Get 51,000 AMEX Membership Rewards Points After Spending $1,000 On The AMEX Platinum Card!!!

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Update 5: The signup offer is now for 25,000 points (after $1,000 in spending for a total of 26,000 points). All other benefits ($200 in airline credit, 4 years of lounge access, etc, etc) are still in place.

Update 4: I have received word from AMEX that the bonus will drop from 50,000 points to 25,000 points sometime on 04/27.
Apply immediately if you want to get the 50K bonus!
Be sure the application mentions the 50,000 point signup bonus when applying.

Update 3: Apply now for this (or other) AMEX cards with our current Passover Promotion and you’ll have amazing odds at winning an iPad 2 or a current generation 32GB iPod Touch. With only 13 people entering so far you’ll have an amazing shot at winning!

Update 2:
Tired of waiting in line to clear customs? AMEX Platinum cardholders now get free enrollment in Global Entry! See more details in the post below!
Want free lounge access in Tel Aviv and hundreds of other lounges worldwide? Be sure to sign up for free Priority Pass membership with the link below!


Update: The 50K signup offer is still alive!

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AMEX Platinum 50K MR Points Offer Linky
Problems applying for or don’t see the 50K offer? Scroll to the bottom of this post for help!

For a limited time AMEX is offering 50,000 Membership Rewards points after spending just $1,000 within 3 months! This is the best public offer ever for this ultra-premium card!
You can get this bonus even if you’ve gotten the bonus anytime in the past!

The AMEX Platinum charge card is the best credit card that exists today. Not for spending mind you (those honors go to the Starwood AMEX Consumer card or to the Starwood AMEX Business card ), but for the benefits provided. I’m taking about better benefits than any other card comes even close to offering!
In 2009 I even got 4 free nights at the 2 of the nicest hotels in Las Vegas just for having the AMEX Platinum card!

Yes, this card costs a whopping $450/year, but you can get far more than that back out of it (Especially if you find 4 people to split it with!)
If you decide that you don’t want the card and cancel it within 60 days of getting billed for it you will get a full refund. If you can cancel after that point AMEX will prorate the card and refund the number of remaining months. So if you cancel the card after 4 months you will get a $300 refund check.

50,000 AMEX points can get you 2 free domestic tickets or even a ticket to Israel! It can even get you $500 in cash if you prefer!
Points can now even be transferred to United Mileage Plus miles via Continental Onepass miles!
As a Platinum cardholder you can also get a 20% rebate on points redeemed for air travel ticket bookings.

Here are just some of the benefits of the card besides for the huge signup bonus:

  • $200 statement credit per calendar year for airline expenses:

Register here with your desired airline.
Up to $200 of incidental spending per calendar year (excluding airfare) with that airline will be credited back to your credit card!
You can buy 4 or gift cards of $50 each and you will get the amount you spend on them refunded back to your account! (For some reason gift cards only work for the $50 amount, so make 4 separate orders of $50)
Don’t have a use for 4 gift cards to You can sell them to Plastic Jungle for $166 in cash or $174.30 of gift cards!
You can also use the fee credit (in any increment up to $200) to pay for:
-Baggage fees
-Flight change fees
-In-flight food
-Airport lounge day passes
-Extra-Legroom Seating
-Upgrades to First Class

  • Unlimited free lounge access for you and your spouse and kids, or for you and 2 companions when flying with:

AA: AAdmiral’s Club

Continental: President’s Club (Access to Continental lounges will end 09/30/11)

Delta: Crown Room Club

USAirways: USAirways Club (You don’t need to be traveling with USAirways for access)

Your AMEX Platinum card is valid for 4 years and you are able to use the card for lounge access until the card expires!

Hate air travel? Hint: It’s probably because you don’t have lounge access!

  • Free Priority Pass Lounge Membership:

Free Priority Pass Membership Enrollment Linky
After enrollment you will be mailed a Priority Pass Membership Card. Only primary cardmembers can enroll online, but you can also get free membership for all of your additional cardholders! Just call 800-525-3355 to enroll them!
Priority Pass Lounge Directory Linky
Priority Pass Mobile Lounge Directory Linky

With Priority Pass you’ll have access to over 600 lounges worldwide and (unlike with the regular AMEX Platinum lounge access with AA, Delta, and Continental as described above) you don’t need to fly that airline in order to access their lounge!
You will get the Prestige Select level of access, which normally costs $399 per year. With this level you can access as many lounges as you want for free. However it is only free for holders of a membership card. Additional guests will be $27 each.

