Confirmed: Just Got My Sapphire Bonus After Converting To Mastercard!


-Chase Sapphire Mega Bonus Offers Will End On Tuesday, April 3rd At 10am!
-Is The Mega Sapphire Bonus Going Away, Bonus Offer Matching, And Other Thoughts On My Credit Card Lineup.

I opened a Chase Sapphire card late last year and got 50,000 points for signing up. No it wasn’t my first Sapphire card, though after cycling through cards I didn’t have any active Sapphire cards as that point.
Earlier this year I converted it to a Mastercard so that I would be able to have Rental car CDW coverage in Israel with no foreign exchange fees and earn 2.14 points per dollar spent there. By accident the card was converted to a non-preferred Mastercard and they had to upgrade it back to preferred and gave me 5,000 bonus points for the mistake and hassle.

Of course that left me without an active Sapphire Preferred Visa card, so I reapplied for the Visa and got a denial letter as I already had a Sapphire Preferred card. I called credit reconsideration (888-270-2127) who told me that I could not have 2 active Sapphire Preferred cards even if I needed a Visa and a Mastercard for the various stores that only take Mastercard or Visa (like Sam’s and dollar stores). However I then called the credit analyst department (888-245-0625) and they approved me right away when I offered to have my Mastercard credit line split into 2 to get the new card approved.

Well, I logged into my account and my first statement just closed and she’s a beauty 😀

Plus I’ll still get a 7% annual points dividend (about 4,000 more bonus points) on top of those points come next February. And my latest United card’s statement (that I applied for simultaneously with this Sapphire card) has closed as well with another 50,000 points after a secure message match. I’m afraid I’m hopelessly addicted to miles and flying in First Class!

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Can I ask how many Chase cards you already had when you applied for these two, and when your last Chase apps were before? Like to see if I can do this as well. Thanks.


what does spliting your credit line in 2 mean?
i just called them and they tell me i cant have both cards any other ideas


After getting approved for the last Sapphire card my active Chase cards are:

1. Sapphire Preferred Visa

2. Sapphire Preferred World Mastercard (converted from Visa)

3. Ink Bold Business (with Chase Exclusives linked)

4. Ink Classic Business

5. Freedom (with Chase Exclusives linked)

6. United MileagePlus Explorer Visa

7. United Presidential Plus. (Discontinued card)

8. United MileagePlus Explorer Mastercard (Discontinued card, though you may be able to change the Visa into a Mastercard)

9. Southwest

10. Hyatt

I try to do a 2bm/3bm every couple months.

It means I had a $20K limit on my Sapphire Mastercard and move $10K of it to get the Visa approved.
Do what I did, HUCA! (Hang up, call again) And try the other Recon numbers.


Is there still time to do this?


Sure, why not?


Thanks! Can you apply for the MC version today while the 50k affiliate link bonus still stands? Do you know of a link for that?


Mastercard should have a link for that, but you can definitely call to convert the Visa now and then apply for the Visa again to get the bonus.


i called and they said that they cant convert my card over the phone but maybe in a chase bank




Im about to do a 3bbm should I apply for a hyatt or freedom whats better ? My wife just got the hyatt.


If you’ll be able to stay in a fabulous Hyatt (like Kauai, Paris, Sydney, Maldives, etc) then the Hyatt signup bonus is very rich. You have about 13 months from when you first use the card to stay, though there’s no time limit for when you have to first use the card, so you can push that off for quite a while if you want. The free nights post within 4 days of when you first use the card.

Otherwise the Freedom is an excellent card for spending, has no annual fee, and the 30K after a secure message match is very good as well for a free card. Plus it only gets better if you also have a checking account and also have a Sapphire or Ink Bold card to transfer those Freedom points into miles.

You can’t go wrong either way!


@Dan: Dan what do you think of the amex Hilton Surpass card? 60k signup bonus, diamond elite status with 40k in annual spending. And the Worldoff in Yerushalim opening next year. I already am platinum with Starwood.


I’m just not a Hilton guys. Their points are worth maybe a quarter or a fifth of what Starpoints are worth, so spending on that card is pretty painful.

