JetBlue Raises Checked Bag Fees And How You Should Be Avoiding Them


Update: Offer expired.

JetBlue has quietly gotten rid of the discount for paying for a checked bag online or at a kiosk for new tickets. Previously checked bags paid for online or at a kiosk were just $20, but now the first checked bag is $25.

Additionally they have increased the cost of Blue Plus fares that include a free bag from $15 to a range from $23-$50 each way.

Still with free WiFi, TV, and snacks, JetBlue is a great airline to fly.

Plus those bag fees can be avoided if you have a JetBlue Plus Card.

The reasons listed below show why it makes for even a casual JetBlue flyer to be a cardholder.

Here is what the card offers:

-A free checked bag for the cardholder and up to 3 passengers on the same reservation. That’s a value of up to $200 in waived checked bag fees per round-trip.

-30,000 JetBlue points for signing up and spending $1,000. JetBlue points vary in value, but that will be good for about $450 of free flights.

-10% points rebate every time you redeem your points. The rebate will post within 1 business day of using points. That effectively makes your points about 10% more valuable and bumps up the signup bonus value of the card to about $500 of flights.

-5,000 points upon every card anniversary. Combined with the 10% rebate that’s 5,500 points that are worth about $83 towards JetBlue flights. That drops the effective annual fee from $99 down to just $16.

-$100 annual statement credit when you book a $100+ JetBlue vacation package.

-If you spend $50K in a calendar year on the Plus card then you’ll get JetBlue Mosaic status for the remainder of the calendar year and for the following calendar year.
Mosaic status includes free changes and cancellations on JetBlue tickets for the Mosaic member and for everyone on their itinerary, 2 free checked bags, 15K bonus points for earning Mosaic status every year, free even more speed checkin and security access, early boarding, 3 additional points per dollar spent, free alcoholic beverages onboard, and a dedicated Mosaic 24/7 customer service line.

-2 points per dollar on groceries and restaurants and 6 points per dollar on JetBlue purchases on top of the 3-11 points per dollar that you earn for the flight itself, which makes for a very nice rebate on JetBlue flights.

-50% rebate for in-flight purchases of cocktails, food, JetBlue movies and other eligible purchases.

-No foreign transaction fees.

-JetBlue points never expire.

JetBlue also allows families to pool their points together.

 The JetBlue Plus Card’s signup bonus makes it well worth the initial $99 annual fee and the anniversary bonus makes it worth keeping the card despite the $99 annual fee. The free checked bags and the 10% rebate on award tickets seal the deal on a very solid card offering. And the very generous bonus points offered on JetBlue purchases is icing on the cake.

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Some destinations continued to have no fee for one checked bag (for example, Cartagena, Colombia). I wonder if that’s still the case.


Does the business version of the card show up on the personal credit report (and therefore count against 5/24)?


Thanks for highlighting this Dan.

The terms indicate that the JetBlue Plus MasterCard must be used to purchase the fare in order to get the free bag benefit.

Do you know if that rule is actually enforced?

I have an existing booking that was made with Chase UR points and I am considering applying with the card to get free checked bags for that flight.


@Audrey: Yes


You write, “A free checked bag for the cardholder and up to 3 passengers on the same reservation. That’s a value of up to $200 in waived checked bag fees per round-trip.” However, I’m pretty sure, that – the up to 3 passengers, only applies, if you have Mosaic Status. I’ve booked 5 tickets with this card, same reservation. And I was allowed 1 free checked bag total.


Are Barclay Cards 3BM’able? If yes, what other cards are recommended?


Hey Dan..Any data points on how Barclays approves applications after getting axed an year ago?
Barclays..Axed all of mine and wifes primary accounts along with parents authorized cards.


I’m looking for 3 last minute seats from NY to LA for pessach and can’t find anything cheap. Are there any last minute deals or ideas?
Many thanks as always.


If the cardholder buys the ticket for someone else and the cardholder is not flying with them, they don’t get free bags. Learned the hard way.

Arlene Shonek

What gets me is the fact that I usually opt to send by bags thru, while so many people take these really oversized bags with them to the gate and then wait for the flight attendant at the gate to make an announcement that the flight is booked solid and as there is limited space in the overhead bins, if one would like they will check your bag for you at the gate with NO CHARGE!


Hi Dan, thanks for that. That’s what I thought which is why I argued my case at the gate with them. I’m assuming their email customer service knows better. Nut here’s the reply I got and they did issue me a $75 credit:

“We can see your reservation and that you booked for 5 people. However, with your Plus card you are entitled to the following:


for the primary cardmember and up to 3 companions on JetBlue-operated flights when you use your JetBlue Plus Card.

We can also see that you paid for 4 checked bags. Since you are entitled to one Free First Checked bag and up to 3 companion checked bags, we have issued a travel bank credit of $75.00 for the 3 checked bags that qualified with your Plus card. Since you’re a TrueBlue member, you can access your Travel Bank account with the same login credentials you use to access your TrueBlue account.”

So it looks like it’s 3 total bags per each booking, meaning, I should have made 2 separate bookings next time? One per each way? And that would have given me 6 free companion bags for the 2 legs of the trip. And 2 free bags for the cardholder for a total of 8 free bags?


I have the Amex Platinum card with my airline as jet blue (half back)so this card wouldn’t help me much if i cant use it for free baggage… anyone have experience with using the card for free luggage with out booking the ticket with it? If i have tickets booked already for early April assuming i get approved do you think the card will come into play for my flight?


One Mosaic benefit you forgot to mention, is the fact that you can purchase a “even more space” seat for just 500 points.
JB is really stingy with these seats and will not assign them to a passenger that did not pay for it even at the boarding counter, and I have even seen FA’s remove people that tried sitting there even though they were empty.

brad thomas

Thank you for this Dan. Just signed up through your link. Quick question, if I book a flight with points do I still get the benefit of the one free bag? Do I just book the blue fare and then get to the gate, show them my CC to check a bag and get the free bag? How does that work. Thank you.

brad thomas

Also I thought I could transfer points from Chase to Jet Blue but now i see they are not a partner.


In order to avoid the 5/24 mess, I want to apply for the business version of this card. Any differences between the business and consumer card?

Joseph K

Dan, If I get the Jet Blue Plus card and add my wife as an additional, and then meet the required spend to become mosaic, will my wife (as an additional card holder) attain mosaic status as well?