With this new benefit you’ll be able to use lounges like the Dan Lounge in Tel Aviv, United Red Carpet Clubs, or hundreds of other lounges worldwide! Effective 10/01/11 you won’t be able to use the membership to access Continental or United lounges, but it will still work everywhere else.

  • Give an AMEX Platinum to 3 other people for one fee!

With the AMEX Platinum consumer card (unlike the platinum business card) you can add 3 other people to your account for $175. Each of these cardholders will receive nearly all of the benefits of having the card, such as lounge access. The fee is $175 regardless of if you have 1, 2, or 3 additional cardholders. Like with the primary Platinum annual card fee of $450, this fee is refundable if you decide to cancel within 60 days or prorated if you decide to cancel after that point.

  • Lose something? It’s covered!!!

Almost no other card offers this! If you lose an item within 3 months of purchasing it, just let AMEX know about it within a month after the loss, fax them your receipt, and they will immediately issue a refund for the item! This protection is for items up to $10,000, and for up to $50,000 in claims per calender year. No police report or any other dirty work is required!

  • Premium Car Rental Program

AMEX has just launched the Premium Car Rental Program for the AMEX Platinum card! (You need an AMEX Plat to login and view the benefits)
Benefits include:
-A free 2 day weekend Avis rental certificate with every 2 rentals within 6 months. Plus get discounts and free upgrades.
-A 4 hour grace period on Hertz rentals. A 28 hour rental will now count as just 1 day. Plus free #1 Gold membership, discounts, bonus points and free upgrades.
-Complimentary National Emerald Club Executive with Executive Selection-your choice of any fullsize car or higher class while just paying the midsize rate. Plus get discounts, guaranteed upgrades, and a free rental day with six rental credits.

  • Free Global Entry Enrollment

Global Entry is a US Government program that allows for expedited clearance upon return from an international trip.
The cost to apply for this is $100, which will be automatically refunded when charged to your AMEX Platinum card. The $100 fee will also be refunded for any additional cardholders!
You will be registered for 5 years for free with the program

  • Free Regus Office Club Membership

Have An AMEX Platinum Card And An iPhone, iPod Touch, Or Blackberry? Get A Regus Office Club Membership For Free!

  • $10,000 Per Item Purchase Protection

Most cards only cover items up to $1,000 for purchase protection. The AMEX Platinum covers items up to $10,000.
Purchase protection means that if an item you bought within the last 90 days breaks, gets stolen, or is damaged, you will be reimbursed for the cost of the item!

  • Fine Hotels and Resorts Benefit Program

Book a room at any of the 600+ Fine Hotels and Resorts worldwide and you’ll receive room upgrades, 4pm late checkout, and other special benefits and treatments.

  • 24/7 Platinum Concierge

Need hard-to-get reservations, trip advice, or event planning? Need to send someone a quick gift or get any other research or help done? These guys will take care of it!

  • Complimentary Starwood Gold Elite Status

This normally requires 25 paid nights in Starwood hotels or $30,000 spent in a calender year on the Starwood AMEX.

It gets you complimentary upgrades at Starwood hotels, 4pm late checkout time, and bonus Starpoints when staying at Starwood hotels.

  • Baggage protection:

Up to $3,000 in coverage for loss or damage to your checked or carry-on baggage when flying!

  • Complimentary Membership Rewards First membership

Expanded access to AMEX’s luxury reward options.

  • Premium Seats program:

Get access to choice seats at sports and entertainment events in NYC and LA.

  • Event ticket protection (Not available for NYC residents)

Get a refund on event tickets (even when bought from scalpers) if you lose the ticket, have a medical emergency, have an transportation accident, have jury duty, and for many other scenarios.

  • No Pre-set Spending Limit.

There is no credit limit on this card!

  • By Invitation Only Events

Get access to exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime events available only to Platinum Card members!

