End Of An Era: 1 Week Left To Get 2 Free Systemwide Nights With The Hyatt Card

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Update: This offer will be changing at some point tomorrow. Now is the last change to signup and get 2 free nights that are valid at any Hyatt in the world! You can get approved for a Hyatt card even if you have been approved for 5+ consumer cards in the past 24 months.

Originally posted on 6/21:

From 2002 through 2010 Hyatt ran Faster Free Nights, a promotion that offered a free night in any Hyatt after every 2 stays. In 2009 I was earning 13,500 United miles+6,000 Hyatt points+1 free night at any Hyatt in the world for every 2 stays that I made.

The last Faster Free Nights promotion ended in August 2010. In September 2010 the Chase Hyatt card launched and essentially offered 2 “Faster Free Nights” for signing up. The nights could be used at any Hyatt in the world, which made them very valuable. Hyatt marketed these nights as an effective replacement for the Faster Free Nights promotions.

Alas, all good things come to an end. Effective on 6/29, the signup bonus on the Chase Hyatt card will drop from 2 free nights to 40K points. If you want to signup under the current bonus to earn 2 free systemwide nights after spending $2,000, you’ll want to do that before 6/28. If you add a free additional user with the current offer you’ll also get 5K bonus points.

The Chase Hyatt card is not subject to 5/24 guidelines.

Don’t have a Chase Hyatt card? You can view credit card offers by clicking on the “Credit Cards” tab on top of the DansDeals banner to view links for card offers. You can click on the link that says “View hotel cards” and scroll down to view card offers.

Here is the Hyatt award chart:

Hotel CategoryStandard Room AwardSuite Night AwardPoints+Cash Standard Room AwardCost of points saved with P+C Award
15K8K2.5K+$502 cents/point
28K13K4K+$551.38 cents/point
312K20K6K+$751.25 cents/point
415K24K7.5K+$1001.33 cents/point
520K32K10K+$1251.25 cents/point
625K40K12.5K+$1501.2 cents/point
730K48K15K+$3002 cents/point

As you can see, 40K points is enough for 2 free nights in a category 5 hotel, but 2 nights in a category 7 hotel like a Park Hyatt in Paris, SydneyTokyo,  or New York will cost 60K points. Paid rates can cost up to $1,200/night.

2 nights in a category 6 hotel like the Grand Hyatt Kauai, Andaz Maui, or the Park Hyatt Maldives will cost 50K points.

Park Hyatt Sydney and Sydney Opera House. Picture taken from Sydney Harbour Bridge:


Those rates will come down slightly if you take advantage of the annual points rebate promotion for cardholders, but it will still cost more than 40K points.

Of course points have the advantage of never expiring if you maintain account activity, but Hyatt gives about 13 months to use the 2 free nights from when you finish the $2,000 in spending.

The card gives Discoverist status, which gives free premium internet, bonus points, and 2PM late checkout.

The card also gives a free anniversary night at category 1-4 Hyatt hotels, which is worth much more than the $75 annual fee. For example that covers a free night at the category 4 Andaz Costa Rica Resort, where rooms can cost up to $650/night. The Hyatt Place LaGuardia is also a decent hotel for an anniversary night, as the only anniversary night eligible Hyatt in NYC.

Chase recently discontinued the Fairmont card which gave systemside free nights as a signup bonus. This Hyatt card change will leave the Chase IHG card as the only hotel card left that will give a free night that valid at any hotel in the chain, which it gives an an annual anniversary bonus. That card is also not subject to 5/24 guidelines.

Where have you used your most valuable Hyatt free nights over the years?

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Big Sur, and soon Manhattan

First, at your recommendation. Next, what the heck?


How long after meeting the spend threshold will you receive the 2 free night to use?


What if I have had the card within 24 months (I just canceled mine 5 months ago) will I still get the bonus? TIA


Can I get it again if I had it been closed for about 2 yesrs

Ed Travel

Is it too late, if I sign up got the card is it going to be too late to sign up for the card? Usually it takes like a week to get the cards on the mail…


2x @ NYC Andaz & 2x @ One57 Park Hyatt.

The only other card I had for room rewards was Ritz Carlton card 3 nights – used in Ritz Carlton Herzliya.

Each one was awesome!

It was a good ride


I got the card over two years ago. If I cancel the card and reapply would I get the free nights or do I need to not have the card for two years?


The Hyatt in manhattan is a ctogory?
Any Hyatt in Jerusalem?
First year fee waived?
Any other good features to card?


