Ink Card FAQs: Here Is Everything You Need To Know To Get The Best Odds Ever Of Getting The Awesome Chase Ink Credit Cards Before It’s Too Late!

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Ending very soon, Chase has the credit card deal of the year, offering an unprecedented $900, in the form of 90,000 Ultimate Rewards points if you open the no annual fee Chase Ink Cash or  Chase Ink Unlimited and spend $6,000 in 3 months.

That is an unheard of signup bonus for a card with no annual fee! You’ll also pay no interest on purchases made in the first 12 months on those cards.

Those 90,000 points are worth $900 cash or much more if you have a Chase Sapphire PreferredChase Sapphire Reserveor Chase Ink Preferred.

You can read more about the Ink Cash card in this post and the Ink Unlimited card in this post.

A word of warning:

It’s important to note that the credit card points system is subsidized by the millions of Americans who fall into the trap of debt, buying things they can’t afford, and paying huge amounts of interest to the banks.

If you’re susceptible to that behavior, then don’t start in the first place. Pay for things in cash and be happy not being in debt. Any gain from the points system will be obliterated by interest payments.

While Dave Ramsey may be correct that people don’t become millionaires off airline miles, if you are disciplined you can enhance your life by traveling the world for free thanks to earning miles from very generous credit card promotions. And that’s ignoring the countless times that credit cards have saved me personally tens of thousands of dollars over the years thanks to dispute resolution, fraud protection, extended warranty, return protection, purchase protection, rental car insurance, trip insurance, lost luggage insurance, bag delay insurance, etc, that you don’t get when using cash or a debit card.

And if your litmus test for what to do in life is limited to things that will make you a millionaire, you will live a very sad and lonely life indeed.

Am I eligible to sign up?

Q: I don’t have a registered business, can I still get an Ink card?

A: Ink cards are business cards, however pretty much anyone can obtain Ink cards. A business doesn’t need to be registered to get an Ink card, so any hobby can make you eligible to get a card. If you don’t have a registered business, just be sure to select “Sole Proprietorship” as the business type and use your personal social security number in the Tax Identification Number field. For the business name, just use your own name. By doing that, if they do ask for paperwork you can send in bills in your own name for verification.

Q: I got an Ink Cash and Ink Unlimited card this year already, can I signup again and get the bonus for the same card?

A: The great thing about Ink cards is that Chase doesn’t enforce a time limit like they do on most of their other cards. You can apply for the same card in the same year and you’ll still be able to get approved and get the bonus. As long as you are approved and complete the spend requirement, you will get the signup bonus.

The other great thing about Ink cards is that you can have multiple of the same card and get a signup bonus each time. I’m up to 6 Ink Cash cards for the same business!

Q: Can I signup for multiple Ink cards at the same time?

A: Yes. People have been getting approved for 2, 3, or even 4 Ink cards, the Ink CashInk UnlimitedInk Preferred, and Ink Premier. When you apply for multiple cards on the same calendar day, you’ll only get 1 credit pull. You can try applying for multiple cards in different browsers at the same time, but you don’t need to do that to have just 1 credit pull.

Q: What are the offer details for all of the Ink cards available?

A: There are 4 currently available Ink cards:

  • Ink Cash: Limited time offer: 90,000 points for spending $6,000 in 3 months (marketed as $900 cash back, but will actually award points). Earn up to 5 points per dollar. No annual fee. Read more here.
  • Ink Unlimited: Limited time offer: 90,000 points for spending $6,000 in 3 months (marketed as $900 cash back, but will actually award points). Earn 1.5 points per dollar. No annual fee. Read more here.
  • Ink Preferred: 100,000 points for spending $15,000 in 3 months. Earn up to 5 points per dollar. $95 annual fee. Read more here.
  • Ink Premier: Intro bonus: $1,000 cash back for spending $10,000 in 3 months. Earn up to 2.5% cash back. $195 annual fee. Read more here.
    • Note that unlike the other Ink cards, the Ink Premier card can only earn cash back, the points from this particular card can’t be transferred to other cards or into miles.

