Check To See If You Are Targeted For A Chase United Card Spend Bonus

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Check To See If You Are Targeted For A Chase United Card Spend Bonus

Enter your United credit card info and MileagePlus number in the link above to see if you are targeted for a bonus miles spend offer.

  • Register by 9/15
  • Spend between 7/1-9/30
  • You will receive credit for spending done before registration.

Both my and my wife’s United Quest Card was targeted to choose between offers like:

  • $100 TravelBank funds for spending $4,000
  • 400 bonus PQPs for spending $4,000
  • 8,000 bonus miles for spending $4,000
  • $10 TravelBank funds for spending $500
  • 50 bonus PQPs for spending $500
  • 1,000 bonus miles for spending $500

This offer will stack with additional earnings via this targeted promotion!

My Quest card is targeted there for 5 points per dollar on restaurants, groceries, and gas on up to $1,000 of combined spending between 7/1-9/30.

What offer are you targeted for? Will it be enough to dust off your United card?

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@dan What did you pick


$25 travel bank or 100 pqp or 2000 miles for 1k spend


13,000 bonus miles, if I spend $6,500 on the Explorer card. So total of 3X UA points on exactly $6,500 of spend. Not very exciting.


I got 13,000 bonus miles if I spend $10K. Wow, that’s $3,500 more that I have to spend. I wonder why so different? Fortunately, I will be paying one child’s university tuition fees at the end of August on my cc (no fees!) so that’s halfway there.


I have to spend $14,500 to get my bonus!
14,500 UA points or 725 PQP or $180 UA credit.


I was offered 2400 PQP points for spending $24,000.


$50 in United® travel credit*

when you spend $2,000 on your card


$125 TB or 10,000 miles for $5k spend for my spouse so it’s like 3x on all spend. Nothing for me as usual :(.


3,000 bonus miles*

when you spend $1,500 on your card

You’re on the path to earning bonus miles toward your next adventure. Spend $1,500 or more in purchases with your UnitedSM Business Card between July 1 and September 30, 2024, to earn your reward.*

Chap arein United

Chose 450 PQP for $6k spend


3000 miles, 150pqp, $35 for spending $1500


Spend $15,000 and choose either $280 United credit, 1125 PQP or 22,500 miles


Thats pretty good


Same spend $15,000 but only$185
Or15,000 miles


Not targeted AGAIN!


Same here


Nothing for me as usual :(.


Spend 57K
210 travel credit
855 pqp
17,100 miles


Dan, any idea why there’s a huge variation between what people are offered?

Sam Bee

spend 11k, get 245 credit of 19800 miles


1k miles on $500 spend.