Get Your Real Equifax FICO Scores For Free!


Update: Link expired!

When credit agencies pull your credit score, they pull your real FICO scores from Equifax, Transunion, or Experian.

While there are hundreds of services that offer to let you check your credit score, they’re all just fakes!  Those scores are called FAKOs, as they are just simulated scores, not your actual credit score.

Just remember to cancel within 30 days and you won’t have to pay a cent! After 30 days the service will cost you $16.95/month.

While the Equifax scores from this service are legitimate FICO scores, the Experian and Transunion scores are simulated FAKO scores and may not be accurate.

This report will also tell you how many inquiries (hard pulls) you have from each agency.

-Checking your own credit will not effect your credit in any way.
-Agencies like Citi, Credit Karma, TrueCredit and Vantagescore do not sell real FICO scores. They only have FAKOs and are often measured in different ranges (like 501-990, or 150-900 instead of 300-850) than your real FICO score. Credit agencies check your real FICO score, not a FAKO score…so there’s not much point to knowing a FACO score.  The only other place besides for Equifax that gives a FICO score is directly from MyFico.
-You can check your credit report for free at, but that will not display your score for free. This is one of the only ways to check your FICO score for free!

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can i use this one if at some point i already got free trials from of all 3 in the last year?


This is a different offer than the one I posted earlier.

Just try and see if it lets you signup, as long as it does your first month will be free!


Do you know when this offer expires?


I tried, and it worked, even though I had already done a similar offer in the past.


i didnt get the free trail through your site. i got it from them. but did you get a new sign on name or was the older one reactivated?


Can you get an updated score every day?


I have used credit karma which is for free no credit card or signup promotins needed and they give you your real score


Is there anyway to get my experian fico score?


Nope, sorry.

@I:Credit Karma is NOT a real FICO score. It is FAKO.

Unfortunately there is no current way for consumers to see there own experian score (besides for asking a lender what it was when they pull it for credit)


I signed up through the link and it worked even though I already tried a previous free offer.

Be aware: you can’t cancel this online, you must call to cancel. i did, it took only two minutes


(I’ve tryed asking lenders but they refuse to give it to me) I’ll just have to stick to fako scores.


I started to input my info and it told me I already had an account with them, so i just logged in and it gave me the offer.


can you cancel online?


thanks Dan! 767 Excellent, and having problems always to get approved


How do I cancel my order?

Pinny M

You can also get your real FICO score through CreditKeeper.
It is also free for 30 days, then $9.99 a month thereafter. The advantage of thsi site is that if you forget to cancel it is only $10.00 a month, not $17.00.
You can cancel at any time, but you need to call in to cancel. Takes only a few minutes to cancel.


Thanks dan, Is lifelock
a fico score


@Pinny M:
Credit Keeper and Lifelock are not real FICO scores. They are both FAKO!


Dan, where on the site can i cancel it? OR do i need to call and cancel?


whats the phone number to cancel?


How about Amex Credit monitoring. Is their score real FICO?


Is Quizzle the real score?


seriously cant you just look on the site instead of harassing dan? how lazy are you?!
@dan, thanks for the deal score was 765 🙂


Credit inform is also FAKO ??

chuchum fun dee ma nishtana

Dan, is “myfreecreditreport” the real deal/fico, or also just a FAKO?


Read Leo’s comment.




@chuchum fun dee ma nishtana:


There are no recent hard inquiries on my experian credit report, even though I just opened the 100000 Mile Chase British Airway card. Is it going to show up, or am I golden?


Thanks 825 not bad helps having zero inquiries in the last 2 years, if only my Experian would be that

chaim yankel

is bad for credit to check?


@Miles: mine showed up within 2 days of my application so I am not sure what that means for you.


I had this and cancelled in the past. It is kind of annoying to call to cancel. The last time it took about 20 minutes of being on hold.


i have 637 is that bad? DAN! your the man with the plan!

how do i IMPROVE my credit score???


what does revolving account mean?


all my inquiries are on experian, thats why i got denied my last application.
is there a way to request they do a check from another agency?


@Shlomo: So I guess that I avoided the inquiry. Interestingly, the Amex PRG charge card I applied for in October didn’t show up either. There are many credit inquiries, but they are all soft (i.e. monthly inquiries by my capital one card from 2006). Is it possible I’m looking at the wrong page and that hard inquiries are listed separately?


It says inquiries in last 2 years: 0


Most credit card banks only do a hard pull on one credit agency. The bank they pull from depends on your state of residence, so there’s no general rules to know where they pull from.

Capital One is a notable exception-they pull from all 3 agencies-doing 3 times the damage as other cards.


Check the forums.
Hint: you can freeze your experian report forcing the cc company’s to check another agency. (doesn’t work for amex)


Is a pull from verizon considered a hard pull?


Would a virtual card be a bad move?


@Dan: haha that explains why my Equifax Credit score was 741 but my Experian score was below 700- I guess the pull was made on Experian- but I thought you said the Experian score was a FAKO?


What about – according to them, I have a 747. Is that real of FAKO?

Thanks Dan, you’re great!


I picked “Equifax Complete Premier Plan” FREE for 30 days and 19.99 a month, and it did not ask my credit card info.


After i loged i with Premier Plan i see this message:
Update Payment Information
Your Equifax Complete Premier Planâ„¢ subscription will expire soon unless updated payment information is provided. To continue your subscription uninterrupted, update your payment information today.

So i guess I do not have to cancel it in 30 days 🙂

can anyone help me

what is considered a good experian score?


if you froze any of your reports they wont let u have the trial


is it ppssible to view the report online or mist it be mailed


It’s viewable online.


I have very good credit (715-750 for all 3) but i get rejected for a credit cards due to high balances. I am trying to apply for a balance transfer card with no interest. Any suggestions? I am trying to pay off my debt but dont want to keep paying interest on the current balances on my current cards
Please advise


BEWARE: For all those that are interested in canceling, you will have to wait on hold for 15-20 mins. The number is 1-866-547-2622. GLuck


yl discover has a consolidated loan


(yb)i was on the phone for 5 min


I signed up today for this service and it worked fine for me

Thanks Dan