  • No Foreign Exchange Fee

As of 03/27/11 there is no foreign exchange fee when you use the AMEX Platinum!
You will receive the same great official market rate like it published on!

Plus the AMEX Plat has many, many other benefits and protections (Full Refund Warranty Service, Online Chargeback Filing)…too many to write about in this post!

Problems applying for or don’t see the 50K offer? Read this!
If you do not see the 50K offer on the application page or it says that the offer isn’t available you need to empty your browser’s cookies and cache or just use a different web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome. You should then be able to see the 50K offer on the application page.
If you do not see the 50K offer here is how to delete cookies and cache in popular internet browsers:
Just hold down control, shift, and delete at the same time and you should have the option to clear your cookies and cache (and browsing history) in any browser! If that doesn’t work then follow these directions:
-Internet Explorer: Go to Tools, Internet Options, then on the General tab click on “Delete” under Browsing History, And then delete your cookies and browsing history.
-Firefox: Go to Tools, Options, then on the “privacy” tab click on “clear your recent history,” then select cache and cookies and click on “clear now”
-Chrome: Click on the settings wrench on the top-right, options, then on the “under the hood” tab click on “clear browsing data” then select clear browsing history, empty the cache, and delete cookies and then click on clear browsing data.
If the application still doesn’t work or gives you an error message just try using a different internet browser!
You should use the full application page in order to get the 50K offer, not the shortened page for existing cardmembers. In the footnotes on the 50K application page it should say “Bonus ID 4986.” Be sure to print a copy of the offer for your records!

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is it true that AMEX does not allow you buy coins from US mint any more?


can I buy the 4 gift cards and get the credit even though I plan on cancelling my card?


They do frown upon it. Don’t do it too often. Better and easier off buying AMEX gift cards (see related link in the beginning of the post).
You can try using AMEX Serve to cash them out if you want.

Yes, you will get a refund credit for them within a week or so.
You may only want to buy 1 $50 AA gift card per day as AA may not let you get more than 1 in a day.


thanks…Also i have the continental card ,amex gold, aadvnatage, and getting this card. How do i go about the can i combine them all…what do u recommend?


Thanks Dan. AA card works fine for coins. But AMEX card always put my coins purchase on hold.I have not managed to do it with SPG….Sad.. I wonder is there anyone tried using Amex gift card to purchase US mint?
Do you mean Serve ( ? I am quite confused how it works. It looks like e wallet.


You can transfer miles from amex gold and amex plat to continental (and you can freely move miles between united and continental)
There’s no way to combine AAdvantage miles with the others though.

With Serve you should be able to fund an account with a gift card for free (it says credit cards may be charged a cash advance fee, but gift cards can’t be charged a cash advance fee) and then send the funds to a friend or withdraw money from your Serve ATM card they give you for free.


does each cardholder get 200$ or just the primary holder


I closed my platinum card 30 days ago. Can I churn it for a new one? Is 30 days long enough to wait?


to get the 200 airline credit does it need to follow me purchasing a actual airline ticket or can just go and purchase the gift cards and i will get a refund?


@hillel: no, as you read you can sell them. the credit comes even before you use them


It’s just for the primary card.

You can churn anytime after closing the first card.

On someone posted that they got denied for a 2nd Plat card after closing a previous card for having “made a recent application”

They called 800-525-3355 to tell them that they reconsidered and want to get the Plat card again and the rep cleared out their recent application and they were instantly approved for a 2nd card!

Just the $50 gift cards seem to work for buying tickets.


you will not get refunded for purchasing airline tickets. The credit only applies to extra stuff like upgrades. It seems that gift cards are also credited as they are not considered like airfare.


Thanks Dan. I did the deal and everything went smoothly so far.

Question though: first bill had the $450 fee. I assume that I just have to “lay it out” and that I will get a check in the mail for full amount if I choose to cancel within 60 days of the first bill? Is this correct?

Any way to avoid paying the fee in the first place?


Is there any reason to not downgrade to green card instead of cancelling?


If you choose to cancel they will mail you a refund check.

The AMEX Plat has no credit line, so you don’t lose anything when you cancel.


You mean credit-score-wise?