Q: How do I know if I’m eligible to open a card due to 5/24 restrictions?

A: Normally, you need to be under 5/24 limits to get approved for Chase cards, which means that you have been approved for fewer than 5 new consumer credit cards in the past 24 months.

Chase has been approving many, though certainly not all, Ink card applications from people who are over the 5/24 limit. The only way to know if those limits will apply to you is if you apply for the card. While the exact rhyme or reason for approvals is unknown, there have been reports from people who have opened as many as 9 consumer cards over the past 24 months.

The automated system seems to be much more likely to bypass 5/24 restrictions than a reconsideration agents, so let that process play out before calling reconsideration for an approval.

Q: How do I know how many consumer cards I have opened in the past 24 months?

A: Only cards that you were approved for count towards the 5/24 number, denied applications and other hard pulls do not count.

Business cards from most banks, including Chase (Discover and select Capital One cards are the notable exceptions) don’t count towards your 5/24 count. Y

You can check all 3 of your credit reports (Experian, Equifax, and Transunion) for free every week on You can scroll through your open card accounts and see how many cards have been opened within the past 24 months.

Be sure to check if some of those cards are Authorized user cards or store cards that are only good for use in a single store. The system may also deny you for 5/24 as it counts those cards, but if you call Chase you can explain that you are not financially responsible for the authorized user card or that the store card only works at a single store and they can manually exclude those from your 5/24 count.

Q: I was rejected for Ink cards in the past, should I try now?

A: Per a Chase insider and several other reports, Chase is currently approving Ink applications at an unheard of rate through at least the end of the 4th quarter on 12/31. The requirements for approval have become significantly easier this month than they have ever been before. So absolutely, you should try again now while this window of opportunity is open, as it can close at any time.

Q: My application is pending, now what?

A: There are different schools of thought. Some people like allowing the system a couple weeks to determine if you are approved. Others like to call business reconsideration at 800-453-9719 to see if you can get approved on the spot by answering questions or offering to shift credit lines from other Chase cards, or close other Chase cards to get approved.

On the one hand, the easiest path is to ride it out and wait for a system approval or denial. You can still call reconsideration after a denial.

On the other hand, Chase is approving applications at a higher rate currently and we don’t know how long that will last. That would make the case for calling in stronger than waiting. While some DansDeals readers have been denied for 5/24 by reconsideration reps, several others have been approved, so you can always HUCA (hang up and call again) if you are denied.

Anecdotally, the automated system is more likely to bypass 5/24 restrictions than an agent, so waiting for an approval or denial before calling may be the way to go currently if you’re over 5/24.

If you already have the same Ink cards and are applying for the card again, one reason to want additional cards would be to keep track of different client expenses.

Q: How can I improve my odds of getting approved?

A: If you have a Chase checking account, you are MUCH more likely to get approved for this offer. Opening a Chase business checking account will also help for Ink card approvals.

Improving your credit score using methods like paying off most of your credit card balance on consumer cards before the statement closes will also help. I like to have my consumer cards close with a $1 balance as this helps maintain my credit score about 800. The closing balance doesn’t matter for business cards.

Q: Can 2 spouses both apply for this offer?

A: Of course! 2 player mode is why my wife and I got married at 21 and 23 😀

Q: I’m an authorized user on someone else’s Ink card, can I still get the bonus if I open an Ink card?

A: Sure!

Q: If I just spend the $6,000 and take advantage of the 0% APR and don’t pay off the balance in 3 months, will I still get the signup bonus?

A: Sure. The points for spending and the signup bonus will post on the statement after you complete the spending. It is not affected by the payment for the purchases. If you do take advantage of the 0% APR, be sure to set aside the funds to pay them off after a year. Keeping those funds in a high interest account that you will use to pay back the card after a year is a good strategy to make this offer even sweeter!

Q: Is there a minimum amount of income the business has to make to get approved?

A: No.

Q: Is there a minimum credit score required to get approved?

A: Your credit score is one of the factors that banks use to determine card approvals, but they don’t publish what the minimum score is and their requirements are constantly changing.

