HOT! Get Your Real Equifax FICO Score For Free!


Update: Don’t forget to cancel your free trial! I just canceled mine by calling 800-319-4433. They will need your SSN. It took just a minute to cancel and they sent me a confirmation email immediately.

Originally posted on 02/03:

Signed up to check your FICO score? Post your number in the comments!

Here are some answers to commenter’s questions worth noting:
-You can cancel online, I’ve updated the post below with that information.
-Checking your own credit will not effect your credit in any way.
– Agencies like Citi, Credit Karma and Vantagescore do not sell real FICO scores. They only have FAKOs and are often measured in different ranges (like 501-990, or 150-900 instead of 300-850) than your real FICO score. Credit agencies check your real FICO score, not a FAKO score…so there’s not much point to knowing a FACO score.
-You can check your credit report for free at, but that will not display your score for free. This is one of the only ways to check your FICO score for free!

Link Expired!

When credit agencies pull your credit score, they pull your real FICO scores from Equifax, Transunion, or Experian.

While there are hundreds of services that offer to let you check your credit score, they’re all just fakes!  Those scores are called FAKOs, as they are just simulated scores, not your actual credit score.

MyFico offers one of the only ways for a consumer to access their true FICO score from Equifax or Transunion (Consumers can’t currently access their Experiean FICO score).

Normally MyFico charges $20 to get either your Equifax or Transunion score, but now there’s a way to get the Equifax score for free!

Just sign up via this link and you’ll get a 10 day trial to MyFico score watch. You’ll get immediate access to your Equifax Fico score and report.  The system will also display all of your open accounts and tell you where you fall compared to other Americans.  It can also figure out what your score would be if you pay down your outstanding balance, and much more.

Just remember to cancel within 10 days and you won’t have to pay a cent! After 10 days the service will cost you $14.95/month.

You can cancel online or by phone.
Click here to cancel online.
Just select “I would like to cancel my product subscription” and then click “Score Watch-Free Trial”

You can also cancel by phone: 1-800-319-4433

You can also see your real Transunion FICO score with credit monitoring for $4.95/month by clicking here and creating an account or logging in to MyFico to see the offer.

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Citi identity monitor is real for only a dollar the first month!


Nope, those are FAKO scores, not real FICO scores!




How do you cancel your account, do you need to call or can it be done online?


Credit Karma is fake also?


so witch one is better to open ??


what does this mean
I agree to be billed 10 days from now at $14.95 per month if I do not cancel my no obligation 10-day free trial. A three month minimum subscription applies


thanks dan!


I just signed up for one, apparently it was fake. Does it affect my credit score if i sign up for this one now?


Do they make it complicated for you to cancel?


Thanks Dan (now I see I have sucky credit!)


You work for FICO.? I think FAKO is the same thing.

Mara ~ Kosher on a Budget

Also, you won’t get your score for free, but you can pull your entire credit report from all three reporting agencies via Once a year, all three are free. Totally legit.


You can cancel online or by phone.
Just select “I would like to cancel my product subscription” and then click “Score Watch-Free Trial”

You can also cancel by phone: 1-800-319-4433

Well the Equifax score is free, so start there.

If you don’t cancel within 10 days then you need to keep the service for 3 months.

Not at all, checking your own credit does not affect your score.
Oldest myth in the book.

Not at all, you can cancel online.

FAKO is not the same at all.
FAKOs are fake. The credit cards pull your score from FICO, so what good is it to know your FAKO?
Also many FAKO’s make up their own score ranges to make you “look better”.
Vantagescore’s range is 501-990.
Credit Karma’s range is 150 to 950.

The real FICO range is 300 to 850, so those other numbers are meaningless!

@Mara ~ Kosher on a Budget:
Yup, I just wish they gave your score as well, but they do not.
In fact many

Contact Us We will respond to you within 1-2 business days


Thanks Dan!!!


can you post what range is a good score and what is a great score etc?


650 – 749 is good
750 – 850 is excellent.


I would say a FICO of over 700 is a very good score and over 750 is a great score.

My score was 774. I guess opening hundreds of cards just isn’t as bad as they want you to think it is…

It said it could have been as high as 824 had I not had any balance on my cards. I pay in full every month, but spend a lot every month to meet signup bonuses requirements and the like. Your credit score only looks at your total outstanding balance and how that balance compares with your total available credit (credit utilization percentage) so it doesn’t matter if you’re in middle of a statement or not, that spending amount can count against your score.


Just pulled myfico score 775!




I already have an account from like three years ago and even though i dont have a current subsc they wont let me use free trial , any way around this? as ssson as i put n my social they tell me i already have an account


Like I said, MyFico is “one of the only ways” to get a FICO score for free.

The only other way to get a free FICO is directly from Equifax. They offer a free trial as well.

The Equifax score you get from them is FICO but the other 2 scores from them are FAKOs.


I’m 770 🙂



But why haven’t I gotten approved on the latest CO and AA offers? Could it be because I already have a CO? I did get the Amex Plat, Capital One and SPG…..any ideas? I need miles!


Mine was 775
I open and closed alot of credit cards I guess it really is a myth


How many times will they update the score within the 10 days? Must you wait 30 days as with cit identitymonitor?


i have 750 and i got aa but not amex plat


I dont get it! my score is 779 which seems to be higher than most people but i still got refused for an amex starwood!


thanks – 762


788 – though it will probably go down due to my amex and onepass cc apps today.


my balance is 29705.00




Interesting: My score is over 800 and it says I’ve had credit for 23 years. The thing is, I’m only 25 years old! It seems like the account my parents have which I’m a cardholder on for the last 10 years is giving me a boost as if I’ve had credit since my parents opened their card!!


@marks: I had the same thing! It is awesome as long as your parents made all their payments on yime 🙂


@Dan: How do u see why you have that credit?


