Have Avis President’s Club Status? Match To Hertz President’s Circle And National Executive Elite!


As I described in the post about the awesome United Club card benefits, one of the benefits is Avis President’s Club status, which guarantees rental car availability even if the location is sold out, and offers a complimentary two car-class upgrade from intermediate or higher (typically you will receive a premium or luxury car when paying for just an intermediate).

Having Avis status also allows you to pickup cars directly at the terminal in Tel Aviv instead of having to be shuttled to the far off-site car rental facility!

To get President’s Club status once you already have the United Club card just fill out this form or call or 757-687-2008. They will verify that you are a primary cardholder and upgrade your status.

Don’t rent from Avis? You can match the status to equivalent elite status levels with Hertz and National.

Hertz Status Match Offer Linky

National Status Match Offer Linky

Just follow the instructions in those links and you’ll have Hertz President’s Circle and National Executive Elite status in no time!


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Whats if you are a au user can you get avis elite and then match?


Bad timing Avis website is down right now 🙁 Have to wait for a screenshot later…


@Au: No


The only benefits that additional users can get is 2 free bags by showing the card the a checkin agent and of course the 50% bonus miles on all purchases (1.5 miles per dollar).


How long does status last as hertz president’s and national executive?

Reb Moshe

Dan. How do you get 2 united explorer cards? Is it from the CO onepass plus


I was denied the bonus points from United because I got this year bonus points from Continental!

deal lurker

Hi, if my friend opens the united club card, can I take advantage of the avis status instead of him? Or is it only good for the actual card holder?
Thank you


I just got approved for the card on thursday, is there any way to expedite the process of getting presidents status??

I am going to be renting a car in the next few days.

Thank you.


A good question. I matched to both of them a while ago and still have them, not sure about their expiration date or if they have one.

@Reb Moshe:

That’s why you’re supposed to apply with a new mileage number and merge them after.

@deal lurker:
Only the primary cardholder.

http://www.avis.com/uaclubcard or 757-687-2008.


any idea when Chase will stop honoring a secure email to get the united card ($395) first year free?


Nope, but get in while it’s still working perfectly!



I am an Israeli president member and can send a screenshot from avis.co.uk (which is the website associated with the Israeli accounts) I now currently live in the USA.
Will the status match work?



Can you please explain what the secure message must state for both the United Club and United explorer card?
I cant seem to find it on your forums

thanks alot


Dan what do you prefer the HHonors card from Amex or the one from CITI? and what is the average amount of points for free night awards with HHonors?


Can’t hurt to try.

Read through the comments here:

Personally I have the Citi Hilton card as I want to hold onto it as it has no annual fee and it makes awards much cheaper and AMEX has too many other good offers to get.

I don’t use the card as Hilton points are worth much less than other points/miles.

Average points for a free night in what kind of hotel? There’s a massive range.



I read your comments there – sorry, I’m still not sure exactly what to write.
Was there the offer for the free card (of $395 value)
What offer am I asking them to match?

I really appreciate it – Thx


Hi Dan.
I’m currently executive elite at national can I match it to Avis or hertz in any way ?


How can I get Avis president club???


You write to them when logged into your account on chase.com that you heard there was an offer of (Club: First year free, Explorer: 55K miles plus $50, Southwest: 50K points, etc) and that you would appreciate them honoring the offer as you just received the card.

Just use the link for Hertz, don’t think Avis will match though.

Get the United Club card.


Thx alot Dan – appreciate it


Dan, I became executive with amex plat and when I tried to get elite by matching hertz prez circle I get an error that you already have executive etc. I tried registering for a new emerald gold # but the system automatically found my original profile by my name . Any other ideas? Thanx


with the explorer i write to them that i would like thenm to match the 55K? and theyll just say no prob?


Try changing some details of your info when signing up for a new profile. You can always correct them later.

55K plus $50 for making one purchase.
Yes, as long as you write to them within 90 days of getting the card.


I just try to enroll for the avis prefferred and there’s a age limit 25. Any way around it.


Call Avis.


thanks dan, also how long will it take them to assure me i will have my first yr waived free?


does the amex platinum card get me avis or hertz status ? I’ve had the card for a yr and haven’t taken advantage 🙁


How could I get avis president club with out the united card


@snoopdog: it gets you executive status at National which can be matched to hertz 5-star


Does anyone have experience of how status helped in Israel? Dan mentioned, with Avis PC they will pick you up from terminal, will Hertz do same etc?


Any other way to get to to be a pc? ( renting a bunch dosent count)


How long is the match on Hertz good for. Is this something that if you don’t get a certain number of rentals they take it away and you cannot try it again for some period of time?


has anyone been able to match status with national? i heard that they are very stingy with matching and usually only do it for corporate accounts


i followed that link and enrolled and it says that i am now “a preferred member” is that the presidents club or did i do something wrong? do i need to enroll for the presidents club separately?


Is avis presidents worth it if i cant get prefferd (cuz under age)?


They’ll send you an SM within a couple days.

You can’t.

I matched without an issue.

Try calling the number in the post.

You can call to signup for preferred if you are under 25.

deal lurker

Dan, my question wasn’t about AU’S.
My question is if the card holder has no interest in the avis status benefit that comes with the card, can someone else take advantage of it. . . ?


How long the president club from Avis is valid??


@deal lurker:
Not as far as I know.

I don’t think there’s an expiration.



AVIS, HERTZ, NATIONAL. with the status from UNITED CLUB which one is your fav to rent from? Which ones tend to really honor upgrades and give good upgrades etc

also can a spouse be added?


