Final Call For The USAirways Credit Card; Check Your Email For Targeted Promotions


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The US Airways® Premier World MasterCard® is being discontinued.  The exact date is still unknown, but with American finalizing their merger process it will disappear any day now.  People who have the card will be able to keep it, but it will close for new applicants, so now is a good time to apply for one before the card is gone forever.

Even if you have gotten the bonus on that card in the past you can still get the bonus again and best of all, you just need to spend $1 on it to pickup 40,000 miles.  You can earn the 40K signup bonus as often as you are approved for the card.

The card is issued by Barclaycard. They typically pull from your Transunion credit report.  Most banks pull from Experian though this does vary by state.  If you are NJ or NY based you shouldn’t have almost any credit pulls on your Transunion report if you don’t have Barclaycards. 

USAirways miles will combine with your AAdvantage miles next year.

If you have the card it’s also worth checking your email for targeted promotions.  I searched my email for “usairways” and found an offer I was sent on 10/29 for 15K bonus miles for spending $500 on my existing card in November, December, and January, which is a pretty sweet offer so I just put a $500 charge on my card.

I have 2 USAirways cards right now, so luckily the email also said which card was targeted for that offer 😀

Also worth noting that Barclaycard holders can view their FICO 08 score for free via this link:












Despite hundreds and hundreds of credit cards, a top-tier FICO score. You can too, just follow the FAQs!

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I think it’s safe to assume they wont pull it until 1/15.


Anyway to get the annual fee waived ?


Maybe, maybe not.
Why risk it?

Can always call and ask.
But 40K miles is worth wayyy more than $89.


How does one go about getting the annual fee waived? I’ve heard many people have had luck with this?


Do I need to pay the annual fee?


TU scores are great to show off but don’t mean a lot when you have 30 EX pulls


How do I get points again


You can call and ask after applying for them to waive it.
Some reps will, others will say you have to close the card to have it waived.

EX is also 800, should I scan my last AMEX card app 😀

By applying again.


If one has an open card from Barclay (the same USAir $89 AF card), can one still get a second card? Or does the first card have to be closed?


If you spend $25k in 2014 you get 10k eqm in 2015, will that combine with the 10k eqm for spending $40k on the Aa executive ?
Can you get 20k eqm’s like this ?


2 or 3bm with Barclay if I don’t have any of their cards?


Cancelled card before 1st bill but after AF posted. They denied bonus and forfeited all miles. They wont take new app either. Any advice?


if i applied for ink and freedom over the last month and a half is it safe to apply for another card now? any chance of them reinstating miles that expired about 1.5 months ago?


@Dan. How? My TU is just about 800 but EX takes a hit DT pulls.


Nice job Dan. Just got it for my wife.




2bm/3bm can be tough with barclay, but it can be doable.

I’ve been to get multiple USAirways cards approved in one 2/3BM.

Next time don’t risk $600 worth of miles to save $89?

Why didn’t you at least wait until the miles posted?

Perfectly safe.
Find someone with a car rental from before your miles expired,

Follow the FAQs 😀


rebecca mandel

dan, what could i do with these 40,000 points?


@Dan didnt know. I thought once AF posted I was good. Messed up. wasnt about saving AF. More than happy to pay AF.


Any reason why this card would be better than the citi aadvantage card that gets 50k miles and first year waived? or do you suggest doing this US airways first because it will be going away and then you can do the citi one to get both bonuses?


The Citi version isn’t going anywhere, you can get that card too, but there’s no inherent rush.

The Barclays card is the only one being discontinued. And you get it more than once without a time limit.


Anyone know what the value of the vouchers you get for $99 is after the merger? Will they still work?



Does the app link in your post offer the 10K eqm?


I currently have the USairways card, should I cancel it first and then reapply or reapply while I keep this one open?


Is it still worth it, with the up coming devaluation?


I recieved a letter from Barclays stating my cutrent is air cards compAnion pass will be discontinued iin 2015. Any idea if new cards will get it?


Dan, Are you saying if i dont have any other Barclays card I should do a 2bm for this card twice?


If I ooened card like 4 mI the ago can I apply again and get points ? I thought this card can’t be churned so quickly?


Is there a minimum time to wait-I closed mine last Sunday? I don’t mind huca, but will the app process?


would I be able to get 1 free luggage on aa with the Barclays card?


how come they charge 125 each way in business class, total 245k round trip? you write it should be 120k


Is there a consensus how long one should wait to apply after cancelling the last US Airways card?


On my capitol one credit tracker (which is powered by TU) I have 734, by Barclay card I have 692 and by credit history it shows 716, should I apply/will I be approved?


Dan: You think a 714 with one account and short history gets auto approved? Looking for a guestimate on your part. TOIDAH


757 TU score. credit length of four years, do I have a crack?


Will the companion passes work on AA metal if ticketed as a USAir flight?


i believe its 7 days


Dan, Thanks for all the info.
I just tried a 3BM, but was approved instantly only for the US Airways.
Date Applied
US Airways Premier World MasterCard
November 30, 2014
Barclaycard Arrival Plus MasterCard
November 30, 2014
Barclaycard Arrival MasterCard
November 30, 2014

What should I do?


what other banks check TU in Ny


@lifesgood: Capital One


How much is each point worth ed?


Picked up this card last December and it’s still open. What are the chances of picking up a new one? Should I close the existing one first?


Can I transfer US airways points between spouses?


Dan – what other Barklay card should I apply for as well?


Ok. I know this question seems to have been asked a million times here, but I do not seem to have a good answer.

I have two of these cards, one for me and one for my husband.

I’ve got the 80,000 total.

I’d like to sign up for new US airways cards and get more miles. Can I just do that? do I have to close the ones I have first?

New at this

Are USAirways Miles sellable? What is the best way to unload this if I only signed up for the easy miles?


GOT 2! did 2bm for this and lufthansa card. us approved right away and called recon for the 2nd and shifted credit over. thanks dan!


Thanks Dan Got approved for 2 cards