Fee-Free Visa Gift Cards At Office Depot And Office Max

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Update 2: This appears to be dead.

Update: AMEX and Mastercard gift cards are fee-free as well.

Office Depot and Office Max stores aren’t currently charging the normal $5.95 or $6.95 fee for purchasing $100 or $200 Visa gift cards.

Office Depot sells $100 and $200 Vanilla Visa cards that you can pay with a credit card.  The variable Vanilla cards are cash only, but the ones with a fixed amount are payable with a credit card.

Office Max sells $100 and $200 Metabank Visa gift cards that you can pay with a credit card.

While reports are that the Office Depot fee-free cards are working nationwide, the Office Max cards are fee-free in some stores while other stores are still charging a fee.  You’ll know if it’s fee-free when you bring it to the register to pay…but I can confirm that both stores are fee-free in Kansas 😀

This is valid in-store only and can end at any time.

Use your Chase Ink Plus or Chase Ink Cash card to get 5 points per dollar spent.

That’s 1,000 points for each $200 card purchased.

You can then use those gift cards on everyday purchases to earn 5 points per dollar everywhere.

Or you can liquidate the cards by loading them onto REDcard or by buying money orders to cash them out.  You can upload a MetaBank Visa to Serve or Bluebird at a Walmart ATM (or a willing cashier) without limits but when uploading Vanilla Visa cards to Serve or Bluebird at a WalMart ATM machine you may need to limit it to $49.99 per transaction.

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Do we think this is a mistake or a promotion?


Not every Office Max allows you to use credit card on gift card purchases. Just tried at my local OM in Niles, IL a few days ago.


Can anyone confirm this ddeal at the brooklyn office max?


And now we count the seconds until it does 🙁
It was nice while it lasted

high end hobo

thanks dan.
everyone thinks i have the weirdest chol hamoed trips. just going back and forth between office depot and target 😉


@Dan, any word on these vanilla visas working with no fee on Evolve money or are they a 3% fee now? thanks

Paul W.

Dan – I live in KC on the KS side, can you say which OD/OM stores you went to that were fee-free? I’d like to do some “shopping” after work today…

Dan T

anyone know if this is working in Toronto?


not working in office max in brooklyn/ atlantic mall. They are charging fees


@Dan T:
There is no office depot in Canada.


Just tried at OfficeMax on Long Island. They said no CC on gift cards. When I asked how long it’s been like that they said 2 weeks ago.


@dan – can I load these to my red card online as a “debit card” or will it only work in stores?


Just to be clear….the madtercards can be used to load the redbird?


UPDATE * yes, the vanilla cards do work on evolve, but their is the 3% fee attached


Just used ink plus for $500 of FREE visa gift cards at the Elmont, Long Island Branch – near West Hempstead! They said its a max of $500 per person


I just bought 2k worth of vanilla visa ($200’s) in OD and went to Walmart to load them to BB and it says not debit.
Now I am stuck with that $$… How can I unload those cards?


You can start by reading this post…


Dan, you say you can load vanilla visa to BB limit $49.99 per transaction and didn’t work!


You tried at the ATM?


Yes! It didn’t work!


Just did it today, works fine.


At the ATM/kiosk?? With the vanilla visa fixed amount??
Did you do $49.99 or a different amount?
I tried several times and nothing.
Have been using BB to load gc’s for years so don’t know what happened this time?


Thanks for the post!
Just left OM. Too bad they had just one $200.So I got $100s



Did you set a pin for the cards??


Could we load our red cards with these vanillas online?


In San Fransisco they told me they got an email today that u can only do cash. Even fixed amounts


@Help: I’m certain you could donate them to a worthy tzdaka


Update: I just went to two other stores and it worked.


how can i liquidate the AMEX gift cards?


@eli: read the post


Where can u get money orders with vanilla cards?
Is money order free?


How do I liquidate Mastercard gift card at a Walmart ATM?


@Steve: @Steve: yes, I used the PIN.. No good!


Thanks Dan loaded up on 25 cards.


You guys are morons to buy thousands of dollars in gift cards if you don’t know how to liquidate them. You should stick to getting CCs from Million Miles if you don’t know what you are doing


Dead as of 4/7


Anyone know if its still working this morning?


Worked in Bucks Cty, PA at OM. Took CC as payment. Bought 6 x $100 GoWallet cards. All the $200 cards were gone. Cashier had to get override from manager to go through for more than $500.


Worked yesterday at Severence. Not working today. thanks for tbis unreal deal.



Not that blunt! 🙂


Waa dead in Baltimore – Office Depot Owings Mills. Would not let me unload in Target either with the Vanilla $200 GC


Deal does not work in CA. OD had plenty of $100 cards but $5.95 fee still applied. Mgr said it was a state fee that was non-waivable. Unfortunate as they appeared to have an unltd supply of the $100 cards.


I can confirm that it does not work at Office Depot in Florida City

Derek Dovid Jeter

It seems that hardly any Office Max/Office Depot have any of the $200 VISA cards. They all seems to have the $100 denominations.


Found an OD in central CA yesterday during a road trip and grabbed a bunch of $200 VGCs. Thanks Dan!

Barry Lincoln

Dead in MI…


Worked yesterday in Indy at OM but today dead at same store.


Check two OD in San Diego, they never heard of it and only had Visa Vanilla GC

David Klein

Went to OM yesterday in CO and deal worked just fine. Went today to same store and was dead at the same store.


Can someone please answer if these can be added online to the target Red card as a debit card?? Or does it only work in stores??


@dan do you know if you can use a OD gift card to buy visa gift cards in the store?