Offer details:

Q: When will this offer end?

A: This is now being marketed as “Offer ending soon” on That typically means you have less than a week to take advantage of it!

Q: I only see an offer for a $900 signup bonus, how do I get the offer for 90,000 points?

A: The signup bonus is only marketed as $900, but it will actually come in the form of 90,000 Ultimate Rewards points. You can use those points for $900 cash, but you can also use them for other redemptions, which can be far more lucrative.

Q: I was approved for the Ink Cash or Ink Unlimited card. If I spend $6,000 in 3 months will I get the 90,000 point bonus?

A: Yes. If you’re approved you will get the bonus.

Q: Is there really no annual fee? What about in the 2nd year? 

A: There is no annual fee for the Ink Cash and Ink Unlimited cards, ever. It remains free even in subsequent years and they can keep all of your Chase points active for free should you decide to close your Chase cards that do have an annual fee.

Q: Is there a fee for additional users?

A: No, they’re free as well.

Q: Is there a fee for foreign transaction fee?

A: Yes, 3% for Ink Cash and Ink Unlimited. There is no fee for the Ink Preferred and Ink Premier cards.

Q: Should I apply for the Ink Cash or Ink Unlimited card?

A: If you can meet the signup bonus for both, go for both.

Otherwise, the Ink Cash card earns 2 points per dollar on $25K in annual dining and gas purchases and a whopping 5 points per dollar on $25K in annual purchases at office supply stores, internet, cable, and phone services. Office supply stores sell gift cards for hundreds of other stores like Amazon and Target and also generic Visa gift cards that are valid anywhere, so you have earn 5 points per dollar pretty much everywhere. If you can take advantage of those categories, this card can be very lucrative! If you spend $6,000 on gift cards at office supply stores on a new Ink Cash card, you would have 120,000 points!

The Ink Unlimited card earns 1.5 points per dollar everywhere and is an excellent card for everyday spending. It doesn’t have any bonus point categories.

Q: How do I spend $6,000 in 3 months?

A: Here are just a few ideas aside from your regular purchases:

  • Pay your regular charges and bills.
  • Prepay upcoming bills or pay your utility bills in advance.
  • Buy gift cards from office supply stores. You can buy Amazon gift cards and save those to your account for future purchases while earning 5 points per dollar spent.
  • Make a charity donation.
  • Pay your tuition bills.
  • Pay your rent or mortgage.
  • Negotiate to pay for part of a car with your card.
  • You can pay your federal taxes for a 1.87% fee. If you overpay your taxes you can request a refund or apply it to your next year’s taxes. You can even overpay your taxes to gain an additional $5,000 annual allowance of I Bond purchases!

Q: Will opening cards hurt my credit score?

A: When you apply for a card from most banks (AMEX is a notable exception for existing customers) you get a hard credit pull. That pull only makes up a very small part of your total credit score. These inquiries fall off your report after about 2 years and most banks only look at the number of inquiries you have within the past 6 months. So yes, in the short term your score may drop a few points, but it won’t have a lasting effect on your score.

Q: Will spending on these cards hurt my credit score?

A: No, business card spending is not reported on your personal credit report. The great thing about that is normally you will hurt your score if you max out your card and don’t pay it off before your statement closes, but with business card spending it won’t make any difference. That means you can take advantage of the 0% APR offer on purchases and not take a hit for maxing out your credit line and essentially taking a free loan for a year as long as you make the minimum payments.

Q: Will closing these cards hurt my credit score?

A: No, business cards are not reported on your personal credit report, so there is no effect to closing it.

In general, closing a consumer card doesn’t hurt your score in the short term as the cards remain on your credit report for 10 years. The loss of a credit line may hurt, but you can transfer a credit line to another card before closing it, or you can replace if by opening a new card. Note that you will want to keep your oldest card open in order to keep the age of the oldest card on your credit report active.

General Chase card info:

Q: Is there a limit on how may Chase cards you can have?

A: I currently have 20 personally, I’ll let you know when I figure this one out!

