HOT! AMEX Premier Rewards Gold Card Now Offering At Least 25,000 Signup Bonus Points!!!


Update: DEAD!

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Update 2: HURRY! This offer expires on 04/26!

Update: If you do not see the 25,000 point offer try using a different web browser (IE/Firefox/Chrome) or try deleting your cookies and cache.

AMEX Premier Rewards Gold Charge Card Linky

AMEX has just upped the ante on the Premier Rewards Gold card with a 25,000 point signup bonus after spending $1,000 within 3 months.  You can buy just 4 small boxes of dollar coins from the US Mint to meet the spending requirement. The previous offer for this card was for 15,000 AMEX points.

With the previous 15,000 point offer, dozens of people who had applied via the link above reported that they got a 2nd bonus of 15,000 points after spending $1,000.  It’s entirely possible that people will get that same bonus 15,000 points with this offer, if you apply for this card please let us know what happens!!!!

AMEX points are quite valuable and can be transferred at a 1:1 ratio to over a dozen airlines or at varying ratios to these hotel programs.

AMEX points have 2 key advantages over Starwood points, they can be transferred into anyone’s mileage account and the transfer is instantaneous.  Of course they don’t have the 20,000:25,000 point transfer ratio or the breadth of other redemption options that Starpoints offer.

You will get the signup bonus for this card even if you have had other AMEX cards in the past. (Generally speaking I have never had a problem burning AMEX charge cards and have gotten multiple signup bonuses on the same AMEX charge card in the past)

You get 3 points for every dollar spent on airfare, 2 points for every dollar spent on gas or groceries, and a point per dollar everywhere else.

You will also get another 15,000 bonus MR points for spending $30,000 in a calendar year.

The card also comes with a myriad of other buyer protections and insurances, including AMEX’s incredible return protection and warranty protection.

The annual fee is currently waived for the first year, so go on and grab those signup bonus points while this card is still free for the first year!

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The following is a message I saw on the U.S. Mint website
“The immediate bank deposit of $1 Coins ordered through this Program does not result in their introduction into circulation and, therefore, does not comply with the intended purpose of the Program”

Does that mean I wont be able to deposit lets say $5,000 into my account?


That means that if you order coins repeatedly they will stop letting you order more coins.

You should be fine ordering $5,000.


Does it make sense that to order $5,000 there is a $4.95 shipping fee?


Keep checking out, it will be waived.


It says10,000 bonus points?


Try using a different web browser (IE/Firefox/Chrome) or try deleting your cookies and cache and let us know what happens.


I doenst seem like it is available to existing customers. Please advise.

Earn 25,000 bonus points when you spend $1,000 within your first 3 months. Offer not available to existing consumer American Express Charge Cardmembers. 2


I got 30,000 points for this card even after having many other charge cards from AMEX.


Deleted all browsing history, and then saw the 25.000 miles offer.
But, once I logged in, as an american express user already (to shorten the application) the offer fell away and it remained with the old 10.000 miles offer.
Small print at the bottom confirmed that:

(1) Offer not available to existing consumer American Express Charge Cardmembers. Annual fee for the Premier Rewards Gold Card is $175.
(2) Offer not available to existing consumer American Express Charge Cardmembers. 10,000 bonus points credited within 8-10 weeks of first purchase. Purchase must be made within one year from the time of Card account opening.



Just don’t login as an exsiting user. I did it last time and it worked perfectly with no annual fee charged.



how about if i already have this exact card?


what’s the deal with the coins? order them for points on the credit card and then deposit them so it’s “free” points? Will every bank accept them?


@Dan/Ctownbochur: So even though i currently have this exact card open i can apply for a second one?


It can’t hurt to try!


FYI, you can also buy an amex gift card to reach your total.


Hey can anyone give an example what can be done with those 25000 points? (ie how many airline tix? hotel rooms? etc…)


FYI, I deleted cookies etc. and when you try to apply for the offer on the left hand side, it states only 10,000 and not the 25,000 points that it shows before you click apply. No I am not signed in etc.


Hey dan!
Thanks for informing us about this awesome offer!
Quick question: can the initial 1000 dollar spend down with the first three months be used for purchasing coins at the mint? Will the mint post this as a cash advance?
Also, can i also apply for an aadvantage citicard within the same week as this card?


how long after i open it and recieve the points can i close it?
I dont like having too many cards open in my name… it gives me the jitters


Dan, thanks for this, great offer!

by the way if i do not have a membership rewards account, what happens?


can anyone give an example what can be done with those 25000 points? (ie how many airline tix? hotel rooms? etc…)


I wrote to AMEX about this, will report back when I hear from them.

The mint will post as a purchase still. And you can apply for Citi card if you’d like without issue.