That was part of question. I guess I was thinking that maybe keeping an Amex card would allow me to hold on to points without having to sell or transfer quickly.

Also, I just found out (2 min. ago on Google) about the “Zync card” ever hear of it? $25 yearly fee and there is a 10k point bonus after first purchase.


Yes, credit-wise there’s no difference.
The green card and zync card do not have options to transfer the points into miles, so downgrading to them won’t help you much there either. Although if you do get approved for a Platinum card in the future you would then be able to transfer the points to miles again.


Last question: If I were to go with the Zync option and then cancel platinum card and then wait a bit and get platinum again would all my points (including new zync points) go back to fully transferable to airlines etc.? i.e. is it a safe way to hold on to my points?


Yes, that would work.
But you could always just transfer the points into miles and close the card…


If I’m already Hertz Gold, how do I get the 4 hour grace period added to my account?


1) As of last week Amex has officially stopped allowing downgrades from the Platinum card.
2) Either way, if you somehow were to downgrade to Zync, wouldn’t your points then be downgraded to “Express Program” MR points (aka nearly worthless)?
3) There was a third ubt I forgot 🙂


Does the card have a Delayed Baggage program?


how long does it take to get the miles? I signed up last time I saw the posting, about 6 weeks ago, and still have not received my signup miles.


Click on the link in the post for more info.

Not for free.
Just damage/lost baggage coverage is free.

Anywhere from 1-8 weeks after spending $1,000 on the card.


@Dan: Dan, are you saying that there is no impact to a credit score when closing a charge card, assuming that there is no outstanding balance on the card?


do i keep priority pass after i cancel the card? what benefit do they have for avis?



Im flight tonight on AA – I just tried to pay for my bags with my virtual gift cards and they said the gift cards can only be used for airfare….


How do you upgrade your spg account?


Hi Dan,

Any idea if this works if I suscribe to the Amex Plat in another country (France)?


Would upgrading to Economy Plus on United fall under the $200 incidental credit? Assuming it’s a separate transaction from booking the actual ticket.


Any impact should be very minimal.

The Priority Pass card is valid for 3 years but I’m not sure yet if it will work if you cancel the card.
The Avis benefits are listed in the post.

You can pay for bags on AA directly with the AMEX Plat to get up to $200 credited back. Gift cards are just for buying airfare.

Call AMEX for the code you need to give SPG to get your account upgraded.

These are the benefits for US AMEX Plat cards.

Yes, that will qualify.


Just bought a $100 gift card. On the order page it says the following:

You will be issued a credit for: $0.00 (0 Membership Rewards® points)

So i don’t get any miles for purchasing a gift card??


Hi Dan,

I registered with Delta to get the 50% matching bonus on transfer, so I can’t buy the 4 $50 AA Gift cards.

Can I use this card to purchase a $200 Delta Gift Certificate and get reimbursed?



Does anyone have any experiences buying GC from Delta or US Airways?


@Gershon: Signing up for the Delta bonus has nothing to do with which airline you enroll with for the $200 credit promotion…

@Dan: Dan, are you still buying AA GC’s?


No connection. You can still register for $200 credit at any airline.

Not that I’ve seen. But odds are that a $50 gift card should work.

You can sell AA gift cards to PJ, the link is in the post.


@Dan: I got this in an email this morning:
Hello APoshiterYid,

Thank you for contacting Plastic Jungle.

We are receiving a high volume amount of American Airlines electronic gift cards and we are currently not accepting any more at this time. Please check back within the next few days to see if the volume has decreased.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Plastic Jungle Support Team


@Dan: …And now Im really confused- I just tried one and “Congratulations! $41.50 has been added to your PayPal account. You may now discard or recycle the gift card.”


@ APoshiterYid you can post in the forums to see if anyone is interested in buying your gift cards


Thanks @Dan and @APoshiterYid

I’ve never bought an gift card before. Does it matter (for resale purposes) what I put in the to, from and message fields? Is is easier to flip virtual cards or actual plastic ones?



i tried funding my AMEX serve account with my gift card and it did not work. so i called them and they said they dont work with gift cards… any ideas?