Q: How do I combine my Chase consumer and business card logins?

A: Just give Chase a call and they can be merged.

Q: Can I transfer these points to programs like Air Canada, Air France, BA, JetBlue, Southwest, United, Virgin Atlantic, or Hyatt?

A: If you have or will get a Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Sapphire Reserveor Chase Ink Preferred you can transfer the points to do that.

Q: Can I transfer points to my Sapphire card where they will be worth more?

A: Sure, just login to Ultimate Rewards once your account logins are merged and click on combine points. Once they’re in a Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Ink Preferred you can use them at a value of 1.25 cents each towards paid travel or you can transfer them to airline miles and hotel points. Once they’re in a Chase Sapphire Reserve you can use them at a value of 1.5 cents each towards paid travel or you can transfer them to airline miles and hotel points.

Q: Can I transfer points to someone else’s Sapphire card where they will be worth more?

A: You can transfer points to other business co-owners who are authorized users or to anyone in your household. Just give Chase a call to move those points over.

Q: Do the points ever expire?

A: As long as you have an open Chase card with Ultimate Rewards points, your Ultimate Rewards points will never expire. If you want to close a card you can transfer your points over to any of your other Chase cards with Ultimate Rewards points or to your spouse’s Chase cards with Ultimate Rewards points to keep them alive.

Have more questions? Hit the comments!

Will you signup for a Chase Ink Cash or Chase Ink Unlimited card?

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Any data points on this working for those who were shut down by chase?


My wife and I were shut down for many years. Tried something I saw on Dansdeals and it worked like magic. Opened a Private Client Account, wait a week or 2 and apply. Both of us approved after that for many Chase cards.


I bh got approved for chase ink today after being shut down by chase for both personal and business cards about two years ago


My P2 was shut down by Chase, a year later was able to open both consumer and business cards. Six months after that they woke up and shut down the personal cards- BUT left the business cards open, which they still are. So who knows…


me 2


What’s the minimum age for applying for the Ink Cash and Ink Unlimited cards?


It’s possible to combine the business and personal login online




I called Chase years ago and they did it for me. I have one login now for both personal and business.


You must call and they will link your regular account to your business login


You can add any personal or business accounts to a business login yourself, as long as your SSN is associated with each account. For example, if you are an au on someone else’ credit card, you can add your au card to your login, but not the main card account.

Just click on “Profiles and Settings” (the little person icon next to the “Sign Out” button) – “Account settings” – “Customize settings” – “Manage linked accounts”.

I don’t think you can add business accounts to a personal login, only business and personal accounts to a business login.


I was approved for the ink unlimited 4 months ago. Can I apply for another ink card now for the same sole proprietorship?


How often can you get a new INK card?


Can mortgage be paid with cc? How?


I’m at 5/24 exactly and was rejected for Ink Unlimited even though I’ve been previously been approved without issue.
Stated reasons were ‘business structure’ and ‘too many cards in two years’

Truth Social

It says that I can only use it for business purchases. What does that mean?


If one applied as a sole prop with a biz name which they do not have documentation for & they are now asking for biz docs. What should they do now?

Shut down by chase ughhh

Chase shut me down over 5yrs ago. Have you heard people being able to get approved randomly and being allowed back in???

Dan help me! These bonuses are too good!!!


When applying as sole proprietorship and using SSN, is it still the case that spending will not affect one’s credit at all? And that the 0% APR can be taken advantage of risk-free?

One world one song

Is there a difference between personal and business credit pull with chase? If I did a personal pull today and apply now for business card will it be another pull?


I’m not sure if you’re aware of the new Ink Business Premier where you get 2-2.5 per dollar spent.


Can I apply for both at once with 1 credit pull?


You are incorrect that you get the sign-up bonus on the same cars. That is only true if it has been 24 months since you got your last sign-up bonus on that specific card


I have 2 and wife got 1. How do I combine our points of mine and her cards are under separate logins? Is that even possible.


If I apply under a business with an EIN will they be asking me for my SS number and income as credit? If yes, can I then transfer points to my personal Sapphire card?


