Chase Will Honor Sapphire Reserve 50% Bonus On Annual Fee Via Pay Yourself Back, But Only Through Tomorrow

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Back in May 2020, Chase added the ability to pay yourself back with rotating categories.

Until then, the Sapphire Reserve offered a 50% bonus value when points were used for paid travel and Sapphire Preferred and Chase Ink Preferred offered a 25% bonus value when points were used for paid travel. During COVID, Chase added those same bonus values for rotating Pay Yourself Back categories.

These are the categories that were announced for 10/1-12/31:

  • Sapphire Reserve 
    • Points are worth 50% more when redeemed for statement credits after using your card at Airbnb, dining at restaurants (including takeout and eligible delivery services). Additionally, Reserve cardmembers are able to use Pay Yourself Back for their annual fee.
  • Sapphire Preferred 
    • Points are worth 25% more when redeemed for statement credits after using your card at Airbnb.
  • Chase Ink Business Preferred and Ink Plus 
    • Cardmembers who utilize Pay Yourself Back can redeem points worth 25% more on business expenses related to internet, cable, phone services and shipping.
  • Chase Ink Business Cash and Ink Unlimited 
    • Cardmembers who utilize Pay Yourself Back can redeem points worth 10% more on internet, cable, phone services and shipping.
  • Charitable Giving 
    • Points are worth 25% more when redeemed for donations to select charities for all Freedom, Sapphire, and Ink cardmembers. Points are worth 50% more for Sapphire Reserve cardmembers.

However, this is what shows on the Sapphire Reserve Pay Yourself Back page currently:

Why is the annual membership fee only showing 25% if it was promised to be 50% through 12/31/22?

I reached out to Chase and they shared that,

“The 25% rate was updated earlier than anticipated, but Chase will be honoring all annual membership fee redemptions through 12/31/22 at the original 50% rate. This will be made whole for cardmembers in Q1 2023. The 25% rate will begin on January 1, 2023.”

In other words, if you use points to pay back your annual fee by 12/31/22 at a value of 1.25 cents per point, Chase will refund points in 2023 to give your points a value of 1.5 cents per point.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t bode well for Pay Yourself Back going forward as the value for annual fee will go down from 1.5 to 1.25 cents per point.

Additionally, I see that the Sesame Donuts (ranked here) that I had Reveled to a friend who brought them to deliver to people in Cleveland counted as groceries:


Groceries isn’t officially part of PYB, but it’s also offering a 25% points value on my Sapphire Reserve:


Clearly there are changes coming.

I’m taking some of my chips off the table at a 1.5 cent value, though I’ll still have an absurdly large number of Chase points to burn. I’m OK with that, I do like to travel after all. 😀


Do you use Pay Yourself Back to redeem your points or do you prefer to use them for travel or mileage transfers?

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Thanks @Dan, I do have an annual fee due now and wasn’t sure what to do. Just to make sure I understand correctly, I don’t have to reach out to them? I should redeem now for 1.25 and it’ll get automatically adjusted?


On this topic I’m getting an error when trying to use ua miles to pyb for annual fee on the club card. Phone reps getting same error they claim my info doesn’t match but i called united and they fixed it but still not working
Anyome else have this?


Is there any way to get the 1.5 cent value if your annual fee won’t be billed until early in the new year?


So it’s your recommendation to use the 50% bonus to help pay the annual fee? Or better to hold onto the points for partner airlines/hotel transfer?


Unfortunately many restaurants posted incorrectly like Tomahawk in Lkwd posted as a Convenience store but I’m not sure what convenience about dropping $$$ and expecting to use pay yourself back and doesn’t post properly, when reaching out to chase regarding this they say its the restaurant’s fault as they didn’t sign up their CC processing accurately and there is nothing to do other than call the merchant and have them update it for future transactions


Merchants pay a higher rate on categories that give higher points/miles to consumers.


Does anyone know what the new categories will be for the pyb after Dec 31? Will chase extend Airbnb?


Is the groceries category also 1.5? or 1.25?


Do I have to contact them to reimburse, or they’ll do it automatically?

Nathan Weiss

My annual membership fee isn’t showing up


thanks Dan, no reason to wait to redeem for travel if you can get the same benefit now.
Sad to hear it is most likely going away


Going forward, Is it still worth to use the points for 1.25?


Redeeming points for travel @ 1.5 is worth less than PYB @ 1.5 because of the opportunity cost of points not earned charging travel. And should there be a dispute with an airline, one is (IMO) better situated to fight the airline for compensation than relying on Chase to fight for you. My opinion is based on a pre-Rozenberg ElAl experience so might no longer be the case. שבת שלום

El Capitan

This may signal the CSR losing one more chip to the CSP, no?


My annuel fee is gonna post 1/1/23 is there anything I can do to get PYB at 50%




I’m disappointed by this. I’ve been using the 1.5% for PYB for restaurants and was hoping this would last a while. Dan is there anyway to buy Doordash gift cards etc. so it’ll come up as restaurants to cash in on the 1.5 rate now?


@dan I’m taking some of my chips off the table at a 1.5 cent value, though I’ll still have an absurdly large number of Chase points to burn. I’m OK with that, I do like to travel after all. ” -I’m going to cash out all my available PYB Dining charges today before the new year- Do you want to remind people in your post to do that in case they change it come 1/1/2023?


I guess at this point Elal Vouchers make a lot of sense


How many donuts did this friend need?


If I upgrade my freedom to CSR today will I still get 1.5 value for my annual fee ?


Dan I took your word for it and redeemed the annual fee for $550 @1.25 Redemption today. Please let me when I will be credited the .25 difference? Thanks


Can business ink unlimited points be transferred to a personal chase sapphire reserve account and thereby get a 50% bonus on pay yourself back?


As of today, 12/31/22 it’s only 1.25 now, not the 1.5…..just used pay yourself back & it’s already changed


Reached out to Chase Twitter team about only getting 1.25 on recent AF Pay Yourself Back….
After a couple of messages I was happy to get confirmation that this issue will be fixed at 1.5 redemption in early 2023…. Copy below….

“Hello. Thank you for reaching out. Please know, some customers, could only redeem at 25% instead of the 50% offer. Chase will honor the 50% and adjust points in Q1 2023. If you have additional concerns, please let me know. ^BH”

Great news!!!


can i upgrade tonight from my preffered to reserve and pay the fee tonight and still get 50%?


When will Chase reimburse the 7,400 points for PYB for Annual fee on Reserve?
After seeing this post I quickly redeemed PYB for my annual fee. The statement has now closed, and I still don’t see the reimbursement.
Chase customer Service has told me to fly a kite.

When can we expect the reimbursements to hit?

Thank you.


Hi, I have a Sapphire Preferred card. If I want to upgrade to the Reserve, will I get charged $550 annual fee today, or at the account anniversary?


Chase never reimbursed me for my reserve PYB annual fee difference either.


So the supervisor I’m speaking with now said that it does say on her end that Chase is supposed to be reimbursing everyone that redeemed for 25% in 2022 Q4 to get the full 50% bonus at some point in 2023 Q1. All she did for me now was escalate my request to hopefully speed up the reimbursement but she said that it should be happening automatically anyways.


Still no point credit for the AF difference from 25% to 50%.
Seems this is the case for everyone.
We can wait until end March, but Dan, maybe you can reach out for comment?


I just reached out a few days ago. See my comment above.


I see, thank you. I guess I’ll just wait until April 1st.


I’m in the same boat.