Final Days For American And USAirways Lounge Access Via The Platinum Card; Is Platinum Still Worthwhile?


Lose lounges, make $100-$500.

The final day to use The Platinum Card® from American Express to enter an American or USAirways lounge will be this Friday, 03/21.

Some people got emails with a $200 of $500 credit towards any American or USAirways ticket fees or lounge memberships.

I didn’t get that so I used the live chat option while logged in on to ask about that and the agent gave me a $100 credit for incidental spending on American or USAirways between 03/22-12/31.  Others have gotten the $100 credit by calling as well.

Post your results in the comments!

It Plat still worth it?

So what does the card still do to justify its hefty annual fee? Well it does have a 40K signup bonus but with American Express bonuses apparently going to once in a lifetime that isn’t something you can keep on counting on getting in the future.

Airport Lounges. Kosher food in Vegas, Newark, Tel Aviv and more:

The biggest addition are the American Express branded Centurion lounges.  American Airlines was furious when the first Centurion lounge opened in Dallas.  There is also a Centurion lounge in Las Vegas and more lounges will be opening in LaGuardia, S. Francisco, and other airports in the near future.  There are also Centurion lounges throughout Central and South America though those aren’t as luxurious as the US lounges.

Originally these lounges were designed for free access only for Centurion cardholders, you know them as those black cards that cost a ridiculous $2,500 per year with a $7,500 initiation fee that used to give elite status on airline like Continental and USAirways but no longer do.

But once the Platinum card started losing airline lounges they opened it up to Platinum cardholders for free as well. You can bring your spouse and kids into the lounge for free. Or you can bring in any 2 other people with you for free.

What can you get there?

There are lots of DDF reports on the Vegas lounge that you can read here.

-In the Las Vegas Centurion lounge there is a full stocked kosher menu from Haifa restaurant.  And it’s all free of charge.  DDF members have reported that they stock Hot Roast, Schnitzel, Grilled chicken, Baked Salmon, Pastrami Sandwiches, Mashed potatoes, cooked vegetables, salad, fruit, rolls, and desserts.  If you call beforehand they can heat the food up for you (it’s all double-wrapped) and have it waiting.  Otherwise there are cold options or you can wait for it to heat up while you wait.  Reports about the food quality and service have been excellent.

If you call a couple days in advance they will even order fresh kosher meals for you, free of charge.

And you can top it off with top-shelf booze, also free of charge.  A DDF member said he did quite a number to their Glenlivet 21 year old single malt!

-In the Dallas lounge they offer a spa with a free clothes-on massage and other spa services.

-In all Centurion lounges they can help you with any AMEX account issues.  You can even access the lounge if you forgot your Platinum card as they can look it up with your ID.

-You can take a shower in the lounges as well and from what I’ve heard they’re a while lot better than the showers found in the airline lounges.  Plus they have L’OCCITANE toiletries which is a whole lot better than the single dispenser of mystery goop found in some airport showers that magically work as soap, shampoo, and conditioner as if it’s manna from the sky.

With amenities like that who needs airline lounges with their low end food and beer?

-Platinum cardholders also get a free Priority Pass membership.

There are over 600 lounges worldwide that accept Priority Pass and you can access all of them for free.

For example:

-In Newark you can access the Art & Lounge.  That’s the same lounge that El Al provides for their business and first class passengers. It has exclusively kosher food and Israeli art.

-In Tel Aviv you can access the Dan lounge.

See the Priority Pass site for their complete list of lounges. Note that you can’t access United lounges with the Priority Pass membership that you get from the Platinum card.

You don’t get any free guests, but secondary Platinum cardholders can get their own free Priority pass membership.

Airspace lounges:

Currently there are Airspace lounges in Baltimore, Cleveland, and JFK (JetBlue terminal).

These are modern lounges with free premium coffee and self service soft drinks.  Additionally you and every guest also gets a gift card valid towards purchasing premium alcohol, local craft beers, cocktails, and meals.

You can access these even with an inactive Platinum card until the card expires 4 years from the date of issue.

Delta SkyClub:

Currently you can bring your spouse and kids into Delta lounges for free when flying Delta. Or you can bring in any 2 other people with you for free.

Effective 05/01 you will not be able to bring in guests for free.  However secondary Platinum cardholders can access Delta lounges for free as well. You can a Delta lounge even with an inactive Platinum card until the card expires 4 years from the date of issue.

Secondary cardholders:

You can add 3 additional users onto a personal Platinum card for $175 ($58.33 per additional cardholder per year).  Secondary users do get full lounge access so they will have access to Delta and Priority Pass lounges for themselves and they will be able to guest others into Airspace and Centurion lounges.

Annual fee:

The annual fee on this card is a doozie, $450.  But it’s not as painful as it sounds.

As with annual fees from most banks, they are refundable if cancelled within 60 days.  It is also pro-rated if cancelled after 60 days and you have another American Express card (i.e. if you have the card for 3 months and then cancel you would get a $337.50 refund), and it is pro-rated if you downgrade the card even if you have no other American Express card.

