HOT! Get 50,000 United Miles For Opening A United Chase Visa Signature Card!


Update: To get the 50,000 miles offer you can enter in the wrong zip code for your account and be transferred to an agent. You can then ask to be transferred to Chase where you will be offered the 50,000 miles.

United is offering 50,000 miles for opening a United Visa.

I confirmed with 3 reps that the miles will post after your first purchase and the $60 annual fee is waived with the offer.

To get the card this FT post has the best method:

-Call up United Mileage Plus at 800-421-4655
-Say “Manage My Account.”
-Enter in your Mileage Plus and Zip code.
-Say “more options”
-Say “apply for a Mileage Plus Visa”.

This will transfer you to an offshore Chase application call center.

For whatever reason at this point your call center rep will be expecting a mileage plus rep on the phone with an offer code. Just tell them that you are the mileage plus member trying to apply for a card and that you want to know more about the 50,000 miles offer. I had no problem getting the offer every time without any codes.

HT: Yosef W, via FT

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Had the card few years back, dont think I can get the miles again. 🙁


If anyone gets approved for this, and has also been approved for the chase ba card in the last six months, I would appreciate if you can post here saying you had success. In addition it would help for all those denied based on the “one application per six months” rule also post here.


what do i do if i’m not part of the miles program


can i get it if i dont have a united mileage account yet?


With United it is very hard to use the miles


here’s a link to signup for the free “Mileage Plus” program:


if i have the just got the card less then a month ago and i still have t not got the miles posted yet on my account is there any way of getting the 50,000 miles.


Who is uniteds partners with 2 go2 EY? & how many miles do u need? Also how many miles do u need 4 a domestic ticket?? Pls advise!


Can I do this again if I previously had the card (and received the 50,0000 miles) and closed the account last summer?


@danny: I applied for a second Chase credit card after i got my BA miles and i was declined because of the six-month-rule. Then i called Chase Lending Operations at888-270-2127, and they agreed to give the second card if I close the first. Now I’m getting the bonuses from both cards…. But be careful- you don’t want to mess up your credit score for this.


It’s hard to say whether a previous UA card will disqualify you at this point.
I’ve posted some strategies over at in the past for getting the miles more than one.

The once per 6 months is not a hard and fast rule. Sometime they use that, but I’ve read lots reports of people getting more than 1 chase card within 6 months.

You can redeem on some 30 partner airlines. Even with Starnet blocking it shouldn’t be too difficult.

I’m in the same boat as you are. I’ll try to argue my case for 50K but I’m less than hopeful.

25K domestic.
75K to Israel for travel on Star partners like Continental, USAirways, Air Canada, Austrian, Lufthansa, Swiss, Brussels, Turkish, etc, etc.

You can try, but as always with credit card churning, YMMV (your mileage may vary).
Sometime you get lucky, other times you dont.

You’re not going to severely impact your credit by opening/closing cards unless you lose a big percentage of your total overall available credit in the process..


Will you be able to book a flight with miles and then get the 2 free bags from being a BMI silver member?


Dear Dan I have 45000 continental miles so would I be able to use this offer and combine united with continental to go to eretz yisroel?? I have a feeling that this may be a really stupid question but I’m not sure


I applied and got accepted for the BA Visa and the CO Mastercard within 6 months, both from Chase.

This Visa I feel like I have no use whatsoever for the United Miles.



Yes it is stupid. Rule number one with airline miles is …


Is the $60 annual fee waived for the first year or waived forever?


You should get free bags but it may not be automatic.

Miles can’t be combined.

Just the first year.


You can almost never combine miles from 2 different airlines. You need to have in each account enough for the complete ticket.


just 1st year, but the following years it can be paid with points


If I have 4 Chase cards already, can I still open this?


even if they are on the same alliance


its absolutely impossible to use United miles… I mean unless you want to book 18 months in advance, and leave 3am on a Tuesday… Still free miles better than none..



No, no, never, never…
Miles can’t be combined!

Absolutely incorrect.
There are some 30 airlines that you can fly on using United miles. You can do research on availability on Star Alliance on or by opening an ANA mileage account and using their award tool.


not true just checked in august united has plenty available flights


I agree with nate. Don’t waste your zchusim with chase on this one. Rather get 25 or 35 continental instead.


You couldn’t be more wrong. as far as using the miles 50k is a garunteed ticket in the us where 25k in co. is not and as far as selling them u can get at least 1% where as 25k co. Will never get u 2%


Thanks…Dan and Abe. I have tried going to Montreal, Mexico, and Hawaii… And the dates were not available.. they did have standard awards which was 50,000 miles to Montreal, with a stop over in Chicago or somewhere..

I will become an ANA Mileage Club Member, sounds like it’ll be helpful..


I agree with Nate. Starnet blocking is intense even on routes they do not fly. I am seeing plenty of availability on ANA and United cannot see them at all…I have been able to book my itinerary on ANA and CO, but not on United. As soon as I use up these miles, I am done with them.

jdk@david yakov

I hear what you are saying


Can you inform us in more detail about how to get multiple bonuses?

