Top 10 Reasons You Should Apply For An Ink Card Right Now!

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Here are 10 reasons if you want to get the best ever deal on a no annual fee credit card, you should apply for the Ink Cash and Ink Unlimited cards right now!

1. This matches the highest ever offer for both the Ink Cash and Ink Unlimited cards in the 16 and 5 years respectively that they’ve been around. Read more here.

2. Historically, Ink Cards have been some of the hardest to get approval for, but once again, Chase is being extremely generous with approvals right now. That seems to happen when a new offer is just released for the offer to meet its approval goals. Read more here.

3. You do not need a registered business to open these cards. All you need to do during the application process is select “Sole Proprietorship” and for the business name use your own name and use your social instead of an EIN. Anything that earns you money can be your business! Read more here.

4. If you are spending on a Consumer card and not paying off your spending before your statement closes, moving that spending to a Business Card will improve your credit score. Read more here.

5. Reaching spending requirements can now be easier than ever thanks to the lowest ever fees to pay your taxes with a credit card plus you can purchase Visa Gift Cards at a profit! Read more here.

6. The 0% 12 month APR offer from both cards will not hurt your credit score if you make the minimum payments, that means you can take advantage of 5.25% APR CD and savings account to make money on that cash! Read more here.

7. Chase has a great reconsideration line. Even if your application is denied many readers over the past week have been able to get an approval thanks to calling that line. Read more here.

8. The Ink Cash can earn you 7.5% back at dozens of stores, including Amazon, that is the best deal of any credit card! Read more here.

9. The Ink Unlimited is the highest earning Chase Ultimate Reward card on everyday purchases. Thanks to valuable transfer partners like United and Hyatt, and the ability to use points at a 25%-50% increased value for paid travel, I value UR points as the best bank points out there. That makes this one of the very best cards you can use for everyday spending! Read more here.

10. There is no known limit to how many Ink cards you can have, my wife and I have 13 active Chase Ink Cards. You can apply for both cards for you and your spouse to earn 360,000 points! If you’ve applied before there is no need to change anything on your new application. Read more here.

See this post about 30 awesome ways to redeem this offer. You can get up to $6,570, 12 flights to Israel, or 73 flights in the US after getting an Ink Cash and Ink Unlimited card for you and a spouse. 

These cards have many more awesome benefits, click here to learn more.

Still have questions about this offer, hit the comments below and you can read our Ink FAQ post here.

Are you totally new to credit cards? You can read our ultimate beginner guide here!

Please note: if you try applying in the Instagram browser for a Chase credit card you will be prompted to sign in to the app. You must open the application link in your phone’s native browser or on a desktop.

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How do u apply for both, same time?


“Spending on a Business Card will improve your credit score if you don’t pay off your bills before they close.” will improve, or wont hurt?


How many of the 13 Ink are ink cash? Just curious how many of 1 type they’ll give 1 person/business.


Can someone please tell me why this card has been pushed so hard over the past few weeks?
Never saw something pushed so hard on this site ever.
Its also a business card and not all of us have their own business or are self employed…


Because it’s a great, time-limited offer that honest sites like Dan’s Deals can push and earn referral fees for. Unlike other sites that will shove lousy cards and lousy offers down your throat any day.


Ok. Just to get this straight. I use my daily card the sapphire preferred. I don’t have these cards nor does my wife. We both sign off for both of these cards (individually) and I swipe a few times each card for some business expenses, hit the $6k spend threshold. Then we both put the cards in the freezer or cut them up and never use them again and we have a couple hundred thousand points combined to use for ultimate rewards in our preferred acct? Don’t have to worry about these cards again ?

Charles R

My wife is an AU on my Sapphire reserve…if she gets an ink in her own name for one of our businesses will she be able to use the sapphire transfer feature?


