Coming Soon: Hyatt Visa Signature Card By Chase!


Hyatt is finally going to be offering a credit card.

It will be issued by Chase bank as a Visa Signature card.

What excites me are the rumored signup bonuses. One possibility is 1,000 points for every time you’ve stayed in a Hyatt over the past 2 years.  With their insanely generous promotions (Last October they gave 14,000 miles+a free night worldwide for $120 worth of stays) I’ve had dozens and dozens of stays that would qualify.  Another rumored signup bonus is a couple of free nights at any Hyatt worldwide.  Plus there will be benefits such as a number of confirmed upgrades to suites even on award nights.

The only problem is I just applied for a United chase card last week (hey 30K miles with no fee seemed worthwhile at the time) and Chase now only permits one card application every 6 months…

I haven’t seen any estimated launch dates for the Hyatt card yet, but stay tuned!

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I got the same issue…just got a chase card in October and they just denied me for the BA card when it came back up. They said it was due to too many inquiries.

This 6 month rule is really really annoying. I even asked the manager at the chase bank i go to. He said they now have zero “pull” when it comes to credit cards.

Dan, how long did you wait since your last chase app?


I was approved for 4 Chase cards (sapphire, continental personal, continental business and BA) in the past six months, and they told me in the bank that I’m pre approved for another one.


How the heck did you do that?!? Teach us your secrets:)


So dan, you really didn’t apply for the Ba card


How do Hyatt point redemptions (for hotels) compare to Starwood’s program? I looked into this years ago but the Starwood Amex made my decision for me.


Dan – Which United Chase card gave you a 30K mile bonus with no fee? Is that deal still around? Thnx


I got the 500 error message a couple dozen times a few minutes ago


Citi is starting to charge me $70 annual fee, anything to do about that? besides closing down card?!