Once you get the points and transfer them to an airline/hotel you can close the card immediately.

You get a membership rewards account opened automatically for you with this card.

It would be enough for 30,000 Priority Club points with the current offer which is 6 nights with PointBreaks.
Or a free domestic ticket on nearly any airline.
Or even a ticket to Europe or Israel if your dates work out for a Flying Blue Promo Award:
Or lots of other possibilities…


I see the new 25k deal on the link, but when i go to apply it shows the older 10k deal.. any else see that?


Yes, and I just got this official response from AMEX,

“Although the 10K bonus point offer appears on our application page, cardmembers will still receive the 25K bonus points. The application page will update automatically once our tech team can correct this issue.”

They also said that this 25K offer is valid from today until April 23rd.


dan, i just applied and got accepted for the card! yay thanks.

now when i log in to my amex account they tell me that i am pre-approved for an SPG business card.

is it ok to apply for this on the same day?

also if i put in a legitimate business, but i do not know the federal tax id is that ok to leave it blank?



I wouldn’t apply for 2 AMEX cards on the same day.


I just got one a month ago, do you think I would be able to apply for it again and get the points?


they said they will be sending me an income verification letter….what does that mean? have you ever needed to prove your income etc. and should I just ignore it, or give them the info they want?



But you got those 30,000 miles on a different offer didn’t you? On that offer I don’t think there are any explicit “current or former charge card holders are not eligible” warnings like there are on this specific one.


Those same warnings are always there for every card.


i have a gold card and i just got a premier rewards gold card two months ago and i still did not get the point yet, does it make sense to apply for this


Did you spend the $1,000 on it already?


Update: The form is now correctly showing the 25,000 point offer.
And if you’re lucky you may still get a bonus 15,000 points for a total of 40,000 points!


is the 30,000 offer (15×2) still around?


There never was a 30K offer. The 15K offer gave a bonus unadvertised 15K bonus after spending $1,000.
It’s entirely possible that this 25K offer will give the 15K bonus as well.

Once per year is the limit on Chase bank accounts.


would you pehaps know why with amex im always aprroved.
but last year and this year when i tried to get united credit card with chase. they declined me.
any suggestions?


applied. approved. thanx 🙂


There are 3 credit agencies, they might check with different ones and your record can be different with each one.
Plus AMEX and Chase can have different acceptance criteria.

Now go spend that $1,000 and let us know if you get 25,000 or 40,000 points!


can you get the 25000 miles for both chase accounts consumer and buisness or just one?


Just applied and approved as well. My second Premier Rewards Gold in four months. Will let you know if I get the bonus again. Last time I received 30,000 points.

Thanks so much for the detailed information and the constant answers in the comments section.

By the way, can I open a business Starwood and it will link to my regular starwood account and add 10,000 points to that?

@Simon: I also am always approved immediately with AMEX but sometimes need to wait for approval with other cards and actually just got denied twice with Chase for credit cards



It would be incredible if you got 25K+15K for this one like you did last time!

As long as you give them your Starwood member number when you apply all Starpoints points will accumulate in that account.


Applied and approved instantly! What should I do with the points when I get them?


You can leave them sitting unless you plan on closing the account right away.

Continental is a very good transfer option these days now that they’re in the Star Alliance and Continental miles don’t expire ever.

Air Canada has some awesome deals like 120,000 for a round-the-world ticket in First class and you have 27 Star Alliance carriers to choose from. But Air Canada miles have hard expiration dates so they can’t sit there forever. You can avoid their award fuel surcharges by flying partner airlines and not Air Canada.

Flying Blue has the 25,000 promo awards but fuel surcharges on those can be high.

ANA has 60,000 mile tickets to Israel in coach and 90,000 in Business which you can use on Star Alliance carriers Continental and USAirways nonstop flights to Tel Aviv with no fuel surcharges.

There are tons of other great options as well…these are just a few off the top of my head!



The offer promo code for the extra 15k was 3774 is there any way you can find out if that offer is on this card. Because by the time people get their first statements to know if they got the extra 15k or not the offer will be gone as you quoted earlier from amex. So if we can somehow find out now would be great! You think you can pull that off dan?


Hi Dan,

Thanks for the offer. Two questions:
1. Will AMEX reject me because I have too many open credit cards (2 personal and 1 business)? Does it even matter when you apply for a charge card? I’m asking that because in the past I was rejected by AMEX for having too many CCs.
2. I was approved for the AAdvantage Citi AMEX last week. Do I have to wait some time to apply for this card?


I applied for the previous offer and then canceled the card because I only received the card a few days before the end of the 3 months now when i try and apply for this one It wont let me apply
It says “sorry we are unable to approve your application at this time”
Please help!


