Citi AAdvantage Executive Mastercard Now Offering A 60K Signup Bonus: Earn Up To 10 Free Flights!

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For a limited time only, the Citi AAdvantage Executive Mastercard is offering 60K AA miles for spending $5,000 in 3 months.

You can earn the bonus if you haven’t had this particular card in the past 24 months.

Cardholders can save up to 7.5K off round-trip awards to rotating destinations. With the card, discounted short-haul awards are just 6.5K miles one-way. After spending $5,000 on the card you’ll have 65K miles, or enough for up to 10 short-haul flights.

The card carries a whopping $450 annual fee, though it’s refundable if you close it within 37 days of that being billed. Sometimes the fee is billed on the first statement, sometimes its on the second statement.

Cardholders receive a full Admirals Club membership which allows you to bring your entire immediate family or 2 guests into the lounge. Up to 10 additional cardholders are free and they can also can access AA lounges and bring in their own guests or families for free as well. Membership alone is normally $550/year and this is the only card that gives a full Admirals Club membership that works for access even when you’re not flying on American (The Citi Prestige card doesn’t give access if you’re not flying American).

Admirals Club members can also access partner lounges from Alaska, Qantas, and other airlines.

There are no foreign transaction fees with the card. You and 8 companions get a free bag when flying on American as well as priority checkin, security, and boarding. You’ll also get 25% off in-flight food, beverages, and headsets.

If you spend $40K on the card in a calendar year you’ll get 10,000 bonus elite qualifying miles.

The card also offers free Global Entry or Pre-Check membership, which are amazing time savers for even infrequent flyers.

It’s worth noting that many AAdvantage partner awards (such as on like Air Berlin, Air Tahiti Nui, Cathay Pacific, Etihad, JAL, and LATAM) can only be booked by calling American to hold or book them.

If you actually want to collect AA miles and don’t care about the elite qualifying miles, you’ll do better spending on the Starwood Consumer AMEX or the Starwood Business AMEX as 20,000 Starpoints transfers into 25,000 miles on dozens of airlines, including American.

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Do you keep admirals membership if the card is closed?


Is it possible to accumulate the bonus miles and still cancel the card in time to credit the $450 fee?


@Yis1: it’s definitely possible

High end hobo

Yes I’ve done it myself

Thanks Dan will use this link today iyh.


“You can earn the bonus if you haven’t had this particular card in the past 24 months.” How is “haven’t had” defined? 2 years from when you were approved? from when you earned the bonus? from when you closed the card?


hi everyone i had the US airways card that was changed into the AA card. does that mean im disqualified from applying for this? because i never technically applied for it ever


I’ve done it many times.


USAirways never had a $450 executive card. Only having this exact card in the past 24 months will stop the bonus.

No Use for my 200k AA Miles

Good luck on finding an available flight on AA. I’m stuck with 194k miles and can’t get a domestic non-stop ticket on AA this summer.

No Use for my 200k AA Miles

There should be a post on educating us on how to find award availability. I’m stuck with tons of miles and cant find available domestic flights without stops


Kind of off topic but received a targeted offer for the Chase United card with a bonus of 70k miles. Thoughts?


do the 10 free additional card holders (can it be any last name?) have all the same benefits as the primary? including lounge access even when not flying AA, free bags, priority boarding et…?


@No Use for my 200k AA Miles:
Where are you trying to go?

@No Use for my 200k AA Miles:
I tried doing that with seminars…

Great offer!

It can be for any last name.
They can access AA lounged even when not flying AA, but other benefits are for the primary cardholder only.


@eli: AU must be flying AA to get into the lounge. Only primary cardholder had “full” access

Re: No Use for AA miles

I’ve found mileage available on AA to be sparse during the summer (with some one-way economy domestic flights going for as much as 60k) and often during the rest of the year as well. Even Skypesos have much better mileage prices on many flights.
I guess the best bet is to use it for the short haul flights which generally have better availability (and start at 7,500) than the longer domestic ones.


Do you have experience like that?
From what I’ve read they do allow Executive AUs AA lounge access even when not flying.

@Re: No Use for AA miles:
AA has indeed gotten very stingy this summer. The difference between AA/Delta and United is quite stark.
But the short-hauls for 6.5K-7.5K are a nice deal.


Our office spends a lot on tickets to sports games. Is the Citi premier/prestige the best cards to use (double miles), or is there a better card (gotta be one that can offer a large credit line)


That’s probably the way to go, assuming you can use Citi points.

Otherwise a card like Freedom Unlimited can make sense for 1.5 Chase points per dollar everywhere or AMEX EDP for 1.5 AMEX points per dollar everywhere.


Dan I hadn’t noticed this was Executive I thought it was yltypical AA card.

Are there any other increased signup bonuses on any non-amex cards? I need to go to California soon and would love to get a card that has points that will help me with flights and hotels

No Use for my 200k AA Miles

@Dan: I’m trying to go to NYC-LAX sometime this summer. No availability sAAver from now until October


@No Use for my 200k AA Miles: so true. I was looking from nyc to Miami a few times and nothing available


@No Use for my 200k AA Miles:
We use AA miles constantly. The catch is, in my mind, to use Miles and points, you have to plan waaay ahead. Just got this past Monday DFW-Frankfurt Business Class in March for 57.5K AA miles each way for 4 people. And I hope to find a good FRA-TLV deal in the next 6 or 7 months. In contrast, it seems cheap fares call for you to be able to act quickly. Do not give up, the deals are there. Us in the hinterlands envy “y’all” in the Northeast and West Coast with all the amazing deals that seem to come your way 😉


which card would I downgrade this to at the end of the year to avoid the annual fee


Recently opened one at 50k/3k. Via SM, got 10k bonus miles! (No mention of the 5k spend vs the 3k spend)


any chance they will bring back the 100k or 75k offer this summer? Or is this one the replacement?


@No Use for my 200k AA Miles:

Please let me know if you find anything. I’ve looked through every airline and can’t find any saver space. It’s the most difficult route


Earn up to 10 free flights? is that besides the 60K points?

Jersey Joe

Says up to 10 additional cardholders are free. Is the Global Entry or Pre-Check membership for one person or all cardholders? Makes a big difference.


About: “Up to 10 additional cardholders are free and they can also can access AA lounges and bring in their own guests or families for free as well.”
The primary card shows Admirals Club access on the back of the card. The additional card does not. Is the additional cardholders club access only when flying on AA?


Dan, do I still get the points if I spend 5k but close the card before they’ve been posted to my account? It says it can take 8-10 weeks for points to post.


how do i close the card and staying withe the miles i earned? i called in and asked the membership fee to be credited to my account they said i need to close the account and i am loosing my miles


@dan, i messed up and signed up for this card and forgot about it. i was charged $450 twice now, and haven’t used the admirals club or any other features 🙁 I canceled the card, obviously, but i’m so upset about the $900 loss. Given that the second charge was in September, I’m trying to dispute it with my bank, though I doubt it’ll work. Any suggestions??