Hi Dan,

Do I need to cancel my Business Unlimited before applying for the points? It’s been 24 months.


I personally am a Chase Private Client, will that help if I apply under name?


Nope I’m a private client and wasn’t approved for the Chase ink premier and preferred due to too many credit cards being recently opened and not enough of a business relationship with Chase.


can i apply for the ink unlimited twice once under my llc and once under my name as sole partnership?


used this link and got approved instantly, without having any business. can I spend the $6000 on the additional cards I added, or it must be on the primary card?


What do i answer for how man employees and how many years


Is there anything wrong if I apply as a sole proprietor using my name and social if I do not have any business in my name? The best that I can come up with is that I can designate this card as what I use when I give charity with credit card. Which is not much. Don’t want to be dishonest though. Is that acceptable?


My understanding is that this is a card for business only. The “loophole” is that a sole proprietor is eligible too which is how you can apply as a business in your personal name. I don’t know what the guidelines are for non business. Dan says that a hobby is fine. I wonder what else qualifies


How does the 0% APR work for purchases? Can I make how many purchases I want (vs Balance Transfers)? Do I need to make a minimum payment for every statement?


Last week with a hard pull I stupidly applied and got approved for the Ink Business Premier, non transferable points…

Can I/should I apply for the ink unlimited?!?

2 hard pulls, but HIGH credit score 800+ 4/24


Was anyone approved w/ a credit score below 600?


I got this from chase
Here’s what we need to continue reviewing your application

Please upload clear, easy-to-read copies of documents for the following:

Proof of physical address for authorizing officer
Proof of physical address for business (e.g. utility bill)
What can I send for proof of address for business?


Will applying for chase personal (sapphire reserve) and business cards on the same day result in 2 pulls?


Can I apply for the same ink unlimited card twice in 1 day?


Can Business Ink points be transferred to a personal Sapphire Reserve a/c and thereby get 50% bonus on the Ink card points?


How many chase cards should you apply for in a 30 day, 3 month, or 6 month period without raising red flags?


Hey Dan. Just applied and got approved for the Ink unlimited. Have another one open but didn’t get bonus is over 2 years. I don’t see though by UR “new bonus” tracker for the 6k spend. Does it take time to generate, or I’m not eligible? Thoughts?


Does closing a business credit card effect getting approved future card with the same bank?


If you have no real business, just let’s say a hobby that doesn’t make any money, what do you put down for the business income? Do you put 0 and will that work?

david gray

Do you know when this 90,000 point bonus will end


I was approved for one after I called(forgot had credit frozen) and other days we’ll let you know by mail which i am assuming is a NO. Strange.


Was approved, thank you!


I was approved for CSR in June. Tried to apply for the Flex Unlimited in November. Was denied for too many inquiries (2) and a collection that was recently reported in Jul but is paid off.

Will I be denied for this business card? And when should I apply if I got AMEX card approved right after the denial?


If chase blacklisted me 5 years ago, is there any point in applying?


Why were you blacklisted?


If i sign up using my social and ein, can i get the offer with my other business as well?

US Dollar will soon be worthless

2023 will be an auspicious year


Can I apply for 2 different Inks for same business?


I just applied and got accepted for the ink unlimited. Can I apply under same business a second time for the same card in the same day?


Got “review” the recon line says closed. Any other number thats open now or need to wait till after new year?


Being able to apply for the same exact card that you already had this year is always with the ink or only going on right now till January 1?


How do I combine my Chase consumer and business card logins?
Can be done online too

Jack t

What’s NAISC ????


I opened both ink cards, the cash and unlimited ink cards, for the cash ink card when logging in to my account it shows that there is a 90k points bonus once $6,000 is spent, but with the unlimited it does not show the bonus, I opened an ink unlimited cc about a year ago, but based on what I read in the article I should be eligible? Any advise?

Q: I got an Ink Cash and Ink Unlimited card this year already, can I signup again and get the bonus for the same card?
A: The great thing about Ink cards is that Chase doesn’t enforce a time limit like they do on most of their other cards. You can apply for the same card in the same year and you’ll still be able to get approved and get the bonus. As long as you are approved and complete the spend requirement, you will get the signup bonus.

