Don’t Forget To Spend Your Chase Sapphire Reserve Travel Credit!

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The Chase Sapphire Reserve card comes with a $300 annual travel credit. If you max that credit it drops the cost of the excellent card down from $450 to $150/year. Read more about why the Sapphire Reserve is a must have card in this post.

If you applied for your Sapphire Reserve on or after 5/21/17, the annual travel credit is based on your cardmembership year. In other words if you opened a card on 11/11/17 and your statement closes on the 1st of the month, you will get a $300 credit for travel spending from 11/11/17 through 12/1/18 and it will reset annually on 12/1.

If you applied for your Sapphire Reserve before 5/21/17, the annual travel credit is based on the calendar year.

It’s important to remember that Chase’s calendar year credit ends once your December statement closes, so a calendar year can end anytime from 12/1 through 12/28. You can call Chase to push off your statement close date to as late as the 28th of every month (which would impute a statement due date of the 25th of every month).

Once your December statement closes you can start getting credit for the next calendar year. In other words if your statement closes on 12/15/18, you can start spending your 2019 credit on 12/16/18.

Click here to view how much of your annual travel spend has already been credited:

Wondering where you can use your travel credit? These categories have been confirmed as working for automatic travel refunds:



  • Uber Eats


Theme Parks and activities:


  • Amtrak
  • BART
  • Bridge tolls
  • Buses
  • Car rentals
  • Car2Go
  • Eurostar
  • Ferries
  • Greyhound
  • Jerusalem Light Rail
  • Limos
  • Long Island Railroad
  • Lyft rides
  • Megabus
  • Metra Rail Chicago
  • Muni/parking meters
  • NJ Transit
  • NYC MetroCard
  • Oyster card
  • Parking apps
  • Parking garages
  • Prepaid EZPass tolls loaded with the one-time payment option online or over the phone. If the system auto-loads then it may not count as travel, though it usually does.
  • Prepaid I-Pass tolls loaded via one-time payment
  • Prepaid FasTrak tolls loaded via one-time payment
  • Prepaid SunPass tolls loaded via one-time payment
  • Prepaid Washington DOT Good to Go tolls loaded via one-time payment
  • Postpaid 407ETR Toronto tolls
  • Subway travel
  • Taxis
  • Tolls
  • Trains
  • Trenitalia
  • Tunnel tolls
  • Uber gift cards only if they are bought from the MileagePlusX app for iOS or Android
  • Uber rides
  • Ventra Chicago
  • Zipcar

Know of other charges that will trigger a credit? Hit the comments!

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Viator gift certificates link doesn’t work. Also, Great Wolf Lodge gift certificates worked.


Thanx, some need a walk through on using Amex premium credits.


What’s the rate for uber eats? 100 points = how many dollars? Is there a place to look these up?

Great deals

Thanks for the reminder. I loaded $86 to my ezpass account to complete my $300 spend.

risa stroh

if my last statement was nov 5- dec 4 and it closed- then i can spend the new 300 now?


Got my card before the date in the post, just got charged the annual fee(for the second year) does that mean I should have the credit available now?


@Dan When I click the link it says I have only received 10 dollars of my annual credit. Does this mean that I should spend the remaining 290 on any of the mentioned items before my monthly close? And then will receive another 300 after 1/1/18? Or has my monthly close already occurred and now this is my 2018 credit I have already used $10 of. ( because I know I used the original 600 when signing up prior to 5/2017)


Was there a way to get 3 years worth of the travel credit with only one initial annual fee (credit for 2016, 2017, and 2018)? I remember you writing a post about earning all 3 with one annual fee if a Reserve was opened at a specific time (maybe sometime in December 2016) but don’t remember the details… I’m hoping to earn for 2018 and then close my card before my next annual fee.


I am confused. How do I claim this credit? I


Does Uber gift cards work?

marvan n

so dan does this mean that those of us who are grandfathered into the calendrical year cycle will get $600 travel credit/year for posterity? IE we should never even think about closing the card?


ReachNow won’t trigger the travel credit?


Hi Dan,

On my Ultimate Reward Point page it says…

“$0 Received
Get started!

Take advantage of this year’s $300 Annual Travel Credit by making eligible travel purchases. Your next year’s $300 Annual Travel Credit will begin after your statement closing date in 12/18.*

Now with the example above, does that mean if I spend $300 before 12/18 I can get another $300 after 12/18?


Will they claw back the credit if I refunded a SW anytime ticket ?


I got the credit for my LSTA payment – School Bussing fee in Lakewood


Nice. Put that in the bulletin board in yeshiva


I just added $143 one time payment to my ez-pass account to finish my $300 credit!!


Payment still pending, and don’t see a crdit yet. When does it usually post?


I opened in Jan ’17 got the 300 credit, when should i spend more to get next credit? My statements close on the 15th, do i leave that? I don’t want to keep it anymore.


After the 15th.


What about the traveling credit for the American express platinum card. Can you please write an article where you can get your traveling credit for the amex platinum card.
Thank You


Weren’t we able to get the $300 credit twice a year at one point (after cardmember year and calendar year)?


