Last Chance For Continental OnePass Plus…


Update: Chase has just announced that the Continental OnePass Plus Mastercard will be gone for good at 6:59am on Wednesday, 02/29, so apply now if you want it!
Additionally the current offer for the United MileagePlus Explorer Visa card will end at 6:59am as well, if you apply for it now and the offer gets better you can always get it matched, but if it gets worse you will be locked into the better offer.

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Originally posted on 12/30/11:

-The End Of Continental Is Near, Sort Of.

-Do The Continental-United Shuffle To Extend The Life Of Your Miles!
-Chase Offer Matching!

Continental OnePass Plus Mastercard Linky

The OnePass program comes to official end on 03/02 and will be rolled into United MileagePlus . You will keep your OnePass alphanumeric number though and United members without OnePass accounts will be issued OnePass style alphanumeric numbers to replace their existing Mileage Plus numbers.

If you want to go for one last signup bonus then apply for the card sooner rather than later!

DansDeals Forum members have for a while now been successfully matching the 30K miles that this card and that the United MileagePlus Explorer Visa card gives to 50K miles each by simply sending Chase a secure message asking to be matched to the 50K offer!  You just need to ask within 3 months from getting the card to get matched.
Both cards also give primary rental car insurance (almost all other cards only provide secondary coverage to your own personal car insurance), they make your miles never expire, give free checked luggage and priority boarding, in-flight food, drink, and TV discounts, last seat EasyPass award availability, 2 annual lounge passes, 10K bonus miles for spending $25K annually, upgrades for elite cardholders on award tickets, and double miles for Continental and United purchases.

Of course Chase also has other great 50K card offers, like Sapphire Preferred (which gives a 7% dividend on all points every February, so this bonus is actually 53,500), Ink Bold Business, Marriott Premier, Southwest (with a match), and arguably the Hyatt Visa gives more than the equivalent of 50K in free nights, upgrades, and benefits for signing up.

Here’s my lineup of the 10 active Chase cards that I currently have.  All besides the Presidential Plus were opened in the last year or so.
-Sapphire Preferred
-Ink Bold Business (with Chase Exclusives linked)
-Ink Classic Business
-Freedom (with Chase Exclusives linked)
-Continental OnePass Plus
-Continental Presidential Plus
-United MileagePlus Explorer
-British Airways

Which active Chase cards do you have?

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aa gold

-Sapphire Preferred
-Ink Bold Business (with Chase Exclusives linked)2 cards
-Continental OnePass Plus
-United MileagePlus Explorer


If I had the continental card before can I get it again?

Forum fan

What’s chase exclusive linked?


@sbg, sure just open a new continental account and you can always merge later.

@Forum fan, read the exclusives article dan linked to in the related posts.


I opened have 2 Chase cards: British Airways, opened in April 2011 and Sapphire Preferred, opened July 2011. I recently applied for the Chase Southwest card & was declined because I had “too many cards/inquiries with Chase recently”. I called reconsideration & they said they can’t shift credit because both BA & Sapphire Preferred are Worldcards & require min. $5000 credit which is all I have. Any suggestions?


Try calling the other reconsideration phone numbers in the Forum FAQ and explain why you want the Southwest card. Eventually you’ll get a helpful rep 🙂


When/how do I send the secure message? Do I need an account? Must I first be approved and set up an online account before i can send the “secure message” asking Chase to match the United bonus…?


Price is live. Site is crawling…


i dont understand. Is the whole one pass program going away? All continental miles are being eased?



I have a United Mileage SELECT card. I also received the Continental EXPLORER card in Sep.

The United EXPLORER terms and conditions state that you only get the 25,000 (or 5,000 for aditional user) ONCE if you applied for both the United and Continental cards

Also it states that it’s only for NEW United cardmembers (As I mentioned I have the United Select (signature?) card)

From your knowledge, can I apply and still receive the bonus miles on the United EXPLORER card?


@Sam: what if i still have the onepass card do i have to first cancel it or can i try to have two


@ Bigmoish, send a secure message after you are approved and have online access.

@dave, Continental miles will be automatically converted to United miles. Or you can convert them yourself.

@Observer, If you open a new United or Continental mileage account you will get the bonus again.

@r, I would cancel first as they probably wont give you 2 of the same card.


I was going to use my CO card as recon leverage for a different card, potentially closing it if need be. Is there any inherent benefit in keeping the card if I don’t fly Continental more than once a year?


so is there any promotional sign up bounos for applying for the continental card? and what is it?