I got the ink cash around 5-6 months ago and got the 90,000 bonus already, my wife got the 75,000 bonus on the ink cash about a year ago.
I prefer the ink cash as I can spend the 6k in office supply stores, and get an extra 3.5 points per dollar on the 6k spend.
I also have an ink plus from 10 years ago.
What is my best bet?
1) me applying for another cash for a different sole proprietor business
2) me applying for the unlimited
3) my wife for the ink cash
4) my wife for the unlimited



I already got this card at the end of December. Can I apply again using the same businessname ? Or can I have many sole proprietary business names on my ssn?


I got declined for 4 cards for me and my wife, and everything got approved b”h

My 1st card got approved after calling once
My 2nd card got approved after calling twice and answering 100 questions about my “business”…
My 3rd card I had to call 4 times, the application went to the fraud department, and I got approved eventually.
My 4th card I called 5 times and reconsidered every time, the rep couldn’t figure out why the system denied it, she sent a email to the manager, I got declined a 5th time and a day later I got a email that I got approved without a reconsideration.


WOW BH L’ChaiM VeLIVErocha ️⚖️


If I already had 1 of these cards many years ago am I still eligible for a sign on bonus again now under the same business name/tax Id #?


You are most definitely eligible for even both of them together


Credit score is 650 range because i have high credit balance. Already paid it off but didn’t update yet (barclays).

Should i apply today or wait another two weeks for the balance and score to update? Any chance of approval with 650ish score?

Pending Reconsideration

I applied a few days ago and got the “we’ll let you know” message. Is there any difference if I call reconsideration today while the offer is still in effect or tomorrow after it ends?


I’ll wondering same thing. And is it better to call before they decide or after they say yes or no to approval?


Call now. 9/10 they’ll approve you on the spot.


Great. I imagine they are closed in reconsideration department until morning (it’s Sunday 10pm here)— but will call then. Thanks


Does balance transfer count towards 6000$ bonus spending ?


Of course not


If I only apply for one, which is better?


Chase business ink. Buy gift cards from staples to earn x5 points.


Is that t better to put down more or less for expected monthly spend?

Quick question


I have this card for myself. I want to get this card for my wife. She doesn’t have any personal credit cards, hence she has no line of credit. I want to start building her PERSONAL line of credit. She does have her own business, if I get her one of these cards with that help build her PERSONAL line of credit?

Thanks in advance!


Won’t help. Get her a personal card.
Or get both. This card won’t help or hurt her personal credit.

Quick question

Ok. Thanks for your response Shmueli


What if you don’t have a business?


Sole proprietor can get business card?


What’s the best way to get business class tickets to Israel?
With points


Send Dan an email or a dm on ddf.


If I was to apply for 1 card now, which one should it be?


Getting back in chase cards.. just opened the ink business preferred for the 100k.. what else should i open for me and my wife? saphire reserve? We already have two amex plat


I applied – if it says wait 7-10 days for review in your experience does it hurt or help to call before I hear from them? (this is for my 2nd Unlimited in 4 years) — or just wait for response.

And if I did call, call regular chase number or reconsideration line. (I’m willing to move around credit). thoughts on part 1 above especially appreciated. Thanks.


Doesn’t hurt



Is the only way to transfer as miles would be to a Chase Preferred or Premier card? If I have a Chase United Explorer, I cannot transfer directly into that card? I do not have a Sapphire or any of those Preferred cards. Thanks


I have a LLC that I have not paid the yearly state fee to keep active can I still use this EIN number?


I applied today 3/19
(The final day)
Application needs to be reviewed by chase…
If approved in a few days past deadline will I still get the 90k points?


I have this ink cc’s for two years on same business, can I apply now for same business even if I keep my existing ink cc, and have multiple ink cc under one business? And get the bonus?


How long does it take to receive the card?


How much time do I have to make the spending threshold? Calendar days or billing cycles?


“Please upload clear, easy-to-read copies of documents for the following:

Proof of legal name for business”

what are they looking for I gave a sole proprietorship?