The other great thing about Ink cards is that you can have multiple of the same card and get a signup bonus each time. I’m up to 6 Ink Cash cards for the same business!


“Keeping those funds in a high interest account that you will use to pay back the card after a year is a good strategy to make this offer even sweeter!”

Any advice on which account is best for growing interest?
Want no penalty for removing the $
Thank you


Hi , thanks DAN . Just got approved for the chase cash & then went applied for the unlimited but got a email saying “we’ll review & get back “ so what’s next ?? Thanks


Do you get approved through mail or right away?


Right away


I currently have the Chase united explorer card and chase ink preferred -both signed up thru your links-
Pay 100 a year each…
I have kids in Israel who use the cards to save on foreign transaction fees.
{ (Even though Chase really rips us off on the Shar yetzig, giving on average 300 shekels instead of 346 per $100 spend) but that’s a separate issue}

Question is, are there any “no annual fee” cards Chase or otherwise that can be used in Israel without fees? Worth getting…


If I remember correctly, many Capital One cards do not charge foreign transaction fees. I also remember reading that Cap One has better exchange rates than others banks, but don’t know if that’s still correct.


I would say try getting Capital One Savor One its has no annual fee and gives 3% cashback in grocery’s and restaurants [that’s where most Bucherem and Yungerleit spend in Israel


@Dan is it worth applying for this card and then opening and funding a bank account like Hudson Valley credit union then pay Chase bill rom that account?


i just got approved for only 3k any way to raise that?


still pays to try?

charles F.


Chase decided to close my business account and all credit cards associated with it (actual business)

I have over 1 million points and I have until Jan 12 to do something with those points.
Can I transfer it to someone else that lives in the same household as me or am I risking that they will close that persons account too?

How do you transfer to someone else in your household?

Thanks in advance!

Please help.. much needed advice


Plus I have no idea why they are doing this. I just got a random letter in the mail


The question is how many responsible people has Dave Ramsey cost them $10,000s of points they could easily earn. I hope it doesn’t add up to the amount of people he helped. That’s not to mention a year interest free loan may be a good way to start a small business.

Dave Katz

I opened up 3 of these cards so have 90,000 points in 3 different account. Would you recommend I open a Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Sapphire Reserve, or Chase Ink Preferred at this point to transfer them all to? If so what would be my best choice? Thanks


Hey Dan,
A different question, I have a no AF United Gateway card that was changed from the no AF Explorer card that was downgraded form the AF Explorer card years ago, do I have to close this card to qualify for the 60000 bonus for the AF Explorer card I see on your credit card page? Thanks!

Happy New Year and Thanks again for all your post!


I applied for the cash and unlimited cards and it was pending. Then I received a notice that it was denied one of the reasons being too many new cards.
I tried calling Chase recon 3 times for recon but was denied all 3 times. They said they can’t override 5/24 even for a business card and shifting credit wouldn’t work.


I’m at 6/24 now.
Is there a point in trying again?


I don’t know why you keep saying “When you apply for multiple cards on the same calendar day, you’ll only get 1 credit pull”…..This may have been the case in the past, but now Chase often does double pulls (separate agencies) spaced several days apart even for 1 application. This has happened to me (and family) 3+ times already.


Pls help. I applied and got the following message

“Proof of legal name and physical address for business.
Proof of federal tax id for business”
How should I prove tax id if I signed up using my social?


@DAN can you please advise????

Chad Bidoro

Send in proof that you live at your address and your social


Thanks for your request. Unfortunately, we couldn’t approve your application.
We’ll provide more detailed information explaining our decision by U.S. mail in 7 to 10 days.


I had 2 of those and both got approved after calling reconsideration


Ha same here also did 2, Gonna try to call now.
Think i wasn’t approved because i’m over 5/24. 1 card is a B&H store card hope telling them this will help.


