Current Mega Signup Bonuses From Chase

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Chase has really stepped up their credit card offers in recent years. The signup bonuses, point transfer partners, and credit card spending bonus categories have really stolen much of the thunder of one-time wundercards like the Starwood American Express.

Besides for the mega signup bonuses and earning 2, 2.07, 3.21, 5, or even 5.5 points per dollar in different categories on various cards, the Chase UR points themselves are much more valuable than points from most other banks that are worth only a penny each.
How so? Here are just a few examples of redemptions that I have made:
-A United business flight to Israel for 120,000 miles instead of $5,000, a value of over 4 cents each.
-A last minute United mid-haul coach flight cost me 20,000 miles instead of $850, a value of over 4 cents each.
-A Park Hyatt hotel in Paris, Sydney, Zurich, or the Maldives is $1,000 a night or 22,000 points, a value of over 4 cents each.
-A last-minute BA flight that I took was 9,000 points or $1,200, a value of over 13 cents each.
-2 first class Korean flights I took cost a total of 95,000 points instead of $13,000, a value of over 13 cents each.
-A regular old Southwest flight in coach will be worth 1.9 cents per point or 3.8 cents if you earn a companion pass.
Here’s a quick roundup of the current offers:

Chase Ink Bold and Chase Ink Plus business cards.
Signup bonus: Both of these cards give 50,000 bonus Chase Ultimate Rewards points each for spending $5,000 within 3 months. You should easily be able to get a value of at least 1.9 cents for your Ultimate Rewards points, making the signup bonus worth $950. The Ink Plus is a credit card and Ink Bold is a charge card.

They both have no annual fees for the first year, no foreign transaction fees, and 2 free lounge visits per year (even for free additional user cards!)

But even more importantly you earn 5 points per dollar at office supply stores, where you can find hundreds of gift cards to other online and retail stores. And that’s besides for 5 points per dollar on telecom, cable, and internet as well as 2 points per dollar on gas and hotels.

50,000 signup points and 5 points per dollar earning makes the Ink cards a must-have for any mileage junkies.

If you need some help to meet the spend threshold you’ll want to signup for a free Bluebird card from where you can pay any of your bills or write checks. Chase is still selling gift cards with no fees and free shipping that can be loaded onto Bluebird. Plus there’s Amazon Payments, Vanilla Reloads, Vanilla MVDs, or even buying Visa gift cards (which work on Amazon Payments and Bluebird as well) or store gift cards from office supply stores with 5x points, it’s really not all that difficult. Even if you pay your federal taxes via a credit card for a 1.88% fee, you’ll be coming out way ahead thanks to the generous signup bonus.

Read more about getting business cards and the credit benefits of using business cards in this post.

Read more about the awesome Chase Ultimate Rewards program in this post. Points transfer to some of the best airlines and hotel programs out there.

-Chase Sapphire Preferred
Signup bonus: 40,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points for spending $3,000 within 3 months. The annual fee is waived for the first year.
You should easily be able to get a value of at least 1.9 cents for your Ultimate Rewards points, making the signup bonus worth $760.

Sapphire Preferred offers a 7% points dividend every February for the previous year’s purchases, effectively making the card earn at least 1.07 points per dollar spent. You will also earn 2.14 points per dollar spent on restaurants, airfare, hotels, car rentals, charges in airports, travel agencies, caterers, timeshares, trains, buses, taxis/limos, ferries, bridges, tolls, and parking. On the first Friday of every month you earn 3.21 points per dollar on dining. There are no foreign exchange fee.

