay 5 months of rent on a my credit card (it’s easier in Cleveland where that’s just $800/month) for a $19 flat fee. You’d be surprised to see what you can charge to your credit card!

Sheraton Club Lounge Access:

The Starwood business card gives free club lounge access when staying at Sheraton hotels.

There have been rave reviews of the Sheraton Club lounge in Tel Aviv for example.  If you have a Starwood business card you’ll get free access to it and its free food, beverages, and sweeping view of the Mediterranean Sea. A free night at the Sheraton Tel Aviv is 12K points, 6K points+$110, or 9.6K points per night on a 5 night stay.

Premium Internet Access:

With either Starwood card you now get free premium in-room internet at Starwood hotels. All SPG guests get free internet, but cardholders will now get the faster version for free.

Unlimited worldwide Boingo WiFi:

With either Starwood card you now get free unlimited Boingo Wi-Fi worldwide, perfect for avoiding confiscatory rates at airports when traveling.  Search from over 1 million hot-spots here.

Enroll for free Boingo access here.

Business vs Consumer card:

In addition to the Starwood business card offering Sheraton Lounge access, the business card also offers Starpoints plus Open Savings rebates on purchases from Fedex, HP, Hertz, and more.

AMEX business cards don’t appear on your credit report. That’s good for several reasons.

First of all they won’t count against your 5/24 count for opening new Chase cards. Only cards on your report that have been opened within the past 24 months count for that.

Second, when you spend money on personal cards your credit score will be hurt even if you pay your bill on time. A whopping 30% of your credit score is based on credit utilization. You can pay off your card bill before your statement is generated to avoid that, but that takes effort and laying out money well before you have to. Additionally it’s good to have the statement close with a couple dollars to show the card is active and being paid every month. On an AMEX business card it’s just not reported, so you can wait until the money is due without it having a negative effect on your score.

Third, if you close a business card it won’t ever have an effect on your score.

You may already have a business that needs a card to keep track of expenses. For example if your name is Joe Smith and you sell items online, or if you have any other side business and want a credit card to better keep track of business expenditures you can just open a business credit card for “Joe Smith Sole Proprietorship” as the business. You don’t need to file any messy government paperwork to be allowed to do that.
Just be sure to select “Sole Proprietorship” as the business type and just use your social security number in the Tax Identification Number field

Elite Status and Crossover benefits with Delta and Uber:

Just by having a Starwood card you earn Preferred Plus status.  This status earns you the right to checkout at 4pm at Starwood hotels and get upgraded to preferred rooms.

If you spend $30,000 in a year on either Starwood card you earn Gold status.  Gold status gets you more points per dollar spent at SPG hotels and a 250 point amenity on stays, even when redeeming points.  You can also get gold status for free with no spending requirement by opening The Platinum Card® from American Express or the The Business Platinum Card® from American Express OPEN

When you have the Starwood card you also get 5 elite qualifying nights and 2 stays for each Starwood card that you have that count towards earning Gold or Platinum status!

Starwood Gold and Platinum elites can also register here to earn Starpoints on Delta flights on top of the regular Delta miles in addition to other benefits while Delta elites can get benefits at SPG hotels.

And all members can earn bonus Starpoints for Uber rides as well after making a single SPG stay.

Read this post for more about Marriott elite benefits, the best ways to use your Starpoints, and more about the best ways to use the Marriott program!

Where do you like using your Starpoints? Hit the comments!

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I don’t have a business but I want to get this card. What do I do


If I already had a SPG business card for a different business, will I receive the signup bonus points for a new business?


I think bonuses go by SSN


What is the minimum credit score needed to be approved for this cc?


Can you transfer points from business card to personal card?


If I have a spg consumer cc do I qualify for the bonus points available on a business cc?


Does anyone know if I coould switch points from avios to flying blue?


How did you pay rent with a flat fee?


If this is a first Amex card for a SO will it prevent them from getting a 100k offer for an Amex Platinum in the future?


Says if you have ever received bonus you won’t. Has anyone tried? I received bonus over 2 years ago. Worth Trying?


No. Need about 7 years according to reports


If I already have a SPG Consumer and I want to switch, can just switch to SPG Business and get the bonus or I need to reapply?
Also If I get approved, can I close my SPG Consumer and transfer over points to the business?


What’s a better card to put me general spending on chase freedom unlimited or spg?


There are a few answers but the idea is what your want your points for. SPG points are valuable but only if you are going to really use them. Otherwise I think Chase Freedom is way to go ( ONLY if you Chase Sapphire), if you dont just use the SPG.




how do you get lounge access?



What card do you personally use for general purchases Chase combo or Starwood?


Will I get the bonus on the spg personal if I already got it I know the terms officially say once per lifetime but will it automatically post anyways?




I’m planning on canceling my amex platinum business card and have like 170k points in that account. If I open this spg credit card, will it link into that amex account and thus keep my points from expiring? tia 🙂


I already have the SPG business card but If I use a different address and dif. Business name is there a chance I get the bonus again? Has anyone tried it?


Hi Dan,
Can you please elaborate on ‘call to negotiate an approval’? I recently got the amex starwood personal and was only approved for 1k/ month. I showed them that I have several platinum cards and I put on(AND pay) tens of thousands every month. 1k a month is laughable and useless for me… They wouldn’t Honor that, the most they offered me was to double the credit limit. They said that my platinum cards are charge cards and it doesn’t count… any advice? Many thanks!


If you have any other amex credit cards, you can transfer over credit to your SPG after 60 days, if I remember correctly. You can do so from within your amex login.


HI, i chatted with Amex now asking they should list me which cards i have or had with them, they did not list this card but i did have it in fact, will i get the bonus? Can i hold it against them if they don’t give it to me?

ur OK

I had the same thing happen to me with the consumer Starwood card.
I had it several years ago and AMEX cancelled my account. But when I called AMEX they said they had no record of me ever having it. Applied. Got the bonus.
Worth noting I never got the bonus the first time I applied (I was just an amateur back then).

Leible Hirsch

Hey Dan,

What are your thoughts on getting this card vs a couple other business cards given how the spend requirement is?
I get that this is the last time this card may be around with an elevated offer but 10K is a lot of effort to meet, esp. 6K in 3mo.
For less spend in the same amount of time I could get a AMEX bus. gold and bus. delta gold and score over 110K combined points…
I get Starwood pts are awesome because of their versatility…but are they that awesome?
(also focusing on amex bus cards b/c I’m waiting to go under 5/24 for Ink Preferred)
Also, posting this here instead of messaging you direct in case others are in a similar quandry.


I didn’t understand this statement:

“When you have the Starwood card you also get 5 elite qualifying nights and 2 stays for each Starwood card that you have that count towards earning Gold or Platinum status!”

It effects your status or it actually gives you free nights?


There’s no ”apply” icon if I actually wanna go ahead and apply. Do I just go to and apply from there?


Can I use these points to shop on Amazon or can they only be used for travel? I never travel so as miles these points would be useless to me.





How bout public?


if i had reg spg is the business a diff card with bonus or same


Did this really die? Missed it.


Anyone heard of United MileagePlus Go Prepaid card? Is it a good way to for MS? I know there is a 2500/month limit and 85 annual fee, but can still be interesting.