@Matt: I was told that united sends in a list to avis once a week with lists of current members.

joe ruby

With my current united card, I get a 10k mile bonus on every $25k spent on the card. Will I get the same on this card ?


I only rent from Avis.

@joe ruby:
You get 10K miles for spending $25K in a calendar year on the United Explorer card. It’s not for every 25K, just the first 25K in a single calendar year.

The United Club card gets 50% more base miles, so you will earn 1.5 miles per dollar or 37,500 miles for every $25K you spend with no limits on the 50% bonus miles. But there are no 10K bonuses on top of that.


im a avis president club member from united cc, but i cant find the necessary proof to show hertz. (the online card dosnt have a expiration date)
any help


Try it anyway, what do you have to lose?


Hi Dan:
Like all those who subscribe to your blog, I am grateful for all the valuable information that you provide.
I presently have a United Explored Card and I did receive the 50K bonus miles plus an additional 5K miles for adding my husband to my account. I am interested in the United Club card IF I could receive the additional bonus miles added to my present United account. Would I need to apply for another United Explorer Card in order to receive this? Would I then be able to add the reward miles to my present mileage account or would I need to create a different mileage account? Can two different accounts for the same person be merged without any charge? Hope that I am clear on all my questions.


what are the benefits of having the hertz and national status?


Congrats on the 55K+$50 match on the United Explorer!

The United Club card does not come with signup miles, so you can use the same mileage number as you used with the United Explorer card


i see they (hertz) waive the first years fee, does that mean we would have to pay for each additional year? I have avis presidents club and would want to get it matched up


Thanks for the information, Dan. I’m just a National “executive” status, but I used the information in the blog to request Hertz Gold “Five Star.”

I sent Hertz and email and was upgraded in less than ONE day. Not a whole lot, but hey – it’s a freebie!

Never would have thought of that without reading your blog. I usually tune in at least once per day.

Charlie Kay

sent the info. 12 hours later got a response from Hertz. Its done. Feel’n all presidential now.


Hi dan,
I got the united club card and avis presidents club status.

However when i emailed hyatt about platinum status this was the reply:

Thank you for contacting Hyatt Gold Passport Customer Service. I
appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

Please allow me to apologize for any confusion. Unfortunately, I am
unable to locate the promotion you mentioned in our system. If you will
please provide any other information about this promotion that you may
have, such as its name or offer code, I will be glad to research the
matter further.

Please let me know if I may assist you further. Thank you for your
continued support of the Hyatt Gold Passport program.


Hyatt Gold Passport Representative


Call Chase for the proper number to call to get Platinum status.


Can i get 55k miles for united club card and 55k miles for united explorer or it’s only for one of them?
Thank you


The Club card doesn’t give any miles, it gives a club membership and a variety of other benefits and and you can get the first year free after SM.

But you can get it together with the Explorer card which comes with 55K+$50 after SM.


Thanks Dan, Before calling i decided to reply with a ss of the united club offer. Got this email a bit later:


Hello again and thank you for your return message.

Regarding your inquiry, the automatic upgrading process only runs once a month after the fifteenth. Your Gold Passport tier level should be upgraded within 2-4 weeks. Again, I regret any confusion.

Please let me know if I may assist you further.


Hyatt Gold Passport Representative


is there a hertz number i van call ragarding this offer?


I sent in my avis screen shot to hertz when will they tell me I’m upgraded?


hey dan hert and national state that you can provide them with a picture of your presidents club card with the experation date. my avis presidents card doesnt have an experation date and i dont have anything else what can i do?


It still works, send it.


Dan how long does take??


avis did mine right away over the phone
hertz took about a day via email


Whats if I sent them from last year a screenshot??


it all worked got hertz president last night


I applied for the United 55k and got approved through the secure meesage for the additional 25k miles.
I did not however add a secondary member. Should I still do it or not necc? Thx


Is there any way Avis would staus match me from Hertz president circle?


Is there any way to get Avis to match my Hertz presidents club status?


Just an update. The number Dan provided for Avis President’s Club just goes to voicemail (I’ve called 30+ times).

I reached the main customer service, and they told me the correct number is:


Do I must need to apply for the United club card to get the Avis President club status? Thanks in advance


Great tip! I just requested my match from Hertz and National! Thanks for gathering this info for us. Highly appreciated.


All of the elite privileges for Avis, Hertz etc….are they only available in the US? Most of our travel involving rental cars is done in Europe…and more specifically in Italy.
We have all of the top cards including Amex Plat and United Presidential Plus(orig Continental) plus capital one. Will any of these get us anything when using them o n rental cars in Europe/Italy?

Igor Ivanovich

@cece: in Israel they officially do not recognize it but it can help, they can be nice to you and give you upgrades etc.


i applied for the british avios and united mileage plus as well as for the chase explorer. i got the first two approved.
they denied the explorer saying they cannot authorize 3 cards simultaneously. i need to wait 60 days and try again. thats where huca comes in…i did twice to recon. same response.any suggestions on how to get around this and get the explorer card now?im a beginner here…and slowly picking up momentum. thanks dan.

Alex V

FYI This benefit is going away- don’t sign up for the card expecting to get Presidents Club benefits.

From Avis registration site:

An important change in the Avis benefits available to you through your United MileagePlus® Club Card is on its way. Beginning January 28th, the benefit available to United Club cardholders will change from Avis President’s Club to Avis First®. Existing Avis President’s Club members will be changed to Avis First on April 1st, 2013.


I went to the National match page and submitted my Avis Preferred President’s Club for a match – Instead I get a message that “You are already Executive so you do not require a match”. That is true except the match for President’s club is Executive ELITE!