@Sam: Thanks Sam.


i checked visa and mc websites it seems that both the CO and UA cards are available in visa and mc for personal and biz which means even if u get declined u always have a valid reason for recon (eg: benefits of world mc or visa sig.)


@mark: will my united card get me a free bag if i booked with continental


Did you read the post? 30K-50K.

CO is MC, UA is Visa. Should be easy to explain why you would want both.



@Sam: it would work right away just cancel and next day resign up


I am opening multiple cards but how do you all spend all that money { $ 5000 )in 3 months?
Any ideas how to reach the necessary amounts you need to spend?


I have a saphire & a freedom cards. I don’t seem to get any
bonuses, besides the 1 point I get for every dollar. How can I start again & get the initial sign up bonuses?


Dan, Can I still cash in my continental OnePass miles after 3 weeks from now? if I can use them, i suppose on United will it be even, for example i can now pay 12,500 miles each way for certain continental routes, will it be the same on United? Thanks!


Amazon payments, AMEX GCs, etc, etc.

By closing them and signing up again?

Yes, United and Continental charge the exact same rates.


Dan, how often can i apply for the same chase card to recieve the sign up bonuses and do i need to close the first one before applyng for the similar one? Also, I have been approved recently for 2 chase cards and then applied for another 3 (different) chase cards and was informed by the credit reconsideration dept that they can only approve 2 new cards every 30 days. Is this accurate??


can I squeeze in an application to this card with enough time to get it and close it before chase converts it to united so that I can apply to the united one as well in the future?
if the above is too much tom ask, can I just squeeze in an application and get the card (if approved, of course)?


@Dan: i actually just checked the mc and visa websites and ur right but i thought that each came in both visa and mc like the SP does (i actually used that as a reason for needing 2 SP cards)


Dan, how often can i apply for the same chase card to recieve the sign up bonuses and do i need to close the first one before applyng for the similar one? Also, I have been approved recently for 2 chase cards and then applied for another 3 (different) chase cards and was informed by the credit reconsideration dept that they can only approve 2 new cards every 30 days. Is this accurate????


Thank you for contacting Chase about your enrollment

As you requested we have added 20,000 enrollment miles to
match the 50,000 enrollment bonus. You will see this
adjustment on your next statement.

If you have any further questions, please reply using the
Secure Message Center.

Thank you,

Dan, will you please address my earlier inquirees

mister ukulele

I have an application for which I have to call reconsideration, should I rush as much as those who didn’t apply at all or do I have some more time?


I just got recently a few personal invitations from continental one pass plus for 50.000 bonus signup (+ 10.000 after 1 year) that will expire 1/31/12, so it looks like you still have another month to sign up for the continental credit card


10 Chase cards active?! Wow that’s the most I’ve ever heard of. I had 6 Amex cards active this year (2 biz, 4 pers), and when I applied for the SPG Biz card they said I had the maximum number of cards. Canceled one, approved.


Dan, what kind of spending are you doing that allows you to have 10 open Chase cards without them throwing a fit? And how many have been open longer than a year?


Can I still apply for the card and get bouns points even the program is shutting down today??


in 2011 I received the following
1. United Signature card – 50,000 (30 +20 matching) – closed.
2. Chase BA – 100,000 – closed
3. Chase Sapphire – 50,000 – active
4. Chase Continental onepass – 50,000 (30+20 matching) – active
5. Chase United explorer – still hope to get the 50,000 – active
6. chase ink bold – 50,000 – active

All in all, I currently have 4 active Chase cards + two I closed to get approved for others….
Received a total of 350,000 points/miles in 2011

Thanks Dan


Once again, could you please post information regarding getting additional 50 K points from Chase for their Continental One Pass Credit card. I did not save your prior instructions and have just applied for this card for my husband in the hope of getting these additional reward miles.
Thanks for all your valuable information. I have used it numerous times and, as a result, have travelled to Israel several times using air miles


I tried applying for 2 chase cards (southwest and continental) on 2 different web browsers (ie and chrome) at the same time and was turned down for one of them because of the other simultaneous application. I know you’ve mentioned this before as a method to get multiple cards with one credit pull, but do you know why this would happen? thanks


Hi dan
Did u also get jumped up to pplatinum by the lately co glitch?


does a transfer from my spg acc to continental acc make it not exp??


does anyone know the minimum credit line you can get with the CO OPP? i know that Visa Signature’s must have at least a 5K limit, but what about this card which is a World MasterCard?


Thanks Dan I just got a message from Chase that they added the 20,000 miles to my account

Thank You


I just got a letter from continental that the bonus miles are for new account holders only and they realized i already once took advantage of this offer. what do i do now?