$200 per calendar year airline fee credit.

Every calendar year you can get a $200 airline fee refund.  That means in your first cardmembership year you can get a $400 refund thanks to a $200 credit in 2014 and a $200 credit in 2015.

You can use it to buy airline gift cards in $100 increments.

Only the primary cardholder get the airline fee refund.

Global Entry Fee Refund

It costs $100 to apply for global entry which lets you bypass the customs line. If you charge it on your Platinum card the fee will be refunded.

If you have Global Entry you also get TSA Pre-Check, which allows you to avoid the nude-o-scope machines and lets you leave your shoes on and laptop in your bag.

Additional cardholders qualify for a Global Entry  fee refund as well.

Starwood Gold Elite Status:

Platinum cardholders get Gold elite status for free.  That gets you free Wi-Fi or you can get a 250 point rebate every time you stay at a Starwood hotel-even if you are on an award stay!

It also gets you free upgrades and 4pm late checkout.

Lost Item Protection:

If you buy something on your Platinum card up to $10,000 and lose it within 90 days of purchase it will be fully covered.  No other card I’m aware of offers lost item protection.  Many cards offer stolen item protection, but that requires a police report to be filed and often it has a cap of just $1,000.

Car Rental Perks:

A 4 hour late return fee-free grace period at Hertz and fee-waived Gold Plus membership, National Executive guarantee upgrades and faster free award rentals, Avis free weekend certificate with 2 rentals, and more.

The card also comes with free checked baggage insurance and it has no foreign exchange fees.  And of course it comes with all of the amazing purchase protections that other American Express cards have as well.

So, is it all worthwhile? It’s not for spending, frankly I value Starpoints earned from the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express more than the Membership Rewards points from this card.  Bizarrely even the less expensive American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card earns more Membership Rewards points than the Platinum card thanks to its bonus categories.

But the Platinum card does continue to have very unique benefits. I’ve laid most of them out for you and you’ll just have to decide for yourself if its worth it based on your own situation 😀

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#1 the centurion card has a $7500 initiation fee and #2 with the centurion card you will have status on us air till feb of next year


im in a chat right now and she isnt biting. did you ask outright for it? i mentioned its very annoying that i no longer have free access


Can you get global entry for spouse and kids under 18 free as well?


in ewr which terminal is the lounge in? can i get in with just my “cancelled” plat card?


Didn’t realized they raised it. Pathetic.

So ask outright. Or call.

Additional cardholders do get the fee refund.

Entry is with a Priority Pass membership. That membership expires when you cancel your Platinum card though not all lounges actually swipe it.

I have yet to go to the Art & Lounge, so I’m not sure what they do.


just got $100


does an inactive, but unexpired card still work to get in anywhere?


Dan will the centurion lounges be accessible to ppl with inactive platinum cards like the other lounges do?


I got the $200 email offer which states for charges on AA from 3/22-12/31. It states it’s in addition to the basic $200 credit. My $450 fee was billed 1/24, so I have to cancel card on 3/24. Can I buy $200 AA gift cards on 3/22 and cancel card on 3/24 and get the $450 fee reversed?


Kosher food in Vegas has wrong link – brings me here.


Is the Kosher food in EWR complimentary?


Can you get into these centurion lounges if the platinum card is canceled?

Any lounges in lax airport that gives kosher food?


Thanks Dan! I chatted and didn’t ask outright. I said – I heard that my Plat card no longer gives AA and US Airways access. Is that accurate? In response the CS rep immediately offered the $100 credit.



Read the post.

I don’t think so.

Should work. Remember to do it in $100 increments.

Works fine for me.


I don’t think so.

Nice, enjoy!


hey Dan, is there any tricks in getting an appointment for global entry fast?


Just did a secure chat with Amex and got a $100 incidentals credit for AA and US Airways. They did not want to give it initially. I asked how to cancel and then they looked at my account and offered the credit.


Would i get the refund if i put them all on the card or is it 1 $100 credit per card? Have you done this?


Many locations allow walk-ins without an appointment.


I haven’t tried getting more than 1 global entry on the same card.
If you try let us know.


any walk ins near crown heights :)?


JFK takes walk-ins.
Open 2 uber accounts and go there and back for free 😀


If I purchase a 100 AA GC, will I be refunded? Thanks.


It doesn’t start until 03/22 so nobody has experience yet.

But I’d have to assume that it’s the exact same system as the $200 fee credit, in which case the $100 AA gift cards will work just fine.


Got the 100$ Thank you!!!


guys, which option for the chat did you click on ?

the first one she referred me to “accounts chat” which there is none , then i went to the “other” and they stopped the chat after 45 seconds


Took two tries on the chat to get the confirmation, but look like $100 is the standard for those who did not receive the targeted email.