How does one get the $500 from the 50K MR points? I got the card from Dan’s link a few weeks ago and got my points. I just want to know how to get the cash!


I fly Southwest frequently. Will the $200 go towards their gift card? Meaning a free ticket +/-.


That’s a shame.
You can try calling AMEX gift cards and say you’re unhappy about that (or that you don’t agree to the gift card terms and conditions) and request a refund check.

Send me an email for help on that,
dan at

If people want to sell their $200 credit towards continental/united fees they can email me as well.

Try registering for Southwest and buy 4 gift cards of $50 each and let us know if you get reimbursed for the $200.
I haven’t seen anyone try that yet.


Question about 200 incidentals. I’ve applied/canceled my plat card within the last few months. I also used the $200 airline credit. If I apply for the card again, will I get the $200 airline credit again?


Yes, you will get it again!


how do you get cash for points?
you wrote that you can get 500 cash for 50,000 points.
Thank you for everything Dan!



See comment 44.


Flying Lufthansa business class on mileage from JFK to Frankfurt next month. Do you see any benefit with making Lufthansa my selected Airline on Platinum card? What perks can I buy into for $200 that we can call incidental?


Eligible airlines that you can select for the $200 credit are:


This is probably a silly question but in order to have the return/loss/other options with different purchased prodcuts, does the product have to be purchased on the Amex Card?


Yes, it must be purchased on the card.


can i get the 50000 on the Business Platinum Card


Not that I know of.


how do i get a ticket to israel using my 50,000 points?


Any estimated expiration at this bonus? Best guess?


If I applied and got the card back in December than canceled in Feb can I get the 50k again? Dan I know you said in general that you received many credit card promos this way in the past, but has this been confirmed with the plat?


If i buy AA Gift cards, do i have to buy it on AA.COM? and do i buy the Virtual / Plastic? how long are they good for, any expiration? For sure i have to first register AA as my airline!
Thanks what a great blog.

Extra Points!

make sure you get the 50,000 points. I spent the required amount but i only received a 5,000 point bonus. i called to complain and they raised it to a 25,000 bonus. I said i wanted the 50,000 or I’m cancelling my card. They gave me additional 15,000 to stay. I continued calling to get the complete 50,000 points-in the end i got my 50,000 and the 15,000 bonus.


Ready To split

Are you able to set a spending limit on individual cards. I don’t quite have the credit yet to be approved for this card but if someone else signs up I am more than willing to pay for about $200 of the membership fee. I wouldn’t charge anything .. And if you can set a spending limit on an individual card you would be able to insure that.


Read the “related posts” link on the subject.

Nope, it will expire when they decide to end the fun.

Yes, you can get the bonus multiple times with this card.

The virtual ones on have no shipping fee and don’t expire.

@Extra Points!:
Strange, but well done in the end.
It’s always a good idea to save a copy of the offer you sign up for online.

@Ready To split:
Yes, a limit can be set for additional cards.
See this Forum thread which may be what you’re looking for:


Is it dead?


Nope, still alive.
Be sure to read the instructions at the bottom of the post if you are having problems.


Worked this time. The first time I tried, it told me that the deal was no longer available. This time it went through. Thanks.


when will i get the miles on the first statement or 2 or 3 and if i cancel do i get charge for all the refunds like the aa gift cards or not thanks dan your the man


i purchased yesterday 4 AA gift cards, to 4 separate people, but i was charged once $200, will i get reimbursed for that, and if not is there any way to get back the money by now?


I got the priority pass, and emailed them a question if the card will still be valid after i close the platinum card, and the answer was as follows: “Thank you for your inquiry. The membership would remain active until the expiration date on April 05, 2014”. later they wrote: “Your membership has already been paid for by your American Express card. You will not be billed at the expiration of the membership. The only time there is a charge is when you take a guest to the lounge”. so thats really a great deal.


Some people get the miles right after spending $1,000. Others have to wait 1 or 2 statements.

You need to get the reimbursements and transfer points before you cancel.

You need to buy the gift cards in 4 separate $50 transactions. Let us know if you get reimbursed though. Or try calling AA and see if they will refund the order for you to do it again.



I signed up yesterday as AA my preferred airline, when can i purchase to be able to get the credit? ( i saw somewhere it takes 2 days) ?