@Dan/Ctownbochur: i have spent over $1000


good for you! now tell us what your going to do with the points…!


my Mother Thanks You for the link,accepted


We are thrilled I just opened one in my sons name and will be taking the points. Hope he doesn’t kill me!!!


thats so rude!!!
You are taking aadvantage of your poor son!!



i agree with “brech”
You might ruin your sons credit by accident and he wouldn’t even know it!
If i was your son i would be crushed


i applied for the premier gold and they charged me the annul fee, and now i realized why because i sign in as a exiting charge card member and i guess it presented me a different application which does not have the first year free, do you have the promotion code for the the year free offer
or do you have any advice.


Here’s something cool!
if you have applied for a premier gold card when they were offering 15’000 points you can call and ask for your card to be cancelled and then apply online through the link here for the 25,000 points offer- your application will not be approved but when you call up American express they will push your application through.
Tried and succeeded!


@Dan/Ctownbochur: thanks Dan I opened 25 Chase accounts with different tax id’s, all the mileage posted in my Continental one pass account today. Whenever your ready we can compare liftime accumulation of miles, and points.


Dan- whats my best option for tix to Israel using Amex points?


I got 30,000 on the this card last month and was just approved for another one-I hope I get 40,000 now!
Never canceled the old one even.


It is dead, but there are links for fee-free cards in the tabs on this site.

To check out for tons of great info.



omg!! please tell us how you did that!! with all thise tax id’s!!
How do you have soo many tax id’s?


How long is the suggested wait time before applying for another amex in general?


@Anonymous: Property Management. Continental deposited over 500,000 miles into my account


I REALLY wanna be you right now!!!
One question: How much do tax i.d’s cost?
btw watcha gonna do with all those miles? fly your fam to israel? lol


Sell them for $7,500


In this offer, is there not a charge to redeeem your points to a mileage account?


Dan, I keep getting “Sorry, your application cannot be accessed. Please try again later.”



If you transfer to a foreign carrier like ANA there’s no charge.
If you transfer to a domestic carrier there is a very small charge. ($0.0005, or five hundredths of a cent per point)


Hi Dan , thank you so much for all your hep,if you can please answer. I was looking to sign up for a credit card, I have the jet blue one now but I wanted one with points that I can use for other airlins to , and going to like Isreal . So which credit card to you sugest I sign up for


Thanks Dan,

PS – FYI, I did grab that BMI offer, and did not yet receive the FF card from them, and had to travel with USAIR. THE “S” did not come up on my boarding pass but I showed the agent a pdf copy from the BMI website showing that I had silver status. He refused. I paid and filed a complaint with USAIR. THey asked for a copy of my FF card showing silver status. I sent them the same pdf copy, this time however the mileage from the USAIR flight was also showing. I was refunded the 60.00 within a day.
Thanks again!


Hey Dan,
My wife has no credit history (besides for a mortgage for almost a year – on time payments)and can’t get store or bank credit cards. any suggestions?


How’s your credit? Have you added her as a joint user onto your own accounts?


i have american miles and has credit card miles, whats my best option for tickets to israel?


Dan,Thank you very much
So you are saying that i should sign up for both credit cards, which are both amex.


You can try flying bmi through heathrow


thnx4 ur gr8 site,
i see you write deal expirs,
but link still works after April 23,
can i still open a second card while i have my first, and receive the deal twice?


The deal is supposed to end today, the 26th.
In the past I have opened up 2 starwood cards on the same day and gotten the points for both.


I deleted my cookies and cache & still only get offer for 15000 points, tried with IE & Mozilla. any solution??


Looks like it’s dead!


my bad luck! next time I shouldn’t leave it for the last min.
are you sure its dead?



Dan, TY!
I got my card, now when I activate it do I activated it with my existing userid or create a new one? If I attach it to my existing id will it not give me 25k points? And I’m a newbie to using AMEX is there a way to combine all the membership points (mine and my husbands and my old account)?

David K

I activated my card on April 25th and i chose to have it attached to my existing user id . As of now i have not received any points . I hope i did not disqualify by linking the 2 accounts any insight would be appreciated ??


I too linked it to my other accounts and I see an immediate $175 charge applied. I used the link you provided well before April 25. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


I just received my 25,000 mile bonus, after having received already 15,000 bonus in the beginning of the year.
2 cards in less then six months and both awards. amaznig..


I applied before the deadline, but AMEX says I only qualify for 10,000 points. They said that if that I can send them a copy of the promotion form from the link I used to apply, they will give me the correct amount of points. Does anyone have a printed version of the promotion? If so, please send it to sumdevil[at]gmail[dot]com. Thanks!


@Jo: On the phone with a rep, Seems like they dont have any record of this promo. Bummer!!!


What was the bonus ID for this offer (25K)?