[Ends Today!] December Credit Card Freebies And Bonus Offers Added Due To Coronavirus; Where Have You Used Your Credits?

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There are lots of credit card freebies and offers being offered due to COVID-19:

Which of these offers have you been taking advantage of?

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27 Comments On "[Ends Today!] December Credit Card Freebies And Bonus Offers Added Due To Coronavirus; Where Have You Used Your Credits?"

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Having trouble figuring out the Dell Biz Plat $200 spend… dont really need a monitor, etc… I guess xbox GC to microsoft store for later?


!! Important!!
Dan why don’t you mention that you can get $150 (or even reportedly up to $250 statement credit fee reimbursement for sapphire reserve if you already paid the annual fee?

Pete Weiss

Does the streaming credit trick still work on amazon


what trick?


My $300 CSR credits for 2021 began to post this month. Why are they posting before 2021?


amex green clear credit


just got reserve card – does the 2020 doordash credit go after purchase date or post date (charges can be pending status for a 2-4 days)?


if i sign up today using my new reserve card for DoorDash DashPass, will it expire in 12 months?

if wait till jan 1, 2021 to sign up will it last 24 months?


none of the chicago restaurants seem to work with doordash. how can i use my $60 left in 2020 CSR’s credit before it renews?

this is the response i seem when i click on some kosher resturants “Store is unaffiliated with DoorDash. DoorDash customers can still place orders.”


Use it at CVS or Walgreens


Does the airline and dell credit go by the charge date or the posting date?

Aay B.

Same question here. Can I still use my $200 2 business platinum cards and receive the statement credit for this period?


Just registered my United Explorer card with the above link. The link registered me for 5 United points on spend for gas/groceries/drug stores from Jan. thru Mar. 2021. Maximum of $1500 spend for entire period.


Dan, sorry If you have already answered this elsewhere, but is there any indication which of the new credits will be extended into January and beyond?

A guy

Have $30 left from my amex gold card travel credit.
Will a gift card trigger the credit?


Can I get a $200 dell credit on dell gift cards?


Any idea whether Amazon fresh or Instacart code as grocery stores for the Citi Prestige credit? I called and the customer service person said she didn’t know.

Pete Weiss

Any of these been extended in 2021? Aside from the new paypal credit