@MIKE H: For multiple people I purchased immediately after enrolling without an issue.


@APoshiterYid: and got back ur credit? how fast?


@APoshiterYid: and got back the $200? how long did u get the 200 back?


I bought mine on the 23rd, and refunded on the 25th. Everyone seems to be 2-4 business days.


I am planning to close this card. they told me that the bonus points wont last if i close, i have accounts with continental, AA, BA, Delta, where is best place to transfer, or maybe there is any other idea on using this points on a valid basis?


It all depends on your travel pattern and usage. There’s no easy answer, arguments can be made for Airtran, Air Canada, ANA, BA, Continental, Delta, Flying Blue, etc.
I can tell you that personally I stick them in Continental unless I have a specific flight that would be better with one of the other choices.


Dan, if gitty had another amex card with points wouldn’t that save her points?


dan: when does the 60 days start once i get it or once i activate it? I want to know if i should wait to activate it


Only an AMEX charge card with membership rewards.

60 days from when the annual fee is billed.


my question wasnt if i need t use the gift cards to get the credit. but technichally yu get this credit for charges incurred in connection with the purchase of a ticket eg. luggage.. priority seating etc.. my question was if i get this credit even if i didnt purchase a ticket and i just got misc charges from airline ..


I want to cancel my amex platinum (I already got my points) and sign up again. A friend of mine recommended against this. Does anyone know if it’s a bad idea?


where exactly do i go to get the gift cards from i only see gift certificates on their site or are they the same thing


I was considering signing up for the deal and transferring the MR to Delta as part of their 50 percent bonus promo. If I apply now and do a spend, should I be able to get the points and transfer through by the end of May?


@Dan I tried to fund serve account with amex gift card but failed. Have you ever managed to do that? or heard about someone doing it successfully?


Hi, is there an annual fee on this card?
offer still valid?


I’ve done it several times. You can definitely sign up for this card again and get the points again.
If you recently canceled the card and apply again and then get an automated notice that you just recently got approved for the card just call 800-525-3355 and tell them you reconsidered and want the card again and they can push through your application again.

Same thing.

You should get them in time but AMEX also allows you to borrow points to transfer to airlines before you earn them.

I haven’t heard yet of anyone that tried. Shame if it doesn’t work.
You can also try paying someone else with your GC with Amazon payments which doesn’t charge a fee to accept credit cards for non-major payments.

All of your questions can be answered by reading the post.


Can someone help me with this, please?

All the benefits, for example rental upgrade, are they only if I paid for the item/service with this Amex card, or even if I paid via another credit card I still get the upgrades etc. as long as I show them that I have this Amex card?


Some benefits, like Rental car benefits or Starwood gold status, should work regardless of which card its on.

Other benefits, like lost item protection, only work if charged to the card.


Thank you!
Also, about Regus; I can just show up at any of these offices and use them or I need to reserve in advance?


@Dan: I upgraded to extra legroom seating on Spirit Airlines for $60 and Amex does not want to credit me. They claim it’s not incidental spending. Can you refer to me to where it’s written that the $200 includes extra room seating? Thanks


Once you get your Regus membership card you can just show up I believe.

Extra legroom is incidental spending.

If you don’t get automatic credit try using this method:

Logon to your AMEX account online, click on “0 unread messages”, compose a message, select the card, select social media inquiry as the subject, and explain the situation and ask to get credit for the spending.

It’s a great department for any AMEX issue you have.


@APoshiterYid: “1) As of last week Amex has officially stopped allowing downgrades from the Platinum card.”
anyone else told this?


Just got approved for my third Amex plat under this bonus offer!!
Thanks Dan!! You’re the man.

PS – how many times can I keep doing this?? Do I just tell them I can’t make up my mind if they question why I open/cancel so frequently?


Hey..I just applied for the amex platinum… can I order my gift cards (to get 200 back) and get my refund for the global entry and get the priority membership within the first month and then cancel? will they make me pay for the gift cards or the global entry? will they take away the priority membership?
thanks in advance!!


@Dan: It worked Dan-thanks-you’re the man!


