Don’t Forget To Check For Price Drops On Recent Purchases

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With lots of the lowest prices of the year happening today, it’s a great opportunity to check for price drops on recent purchases.

Many cards from Chase, Citibank, and Discover offer the ability to get back up to $500 if the price of an item drops. Discover and Chase give you 90 days from the date of purchase while Citibank offers 60 days.

If you file a price drop claim let us know how it goes in the comments!

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What about amex


How does that work? I would like to do that


Citi Rewind. Comes with the card. After your purchase, you go to Citi Rewind, insert your purchase and wait for Citi Rewind to track down a price match or better.


@dan Is that for credit cards only or also debit cards?

Tried Earny?

Anyone ever try Earny?


Thats the downside of GC….
Btw dan I was able to combine the AMEX17PRIME offer with 30% offer on a pair of ecco shoes.


Same here!


What is the price drop is only for prime day and not reflected when the cc investigates?


If you file such price drop claims with chase multiple times a year are you in risk of them shutting down your cards or banning you from future chase cards


Is this every chase card?

Not worth my time...

I just spent over 17 minutes on the phone with chase for a $5 price drop.
After the whole phone call, they referred me to anther website, where I have to fill out a bunch of forms, and proofs of 1) Receipt 2) CC statement of the charge, and 3) the ad of cheaper price. All for a lousy $5 not worth it;)

Old Timer

Yup, These benefits sound better than they are. until you hit the jackpot on them, by that time they already caught up with you on the annual fee.


Do the chase ink cards offer price drop protection?