Did you remember to create a new mileage account before applying for the same card again?



For the 10 cards that you have, do you pay the fee or cancel after one year?


have old united visa still open and approved for explorer, was told by csr my bonus is this guaranteed or can they figure out when signup bonus is to be applied that i have received in the past? i have linked and transferred united miles to new continental account though not sure if i put united no. in at app. for explorer..any way to check?


can you do both @ same time united and this?


Yes, but best to open new accounts to do so.



I recently received the united card. I had in the past a continental card. If i sign up for the continental card now and dont receive it until after one pass expires will I have any problems. Where will the points go. What is my best course of action?


Also will i be able to get the match to the united if i already have the united?


If reconsideration goes after 29th, is that okay?


Is it possible for me to do a two browser sign up to sign up for two Chase Continental cards at the same time?


No, you need to do 2 or 3 different cards.



What 50K offer are you asking to match this to?


Can I sign up for the continental card if I already have 1?


I signed up on sunday but didnt hear from them yet. Is it possible that it needs to be accepted before deadline.


Read the related links.

Nope, you’re fine.


Dan, quick question. I signed up for the Hyatt card with Diamond status. My diamond status ends tomorrow but I will not be able to get the card for another few days, will I still get the suites after the first purchase even though at the time of purchase I am no longer a diamond member?



It says it goes based off the time of application, so you should be good.

Chaim b

How long do u need to wait between applying for you first credit card?


Should I call and ask them to extend the diamond status?


i just cancelled my continental cc today. what are the chances of me being approved if i apply for it tomorrow morning?


@New DD’er:
Welcome to my chaotic (yet extremely fun and rewarding) world!

-What kind of line did you get on the Sapphire?
-Do you have any other Chase cards?
-Did you try both reconsideration departments listed here:
-Do you have a Chase checking account?

New DD'er


$5,700 on the sapphire. no other chase cards (other than my chase debit card which is part of my chase checking account).

I only called this line:
Chase: 888-245-0625 (Credit Analyst reconsideration)


Hi dan is the continental presidential card also ending?


@New DD’er:
Try the other number, offer to shift part of the new line to get the Freedom card approved as well. Explain why you want the Freedom card for the 5% categories, etc.

Yes, but there will be a new card called United Club to replace it.

New DD'er

@ Dan:

I called up the other number. They said no. I asked about transferring part of the line. She resubmitted my application with that information, said it should go through….fingers crossed!! Thanks!!


how about if im trying to split credit will i be able to do that even after that time


Still alive and kicking!


I just got denied because I opened saphire and united in the last 6 months. I tried 888-245-0625 to no avail. any advice?


also i the only way they approve me for this is if i cancel the united card, should I do that? does the continental card get u free baggage on united?


The continental card does get you free baggage on United, so feel free to offer to close that card to get approved for the Continental card if you have already received the signup miles on that card.


@Dan: thanks dan, that’ll be my plan of action.


@Dan: I tried the other reconsideration line and they approved me without having to move credit/close cards. Plus they gave me a credit limit larger than any of my other chase cards?!?! Apparently
this number works much better
Chase: 888-270-2127 (Application reconsideration)

than this number
Chase: 888-245-0625 (Credit Analyst reconsideration)



New DD'er


Reconsideration line…..worked!! (Comment 67). Thanks!!

So I now have Chase Freedom, Sapphire, and Starwoods personal. Am I correct that I use: Freedom for under $90, Sapphire for over $90 and Starwoods for Dining/Travel?

Please keep in mind that groceries are in the 5% category this quarter, and my grocery bill is generally $150-$170…


my continental card is now showing as united in my chase account online..


I don’t know if this helps anybody but I was able to match the Continental OnePass to the new 65K+$50 Credit that the mileageplus explorer card is offering!
Details: I applied for a Continental OnePass on Feb 28. I made an initial purchase and a 25,000 mile bonus showed up on my statement a month later. I then applied for a United MileagePlus Explorer card on April 12 under the 60K+$50 signup bonus link. After waiting for a few days without any word from Chase I called them up and after a few minutes of conversation (security questions) they let me know that they had approved me for the new card.
I then sent a secure message to chase asking to be bumped to the new 65k+$50 offer. They sent me back a message saying that I would be bumped for the new card and that they would add 25k+$50 credit to my Continental Card (that now shows as a mileagePlus Explorer card on my chase account online)
This in essence gives me $100 dollars in statement credits and 110,000 miles after adding my wife as an authorized user!