And you’re assuming the Waldorf isn’t crazy expensive for points and doesn’t play games with award availability like other Israeli hotels do.


Thanks , whats the most cards chase will approve in a year because I did a 3bbm 2 months ago , im thinking if I should apply for the ink bold now or wait to do it later since I would be able to apply for 3/2 business cards with one pull


There’s no hard limit. Just a matter of being able to talk reconsideration into moving cards and credit lines around to get more cards.


I happen to have the united presidential plus (formerly continental) is this a card worth holding onto being its no linger available?


If you like elite miles, sure, as no current card awards those.


So if its true that you can get the 50k bonus again by applying for the SP Mastercard while already having an open SP Visa, do you recommend applying before tomorrow when it goes down to 40k?


@Dan: How long will the elite status keep from earning elite miles that way?


Huh? Why wait for it to go down?

Elite miles applied to your account this year for elite status would give you status until 01/31/14. You get earn up to Platinum status, you can’t earn 1K status with elite miles from the PP card.


ur credit lines only 10k!!!



I did a 3bm in January. I had to call recon. to get approval for two. I didn’t get the third. Can I call them up now to reconsider that one, or will I have to completely reapply?


And I have 10 active Chase cards.

You only have 30 days to call Recon from the date on the denial letter, so you would have to try again.


i just converet my visa to a master card they say could take up to 7 days do i have to wait to apply for the visa again or i could apply allready?also i see on the ink bold application it says that they give 5x bonus points on evreyday businiss spending. does that mean any spending on the card or only specific spendings;and one more question will the signup bonus end complete or it’s just going to go down to 40k.


I have a freedom, have had it for years, can I get that 30k with a sm? How do I go about doing that?


hi just spoke to a whole bunch of chase rep’s today and they all told me that mc discontinued the car rental insurance in israel and that currently they dont hav any card that covers u in israel, anyone know 100% otherwise ?


@Dan: so, Premire miles can be applied at any time and will expire the following year?


Out of curiosity, would it matter if someone just applied directly for the MC Sapphire Preferred if they already had the Visa Sapphire Preferred? Any reason to do a conversion first to get the bonus?


I see you racked up a bunch of miles in the general “Travel” category, but none in “Ultimate Rewards Travel.” Is there a good reason not to use the Chase Ultimate Rewards booking client?


Just did 3bm per your posts (2 personal and 1 business). Got pending on all 3. I want to call in on them now. Will I do best to ask them about all 3 at once or only talk about 1 app, then call back for 2nd and 3rd on 2 follow up calls?


what is the difference between closing my sapphire preferred and transferring the credit line to my freedom card or switching the visa to a mc?


To support the site.


You can apply now.
Ink Bold gives 5x on office supply stores and telecom
The bonus will likely go down to 40K.

The 30K SM match is only within 3 months of opening the account, but you’re still welcome to try.
Login on and click on secure message center.

Nothing to do with Chase.
Master Rental provides coverage, call them.

Premier status lasts for the remainder of this year, the entire next year, and January of the following year.

Hotels only give benefits if you book directly from them.



I have neither the Visa Sapphire Preferred nor the Mastercard Sapphire Preferred, at present.

Is there any shot that by applying for both now (hopefully just 1 credit pull if I apply at the same time), I can end up with both? Or should I not even bother trying for both?


I would just pick 1 or 2 different cards to apply with the Sapphire to increase the odds of getting them all.


@Dan: got a number ? just so i can tell the rep i spoke to them


mazol tov on this dan!! i love my chase sapphire perrffered MASTERCARD!! and my freedom (hooked up with my checking) and my spg!! which i gt a full weekend at le meridian for 7,000 points!! what a steal! thanks


Dan, I did a 3bm a month ago (end of feb) do you recommend doing another or its too risky and i should apply for only the sp?


@Aryeh: I’d say you should wait longer between apps. But that’s just me.


@sky121: How long? could they shut me down for applying too often?


