Is Today The Last Day To Change Your Previously Registered $200 Airline Fee Credit Choice?

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The Platinum Card® from American Express is loaded with many valuable benefits.  One of them is a $200 annual fee credit for an airline that you can register for.

That effectively gives you $400 in fee credits in your first card membership year.

While most people use the credit to purchase 2 gift cards of $100 each from AA or United in separate orders, DDF user PlatinumGuy has his own method to get a straight cash refund that works perfectly though I’m not about to endorse it.  You can read the Wiki on this DDF thread to learn more, though you need to be logged into DDF to read Wikis.

The language on the fee credit now says that “Card members who have already selected a qualifying airline will be able to change their choice one time each year in January at or by calling the number on the back of the Card.”

My guess is that when you call in after today that they will still let you change the airline, though why risk it?

If you open a new Platinum card you are not bound by that January time limit.

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Y 400


200 per calendar year.


if ur not about to endorse it, why mention it?


So If I did it In January I can do it again? Or I can switch the airline and get another 200? Not quite clear.


Ok I think I get it. For old platinum users they may change their registered airline only in January, that doesn’t apply to me being that I have a new one.


Are you able to downgrade this to an Amex green card? If u do that b4 the annual fee hits will it be refunded? And any chance that they will uncredit the $200 reimbursement credit if I do that? (I used the platinum guys method)?


Because I’m not here to debate the ethics of it. LEarn about it and decide for yourself.

-You have 60 days from when an annual fee posts to get a refund for canceling or downgrading.


If I got two aa gift cards, and I wanna sell them, what’s the most profitable way to do that?


I would buy them for 150 if ur interested?


@Baruch: anything over the 160 that plastic jungle’s offering I’m game for.


PJ is giving a $25 bonus right now…


@Dan: is that only when u sell at least $250 worth?




@Dan: is it that they give you an extra $25, or is it $25 off a purchase from them?


I was able to get $200 single gift cards in December and January using the same card.


In previous years, after purchasing multiple online Gift Cards from AA (not thd physical cards), I was immediately refunded by Amex. Some time thereafter, after not activating the cards, much to my surprise, I was refunded by AA as well.

This year, I was refunded already by Amex. Considering that I am “waiting” for the refund from AA, I am refraining from cancelling my card for fear that the AA return refund will not be applied if I downgrade to a different card, e.g., green or zync.

Does anyone know how long it takes for the “refund” from AA to come or whether my concern re cancelling the card is unfounded. Thanks for the input.


If AA refunded you as well that’s because they suspected fraud and canceled the gift cards.


If there are 2 cards on 1 account do i get $200.00 or $400.00?


I got the platinum card in December and never signed up with a favorite airline to get the 200$ credit, did I lose out on a 200$ credit for the year 2012?





You can buy 2 $100 AA gift cards or do you need to buy 4 $50? Thanks


darn that sucks and is there anyway to get them to award it to me still?



No chance.


I got this card in early January and have already received my $200 credit for AA gc. But I just checked a few hours ago and it let me change airlines (I picked US Airways this time). Does this mean I get $200 credit again? (Since it allowed me to select a different airline).

I tried to change back to AA just to see what happened and it said, “Our records indicate you have already selected an airline and are not eligible to change your selection at this time.

Your airline selection(s) is eligible for change once a year in January”

Why was I able to select AA immediately after receiving the card (3 weeks ago) and then switch it again?


Oops…nevermind…calendar year.. so I think that answers the question I had. I guess I’m done for 2013


I saw an interesting thing this year in January –

I picked an airline early January & checked baggage & got the credits.

I saw that I was still able to change the airline yesterday – probably since it was still in middle of January.

Does that mean if I change the airline I get a whole new $200?



I assume you can pick when the card is new & the system lets one change in January-

Your question is still valid in terms of the credit – does the system work by the $ figure so you are done for 2013 or does it work by the airline so now you have a whole new $200 bucket for 2013 with your new airline?


@ih: you are only allowed $200 per calender year.
@ih: you are only allowed $200 per calender year. not per airline


correct.that is what happened to me .


anyone want to buy AA gift cards at 10% off?