Forgot 1 point.
2 of my cards were opened in Feb. 2021, Tried to explain didn’t work, Said call back in March after it fell of your report


@Dan please advice if you have any idea how to get my 2 applications approved.

Tried applying for Unlimited and Cash Declined with 3 reasons
1.Over 5/24 structure
3.lack in business deposit relationship with Chase.

I called to reconsider, Was told that reason 2 and 3 is not an issue but they can’t override the 5/24/ rule,
I told them that one card is a store card, Rep. said your 6/24 so it will still be 5/24
Tried to explain that 2 cards were opened in Feb. 2021 so its already almost 2 years Rep said i see that but you’ll need to call back in march after it falls of your report.
Tried asking to move credit from a different card Rep said Can’t move credit from personal to business.
Any idea left?
Thank you!


Tried HUCA this Rep. only saw 5 accounts but didn’t agree to remove the B&H store card from the count.
She said every card showing on your report counts for 5/24 doesn’t matter what it is.


I applied for this in October and never heard back. When I called two weeks ago, they said i was denied with no explanation. I told them I had lifelock protection on my identity and i had ok’d it through lifelock. They told me to apply again and i was denied again. This time they explained that because of my lifelock protection I could only apply in person at Chase. I did this and after rigorous questioning and checking documents I was approved. After once dealing with identity theft I was grateful for their diligence


Got declined for a chase sapphire since i got the bonus in the past 48 months, anyway around?


My first card is pending should I try the second one now or first try to get the first one approved?


Is it still easy to get approved


I had applied for the Ink Unlimited on Dec 30th and was not instantly approved. I decided to let it ride and got the approval email on Jan 2nd. I have two other Ink cards.


anyone chase blacklisted that got aproved


if i didnt use my regular name as my business and i got approved is there anything to be concerned about now?


Is it still easy to get


I must sound like a broken record, but thank you again Dan!!!!!!


Was approved right away for the Ink Unlimited Business, but not for the Ink Cash Business. Message was “we have received……”

Please advise the next step.


A response would be appreciated


spoke to chase business card service they told me that for the ink cards i can go over the 5/24 limit


hi, dan
I have already been approved for 2 cards. I have one app still pending. If I call, I am certain that they will ask me why I need 3 business cards. What do I tell them ?


Hi Dan, do you still hear those better approval odds in the last couple of days? Thinking about going for another ink cash, but I assume pretty edge case. Thanks!


Does credit utilization on business card matter to my personal credit score?


has anyone ever had this, I applied last Fri. for the Ink unlimited, the Ink Cash, & Freedom Unlimited, I finally got approved yesterday for the Ink Unlimited after a verification call, The rep. says that he don’t see in the system any of the 2 other applications!? I filled in everything correctly etc. I submitted all of them at the same sec. with exactly the same info & it came up on the screen “we’ve received your application etc.”
I never had this in my life.


has anyone ever had this, I applied last Fri. for the Ink unlimited, the Ink Cash, & Freedom Unlimited, I finally got approved yesterday for the Ink Unlimited after a verification call, The rep. says that he don’t see in the system any of the 2 other applications!? I filled in everything correctly etc. I submitted all of them at the same sec. with exactly the same info & it came up on the screen “we’ve received your application etc.”
I never had this in my life.


I have a sapphire reserve with UR what’s the best approach to book nyc to tlv with united, book with points, or pay yourself back?


hi dan. i was approved for Chase unlimited and cash cards. I don’t have a preferred Ink, nor do I have a Sapphire card. If someone else makes me an authorized user on their sapphire card, can i transfer the points there and then transfer the points to a mileage acct bearing the same name as my authorized user account ?


Is it still easy to get approved


How does someone redeem chase unlimited for 1.5-2.5 per point.Is it only when transferring to miles or even when redeeming for cash with a buyer?


What’s a normal credit limit for a first time business card?


Did both end of last year on the same day 1st got letter that it was rejected 2nd was approved. Is that strange?


@dan any new data on 2023 specific about5/24
If ya maybe time for a new post


I applied for both under my name/business same day (as per the post, to have one credit pull) however I got approved for one and the other one sent me a letter that they stopped reviewing the 2nd application because it was a duplicate. Any idea of being able to apply for second card?