Thanks Dan for telling me about this. I got the card and have already signed up and been approved for the Global Access immigration machine, used the lounges at JFK and Barcelona, and gotten 200 worth of AA gift cards. Also came in handy in Europe because of the no exchange rate fees. Just have to spend a few hundred more dollars to get the 50K bonus! AMAZING!

For the priority access lounges, i tried to get in with just a scanned copy of my card since I didn’t get it in time for my trip to Europe. Had someone at home scan me the copy. Most lounges wouldn’t let me in. The only exception was in Barcelona.


A timely remionder: you MUST register an airline with AMEX and make sure that registration is active before spending anything on your AMEX Platinum card you hope to get back as “extras”. If you do not follow the rules AMEX will not credit you!


Dan i got a blue from amex if i upgrade my card to pat do i still get this bouns and also can i then transfer my points to airlines? thanks aaron


Are you charged $450 every year for this card? If so, I assume that this is automatically charged to you. If you cancel after the first year, do any of the benefits stay in place after that?


DAN, Please extend the raffle till Isru-chag, not good luck to do business on Chol-HaMoed.


I don’t believe that is true.

Talk about a hat-trick!!!
I’m sure you’re think of something to tell them if need be…

As long as you get and transfer the points and get the refunds before closing they won’t take them away.

What worked?

Amazing indeed!

You won’t get the 50K points for upgrading, you need to make a new app.
However once you have the AMEX Plat you’ll be able to transfer points earned previously on the blue or zync cards to miles!

The same benefits that stay in place if you cancel within 60 days and pay no fee at all will stay in place if you cancel after a year.
You’ll still be able to use the card for lounge access even if the card is closed, although apparently you may not be able to use Priority Pass if the card is closed.

Which benefits are you referring to specifically?

The raffle has always been tentatively scheduled to close on May 1st, not sure what you mean.


Just wondering what my ongoing cost will be…I may not have initial use for International lounges with Priority Pass in the first year, but do have a trip planned after the initial year and trying to determine my ongoing cost for that benefit. So the card is $450 per year?


looks like Plastic jungle is not buying anymore AA gift cards…


as reported in the forums


apply link is down, tells you to call number. Operator says that this offer expired 3/31/11 – i used the ID / offer code listed at the bottom of this post. no success, 2:48 AM EST


Still works fine online for now!
Be sure to read the instructions at the bottom of the post!


With the priority pass, can I bring my wife into the lounge, or must I pay even for her?


With the regular Platinum lounge access (AA, Continental, Delta, USAirways) you can bring in your entire family (or 2 other guests) for free.

With Priority Pass you must pay $27 for each guest. However if you give your wife an additional Platinum card she can get her own priority pass membership and go for free.

Sam again

Dan thanks a mill for the wee-hour response, I was sure the offer had already expired after seeing your 4/27 heads up. The apply link was not working. Opened Firefox and it worked! Done and approved. This is after I sat on the phone with them for an hour trying to still get the offer and they were nice but would not budge stating over adn over that his offer expired already on 3/31/11… thanks a million!


@Sam again:
Congrats on getting approved! And it’s not too wee-hour for me as I’m not in the EDT again until later this week.


Priority Pass is great I was in the Dan in Tel Aviv and now in Italy I did not need the card . All I had was the number which I call them up to get after 48 hour from signing up Dan keep up the good work.



If I add my wife as additional cardholder to my AMEX platinum, and then cancel my card and her in 60 days after getting a card (I was just approved), will I get a refund for both my annual fee and her fee ($175)?




could it be down now?
ive tried following your instructions and no success


it’s over 🙁

Earn 25,000 Membership Rewards® bonus points after $1,000 spend in first 3 months


they have reduced the fee aswell to $450


Hi dan
Do the 200$ GC count for the 1000$ spending even if i was refunded? (same goes for any other expence that is refunded the same month…)


I’m not sure, I’ve spent more than that during each of my churns for this card.


if you change the 25 to 50 in the url the 50k offer seems to still be accessible.


Wow nice find!
Just use the link for the card in the post and then after going there in the URL just change 25K to 50K and go to that new URL and the 50K offer will come up!


Does my find work for your ipad/ipod raffle?


Sure, I’ll allow raffle entries if you follow that method.