“I’ve posted some strategies over at in the past for getting the miles more than one.”

I can’t find the exact post.

Frozen Hotel Milk

I just signed up for two ppl… Thanks a lot

reuven hunt

I just flew from LAX to PIT on united. I forgot to enter my mileage # into the itinerary. How can I earn those miles?

reuven hunt

Is there any catch?


was just aproved on the spot (did apply for chas ein last six months but was not approved until now)-thanx


@reuven hunt: Send in your boarding pass with a request for credit to your airline’s program.
If you collect mileage plus miles, you can request the miles for united flights on


Whats the catch?
There MUST be a catch, which really scares me
I hate these offers followed by “catches”
They not only terrify me (because i dont now whats coming)but they irritate me too….
In my humble ipinion the BEST way to get miles is to fly, but then again i might be wrong
I’m just so nervous of these kind of things…
Can someone please tell me if there is a catch that they know of?


The best way to earn miles is from flying? I’ve earned about 400,000 miles in my life from flying and some 10 million from playing the credit card game and other various mileage earning methods.
Suit yourself though…


Thanks for the tip, Dan! I called yesterday and was approved immediately – 50k miles after first purchase, no min. purchase. Can’t beet a free trip!

As for catches, the only one I see is you have to keep the account open for at least 6 months. I’ve put a reminder in my calendar about 8 months from now to cancel the card.



Most people I know are not in their own Biz or that their parents have a biz. Which means no actual way to earn 100s of 1000s or Millions of miles via using a CC. A few that can go that route often find that by paying their bills to their Wholesalers will mean having to pay an extra x% if they do so via a CC so that pretty much negates using the CC for them

Id think most people on DD arent in biz for themselves but work for someone or govt or corp, and thusly wont have enormus CC bills either.

= That BIS may equal almost what they would charge a yr on their own CCs. And with Churning coming to a fast end , BIS may become the main Game in town.

Of cause its a YMMV issue but for someone 1st starting out playing the game , they for sure wont beable to do what was once the Standard for yrs. But should still beable to obtain a fair amount of Miles/pts on various Carriers and Hotel programs by getting even 1 CC per program. But the idea of becoming a Millionaire within a program within a yr is simply in the past.


Tx Dan. I called yesterday. I was not approved immediately. Does that mean that they’re not going to give me the card?



I just tried calling using the prescribed method and there is a message that says the card application is no longer being taken over the phone and to refer to a website that was given on the offer.


I got the same message )-:


Dan, do you recommend closing Chase accounts before the 6 month period (assuming you’re allowed to) or do you just apply for new Chase card every 6 months?


@ steve2:
I have acumelated close to 500k miles in the last 8 months if you keep your eyes out for the offers and play them right they can realy add up. By the way churning is still very much possible. You just need to be a little creative.


Dan, I think it’s dead like people are saying


i was able to get the offer just now by calling up and putting in a wrong zip code which transfered me to customer service who immediately got a chase representative on the phone and did the application

miles chazzer

United iz veery bad mit milez. Its mostly alvaiz nisht nogeia for making flites wit 25 tosend so yoo need fiftzig tosend fore most times to flie even in de U.S.A. arayn so its not sucha vilde metzitza.


Who buys United miles? How much can I get for 50,000 miles?


Try ebay


As of 9:15 p.m. Sunday April 11, 2010 when I requested “apply for a Mileage Plus Visa” I was told they no longer are accepting applications for the offer and referred me to a website for “similar” offers – the best of which was 30,000 miles for a fee of $60.


Check out yy’s comment for how to get it!


Fortunately, I had noticed yy’s comment right after sending my first comment. I tried again and it worked! The only hard part was understanding the agent reading all the “fine print” over the phone.

Thank you to yy!!!


i got turned down…


just called and its still working


Still works as of 4/14 5:30 pm- approved over the phone!


SPG only transfers 2:1. Does AMEX allow transfer, if not how can you turn the 50k into 75k?


Still works as of 04/20 at 3:00 pm


i applied when this was first posted…and was told I’d receive a response in the mail, but haven’t heard anything yet. any idea how long it takes?


If united and continental merge then its like getting 50000 continental miles is that correct?
I know what you said about this merge “if I had a buck for every merge talk” but it seems like its gonna happen


is this deal still alive???


I just called they said it’s still avail.


called just now and got an automated message saying it’s no longer available by phone.


no longer available, I just tried.


I didn’t notice the Update at the top of this post but once I got to an agent, they were happy to transfer me over. I applied for the card but do note they only had a 30,000 mile bonus offer at the time that I called.


Got my card today and confirmed 30,000 miles would post after first purchase. first year free.


I just received a letter stating that becasue i already have the card I will not be receiving the miles. so now I have 2 united card and didnt get the sign up bonus 🙁