I’m confused, if the upcoming offer of 40k is enough for 2 nights then what is the difference from the current 2 free nights that come with it?

Also, doesn’t the marriot card also (not just the ihg) give a free night on anniversary?



@Confused: this offer is 2 free nights for any category


Dan I currently have the Hyatt card if I close it and sign up again in six months when their offering only 40 k can I get the bonus? Or do I need to wait 24 months from the time I received the card member bonus from the two nights thanks


hhonors surpass is currently giving a free anniversary night for 1 year


honestly, i think for most people, this is an upgrade not a downgrade. Do i really nned to stay in the fanciest hyatt in the USA? points are way more practical…

joshua friedman

I see that it’s 24 mo. from the last bonus. Is that the 2 free nights, or does that “Bonus” include the free anniversary night every year? Not sure if it’s been 2 years since the latter. Dan?


I like both offers, but like the current offer more for its $50 statement credit.


Hi Dan, so you said as long as i didnt get th bonous within 24 months im fine. Does this mean i have to close my current hyatt card inorder to sign up for another one to get the bonous or can i keep it open and apply for the hyatt card again and get the bonus


This will kill the market for $200ish nights at the Park Hyatt New York! 😉

Michael K

Hey Dan, do you know what level room available for the two free nights at the Maldive location? I looked at the website and they vary quite significantly. I only one room is available for points but I’m wondering if the free night certificate opens up higher rooms?

Ty dan

Dan- I get out of 5/24 rule in mid July if I apply 6/28 and call reconsideration depwithink 30 days to get approved late July will I still get 2 nights ty


Dan no hat tip? Posted it in the forums here: http://forums.dansdeals.com/index.php?topic=3204.2100


anything in israel?


When you say this card “isn’t subject to 5/24”, does it count if next week you apply for one of the cards on which they look at 5/24 eg, CSR?


Please note that the 2 free nights must be used within a year from being issued otherwise it will expire as it happened with me that I lost my second free night because I thought I would use it some time


Been exactly 25 months since i last received the 2 night bonus. I still have the card open. If I cancel today, do you think I will be approved if I apply for the card again next week before the deadline?
Also, what happens to the free anniversary night in my account, does it stay active as I still have the account, just not the cc?


I am over 5/24. The Chase website said it could take up to 30 days for review. If approved, will I still get the 2 free nights or the 40K?


Just want to say that thanks to you, my wife and I both got Hyatt cards last year and spent 4 nights at the Park Hyatt Sydney. Amazing experience! Thanks!

24 month wait period

So I was approved for the card and 2 free nights posted in January 2015, however I only used the free nights in January 2016. I cancelled the card soon after. If I apply now, will I get the bonus again?


Are you sure it’s not subject to 5/24?
Is it written anywhere?
I was declined, went to a Chase bank and the rep said that it was due to 5/24 rule. Where is the language otherwise that I can go back and get a recon?



Can I use the 2 free nights for a suite?

Many pulls

If I am over 5/24 and in the last 6 months have about 6-7 pulls ( none for chase) on my credit report is it worth applying? Is it risky? Will chase shut me down?


What card can I downgrade to after the first year?


I don’t see a link for this. Am I missing it?


@Dani: I got $50 statement credit and 2 free nights few weeks ago


I just received my 2 night credit already made reservations for next week with ur points transferred to hyatt world points can I still take advantage of the credit?

Can I transfer back Hyatt world points back to ur?


This card gives really large credit lines compared to other Chase cards.


Applied and got email that they need to approve. Application status is closed.

Will I lose out if not approved today?


Oh do i miss the days of just applying without thinking of 5/24 and the sort!! those were the days!


So every year now you will get a free night or points?
Also when I try applying today it still shows benefits as 2 free nights.

I think I rather have the points as they do not expire.


the offer with 2 free nifgts is still up and running


@Dan: Whys hould I apply if I know I won’t be going anywhere fancy in the next year. I plan on Israel next summer but there is no hyatt there correct?


Is this dead? I may have missed it. Please let me know if the application is still up.


Just completed a stay at the Park Hyatt Vendome in Paris. On the first night, bizarrely, a strong cigarette smell in the room, presumably from someone smoking next door. Complained and received an upgrade from the standard to a deluxe king room + comped a bottle of champagne. Got to Paris using a British Airways deal on this site from earlier this year. Several people got rerouted on the way back (apparently BA is notorious for this?). But BA bumped me + 1 to business class for free, the last two seats on the flight. Thanks, Dan!