789, Thanks Dan!


780 with only one inquiry! My experian report has 9 inquires does anyone know which cards pull from equifax?


I have about 25 open credit cards


783 it is!!


I checked and it is 728, I don’t even have a regular credit card yet I have secured credit card, and have been trying and was rejected, how could that be? maybe when I applied my credit was lower, not sure.

I followed the instructions to cancel and I didn’t put in anything in the box for the message sent to them is that fine? once I submitted it said that I’ll get an email from within 24 hours, one business day. Am I fine I’m not interested in being charged for 3 months.


i had done quizzle a month or 2 ago and i was just over 700, but my fico is 799. somehow i still got declined for CapOne cash rewards card. go figure




They dont just look at your credit score. There are several other factors that go into your application.


hey dan, would you be able to post a reminder to cancel in a week or so? Thanks!


I’ve already put a reminder on my phone!


Reason: I have short credit history (I cannot help that) And i have 7 inquiries for the past year. I’m fuming


And according to citi identity monitor my score is 715 for equifax. So there is definetly a discrepancy, but not such a significant one


If dan put an update on this post and reposts it at the top of the website again, I’m sure someone will benefit;)


Just ran a comparison. MyFico has my score at 753, CreditKarma has it at 769.
Not sure if this is typical, but its not THAT big a difference to scoff at CK for casual credit monitoring.


Just cancel immediately, why wait the 10 days?


Very interesting, my score is 768 with MyFico and 746 with Identity Monitor Citi. This is what MyFico says: ” It is extremely unlikely your application for credit cards or for a mortgage or auto loan would be turned down”. However, I can;t freekin get approved for a card.




I got 784
they say “It is extremely unlikely your application for credit cards or for a mortgage or auto loan would be turned down.”

but I got turned down for credit card a few months ago.

plus I don’t think they look at your score anymore when they give you a mortgage. or am I wrong?


Also long history due to being an authorized user on parents cards 🙂


@zzz: when you applied for Amex Starwood they check with the credit reporting agencies for your most recent amount owed (even if its before the statement date) and calculate what percentage of your available credit your’e using. The lower the percentage rate is at that time the better you are; using %1 is best. Also best is for them to see that you have outstanding balances on exactly one card – not more or less. See the myFico website for more details.




Weird, weird, weird!

I got an 816 score, yet was rejected recently for the AA credit cards because I “carry to much debt”, i.e. my mortgage payments are $2550 (including taxes) monthly.

Does this make sense, that with such a high score I was still rejected?

(I had an 801 score before I bought my house two years ago).




Can you get this if you already got a free trial from them before?
I got a 30-day trial once about 3 years ago, also Equifax.
Was 798 at the time…


Nothing to lose by trying!


@ all the people with high scores getting rejected:

The credit card companies are focusing much more on income to debt ratio. Even if you have perfect credit. They might deny you if they feel you have too mucg debt like a mortgage, car payments, student loans, credit card debt, etc. Even if your credit is perfect. And if you say you have a high income, they sometimes make you prove it. So the game has changed a lot in the past few years. It used to be if you met a certain score it was an automatic approval. Now they have humans lookibg it over a lot and they look at the deatils not just the score. For example too many inquiries doesn’t lower your score by too much, however when the bank sees too many inquiries they get nervous and may deny you even if you have a high score.


794! Still can’t get approved from Chase for the OPP card. They don’t like me.


score: 748



uh oh

I just checked mine and its 601 🙁 any tips on how I cn improve my credit?


my is 589 bbbbbbbbbbbbu how I cn improve it?


THANKS DAN 4ALL U GOOD THINGS if i cancel after 1day i still get my info by mail


Cancelled online a couple days ago. Didnt get any confirmation. Called them five min ago and they told me it HAD NOT been cancelled yet and he then went ahead and cancelled it. Friendly note to all: Be safe and call to cancel 🙂


Urgent Q please help:

I recently applied for a CC and as some of you mentioned CITI sent me a 4506T form to prove my income.

Problem is it is difficult to show and I am no longer interested. If I do nothing will I get some sort of denial that will hurt my credit score?

p.s. Thanks for the deal. Got my score. 762.


Got a 795. It says my amount of new credit (that’s when I got the 75000 aa miles per card x 2) is not good. But I still have a great score. What gives? Also wondering. If I have many old cards, should I cancel them or hold on to them?


I followed the cancel instructions on Friday and got no confirmation. I tried again today, still nothing, and my account is still active. Were prob better off calling to cancel.


804 but i emailed to cancel still active


786 same as the others got turned down for the citi card just applied for the one pass card lets see what happens…


I emailed to cancel on 2/3 and got a response on 2/8 that it had been cancelled.


@ Judah
ask them to close account, dont have them cancel your card.


for what its worth 810. aa citi still rejected me.
does any cc use this- it says no inquiries and i have done a fair amount of new cc this past year


after waiting on hold for 15 minutes, i gave up and cancelled over the internet, and they sent me a confirmation shortly after.


my score was 691. i have 1 amex cc with a 20,000 credit line and i use approx 200 a month. (.1%). i pay off in full every month and hve never missed a payment. the only reason i can possibly think of my score being so low is b/c i am under a card w my mother where she is the main account and she forgot to pay it one time. can that affect my score so much? also if i cancel tht card w my mom will it go up?


If you remove yourself as the authorized user on your mothers account, your scores will definitely go up.

To all those being rejected by credit card offers – most credit card companies pull your EXPERIAN score,(and some pull your TRANSUNION) so you may have a high EQUIFAX score, but they dont see it. and YES – an inquiry affects your score.


762 and just like others was denied citi aa they pulled equifax it’s showing but must use some other agency maybe experian.
going to cancel now.
thanks Dan!