Last Chance! Earn Up To 100,000 Bonus Miles On The Capital One Venture Card!

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Update: This offer will end soon!

Additionally, the time period to redeem points at 1 cent each for dining and streaming has been extended from 12/31/20 to 4/30/21. 

Originally posted on 9/30:

Earn Up To 100,000 Miles On The Capital One Venture Card!

Signup bonus:

For a limited time only, you can earn 50,000 Capital One miles for opening this card and spending $3,000 in 3 months. You will get an additional 50,000 miles for spending another $17,000 in 12 months.

As you earn 2 miles per dollar everywhere, that’s a potential 140,000 miles for spending $20,000 in a year. 140K miles can be used for $1,400 of travel, dining, or gift cards. Or it can be transferred into 105K airline miles.

The previous signup bonus offers on this card was 50K miles for spending $3,000 in 3 months.

Note that Capital One pulls and reports to all 3 of your credit reports. Capital One typically awards signup points even if you have the card in the past. It can be difficult to get approved for more than 1 Capital One card every 6 months.

Annual fee: 

There is a $95 annual fee for the primary card and no annual fee for additional cardholders.

Card earnings: 

Spend Threshold:

You’ll need to spend $3,000 on this card within 3 months for 50K miles or $20K in a year ($1,667/month) for 100K miles.

You can pay your federal taxes for a 1.87% fee. If you overpay your taxes you can request a refund or apply it to your next year’s taxes.

My local natural gas company allows me to prepay up to $1,000 on a credit card for a $1.65 flat fee. That’s a great way to earn miles and help meet a spend threshold. My electricity supplier allows me to pay with a credit card for free as long as I am enrolled in autopay.

Card benefits:

  • Rental car CDW insurance
  • Extended warranty
  • Lost Luggage Insurance
  • Travel Accident Insurance
  • Purchase protection for items damaged or stolen within 90 days

Use points for travel:

You can redeem your points to pay yourself back for any travel related expenses (airfare, hotels, car rentals, cruises, ride sharing, etc) or book new travel at a value of 1 cent per point.

Use points for gift cards:

You can redeem your points to buy gift cards to stores like Amazon at a value of 1 cent per point.

Use points for dining and streaming:

Through 12/31/20 4/30/21, you can use points to pay yourself back for dining (including eat-in, takeout, or delivery) and streaming services at a value of 1 cent per point.

Global Entry/TSA Pre-Check Credit:

You can get reimbursed for Global Entry/Pre-Check Membership fees ($85 for Pre-Check or $100 for Global Entry and Pre-Check) every 4 years. Membership lasts for 5 years, so you will be able to renew before your membership lapses. Global Entry/Pre-Check make flying so much easier. I got Global Entry and Pre-Check for free for my entire family via credit cards that offer free membership!

Airline and hotel transfer partners:

You can transfer points from Capital One into these 14 programs at a 2:1.5 ratio:

  • Aeromexico (SkyTeam)
  • Air Canada Aeroplan (Star Alliance)
  • Air France/KLM Flying Blue (SkyTeam)
  • Avianca LifeMiles (Star Alliance)
  • Cathay Pacific Asia Miles (OneWorld)
  • Etihad (No alliance)
  • EVA (Star Alliance)
  • Finnair (OneWorld)
  • Hainan (No alliance)
  • Qantas (OneWorld)
  • Qatar (OneWorld)
  • Wyndham

You can transfer points from Capital One into these 3 programs at a 2:1 ratio:

  • Emirates (No alliance)
  • Singapore (Star Alliance)
  • Accor

By transferring points to Accor, you can also transfer points to the following airlines via Accor at an effective 2:1 ratio:

  • Iberia (Which can also be transferred to British Airways)
  • Virgin Australia


You can also combine points between Capital One miles cards and you can transfer miles to any Capital One cardholder!

Will you signup for the Capital One Venture Card?

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Can you have 2 centre cards open?


Can you get an instant card number

Chaim On The Run

Can the points be redeemed for any useful gift cards with a decent rate?


can we buy an amazon gift card @ 1 mile per 1 cent?