@Dan, Can you please clarify this? a lot of us are confused about it.

Jack out of the box

Rav Kav counts as travel.

Luggage carts in JFK airport do NOT count as travel plus by paying with a CC they add sales tax.
I recently payed some random taxi which didn’t come up as travel.


if i sign up for the card now and spend $300 can i get the bonus now and on the next statement?


Thank you so much for everything! this is what I got. Please let me know if I can spend 300$ now and if not, where did I go wrong? I got the card before the date in the post
Greatly appreciate your time.


How come gas isn’t included in the travel credit? I payed at a Mobil station and it didn’t go towards the travel credit


Which alternative can be liquidated for >98% face value?


Can I pay for my wife’s global entry pass with the travel credit?


My annual membership currently shows up on my card but isn’t due until January 1st. If I use my $300 credit now and then cancel my card in a few weeks before the due date will they ask me to pay that credit back when I cancel the card?

Eliakim (CKLA)

I called Chase and they claim SW GC’s do not apply for the travel credit, is the agent wrong?


Can someone advise, I have 120k UR points (no vacation days = no spending points) but no other CC besides the reserve. I want to downgrade in the next few days to get back some of my fees but don’t want to lose the points/ full value of the points.

Should I sell the points? (what is market for 120K UR)
Should I just keep the card open?


Link to check my travel credit at bottom of DDMS post isn’t working (for me).
Always thanks for your explicit writeups.

CSR fan

My dec statement closes on 12/17. so from 12/18 i can get $300 credit for 2018.
i got hit with the AF on 12/1.
if i get the $300 by 12/31 and cancel the card by 12/31, can i avoid the AF and yet enjoy the $300 credit?


in the same situation. Can anyone advise?


E-Z pass auto reload has always worked for me. I live in NYC if that helps.


Does it work for Amazon gift cards through the MileagePlusX app?


if i purchase a airline ticket & cancel it. will it apply to the travel credit ?


Take advantage of this year’s $300 Annual Travel Credit by making eligible travel purchases. Your next year’s $300 Annual Travel Credit will begin after your statement closing date in 12/17.*
Does that mean i can spend today $300 and on December 18 of this year?


i signed up in Feb 2017 with a statement close date of December 17, 2017. can i spend 300 between then and end december and start again in January? ie. any way to get that additional 300 mentioned in original post at this point?


can I buy 1 $300.00 american airline GC or do i need buy multiple GC?


Just want to confirm this bottom line in dumbed down, laymen’s terms:
My closing date was last week and the travel credit meter restarted.
1) Can I get the travel credit, then cancel/downgrade the card without a problem and having to pay back the credit?
2) If I downgrade to a No Annual Fee credit card from Chase, does it affect my rewards points (do I keep them)?
3) Recommendation on cancellation vs. downgrading and if downgrading recommended then any recommendations on which card to downgrade to?


Dan, my December statement closed on 12/1 Can I call in to move back my statement closing date to the 27th and still get a credit in 2017 and again in 2018?

Mr. Jundeff

same ?


I spent my travel credit for 2017 a day before the closing date. The transaction posted after that and now it was counted onto my 2018 credit. Is there something I can do to move it back to be part of my 2017 credit?


If I book and cancel a hotel does the credit go back or do I still keep the credit?

Joshua Freund

If I make a $300 travel purchase today and cancel my card today would I still get reimbursed

Josh M.

If I have until tom to cancel a cc without getting charged the annual fee and i want to spend the $300 travel credit would I get reimbursed even though I close it rite after (before the charge goes through)

Josh M.

Careful I did not get reimbursed for a delta gift card! I called them and they said it is a business purchase

Josh M.

Would delta reimberse me?


for Marriott does it matter if I get a hard card or e-gift card?


WMATA fare load (Washington DC / Maryland Virginia Metro Rail system)


I did not get reimbursed for Ocean Place gift card or gift card.

risa stroh

hi can i double dip next year Dec after statement closing if my account began in January 2017? wondering if to keep it open

risa stroh

@ dan can i double dip next year Dec after statement closing date if my account began in January 2017? wondering if to keep it open…meaning i spent 300 now after dec 5, my closing date so can i get 600 in credit thru next dec?


I double dipped and received a second $300 travel credit (on both my wife’s and my own card, total of $600 in credits). We used the credits to travel to Cancun and the points to book the Hyatt Ziva (totally AMAZING).
On my Feb CC statement, the $450 annual fee was applied. I called to cancel (as is in within the 60 day window), and the rep told me that the remaining points on my account would expire after 30 days of cancelling the card. I thought, I recall reading, that the points do not expire if card is cancelled.
@Dan, can you concur?? Is this just another HUCA case??


Got credit for airport parking at The Parking Spot.


Does purchase of gas at gas station get reimbursed as travel credit?


Does Isreali car rentals count? and is there primary coverage for car rentals in Israel?


Hi, Is this list of purchases that can give travel credit up to date and all of them still work? I want to spend $287 soon and I am still to decide if I want to keep the card for this renewal cycle