What’s a “secure message match” please. thx


@Dan: Dan whats your say on this ?


will i be able to change this cc at the end of the year to a free one so i dont have to pay the fee, without ruining my credit


I asked to b switched over to mastercard. The first rep told me that I can’t cuz it’s not a year yet. I called back to b told that they are submitting a request and will get a reply within seven- ten days. Can I go ahead and aoply tjhis morning for a new visa as they assume it will go thru


Whats 3bm that everyone keeps repeating?


I wish I can tell you there’s a clear answer…
How did you do in your last 3bm?

More info here:


Yes, you can assume that.



Thanks Dan! After HUCA quite afew times I successfully switched my visa to a mc and re applied for the sapphire and got approved! woohoo! right in time for another 50k points 🙂


I had the Visa Saphire, closed it and now reopened it, first statement generated yesterday but unfortunantely onlyt 3K points no 50K bonus, do you think it could still come on the next statement? I am waiting for my Saphire mastercard that got approved yesterady,, should I send them a secure message or wait a little still?



It can post on the 2nd statement as well, that has happened to me before.


@Dan: Thanks Dan, Have a Chag Kosher Vasemach and kleep up your great work.


@Dan: got 3 approved by calling. But maybe its too soon to get more cards


If you got all 3, then you probably could push through 1 more even though it’s just a month later.


I wanted to get the SP & Hyatt , its too high of a risk to apply for both-as in them shutting me down ?


2 weeks ago I switched to the Mastercard for rental car coverage in Israel. I applied yesterday for the Saphire Visa, called to get the app approved, transferred a credit line and it’s now in the mail en route to me! That brings me to 8 currently open Chase credit cards.

Thanks Dan!


worked like a charm!! got my visa preferred converted to master card avoiding the renewal fee 🙂 then approved for another visa signature preferred!! thanks awesome double dip on the sapphire


How can I get my Freedom card hooked up to the checking account. It’s been a few months and they are still not hooked up together. When I sent a secure message to Chase about it, they didn’t know what I was talking about.


Also, when applying for cc’s from Israel, I don’t seem to ever get immediately approved. Do you know if there is anything I can do about this? Thanks


my son applied for a chase sapphire card about 6 months ago. Due to a number of glitches, it seems there were 3 credit searches done by chase and he was denied all 3 times. Not to go into too many details, the first time he applied, there was some kind of computer glitch and he wasn’t sure the application registered. So, he applied again, but included only his meager income, rather than the household income. He may have been denied because of this or because he already had an application in the system. He then wrote them a letter explaining what had happened and he got denied again. At one point he spoke to a customer service representative who said his income is too small for the minimum $5000 credit line offerred on the sapphire card. He has had 2 credit cards in his name, but based on our (my husband and my credit history) for the last few years and the bills were always paid on time. Last year he was successful in getting an amex card for 50000 point signup plus $200 airline benefit. Should he lay low, or is it ok for him to apply for chase(freedom) or other cards like the new amex. I dont want his credit to be spoiled due to the 3 denials. Please help. His credit score is around 720. Thank you



i spoke to chase about converting the sapphire to mastercard for insurance in israel i was told that theres no insurance even for the mastercard?


Dan- What do you about the annual fees on multiple Preferred cards? Pay them?



are you sure that the master card covers israel because i spoke to chase and they said it dosent provide car rental coverage in israel.?

Mike twersky

When u converted preferred to a master, was it a world mastercard or regular? I just called and they said they were unable to convert me to a world because i was only 6 months old. Please Let me know.


@Dan: whats the diddrence between Sapphire Preferred Visa and Sapphire Preferred master card


i have a chase business ink card and chase will not let me transfer any points to no where also not allowing to change the type of card .any idea?


Hey Guys. I applied for the Sapphire card got approved for the visa called about 5 minutes after applying and requested that i be upgraded to world master. They upgraded w/o a hitch.


I just change my card to master I wanna know if I could get another 40k


i was holding onto 150k chase UR points which used to be able to be resold for almost 1.8 per point, now i am told only 1.5 and getting devalued further.
what do you suggest i do to get the maximum value for them, hold or sell ?