Got in just in time. Applied for me and my wife at 7:20 this morning. My wife got approved, I am still waiting for a decision


i changed the 25 to 50 in the URL, the page loads, but only asks me to log in or set up my card online, no option to fill out application….HELP!!! wanna get this 50k before it’s gone!


Read the instructions at the bottom of this post.


@Dan: i tohught i did, can you please specify?


As posted above if u click on dans link and than change the 25 to 50 you will get the application for 50k!!!! BE SURE TO SAVE THE SCREENSHOTS!!


do you now if BA still gives %30 more on points transfer?


Clear cookies/use another browser?


Thanks Dan for all your help and for such an amazing website. I have a question in regards to the AA GC credit. What is the suggested method to purchase the 50 dollar GC’s, should I do it in one transaction or 4 seperate transactions.

Kind Regards


dan pls help me asap i tryed all browser and im getting only 25k…
please help.


hi dan! question about the $200 gc spending, can this be done on other airlines too like airtran?


4 transactions.

Read comment 119.



Hi Dan,

I tried to sell my AA virtual gift card to plastic jungle but they have replied to me stating that they have stopped accepting e CODEs. Can you tell me what can be done now.



@Dan: If I buy 4 soutwest gift cards I will get 200 credit?




Do other airlines such as southwest gift cards also work for the credit and for plastic jungle?


I called Amex and they informed me a gift card wouldn’t be covered for the $200 incidentals. I wanted to buy 4 $50 gift certificates from Continental. To your knowledge, would this be covered anyways, regardless of what the representative informed me?


Yes! I personally got reimbursed for 4X50.00$ Continental gift certificates! (dont forget to FIRST choos Continental Before buying).
Thanks Dan!


@moshe21: @?: @Aliza:
They hardly ever know what they are talking about. Just register for AA or Cont and make 4 separate transactions of $50 giftcards and you’ll be fine.


I Processed the 4 50 dollar transactions last week Wednesday and haven’t been reimbursed yet. How long should it take for AMEX to reimburse my account?


Give it a week.

david m

can we still use te amex plat card for launges or do we need the priority pass?


Same question as 142, with an additional one:
When AMEX tell you on the phone that “amex will send regular updates to Priority Pass”…, does that mean that if the AMEX card is closed, te Pass is refused? And if so, is it same for PRIMARY cardholder and AUTHORISED users?
Makes me think if it is worth to cancel the card… In the case were the Priority Pass is my ONLY interest…


I’d like to know if the gift card from American airlines will be delivered to me by mail, or I will just see it in my email? And if I only get it by email, how can I further sell it? PLEASE HELP!!! Thank you.


I cancelled my AMEX Platinum and got a letter from Priority Pass, dated the same day as the card cancellation, telling me my card is no longer valid. Has anyone got the cancellation letter and tried using the card? Are all the lounges worldwide on line to the Priority Pass Center? I remember seeing a comment saying that he was told that as the card membership fee had been paid by AMEX, the card was valid in any event. Any info on this last point?


Dan any word on the issue of Plasticjungle not buying virtual gift cards?

Are we all stuck with our credits?


Hi Dan,
Thanx for the great offers…I wanna know what is the good airline that I can transfer my points from AMX to which doesn’t have blackout days and use less miles?



I just applied (&got approved) for the platinum. I used your link for the card but I simply edited the url and it changed the offer to 50K points. Your URL has the following in it: “25K_1Kspend_first3months” I changed the 25K to 50K and it worked…got printout of submitted app with 50K in it. I tried changing to 75K & 100K but those two did not work.



hey for some reason, my airline gift cards are not coming off and amex is asking “to send me the list of eligible airline charges so that I can forward a request to issue the credit on your account. ”
anhy ideas?


Is it true that when applying for a charge card as opposed to a credit card, they dont pull a credit check?
Thank you!


Dan–On your advice wife and I each designated AA for Amex Plat $200 bonus plan and bought 4 $50 gift cards for each account. Each card was charged $200 for the gift cards, but no offset credit was posted. What gives?


dan were is the latest post on the platinum business amex card as i just got it with the 100k offer but need help from here if u can provide me with link thanks