-Chase Southwest Visa Signature
Signup bonus: 50,000 Southwest points for spending $2,000 within 3 months.
This offer is scheduled to end on August 6th.
There are 4 versions of this card, each giving 50,000 points that are accessible via the link above under the “Additional Southwest Airlines Credit Cards.” They include a consumer and business premier card with a $99 annual fee that have higher annual bonuses and no foreign exchange fees and a consumer and business plus card with a $69 annual fee that have lower annual bonuses and charge foreign exchange fees.
When used for flights points are worth roughly 1.9 cents each and when used for gift cards points are worth 1 cent each, making making the signup bonus worth anywhere between $500 and $950.
If you collect 110,000 Southwest points in a year from select sources, including all points from Southwest credit cards, you can to bring along a companion for free on all of your Southwest (and Southwest coded Airtran) flights for the remainder of the year and for the entire following year. That’s good on paid flights and on award flights, so you can effectively get twice the value out of your points earned.
The best part about Southwest? Award changes and cancellations are free and everyone gets 2 free checked bags.
Read this post for more info on the Southwest program and various options for the points for non-flyers, such as $500 in gift cards to various stores.

-Chase British Airways Visa Signature
Signup bonus: 50,000 BA Avios for spending $1,000 within 3 months.
You should easily be able to get a value of at least 1.3 cents for your Avios, making the signup bonus worth $650.
With short-haul flights starting at just 4,500 Avios you can get a lot of free travel from your Avios. Plus BA doesn’t charge any last minute expedite/close-in fees, doesn’t collect massive fuel surcharges for flights on AA within the Western Hemisphere or on Aer Lingus, Alaska, Air Berlin, LAN worldwide, and only charges $2.50-$10 (just the 9/11 fees) to cancel a domestic award.
Cardholders also get 10% off paid BA tickets and can earn a companion award ticket if they spend $30K.
Want to learn more about the BA Avios program. I’ve written up an entire knowledgebase of facts that you can peruse.

Other awesome Chase cards with lesser published signup bonuses that you can add onto a “3BM” with just 1 credit pull include the Chase Ink Cash (which has no annual fee and has 5 point per dollar and 2 point per dollar categories along with free lounge passes), Chase Freedom (which has no annual fee, gives 5 points per dollar in rotating categories, and 10% bonus points if you have a Chase checking account) and the Chase United Explorer (which gives free luggage, free primary car rental insurance worldwide except Israel, expanded saver and standard award ticket availability, priority boarding, a 10K bonus for spending $2%K in a year, and more). There is also a business version of the United Explorer (click on “are you a business owner” on the Explorer application) and a Club version of the United card (click on the Club tab on the Explorer application) that gives 1.5 miles per dollar spent, 2 free checked bags per person, a United Club membership with unlimited free lounge and airport terminal access for you and your family, and waived expedite fees on United awards.

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Do you know where i can get 1.3 for my Avios? Thanks.


I saw that picture u posted of a nice amount of your personal credit cards can you tell me how you keep such a great credit score to get accepted to do many cards please share the link from your forums thanks


The United SM match is still going strong as well.

I got matched to 55K+$50 on the consumer card and to 50K+$50 on the business card.


I get declined for all chase cards. Too many reqests. Even when I call them. How do u open so many cards?


what do you write to get matched on united?


Related question I have a credit card dilemma for buying groceries; should I use
1. Hilton Amex and get 6 points per dollar,
2. Amex blue and get 3% back, or
3. United visa which gives me 2 miles per grocery dollar.
Any thoughts?


Do you pay all the annual fees for all these cc’s? Can you cancel after year 1 and keep the points earned?

Dans the man

I just got declined the united 50k bonus sign up….


When I pay for page plus doesn’t come up as telecom charge, what can I do to get x5?


Did you offer to move credit over or close other cards when you called?

Just that your colleague got those offers that I mentioned and you would like to get matched to them.

@Dans the man:
Big deal. Just call reconsideration.



How did you get a united flight to tel aviv for only 120,000? Is that a round trip or one way? I can’t seem to find it that cheap on the website?


“2 first class Korean flights I took cost a total of 95,000 points instead of $13,000”

How do you figure 95k for 2 fist class (one way?). via united?

simcha adler

Can you direct me of where I can sell my Saphirre points at 1.9 cents? I’m getting quotes in the 1.75 range.


