HOT!!! Signup For The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, Spend $3K In 3 Months, And Get 25,000 Continental Or British Airways Miles, Or A Ticket Worth Up To $312.50, Or A $250 Gift Card!


Chase Sapphire Preferred Linky

Need help getting to $3,000? The US Mint should be able to help you there in no time!

You get 25,000 points after spending $3,000 on the Chase Sapphire Preferred card.

You also get a 7% bonus on spending every year, so you actually get 1.07 miles per dollar spent on this card, which is very good if you want Continental miles.

Chase Sapphire points convert into BA or Continental miles at a 1:1 ratio and they transfer over instantly whenever you want.

You can also use the points to book tickets directly from Chase, with 25,000 points you can book a ticket worth up to $312.50 and you’ll even earn miles on the ticket.  Personally I’d still go for the highly valued Continental miles, but if a domestic redemption is what you’re looking for it’s not a bad usage.

Or you can always just use the 25,000 points for a $250 gift card or a $250 account credit for spending on whatever you would like!

The Chase Sapphire Card also offers return protection of up to $500 per item.  If you buy something you don’t like you can just return it to Chase within 3 months of the purchase and get a full refund!  I wanted to return a $340 item a few months after I bought it and got a refund check in the mail within 2 weeks of returning the item to Chase!

Whenever you call Chase Sapphire customer service a real live US-based human being always answers the phone immediately without going through any touch-tone systems or having to push “0” repeatedly.  If only all companies offered this!

There is no annual fee for the first year, but it’s $85 after the first year. Chase allows you to downgrade to the “non-preferred” version of the Sapphire card which has no annual fee.  However be sure to transfer your points into miles before downgrading as the “non-preferred” version does not allow transfers into miles!

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what happens if I already got the sapphire card due to your advertising it on the side? can I cancel and get a new one?


Is this card included in the Chase 6 month rule? I didnt see anything about it in the T&C’s. If yes, do you think it’s still worth waiting for the Hyatt card to come out?


hey dan, i’ve been getting turned down by chase for credit cards. any suggestions how to fix that? I have a couple of cards with them already- does it help if I close them down?


is this a credit or debit? if credit what kind is it, or is it just a chase CC similar to old navy, gap and macys?

chayim yankel

Nice offer dan, thanks as always.


what is the chase 6-month rule?


“Personally I’d still go for the highly valued Continental miles”
please explain why its so highly valued,

thanks AGAIN


I have 4 chase CC am i over the limit to apply for this one???



You should be able to cancel and apply again.

It’s a credit card by Chase. A Gap card can usually only be used at Gap, this card is good everywhere.

@chayim yankel:
It can expire at any time.

Chase sometimes enforces a rule that you can only get a new card every 6 months. It is only enforced sometimes as many people have been able to get multiple cards much quicker than that.

Continental miles are arguably now the most valuable miles right now.
They can be used across the Star Alliance which has dozens of airline partners and great award availability. They can also be used on a number of other partners that Continental has.

Continental does not charge any fuel surcharges on any award tickets. Continental and United are the only Star Alliance carriers that do not charge any fuel surcharges for any airlines. (USAir charges an “award processing fee” of up to $50 per ticket)

United has Starnet blocking which can make it artificially difficult to use their miles on certain Star Alliance carriers and routes.

Which leaves Continental miles being extremely valuable.

I don’t think there is a hard limit of Chase cards. There may be a limit of your total credit with chase, but when you apply for a card they should be willing to transfer the credit lines to the new card.
After applying you can try calling Chase at 800-480-1870 to check the status of the application and to move credit lines around.


Hey Dan, I already have a chase saphire card. Is there any way to get them to give me the miles?


I dont understand why this is so “HOT”? Most credit cards offer you at least 25,000 when you open them with no annual fee for the first year. For example, I just got an offer from american to open a card and get 30,000 free miles (for spending only $750 in the first 4 months), no annual fee for the first year and double miles for all purchases the first year. I know that american miles aren’t as great as continental but its still a 2:1.07 ratio…….


Do i have 2 sign up for the Sapphire card 2 get the deal or can i downgrade (or upgrade) from my british card 2 get the 25k miles?


Try signing up for another one.

The AA card is no longer churnable at all. Once you’ve gotten the bonus for each card type you can’t get the card again.

So this is another card in the arsenal, and it appears from some reports online that it may be churnable.

You’ll have to signup for it. You typically don’t get miles for changing a card type.



@Rivki: Is this double miles on all purchases for the year? If so, do you have a link or any other info?


Thanks Dan! I live in Israel. Do you know anything abt the foreign exchange rate–if there is one? thanks.


churnable ??? whats that means
i havn’t apply for the AA citi pashut a batlanus i dont have the time
but from what you saying even if i apply again i wouldn’t get the bonus again ???



fyi, I spoke with Chase and they said that the 6 month rule means that if you’re turned down for a card, you’re guaranteed to be turned down if you apply within 6 months for that very same card. However, they said that if you’re turned down for one card, you can apply for a different card right away.


Also, the Chase (800) number you posted above no longer works. The new number for card applications is 888-338-2586.
Question though: At what point can I ask for my available credit to be switched from an existing card that I already have to help with the approval process? When I spoke now, they told me that the approval is pending and that there’s nothing I can do to improve my chances of being approved.


Hey Dan,
I was just on the and it appears that there is a five hundred dollar limit per person for each series of coins (for the $1 ciculation coin ship)
What does this mean? Does it mean that the coins thingy is over? does it mean that everything is going through as a cash equivalent? If we keep using different cards can we get around this limit? (for example get $500 dollars worth of the sacagewea coin on my united AA and continental cards?)
Please let me know, as i am very scared about this!


double miles are for all purchases for the year. i got an offer in the mail so i dont have any online link…


@nosey: That has been the case always. You can only order $500 of each pres. but the native american coins have a 50 box limit ($12,500).
In your name that is the limit. The way to get around that is if your wife has a diff. card with diff. last name, order to her at your address, Apt 2. Or order an additional cardholder on your account with a fictitious name, then order coins to him.


So this is not Visa or MC or Amex? Also, does not seem to be available as a business card. Is that right or did I miss something?

post it!!

Is chase freedom better since you get 1+10% points plus 10 point for every purchase?


Its either a Visa or MC, you can’t choose.
There’s no business version.

@post it!!:
Freedom points can’t be transferred into miles.


i spoke to a rep and you can transfer freedom points into one pass miles