Check Your Email To See If Your Platinum Card Is Targeted To Brings Guests Into Centurion Lounges For Free

Centurion Lounge Miami
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A week ago, AMEX stopped allowing Platinum and Business Platinum cardholders to bring in free guests into Centurion lounges. Adults guests now cost $50 and kids cost $30, though that fee is waived if you spend $75K/year on your card.

That was intended to help reduce lounge overcrowding. However when I called to cancel one of my Business Platinum cards, the rep noted that they were hearing a lot of feedback about that being a reason for cancelling the card. AMEX may be in quite the predicament here.

We used the Centurion Lounge in Charlotte on our way to the Bahamas last week before the change, and while it was crowded, our kids loved relaxing in the lounge’s empty family room. However I wouldn’t spend the money on the guest fees for that.

Interestingly, multiple DansDeals and DDF readers are reporting that they received an email with the subject “You’re now eligible for complimentary guest access to The Centurion® Lounge.” They will continue to be able to bring free guests through 1/31/24, despite just spending a small amount on the card.

In one case, it was sent after cancelling another Platinum card, though I didn’t receive one after doing that.


Have you received an email like this?

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not me

No, that’s disappointing. Benefits for only some cardholders based on unpublished guidance (if any) is not cool


I’ve hit my $75k spend, but my annual fee just hit and wondering if I should say because it feels like hitting my spend was worthless if they’re giving away guests for free again that I want to cancel lol.. any luck on bluffs out there getting the annual fee waived or reduced in some way?


People ask about retention offers all the time. I have seen some as high as 40K MR for $4K spend. Now getting the AF reduced or waived? Forget about it…But since your spend is so high, I would definitely try for a retention offer.


Didn’t get a retention offer

B Schwartz

I got that email in December


Amex lounges are worthless.
Last time I was in Miami the line to get in was an hour long.

In general there is nothing doing kosher wise or even non kosher.


Is the FLL lounge also packed? I was hoping to take a shower there after my trip next week..


No line to get in but the shower was closed last time I was there in December on a Monday morning


Good news – we wanted to let you know that your account has met the annual purchase requirement to receive complimentary guest access. You’re now eligible to bring up to two guests for no fee each time you visit The Centurion Lounge through 1/31/2024, subject to space availability.


Yes, but I also spent $75k.


If eligible due to spending, can you bring in children (if more than 2)?


Hope not — lounges already are like a nursery


Capital one lounges are great improvement over Amex lounges… just need to have more of them.


I got 3 separate emails for 3 different cards.


From what age do you have to pay that fee for you’re child




Just got it today


Jut got this:
Enjoy complimentary guest access to The Centurion® Lounge through 1/31/2025


Is it worth it to get the 40K retention offer? Or just cancel and get the card again next year?


The signup bonus is officially only once a lifetime (probably closer to 7 years tho)


Got it too

Max Miles

Hi does anyone know of a card that has return protection, without an annual fee?


I got the email on both my platinum cards…
On the 2nd I was going to cancel, but got a 75k retention offer.


do you call right before annual fee hits for retention offer or wait until right after?


I called a week or two before


I got that email yesterday


I got a retention offer for 40k points after spending 10k did it but not sure how it’s worth it, but didnt get the email for guest accseses


Took no more than 5 minutes to get a retention offer: spend 10K, get $40K points. Had already paid the annual fee, but it was within the 30 days from the previous statement, so I could have easily gotten the fee back.


I was in a centurion lounge last week. I was eating a turkey sandwich and was approached by an Amex employee and told although she knows that I have “kosher dietary restrictions” outside food is not permitted in the lounge due to “food allergy” issues. Not knowing the rules and not wanting to make a scene I put my sandwich away. Was she following rules? Was she an antisemite? Should I do something about this? Thanks for you input.