@Dan, question does the Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa Signature or World card have a NPSL feature with it? If so does Chase report report full credit limit to CB?


I’m afraid to sign up to any credit cards. I had a low score for a while for too many inquiries. BH now my score is around 750-775, and I think it’s a good time to try again. But I’m not sure what to write in the application forms, as I can not prove that my annual income is $60,000 or whatever it is they want to see. Any ideas?? What should I write in the forms??? HELP!!


@Simcha Adler

1.75 sounds correct for selling them.


Thanks for this post, but i am pretty maxed out of Chase right now. Can you either direct me to (i looked but couldn’t find) a link to the forums for a Citi CC breakdown or you can you post one?


I also want to downgrade (not to pay the annual fee) on my chase mileage plus club card. Any ideas of what i can downgrade it to ( i already have the united plus card) can it be downgraded to a freedom card?


any comment on the barclay arrival card


How about the Chase Fairmont Visa Signature card?


I was denied a SW business card because I have too many recent inquiries and personal cards. Would offering to close personal cards or move around personal credit lines work for a new business card (I don’t have any current business cards)

Heshy V

Dan, How can I book the Korean air in first for 95,000 points? And is that for 2 travelers?
What are the best miles to use for a business or first class flight from NYC to the Far East?
Thank you.


I’m still with Starwood.

Only Starwood gives you 1.25 miles per dollar, on almost any airline, on all purchases.



How can you sell them? I thought Chase doesn’t allow it.


With what card do you get the points that can be usedfor the Park Hyatt Maldives,Paris,Zurich, etc?
Thank you Dan, for your wonderful tips and deals!




Any card that offers Ultimate Rewards points can be used for those purposes. Obviously, United and Southwest ones will be automatically deposited into the mileage account.

bal habus

Chase told me that my “business was not opened long enough”
and therefore did not give me the business chase ink card.
anything i do to get the card?


I offered to shift the credit and called recondideration. No dice. How did dan get all the cc?


@bal Habus ya thats one of the things they told me too!

I signed up for the 2 chase business offers a couple weeks ago and still says pending… when i called reconsideration they said because my personal credit was not established/low (hence i do not have a chase card and opened up some months ago) However, I spoke to 3 representatives and that told me same thing and couldn’t help me out at the moment :/ How do I get approved? Thanks!!


how long after i had southwest can i get another?
can you get approved for both southwest personal cards at once?


@ del

your are not supposed to.. doesn’t mean it wont work!


Hi Dan,

I have a Chase Ink card, but how/where do I get the invitation code so I can enroll in the Lounge Club? Thanks.


What does everyone here want from Dan? He’s not going to call reconsideration for you. Learn why you want the card for the benefits besides for signup bonuses and how to negotiate moving lines from other cards you have open and then call again yourself.


Dan, is there a way I can get the southwest chase card signing fee taken off? I signed up for myself and my wife-$200 upfront fees.

r u serious

@shimon you didnt answer previous questions!


@Shimon: +100


Dan is it risky to transfer chase ur to A ua account, without matching names?


The year of my Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is here. I want to get another Chase card. I already have the Business Ink and Business Bold (besides a few different AMEX ones). I was thinking of going with the Chase BA but in the small print it says that the offer is only for first time users. Any suggestion which card to get?


Anyone have experience flying with US Airways in R fare and receiving full 100% milege when crediting to Aegean? On Aegean’s mileage accrual chart for US Air, R is listed in both discount economy fares earning full credit and in also in the field of fares earning no credit? Anyone have a clue? ( I cant call international, they dont seem to have a toll free number) thank you.


Dan, I just got my BB in the mail. I need to meet spend requirement on two Citi Visa AA, where should I go from here ? All the chatter on what VR qualify or not to reload BB has really confused me. A little help …….

wanna get starwood amex

dan, the starwood card link u have on the top of this post goes to a landing page that says 10k bonus miles. isnt there a better offer?


dan I just tried doing the triple application in three browsers. I got one denial and two pending. this is where you shine- can I chase pay you to make the calls and get me approved. ive tried in the past and it never works for me


Wow, Dan recaps cc deals and everyone thinks there is a deadline?