Applied, and denied. Recon said because of 5/24. So the talk about 5/24 being approved is overrated.


If you have no business, it says you have to use it for business expenses. How does that work? Most of my expenses are groceries and presents.


which credit agency does Chase use for to pull credit, i have a freeze on all, which do i need to remove the freeze?


Rejected twice…
Called and got both approved with pulling credit from other cards


How many can i apply for in 1 year i got approved for both this year already?


Got response in review. If get accepted in few days, I still get the sign up bonus, correct?


I don’t have a business is it ok to get it?


Do you need 13 businesses to have 13 cards? etc?


If I use it international, will it charge a %? the freedom card charges me 3% for every purchase in Israel so wondering if it does the same.


What do I answer for Businesses established date?


Why is it last chance? What’s happening after midnight?

Ben Davidson

How does the “advantage of 5% APR CD and savings account to make money on that cash!” work?


after the relentless push, i applied even though i already each card active..
i was approved anyways!
enjoy the commission Dan and JJ..


You should do a post about the risks involved with lending credit cards out in order to do the spending


If I apply niw and only get Approved after the deal is over will i still get the bonus points?




Can I apply if I don’t have a business?


The issue is the $6k spend. Ok, so you do that once and get the 90k. You do realize 13 Ink cards means to get the bonus you needed to needlessly spend $78,000. Before, you start saying you can prepay taxes and utilities if you are spending that much you most definitely are manufacturing spend on things you should not be. Even on the $6k I found myself spending more freely to hit the minimum spend.

Its a reasonable deal but the high spend makes it certain that for anyone opening multiple cards you will be without a doubt spending more than you should be. Yes, there are exceptions I am
Using the card to pay my property taxes but seriously $78k is idiocy.


IS there anything that I can tell the reconsideration agent so to get approved even if the denial reason is 5/24?


I applied on Friday 3/17 at 1am and my applications are still under review. I called chase on Friday at 4pm and they told me it’s normal for biz apps to take time as they review the business. I applied under my legit LLC that already has all 3 ink cards and business checking account. Please advise if there is any action I should be taking?


I applied yesterday and got approved. It arrived today!!


I applied last week for my business, I have a 798 credit score, and I did not hear back from Chase….




Just Approved for Ink Cash as well!
Went through a real merry go round of Chase departments, and had to go into a physical chase branch to be verified by a banker, but was approved after all.
Now approved for Ink Cash and Unlimited!
Thanks Dan
Wife’s still under review and need to send in ID.


I have a purchase more than $6,000 and I have the time to open a new card which personal credit card should I open?


got approved for ink today and want to sign up for united card today is it bad for my credit?


I got approved but the apr isn’t showing 0% is showing my standard rate… Wasn’t this a 0% Apr?


Got the ink but I dont see the 90,000 under benefits will it still come after I spend the 6,000?


Hey Dan,
If I spend the 6k and want to take advantage of 0%APR for a year do I get the bonus or do I need to pay the 6k bills in the first 3 months?
Thanks so much!


You only need to spend it, not pay it back.


Can I get a second pair of cards for the same business? I got approved the end of 2022, will I still get the bonus if I apply now as well?




I am very confused on point 6. I clicked on the link and people seemed to be confused too. How can you take the credit card towards a CD?


Buy items like gift cards on sale that you can sell or cash out, use the funds to fund savings accounts at 5.25%, pay the minimum credit card balance to maintain 0% APR for a year and pay back after the 0% APR ends.


I got approved last time in December when they had this promotion, Can I apply again and get the bonus?




Does applying for a business CC cause a hard credit pull?




These have foreign transaction fees. Whats your suggestion for one without fee?


Capital one doesn’t have foreign transaction fees


When I used the Capital 1 365 debit they gave me an exchange rate that was 5 percent!!! more then the usual rate.


I think it might be the particular ATM machine – does that make sense?


I called them & they claimed it was Mastercard who decided the rate.


@jj and/or @dan When does this offer expire ?