“-I do see you account is enrolled for the offer to receive $100.00 credit on your account
-Once you make the transaction after the March 22nd you will receive the benefit of credit on your account.
-Promotion is valid between 3/22/2014 and 12/31/2014.”


Isn’t the chat option generally not available? I rarely see the “chat now” logo come up when I log into my account (and I never see it when I’m looking for it).



Never mind, I see it’s available under “Online” in the Contact section.


just got $100

had to chat with supervisor named “Robin”


Any phone number for the Las Vegas lounge. Gonna be there today and want to order meals.


@Dan: JFK does not allow walk-ins anymore, big YMMV, they sent away everyone without an appointment when I was there. (it was no other people waiting at all) Though I was approved last week and I kept on checking for cancellations and I found a opening for the next day. So keep on checking, people cancel all the time. I also checked out the new DL lounge, they offer hot Kosher meals (not complimentary)


“The card also comes with free checked baggage insurance….” I hadn’t heard from that one before what is that insurance?


nowhere does it say in the T,C, and Ds, anything about additional card fee. it says it in the card agreement which you dont see when applying. and they said they wont reimburse it, you have to cancel before it shows up. thats ridiculous.
anyone have any success getting reimbursed after cancelling?


Try calling the number on the back of your card.
If they give you a direct number let us know.

Interesting, thanks.

$3,000 in aggregate insurance for your carry-on and checked baggage.

If you cancel within 60 days it is refunded.


1-if i cancel my platnuim card can i still get access using priorty pass?
2- can you purchase aa gift cards in nj? last time i tried about yr ago it wouldnt let


Just got this from Amex chat rep:

Your incidental charges are covered by American Express US Airways and AA after March through December this year up to $200.00
Checked bag fees, in flight meals, flight change fees, airport lounge day passes, and incidental charges with award tickets are a few examples
It is offered to all Platinum card holders…


so the rep is wrong? i can hold onto my additional card and as long as i cancel it when i cancel the primary card, the fee will be gone?


if i purchase global entry for s/o else can i still get the refund?


they didnt offer anythign will call back


1. Your priority pass will be cancelled if you cancel your card.
2. Send it to a relative elsewhere?

Sounds like a misinformed rep unless that has yet to be announced.

If it’s within 60 days, yes.



@eli: Call the number on the back of your card and they will connect you. There is a direct line but its hard to get it and its not listed.


So as an aside, I received a targeted 150,000 point Platinum Business offer by mail. I was able to sign up (using an EIN I had from when we had to withhold taxes from our Nanny, which basically allowed me to get two business cards within the same year). The requirement is for $10,000 spend in 3 months for 100,000 points, and if able to spend another $10,000 points in the same 3 months (total $20,000 spend), then 150,000 points. This one might be tough, but considering I spend $5,000 a month on Vanilla reloads for my Bluebird account, that means I only need to come up with another $5,000 and I’ve got 150,000 Amex Rewards points! (Add this to the 100,000 I got when doing the simple $10,000 spend on the last Business Platinum card, and I’ve got a cool quarter million “bonus” points this year alone).

So yeah… it’s worth it for me!!


My annual fee just posted. If I were to cancel in a month how will they reimburse me for the the $450 I already paid?


I already have Global Entry. Can I pay for someone else’s app?


Nice offer!

A check.



@Dan was just wondering about “discover it”credit card that offers free FCIO credit score on ur statement every month and has no anual fee, do u think its worth having just for the the free credit score even if I’m hardly ever using the card??


Dan I’m in the Vegas lounge (as I type this) the best they have is red label😭


Had a chat with Amex. They offered the $100 AA credit but they did not give me any confirmation code or email and it isn’t showing up in my offers. Should the credit still just post automatically? Did anyone get any confirmation?


Offer for shoe tree doesnt show stated price. any hint?


Does an additional platinum card user also get all these card benefits?


The car rental benefits r they automatic ?


I was chattjng with plat cs. And they said something different. He said he puts in a request for me to get a 1 time statment credit (not incidentals) of between 100-500 depending on the customer and in audition I will get an airline incidental fee credit of up to the value of the benefit of free access to both lounges from 3/22 to 12/31/14. He said my request is pending and should clear within 2 weeks. Did I get it right?


@dan do you know if I can buy delta gift certificates and get the reimbursement ?


I chatted with cust service rep for Amex on 3/19 and after going back and forth he ended up telling me I was eligible for $500 AA credit in addition to the regular $200. He advised that I copy and paste the chat which I did.

Now I have the email stating only $100 credit available. I spoke to supervisor and regular rep and they said “Sorry that rep who said $500 was mistaken. you can only get $100”.

I find it unacceptable for a company like Amex to not back up what I was promised. I have it in writing.

Any recommendations to get Amex to pay up?


I got a 100k offer if I spend $3,000. In order to get the $200 refund, can I just order $200 worth of American Airline gift cards and then automatically get the refund? Is it as simple as that or is there a process?