I have a top-notch credit score precisely because I have dozens of active cards which help me keep a low utilization ratio.

Hilton points are “worth” about 0.3 cents.
United miles are “worth” about 1.8 cents.

Of course worth is relative, but once you establish your value then the equation should be easy.

120K round-trip. Look for the dates in green or blue on

I flew red-eye SIN-ICN and then ICN-JFK, more on the experience here:

I booked it with Korean miles that I transferred from Chase.
I’m still waiting to hear about the guy who will fly to Israel JFK-ICN-TLV in Korean suites.

@simcha adler:
I’m talking about the value to me.

If people are willing to pay you 1.75 or 1.8 then obviously they’re worth more than that to someone else.
Value is relative.

Best Barclay cards:
More on the Arrival:

In sum, a great card for cash back with a minor workaround.

Dreadful for spending but a nice signup bonus. Though some hotels like the Plaza and Savoy are blacked out for 9 months out.

If you don’t try you won’t know.

@Heshy V:
There are tons of awesome business/first options from NYC.
Cathay Pacific, Singapore, ANA, Asiana, Korean, etc, etc are all world class.

Yup, it’s great and simple.
Biggest issues are no transfers to United, transfers aren’t instant, and no real bonus categories.

But it’s still an all-around great card.

UR points transfer to Hyatt and there’s the Hyatt card though UR cards offer better bonus categories than that card.

Did you try calling and asking for it?

Thanks 🙂

So far nobody has reported problems doing it that way.

You had the BA card in the past?

@wanna get starwood amex:
If you browse incognito and then click on the link you will see the 25K offer.
More on Incognito here:

The point of a 3BM isn’t to guarantee approval (though it can help). It’s to get just 1 pull for multiple cards though you may have to work to get them approved.

The only deadline is on the Southwest card. Who thought there was a deadline?


I know that’s why I want to just pay someone to help me get approved. btw thanks for everything over the years


Can someone please read comment #15?


@ben or @Dan

Can one of you elaborate a little. I have been doing this for a while but never knew about getting offers for miles. Any info will be greatly appreciated.


If approved for SW Premier but not Plus card, what could be a reason for wanting both since they’re both Visa’s?


Yes, I had a BA card in the past. I also had a United in the past.


I wonder how old all these guys saying they got rejected are. 20 maybe 22.


some bloggers wrote that once u recd the bonus on ink plus, u cant get it again on the bold (or vica versa)if the first card is still open. is this correct?


Dan being that there is no credit check for a business card how long after getting a ink card do U suggest I wait before signing up for a chase personal card like ba or united?


@ben / @Dan

Can you give me some infor or a tip on how to fnd more info?


@Del: just google it there are a lot of people who look to buy miles like chase and Amex but its way more worth using for business flights, Chase for the right amount can get you 1.8 a mile and Amex 1.5


@Makdim: here is the link for the lounge passes


What do you want me to say?
If you make an income and have good credit you’ll be able to get credit cards.
AMEX is the one bank known for asking people to prove their income if they max out their credit line or do other risky behavior.

I ask for different cards to separate out expenses like Health savings account spending which should be on its own card.

People have gotten the bonus for both-which gets them over the hump for a free unlimited use Southwest companion pass good until the end of next year.

Stop reading 2-bit blogs. They couldn’t possible be more wrong.

Who said there is no credit check for Ink?
There is defined time limit to wait for a new Chase card.



on top of Dan’s Homepage there is a link top right for Sell my miles. you can ask them for a quote.


@Dan: Dan please advise regarding #14 question. It’s a very improtant consideration before proceeding. Thanks

Canadian admirer

will opening additional users on a chase card get signup bonuses or is it only for a new account?



i am opening a business and will be charging average of 50K a month on credit cards on product i will be purchasing, what is the best cards to use to get the most out of the situation.