How much money would I put down I earn if I don’t have a business?


How do you fill out an application for a business card, if you’re a sole proprietor without a business or a hobby or business expenses? Should I just make up and start a business/hobby?


Is the Costco Gold Bar a good way to hit the spend? Like when the us mint sold coins or very different situation?


No. Avoid gold bars if you want to resell them.


I’m over 5/24. Are you saying I can still be approved?


Instant approval for the Ink Cash




I have multiple ink cards with our business. If we have a new name name (using a DBA), using the same tax id number, but a different address, should we apply for more ink card?




If I apply for this with my personal name as the business and my SSN as the EIN will that pull my credit score while applying? And what’s the minimum score you’d need to apply.

Thanks for your advice


There is no published minimum. You just have to apply and see.


If I already have a Chass Ink Business Unlimited card under my name as sole proprietor, can I apply for another one or should I apply for the Ink Cash card instead?


You can, but why not apply for Ink Cash and take advantage of that card’s unique benefits?


Whats the suggestion if I wasnt approved, after being approved less than 12 months ago for a few CCs?


Can I spend only personal spending on a business card? Like at grocery stores online shopping and tuition etc?

I don’t really have any business spending


If I have already been approved for the bussiness cash and bussiness unlimited card less than 2 years ago. Can I still get approved with the same bussiness?




They asking to fill out a w9
Any idea what this means? why they need it?


Just applied and this is what they sent me
“Here’s what we need to continue reviewing your application

Please upload clear, easy-to-read copies of documents for the following:

Proof of legal name and physical address for business
Proof of federal tax id for business”

What do i need to proceed?


What info did you use to apply?
Did you use a tax ID or SSN? Business name or your name?




Did you use a business name or your name on the application?


My name, on my wifes address


Is that address on your ID?




I’d suggest applying again with data you can prove.


Will they do another hard pull?


I opened 2 ( one of each of the chase ink unlimited and cash) in both mine and my wifes name about 10 months ago and got the bonus on all 4 cards!

I want to open another chase ink cash or unlimited now but it says “ The new Cardmember bonus offer is only available if I do not have this card and have not received a new Cardmember bonus for this card in the past 24 months.”

Will i still get the sign up bonus again or I need to wait the 24 months? Thanks


That rule is not enforced.


So I will be eligible for the sign up bonus again even though I have the same card and opened <24months or just not guaranteed but still possible?


You will get it again.


Ok thank you!


I got the card. How soon do I have to wait to apply for it again? Also, it is not showing up in my Chase account under credit cards. any idea how to find it?


There’s no time limit.
You need to setup a business profile. You can call Chase to bring the personal cards there as well.


Is the 90k offer still live? I see it says $900 back


Yes, it’s $900 in the form of 90,000 points.


Dan any idea when this offer expires? I applied thru your links for my self and was approved bh! But wanna wiat a bit before applying for spouse so the 3 months should end later, is it ending anytime soon?


I have the ink business preferred card. Is that the same thing?




Applied for both Same day, and experience is showing 2 hard pulls from chase that day 🙁
Isent it supposed to be just 1 hard pull?


It still may get merged together. Or you can try disputing the extra pull with Experian.


Sorry it was a typo I was saying experian is showing already 2 hard pulls for that day can, even after posting so it can still be merged?


The 5% cashback on Amazon sounds great but you need to do that by buying Amazon gift cards at an office supply store right? If you do that, then your Amazon purchases wouldn’t be covered under the credit card benefits/guarantees/protections right? Is it still worth it for the 5% cash back?


1. 5 Chase points per dollar are worth much more than 5% cash back.
2. You can always use another card for items that might need extended warranty or other protections.


Applied with your link and approved bh!
Does chase pull for business by 2 credit agency’s? I got a hard pull by experian and transunion


Sorry cant find the thread where it should belong…
I transferred from Chase UR to uk avios account went INSTANTLY then next day again and also INSTANTLY