FYI, due to corona you can also redeem miles on takeout food and streaming services. I was able to pay for a whole year of Amazon Prime using Venture miles, and also most restaurant charges seem to be eligible for redemption.


where do they pull from? what is typical score required?


Declined. 3 CCs in the last 12 months. Pulled all 3 credit bureaus


If it’s 29k flying blue miles from NYC to Tel Aviv can you book a round trip for double that? Seems like this is the best option.


just signed up a few weeks ago think they will let me have the offer?


You can redeem over and over for the same travel transaction. So it’s essentially 2% cash back as long as you have a single eligible transaction!


They don’t allow anymore to redeem over and over for the same transaction


Denied, spotless long credit report with cards reporting balances. Around 7/24 give or take. Last Cap1 card was over 15 years ago. Looks like Cap1 will stay in the realm of irrelevance for another 15.


Same thing happened to me. I do have two other Capital One cards. Spark Cash and Spark Miles. High credit score, etc. Going to put my dollars from the Cash card into miles and onto Miles card and cancel the Cash card in response.

Chaim On The Run

It looked to good to be true!

Mike G.

Given Capital One is known for their subprime business, I firmly believe they only approve applicants that have less perfect credit and carry a balance. Customers who pay their bills on time are just not profitable business as the late fees and interest fees generated from the subprime side.


Same here, been getting offers from them forever. Actually got a pre-approved email from them with reservation and access code. Still got denied.

The Value Traveler

I also got this and got denied mths back. Never again….but boy this is tempting.


Both of us are 800+ 1-2% util

DW was approved for 75K offer 11/2018
She was PQ in checker I was not and TD
I opened two cards 60 days earlier

App’d 10/31/2020 Approved but cards apps have been slower this year.

We do have a rewards card from Local CU with a monster CL, last several years they have offered 1.99% apr on BT no fees every January.

Have used to pay off 0% Biz cards that were ending. We still made money on the Arbitrage on rates – even after Fed rates were still ahead of the game otherwise we don’t carry a balance.

the big x

When does this offer expire? Thanks Dan & Have A Gmar Chasima Tova!


Anyone know When does this offer expire?


It’s still on


I have this card but for cash back it’s only .50 of a cent cashback for every dollar spent so for 140,000 miles cash is only $700.


hi dan
I have a venture one card, but for some reason capital one didn’t give me the 20,000 bonus on the card.
two questions,
can I upgrade the card or would I need to reapply?
will capital one give me the 100,000 bonus if I upgrade (being that I didn’t get the 20,000 bonus on the venture one card)?

Chaim On The Run

Call capital one.


can capital one be used in israel with no extra fees?


The card in this post has no fees.


Can I apply for the card and receive the bonus if I have the Venture Card? I have the Venture card for over 3 years.

Traveler Dave


Same question. I have had a Venture card for 10+ years. Does CAP1 allow you to have more than one of these?


I have a venture but never activated it, do i get all this if I activate it now?


Why do you only get so many miles when you sign up for the card? What if you’re a loyal customer who has been using the card for years? Where’s the bonus 100,000 miles for THAT?


I was denied even though my credit score is excellent (773) and finances are OK. However, this is not unexpected (as per their letter): too many accounts opened during the last 2 years. Should I try calling?


reconsidoraiton phone number?


Dan, essentially all of my credit cards are with chase, including the sapphire reserve. That being the case, is it still a no brainer to try and get this venture card, and apply 20k in purchases to get the full 100k bonus points?


Can anyone confirm that you get instant credit card number like Amex?


Dan, what’s the story with downgrading this? Meaning what can you downgrade to, and after how long? Thank.


Dan, what is the best way to fly to dubai with capital one points? Thanks


I saw you wrote about shower class, but how many Capitol one points would it take before the transfer to fly rt economy?

Chaim On The Run

You can transfer points from Capital One into these 14 programs at a 2:1.5 ratio:
That means you lose points?


any luck with reconsideration department? Me & DW got declined