Any idea how long it takes to get the actual card after being approved. i got an email saying that the card will ship in 3-5 business card – this was 7 business cards ago


eli k

hi i got a notice rom chase that they clased all my accts and they ended the relatiionship with no explenation anyone can suggest anythig?


Same thing just happened to me! Dan please help!!!


Is this deal still going on?


How long after creating a business account can i link it to my regular account (to see all my cards through 1 sign in)?

Moshe. M

I have all the 3 chase ink cards for my business and i can use more. Am I able to apply for more on the same business name?


When one application is under review and gets eventually approved how do I go about applying for a second card with the same credit pull?


Hi Dan, I got approved for ink Cash 5 days ago under sole proprietor and I tried applying for an ink unlimited yesterday but got denied due to “too many requests for credit or accounts”. I called recon today and explained that I am willing to move line of credits from my personal acct but they denied again due to my “business established too recently” aka 1/2023 which is a random date I put down. I am not at 5/24. Should I try calling again/any advice?


@DAN I applied and got approved thanx so much!!
However, when I applied for my wife (writing sole proprietor in the application) I received an email asking me to upload “Proof of legal name and physical address for business and
Proof of federal tax id for business”. WHAT DO I DO?!


Why is it only showing that on the chase website that I can only earn 750$ cash back?


Can I apply if my new business doesn’t generate revenue yet? (Still planning for example)


Should I close existing Chase business cards before opening new ones?

Any limit how many Chase (business) cards one can be approved in some period of time?


Is it possible to get approved for 2 ink cards and the marriot card in 1 day with 1 inquiry?


Any data points on HUCA working with Chase recon?


Really works!
Be ready with best possible explanation why decline reason isn’t really relevant




What do I put for business type, subtype, category, revenue and established date if I don’t actually have a business and am applying as a sole proprietorship?

Usher D

Hi Dan if I got the ink cards vs Solo propiretor last year July, can I try to apply again with the same name? Any chance of being shut down by chase for that? Any chance of getting approved again?

Usher D

Hi Dan I opened the 2 ink cards in July as a solo proprietor, can I reapply now again with the same name?
Any risk of being shut down?


What would I fill out for Business established date, business category, and Sub type?


just got approved thanks dan!
just wondering do I need to open a special chase business account now or will it automatically appear on my personal account?


Need to open business profile after card arrives, Then can link to your existing personal profile


Just applied for Ink Cash – got approved immediately. Then I applied for Ink Unlimited and their response was: We’ll review your application and let you know. Question: If approved at a later point will I still get the 90,000 point SUB?


I applied as a sole proprietorship under my name and I got this from chase:
Here’s what we need to continue reviewing your application:
Proof of federal tax id for business

What can I send them?

Ben Davidson

I don’t remember the exact details that I put in when I applied and got approved as a sole Proprietorship for the ink cash and unlimited 2 months ago. Like the date of opening and the annual revenue and expenses, I want to apply again for the same cards under the same name. would it hurt if the info doesn’t match the previous one?

Chaim F

I only get medical bills, car insurance bills, and car lease payment bills. No other bills. Will those qualify?


@dansdeals would I be able to transfer the miles from an Ink Card to a Chase United Explorer card? Or only the Preferred and Sapphire?


If I am signing up using a hobby as a buisness what should I put in for buisness category as well as what amount should I put for annual and monthly income?
Thank you


I applied for the Business Cash card on March 20th and only got approved today. The link I applied from had the 90K offer – will I still get the 90K even though the offer for this card today is less?


I opened my credit cards on March 14 and chase is saying the offer expired March 4 and I cannot get 90,000 points. Is there any way to prove it was still active.


75k or 90k. I got approved for both cards with the signup offer at 90k points… Why, then does it say on my app that I will unlock only 75k points after spending the threshold?


What should I put down for buisness established date


This would be my first business card. What should I make sure I have before applying for this card?

How many cards should I have before hand?